Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easy Peasy Chicken Stock

Dah lama tak share pasal makanan Zahra.. Her diet is pretty much the same, I just give whatever I have in hands, but her main meal will be soup that we cook every morning. The babysitter will use to soup to mix with her freshly cooked rice in the afternoon. Then I still prepare her fruits puree (apple+pear) for evening snack because she loves this so so so much. She never gets tired of it so far. For dinner I just feed whatever we having on the dinner table, but normally she doesn't eat much because most of the time she is satisfied with milk.

The thing with soup is, we don't have many options because we only have beef and chicken in the fridge. So it always be chicken soup and beef soup. And Zahra doesn't like beef, I don't know why. She will take the soup, not the meat.

Sometimes I made tofu soup as she loves tofu very much. I normally mix it with some chicken to get the chicken broth, but the flavour is not that intense, that's when I decided to make it with chicken stock.

What you need:
Chicken carcass
Any root vegetables - I used potato, carrot, celery
Some peppercorn - I just used raw blackpepper

It depends on the recipe, some call for garlic and herbs like thyme, bay leaves, etc but that doesn't come in handy so, I just throw whatever I have in hands. It's nothing specific really, the main character will be the chicken carcass :D

Dump everything in a big pot. Fill up with lotsa water. If you want to be very specific, you can search for chicken stock recipe and they will guide how many litre for a carcass, but I didn't bother much so I add it to the brim.

Bring it to boil, and let it simmer with slow fire for few hours - 3-4 hours. You may skim the excess fat that is floating whenever you see it. You can simmer it covered on uncovered. Kalau uncovered, air tu akan berkurang. But don't add water from time to time ok, kalau mcm tu tak dpt stock lah. Anyway I simmer it covered because my pot's lid ada small hole to let the hot air come out, so the broth won't spill while it's boiling.

Let the stock cooled and you can pack it into small portion (I used the breastmilk liner, about 4oz each) and keep it in the freezer. It can last like normal food up to 2-3 months. Edited: To store, discard everything, just keep the liquid/soup. I was a bit sayang to throw the carrot and potato, so I gave it to Zahra, but she doesn't really like it, sebab the taste dah hilang kut hehe. Only the fibre.

The stock making is so easy and convenient. You can use the chicken stock in almost everything - instant noodle soup, tom yum base, vegetable soup, etc etc.

I use it for Zahra's tofu soup. Sauteed some sliced garlic, add the chicken stock, add some water if needed, dump cubed soft tofu and done! :D

Anyway, I read somewhere that it's best if you can brown the chicken carcass in the oven before turn it into stock. I tried this step in my second time making the stock, but not much different on the taste. Maybe I didn't brown it long enough.

And the chicken carcass is only RM2 or so in Giant ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hoora Hooray at Pangsun, Hulu Langat

We went to Bamboo Camp, Pangsun for small family day for my department last weekend. This is our first time going to a waterfall with Zahra Elena. Both of us not a waterfall person. We are more beach person. I don't fancy waterfall because I hate leeches and maggots (and I know there are a lot in the water especially on the stones, it's just I can't see it) and MrComot because he is city-man like that :P

I'm not sure the waterfall's name but I think Lepok..if not mistaken. Since it is family day, we didn't hike to the top, just camp at the stream and enjoy the cold water.

Settling for a place.

Last time I went to a waterfall was 2 years ago in Lata Tembakah, when we went back to Terengganu.

I was expecting a normal stream but guess what, the current is so strong! That you can see it's almost whitish instead of calm water. They even put a long rope across the stream so that you can hold onto it while diving. Not you can, you have to! Kalau tak memang dibawa arus la.

The water not too deep, up to your chest for man and maybe the shoulder for average girl.

Moms with kids settle for sideways

The food was awesome. Eating by the waterfall make it more awesome. There are nasi lemak, sardine sandwich (Zahra had a lot of this!), white rice, mango salad, mashed potato, salad, jellies, and of course what a camping without BBQ right?

The ultimate food

Marinated chicken wings and lamb shoulder. Yum!

We also had kembong and pari (sting ray) bakar. The lamb shoulder is accompanied with black pepper sauce and the the fish is with bawang + cili padi + kicap. Double yum!

Zahra with her chicken wing

Zahra and daddy on the swing

Another view of the stream. Even though the current is strong, there is no deep slope, and full of big rocks. So what the guys did was, sliding the stream. The went to the furthest starting point and let themselves loose, carried by the current to the end point, macam main slide tu. Ouch! I can imagine being hit by the rocks but..yeah, it is fun. That's what people for for fun :D

We also had sukaneka in the morning, divided into 4 color group and MrComot and I were in Green team. We reached quite late but MrComot managed to play one game, Jalan Atas Bata and we won! Yeayy! In fact, Green team got first place for overall. Feel the Sting! - Green Hornet :P

Zahra also dressed in green. Anyway this is her around 3PM. Look at her eyes, she supposed to have nap time at 1PM and Zahra being Zahra, refused to sleep if she's not in her normal place (ie: car, our house).

