Monday, December 1, 2008

Wayang @ TGV Capsquare

Thanks mucho to Siluman whom gone through all the trouble (trouble ke bang? :P) just to find me a slot for Wayang. Not only the slot, but also the related link, like the how-to-get-to-capsquare. Thanks darling! You are such an angel u know ;)

So we went to watch Wayang!!! It was our first time to be in CapitaSquare, in fact I never heard of Capitalsquare, kat mana lahhh tu kan. It is next to Kompleks Wilayah and opposite of City One yg dah mcm tak hidup tu. City One pun I tak pernah pergi, so have no idea it is still running or not.

About CS, it is DEAD okkkk!!! Dead as in dead lah, BIG TIME! Ok I am exaggerating :P Few shops are running but there really nothing much there. Only starbucks and one deli shop opened that time. Oh..there is Coffee Bean too but I didn't see any human movement, so either it is closed (on Sunday!) or sleeping. No idea!

I'm not sure if they already had the official launching but if you want to go there for meals or shopping, it will be a very very baddd idea.

The cinema somehow pretty good. New stuff should be that way, right?

TGV is really generous this time, the seat is really spacious and cool. The front seater way lower and I can stretch my feet to the max! Comparing to TGV KLCC, this is as twice as spacious and comfortable. Another thumbs up is the screen!! Not the size but the picture quality and sharpness. If you notice, you will see some scratch or ocassional lines on your screen but (macam tiba2 keluar kan? It always happen in GSC) but projector TGV ni bagus giler okkkk! Mcm tgk dvd in a very very big screen. Seriously we were impressed. But again, it's a new stuff, takkan la nak buruk2 :P

Can u see MrComot sedap je landing?

I was very surprised (konon :P) that only TWO of us watching the movie. At first I thought they going to cancel the show and refund our money as I heard before that they need at least 4 persons in a cinema, but somehow, they let us own the cinema that day :D

Thanks TGV!! Mwahhhhsss!!

Nasib baik we are married, else I will be a little bit segan and not nice lalalala

This is how we sit most of the time

And we also got free parking (for every purchase of 2 tickets from TGV). Yeay!!!

Complimentary parking

Since it's quite near to our office, this place definitely will be our regular cinema day. But we have to eat somewhere else first before off for the movie :P

I gotta check their Wednesday deal. If also RM6, wahhhh best giler!! (RM6 x2 )+ RM0 parking + new screen + plush & big seat. Jumping jumping~

Oh ya..lupa nak comment on the movie. The movie turn out ok, slightly above than ok. I enjoyed the movie somehow. Only the ending is very flat! Tiba2 je Eman Manan died and black screen LOL. They should add soemthing else to make it more dramatic like a written conclusion of what happen to Melor and Awi and bla bla bla. Ok, andes in the making of being a producer :D

Btw, the characters are very strong (that we can feel them and hate/like them) especially Jusoh. Rasa macam nak lempang2 dia okkk. To Jusoh (sorry I don't know what is your real name :D), good job!! And pakcik Eman, no need to mention you lah yer, you are the hardcore veteran :D

On the other note, I finally tried Toffee Nut Frap after reading soooo many yummilicious review from bloggers and I only have one thing to say, Ultimate Mocca from CB still rawks BIG TIME!!! Haha no offense to the lover but somehow I don't fall for it.

Ok, enough rambling for now.

Last say from me, TGV Capsquare giler best and let's catch more movies there!!

Especially on Wednesdays hihihihi

Oh ya, thanks again Siluman!! :P


  1. see....kalau gue pg sekali..maunya gue jd org ketiga iaitu ******. dan tidaklah mahu mengganggu 1 1/2 hours of pasangan elias n hanani mau berdua2an di bilik screen yang besar :P

    me pun tak pernah pergi sana memandangkan sudah ada yang recommend, mcm wajib ada org belanja tgk movie free..hahahaha


  2. aan,
    sure x pyh beratur,and x pyh sesak2..hehe.kena cari nie kat mana tptnye!

  3. toffee nut frappe is big time letdown okayyyyyy. such an insult to the tastebud *boleh tak over mcm ni* even CB flat mocha rocks big time.

    and me really gotta check out the new screen tu. mcm best je.

  4. Hahaha cepat cakap nak tgk citer apa :P Mcm byk lagi hutang ni hehehe

    Ps: Mana si khairiah ni, nak sup tulannnggg

    Lailasari, mmg best sbb tak payah beratur bagai, sbb takder org haha. But the place is a bit scary la kalau malam2 I think. Btw, u kat sini ke? Kat mana? I thot u kat Besut :D

    Bee, mmg big time letdown (wait, apsal starbuck mcm tak best dah now? me teringat ur grass jelly tu LOL). Btw, maybe tastebud CB tak sama ngan tastebud sbux kut hahaha

    Yeah, u shud go there with Meg. The screen best giler.

  5. Mmg best giler capsquare ni.. gwa siap boleh ponteng keje semata2 nk tgk wayang kt situ.. nasib baek x kantoi..

  6. welcome to tgv capsquare ...

    by the way tak ramai tau wujudnya tgv dlam capital square mall ni ...

    so promote lah kat semua ye, antara cinema terbaru TGV ... semuanya ngam!!!