Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shop Tesco Online!

I am very busy since early of the year, that to a point, I feel like having a maid. Seriously..we were so tied up during weekdays and the house is like a mess. I have this regular weekend maid but apa lah dia boleh buat sangat kan. Vacuum mop cuci toilet done..but I still need to iron and fold cloth. And they are piling like mountain! MrComot does help but 2 days weekend is filled with house chores and I'm tired of it. I want to lie back and chill with them, not kemas rumah tak habis2.

Not to mention that we have to go to Giant/market every Saturday since we have nothing in the fridge (because we still have dinner at MIL's) so there goes my Saturday, lunch outside and buy groceries. Then Sunday baru masak. I am so tired of outside food. Too much sodium and expensive! We ate too much outside food sampai rasa boring dah. Furthermore it's challenging for us to eat outside nowadays, with the 2 gremlins. Zahra is fine, all princessy and behave well, the real challenge is Emir! He refused to sit still and we have to eat in rush and chaos. In other word, all we need is simple home cooked food, eaten peacefully in the house haha.

So I was very ecstatic when Tesco sent me an email that the provide online shopping now, where you can just click click click, send it to your door step at any slot of your choice. I went OHHH EMMM GEEE. Bestnya! Before this I already found few small shops that provide this kind of service like Presto, but tak confident sangat time tu. And when Tesco, macam confident sikit, and best sebab banyak barang. Basically you can buy almost anything, just like when you are they physically.

One of my fear is that they will pick bad stuff, like not very fresh chicken, near to expiry date stuff, etc. But they proved it wrong! I received all my stuff in excellent condition, in fact better than when I shopped in Tesco itself, maybe because I chose 10AM delivery time, so barang still baru-baru. I purposely chose some chicken parts and they are freshly cut!

The thing is, I can save up so much time that I managed to cook lunch and dinner both Saturday and Sunday and with different menu! Lunch lain, dinner lain. Kelas okkk. I feel so much happier and satisfied!

I paid the same price as on the shelf, just add RM10 for the delivery charges tak kira u beli banyak mana pun. It's so worth it. All the stuff is transferred with a temperature controlled lorry and this is super awesome! Kalau I pegi beli sendiri pun tak bawak the cooler bag ok. The thing is, you also get the same discount if they are having one. It will shows in your 'virtual shelf'.

They used GPS so takde masalah nak call-call tak jumpa rumah and I booked for 10AM slot, they reached around 10.15AM, not bad! The payment is via card and at your house, they will bring the card machine.

Wanted to snap the delivery guy picture but Emir sibuk menangis la pulak.

So anyway, these what I cooked last week since I had extra time. Both lunch and dinner! This is one of the historical event ok! Normally we just cook lunch and eat out for dinner, or tapau food for lunch and masak dinner, something like that. Oh my kitchen, I miss you so much! LOL

 Our lunch - chicken Curry with sayur bayam and salted tenggiri and bawang potong + cili padi + asam limau. Nyum! Recipe was based on the back of the curry packet and it is my first chicken curry! After 5 4 years of marriage haha. Nasib baik menjadi, Alhamdulillah..

 For dinner, pan grilled salmon with cheesy mashed potato. Initially, I wanted to make roast potatoes but both of us forgot the potatoes broiling on the stove and when I tend the kitchen, it's already mushy soft, so I mash it instead, with some Parmesan and dried parsley. 

Mushroom + beef bacon bits pasta, with pan-grilled rosemary chicken fillet.

Had bread with leftover chicken curry for dinner. Burpppp! It took some effort for me to prepare this while tending the kids but it makes me realize how much I enjoyed simple home meal like this. It's so worth it!

Anyway, of course it won't match the real experience shopping groceries at Tesco itself, but due time constraint, this is really a welcomed helping hand and much appreciated and I am 100% satisfied customer. Go check it out at, there is a shopping online banner by the right side.

Ohhh how I wish everything can crawl to my doorstep! Hahaha. 

Happy online shopping everyone!