There is a clean and proper hut, so I breastfed her there, siap landing like at home, but still, she refused to sleep and forcing her eyes to stay open. But she had been a very good baby. Even though she was that sleepy, she didn't get cranky, only very clingy want to be with me.

We went back around 4PM and the moment we hit the car, terus doze off ok. Tak payah bf haha. Zahra..zahra.. A few other kids had their nap time easily.. ya lah..sedap kan..sejuk2..dengar bunyi air lagi.

Zahra the green hornet! This is an old dress, supposed to fit her up til 9 months, but she didn't have any other green dress/shirt, so I pair it with a legging to be like a top.

It was a very fun outdoor activity because knowing us, we won't go to waterfall just by the two of us hehe. But not so fun really because I didn't get to play with the water! Not at all ok. Rasa rugi pulak. First because I don't want to expose Zahra to any leeches (haha I'm that paranoid) and second because MrComot didn't allow me to! This one I will reveal later why :)

Anyway MrComot also didn't swim, dia cakap tak teringin. City boy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

nak mesin jahit nak mesin jahit nak mesin jahit

kawan-kawan, skrg ni tengah itchy nak sewing machine.

I've surveyed and teringin nak BERNINA but hard to find the shop, can order online which I want to avoid if possible, tanak la susah nnt rosak ke apa. I've checked at Singer and the cheapest is 700++. But with very minimal function. Chewaahhhh macam la pandai nak pakai function terer2 kan?

Ok back to the point, any idea what other brand should I consider? Brothers ke? Tak tahu where is the shop, pernah tgk online je. My preference will be mesin yg senang untuk dibeli dan dihantar repair kalau rosak hehe. So machine with shops la yer. Giant ke Tesco ke susah sket..nnt kena hantar jauh2 tanak la.

And do you think the Singer yg 700++ tu ok? I mean, I ada baca the lowest end of Singer is not good. But well, my budget will be around 1K only.

If you have any recommendation, beep me k. And if you have experience with your sewing machine, share with me!

Thank you darlings!! Nanti dah jahit2 I tayang2 kat sini k :P

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Sulky Pwincess

My baby dah pandai merajuk!

This happened few weeks ago, I think about 3 weeks ago. It was 11.30PM and she refused to sleep! We were on bed since 10PM and I've been nursing her like, 1 1/2 hours and instead fall into slumber, she was all active and hyper like on sugar high.

She keeps on tossing her body left and right, then berdiri atas katil ok!! Horror betul. I mean, I was so tired and sleepy to the max, and MrComot was downstairs with his laptop, and it's my total responsibility to keep an eye on her. So of course I can't sleep because nanti dia lompat2 jatuh katil tak pasal2 ok.

She was all happy and giggling and I had to pull her towards me everytime she did the stunts, I even flash my boobs and say, come come drink and sleep. Ada dia kisah? Lagi sengih2 ada la.

I just let her play for a while and up to a point I couldn't take it anymore because I'm damn tired so I shouted:

"Zahra! Tido!"

The loudest shout I ever gave her and suddenly she stopped, look at me and lie down and turned her back quietly for few minutes. I just look at her waiting for her next response but none, all she did was lying and without a sound. Masa tu I dah surprise, budak ni dah tido ke apa haha..I waited for few more minutes and she still stay put, so I pull her face towards me and guess what?

Ada air mata ok!! She was crying!!

OMG, I'm not sure to cry or to laugh, I really had mix feeling that time. First, of course I was sedih because she sedih I marah dia, but again, toddler this age already understand how to weep silently, like seriously? Haha..I find it funny.

Anyway, I quickly pull her close to me and put her head on my arm, hug her tightly, kiss her face, let her latch on me and she fell asleep SHORTLY after that. Like immediately. Kesian ok.. She must be very shocked I shouted at her like that. Tapi tu lah..sapa suruh tanak dengar cakap when mommy so penat ;)

The next day she woke up like usual, like nothing happened. Thank God. I takut betul dia traumatized hehe.

By the way, since today is Friday, I leave you guys with few Zahra's latest pictures with her new hairclip! :D

I forgot to snap a closer look of the hairclip. It's a poppy flower made of grayish organza with a faux pearl, attached on snap clip.

I kinda like the outcome, so I'll re-making a lot of it and will post the closer look ;)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden Restaurant, MidV

Nak blog, banyak cerita, tapi tatau nak start mana. Wahh rhymes tak.

