Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rotten Movie

As in my previous entry, we went to watch Los and Faun and I write no review about it because to me, it is just an okay movie. Okay as in, entertaining, but nothing to shout about.

Buuuuuuttt, after watching Cicakman last night, I decided to give it a blow.

Cicakman is a very BAD movie!

My deep apologize to the fans, and no offense to the lovers, it is a very bad and dumb movie to me.

No offense to the director or production as well. No offense to the technologies and CGI and what ever inside the movie. It is baaaad.

That bad, that I want to compare with Los and Faun even though there are not even in the same genre. Who says life is fair? :D

Btw, I hate hate hate the movie because:

1) It is noisy. Most of the time Prof Klon and Rama2 keep on laughing histeriacally and it's not funny. Like, wth? It's noisy ok. NOISY. Whatever.

2) The hero (Cicakman lah) is dumb. I have this feeling that they want to make the character blur or slumber or blonde. Something like that la. But there is very thin line between blonde and dumb. Los (in L&F) is BLONDE and Cicakman is DUMB. There is a difference.

Okay, maybe they want to make Cicakman dumb, so? I don't like dumb hero. End of discussion.

3) Why Aziz has to laugh mcm org gila during the interview? When he's looking down on Apek. It's not even funny ok. I really don't get it. Do you have to laugh like that to make it funny? It's stupid.

4) Motif Amani kejap2 dalam latex and kejap2 naik atas (during the fighting scenes). The chain is moving up and down ke? Bad bad bad editing. Maybe they think, alaaa tak perasan punya, no need to reshoot, but heloooo, you guys are KRU okk. It's a simple editing (cehh mcm la I know how to do it kan, but I'm not in the line, so excuse me hehe) okkk. What's up with u guys?

Oh ya, talking about editing, I remember seeing a lady image during Hairi fighting with the Ginger twin in hell-like (his dream) mcm tgh direct2. I mean, why suddenly she appears kan? I asked MrComot wether he noticed it or not he said tak perasan. Now I seriously don't know, it is the bad editing (mmg somebody was there) or it was my only imagination. Now tell meeeee

And also, it is BOILED LATEX okkk!!! Ok maybe it's not boiling but I see the bubble and asap so it is boiling right??!?! Unless my definition of boiling is wrong. So, how come Amani is OKAY? Okay as in 'ops, tercelup dalam milk bath and helo world, I'm okay! You can save me anytime you want and I can enjoy my milkbath'.


5) I almost fall asleep in the middle of the story.

MrComot's comment after we walking out of the cinema: I'm struggling to stay awake.

He did fall asleep once. During Cicakman fighting with Rama2 inside the cave. Haha.

Cicakman 1 wayy wayyy better than this sequel. Okaylah..enough complaint. Maybe it is not that bad, since I read some review stating it is better than L&F, but this is purely my orang-tak-tahu-appreciate-movie opinion.

So don't refrain yourself from watching this because of my comment ok?

Btw, since Cicakman is that bad, I want to congrats Los & Faun for their superb quality. Superb actors with superb characters. They are simple and real! Arman is real funny and Los is freaking blonde hahaha.

Okaylah.. happy catching movies peeps!

Ps: Have you seen Coraline trailer? It's spoooooky and creeeepy. I'm sooo gonna watch it!


  1. That bad ke?

    Takperlah, tunggu Hari Raya akan datang sajalah to watch both movies :p

    Have you watch Twillight?

  2. Yes lalink, it is that bad, to me lah.

    Me belum tgk Twilight, plan to download it only sbb dengar rumour byk sgt censored. You nak ajak me tgk ke? :D