Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Peeping into my handbag

Hi all, how was your raya? Mine okay je..sbb the vacation is too short! Mcm tak sempat buat apa balik rumah. But I get to watch the sembelihan during the day.

MrComot behaving well at Perak but noooott when we arrived. Now we are in the not talking mode. Or is it me yg tak behave? Hmm whateverrrrr!!! I won't talkkkkk sampai la dia pujuk2 okayyyy. Hate hate hate silent treatment when it comes from others. If I do it, then it should be ok haha. For this blog record, we not talking since last night okkk. Masa drive pegi keja pagi tadi pun dua-dua diam. Gila! But again, whateverrrr!!!! Hmmphhhhh~~~

Ok enough about that, I'm going to answer Bee's tag now.

Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general.
My work place is safe and secluded enough. So I'm doing it here, in front of the pc :D

Take a photo of your handbag and the contents plus photos of your working cabinet and work station

My handbag's content on the working desk.

Believe me or not, I only have ONE handbag to work. Ish ish ish. Anyway, I like this handbag very much as it is very simple and elegant (to me). Another thumbs up is, inside can hold as much junk as it can and still look pretty and stand well, takde la terbalik ke tergolek ke apa ke kan. I've been wearing this one for almost two years, for every working days. Sangat lasak. It's leather collection from Jane Shilton. I'm thinking of getting another one (large tote type) *Hmmm need to get out from silent treatment for this*

Very simple and chic. Got engraved brand name at the brass buckle.

Dump the content of your handbags in a pile.

All the things

Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag

Motif gua nak simpan benda menakutkan dlm handbag? Haha ok move on. It keeps:
1. Nokia handphone i-don't-know-what-model-coz-it-is-freaking-old
(it's a free phone given by my petbro btw. Thanksss anyhow)
2. Canon Ixus
3. Panadol Menstrual
4. Thumb drive
5. Wallet from Kauffman
6. MAC studio fix, MAC tint, Loreal blusher in marshmallow (all baru beli sbb kes kecurian that day sob sob), Clean & Clear blotter paper and a miniature from Azzaro (limited edition Pink Tonic)
7. Rubber band and small brooch
9. A copy of our pic printed on Selphy paper and pen
10. Lotss of cards and paper craps/notes/bills

Annnd alsoooooooo

Tickets to Sinbad the Musical!!!

I'm going to watch this with Shani. Wonder who she'll bring. Ehem ehem Shani? :D

Anyway just a quick info, for every 4 tickets purchased, you are entitled to 20% discounts off (only applicable for RM50 seat). So it will be only RM41.50. Murah banyakk okkkk! Anyway, I tried to buy online and they want to charge a freaking RM53!!!! Apparently the discount only for walk-in purchase (I don't know what is the different okkk) so dengan gigihnya we drove from Bangsar to Ampang just to get the ticket. Usaha tangga kejayaan right? :D

What is the most important thing in you handbag?
I used to say my handphone but since the handphone not really serving me (no mms, no camera, bla bla) so I would like to declare my IXUS as my most important thing :D

Hmm I really need a new handphone..

Ops, not that I'm being ungrateful. Thanks again Abg Namiri, for giving me this hp :P

What is the most
embarrasing thing in your handbag?
Hmm nothing I guess. All are normal things

What is the smallest thing in your handbag?
That will be my butterfly brooch hehe

Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
Nope. I don't do drugs or anything in between.

Tag other who might want to embarrass themselves.
I don't find it embarrassing, instead I think it is fun. So I'm going to tag

1. Cool
2. Aleeya
3. Tatty
4. Kopi atau Milo
5. Rena
7. BB/Tulip

and last but not least, anybody who feel like to do this ok? I would love to peep into your handbags too!! :D


  1. cik adik sayang.. kalau dua-dua jd api, bila nak sejuk nya ni...

    n me kena tag jugak????
    isk.. esok la buat.. (kalau rajin)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Rena, kalau sulung, api lah gamaknya kan? Dah ok dah..apparently both merajuk at the same time and berdegil. Padan muka dua-dua org. Hmmmmm

  4. tagging me huh?
    nnt ada masa me wat ok..

    part gambar tu yg me suke...
    i do keep photos of my beloved boys in hbag too.. :)

    i used to feel guilty when i feel like changing phone .. cos most hps i had are gifts from someone..
    tp untuk membuatkan takde rasa bersalah sgt.. me bagi adik2 phone lama me.. hehe.. and create reasons that i need new hp badly.. :p

  5. Hehe u r lucky Leeya, dapat phone! But the trick sgt menarik. So tak rasa guilty sgt. Phone me hilangggg sangat la tak best. Free2 bagi kat org yg tak kenal kan.

    Ps: Apa kata u distribute to me too :P