Anyway, I captured this pictures yesterday at MidV from Level 2 while waiting for my friend buying some gadget. It's Garden restaurant facing out towards The Gardens mall. It was warm afternoon and the lighting was awesome.

Using my camera phone make it more awesome because you know lah camera phone, takde enough light sikit jadi blur2 mcm ni hahaha.

Pretty kan?

Ohh we didn't eat here, so no review from this branch (I wrote one review at The Curve). Anyway I had awesome claypot mushroom chicken rice for lunch from the food court. Yummy! And now teringin the famous portugese grill from oasis food court. If only MidV is my office *sigh*

I know this entry is so not me..but looking for some blogging spirit here. Come come baby!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things to ponder upon

I am a bit busy this few days..anyway read this post from MariaQibby and would like to share it. After all it's a Friday, semoga kita mendapat baraqah daripadaNya.

Dear mums...

I have to share this with you... because i feel so happy and i feel that all my penat lelah paid off...

I started to make my Amna to solat 5 times a day when she was 7, on her 7th birthday...we had a talk...(check note lama) tapi preparation since 6 la...tapi dari kecik memang selalu ikut2 la kami solat....she hasnt missed her solat since. Walaupun lambat, tetap solat. I made sure of that - because the key is SOLAT ni kalau tak tanam dari kecik memang LIAT nanti....But it is very important to keep this in mind:-

1) kalau kita bagi dia tinggal WALAUPUN sekali nanti we are sending the wrong signal - kena make sure - every waktu without fail, walaupun penat, ataupun lambat

2)l Selalu kalau boleh solat together..mula2 memang kena solat together....kalau tak ada rumah make sure an adult in the house pastikan anak kita solat. (hari tu Amna pergi her reading class, i asked her teacher to take her to the suarau)
lepas solat time tu lah peluk cium, senyum - i always kiss her at the head and say "Barakallahufiha" Ya Allah make my Amna a good Muslim Ya Allah....make her never miss her solat Ya Allah.....kuat2 bagi dia kalau kena amik cuti ambillah - bukan waktu exam je amik cuti - buatlah STEP ini, yakni melangkah ke alam 7 thaun dan tidak meninggalkan solat A BIG Thing! "mama amik cuti hari ni sebab nak pastikan yang adik solat 5 waktu sehari!"

3)Selalu cerita how IMPORATAMT it is to Allah is watching us... how we are good Muslims when we solat, how Allah loves us, Solat tu, untuk kita, bukan untuk Allah.....TAPI selalu jugak cerita yang akan ada orang TAK solat...acknowledge the fact that sometimes we feel lazy to solat....itu semua kerja SETAN! Fight them off....! I tell Amna that even some grown ups tak solat! I tell Amna that....we have to be strong.. we have to tell ourselves we will NEVER miss our solat.....

4)Awal2 subuh ni memang tak bangunkan, tapi as soon as dia bangun pagi, ill ask her to solat straight away.(yes memang leceh..but we have to, and we have to do it with LOVE diselang seli dgn strictness)

5)kalau dia tinggal - DENGAN sengaja, i take the rotan and hit her on her tapak tangan slowly, just as a reminder. After that i hug her and tell her i love her, and i just want her to remember - and guess what?? memang dia ingat!!! (3 kali baru, i think not bad, sampai satu hari dia terlambat solat, sebab keluar dan memang tak ingat, dia yang suruh rotan) But i tell her kalau TERLUPA atau TERTIDUR its ok...but kena solat terus bila bangun.

Macam ni ceritanya, i told Amna, kalau Ummi ambik Amna dari sekolah lambat, Amna solat dulu Asar kat sekolah....tadi memang datang lambat...i was loking for her..and guess what????

She was actually praying her Asar prayers...i wanted to pengsan and cry...she did all by herself.... i pun told her how happy and how proud i was of her...i tanya dia kenapa? dia kata "Amna ingat apa Ummi cakap".....cair nya hatiku ini.

Apa lagi, Ummi ni peluk cium dia....and called nenek at im sharing with all of you!!!Because i want us to raise generation of good Muslims that are disciplined, smart, intelligent -that remembers Allah because the world so BADLY needs good QUALITY Muslims like this!!!

And the foundation is - to start them off right - solat at SEVEN! Yes just as how Rasulullah asked us!

I love you all!!! Good night.....

** i took that picture of Amna praying from my table, dia sendiri bangun solat Isyak...without even bothering me..berbunga hati seorang ibu....


I don't know the original writer, if you know please leave me the link! I took it from here: Thank you Maria for sharing this!

It's an eye opener to me, do not wait! In disciplining your kid. It started with solat, and others will follow.

I remember reading this somewhere, how to raise your kid based on our Prophet Muhammad SAW's advice:

1-7: shower them with endless love and play with them
7-15: start to teach them with discipline. You may hit them if they refused to perform the prayer when they are 9 (there is a guideline how you hit your kid btw)
15-21: be their friend
21 > : you can let them go

This really inspire me not only to do the best in raising up Zahra but also an inspiration to improve myself! Bad habit easily developed and one bad habit that I caught lately is when I missed any prayer, I won't jump with a rushed heartbeat in my chest and quickly qada' it like those days. Instead I will carry on my work like usual and promise myself that I will qada' it later. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't .

So must change myself first. Kalau tertido and miss it, ganti terus after dah bangun.

TGIF! Hope you have a good weekend! I'm going to my hometown this weekend and will fall into my mom's arms *how I miss her!*. I already call her on what I want her to cook for me hahaha. Ok see ya next week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zahra at IKEA

Just a random pictures when we went to IKEA last weekend (the sale ends on 20th March so, quick!). We wanted to go on the Friday night but KL was extremely jam with the heavy downpour and Zahra poo-poo pulak, so we had to make a tour to our office after picked her up from the babysitter and by the time we reached KD it's around 9PM, not enough time to do some shopping.

I wanted to buy a set of small table and chair for her as it is on sale (original price was RM49 and goes down to RM29!) but guess what, all SOLD OUT ok!! Ahhhh geramnya haha. I don't know if they are going to restock it, and I don't really have the time to go to IKEA again, but if you do, let me know k! Ala...mesti tau punya, satu kerusi tu je murah hehehe.

Oh ya, we went on Saturday morning, like really morning around 10 AM! Pat my back, can't really imagine we could get off our bed that early on weekend :P The journey was swift, and for the first time we can choose any parking we want but even though it is early morning, you can see people started to swarming in already.

And that's the tip! If you want to crash IKEA without the crowd, go AS EARLY AS YOU CAN. My friend reached there at 930AM ok! And do it on Saturday! Because most people still gotta work in Saturday. Jangan la pegi time lunch, rasa mcm nak muntah.

Zahra on rocking reindeer. I'm so so loving the reindeer and hinting it to MrComot 'bestnya kalau Zahra ada ni' but what he said? 'Knowing her..I don't think she will use it for long, paling lama pun 2-3 hari'. I was like..hmm takde harapan nak beli la. And it's not that cheap either, had to hold myself from wanting it hehe

And so busy-body with other people ok. She heard the girl giggling, and quickly turns her head to look out ish ish ish

Jangan la bawak stroller utk budak baru dapat kaki, tak guna ok. In the end we had to fold the stroller and keep it in the trolley.

Zahra with IKEA's big curry puff

And look at her face. Haha. I forgot what she was doing that time.

Anyway do you notice that she's in full-wear? long sleeve, long pant, shoes.. Haha there is something about it. I have this paranoia that my little one will be too cold and it won't be good for her, like she will senang sakit dada la, senang demam la, etc etc. So she'll always be in full gear if we go out to mall. Ada sometimes je short sleeve blouse, depends on the situation, but long pant tetap wajib. Haha I know it's nonsense because our body can regulate the temp and after all how cold the mall can be right? But yeah..that's me.

And Tatty, the hotdog with the sweet radish sgt sedap. Teringat kat you *evil grin*

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Quake as Seen from Twitter

I originally read this from Yati Chomeyl who is residing in Japan now from this entry -->

I've been to Japan and yes the short 2 weeks vacation really open my eyes. They are indeed very polite and courteous that it's still fresh in my mind how warm I feel when I was there.

Original post:

And reading these twitters make me cry, like non-stop! I can't imagine this happen to us and looking at our situation now (where robbery is everywhere! and politician is busy with their own agenda and ASS, and where people is being selfish, remember the rice incident where everybody is busy digging the rice instead of helping the accident, etc etc etc), we will most likely turn to riot or so chaotic instead of being calm like them. OMG..this put Malaysia to shame.

To all the victims, hang on ok. Still true to yourself and this will end soon. Ameen ameen ameeeen...

Ps: Tengok news Malaysia hari ni -->

Eeiii sakit hati ok! Cuba la jadi baik sikit semua org.

The 14-months tantrum-er

Zahra is 14 months already!

Nothing much on the progress or home-education (again, because I am lazy like that hehe). No flash card or whatever, I just let her roam around and entertain her when she's playing with whatever she wants to play. Only one thing that I notice, she's so into books. She loves every book I opened and still adore the Poppy Cat series. Whenever I said, 'Zahraa..mana poppy cat? Pegi amik poppy cat', she will go to her treasure box and take out the books.

Oh yeah, talking about that, she understands simple instruction but because I rarely instruct or have routine, so it's nothing much. Few things that she clearly understand:

1) take shoes / take off shoes
2) buka seluar (whenever I want to bath or wash her)
3) sit down
4) salam (she will take the hands and kiss)
5) mwahhh (she will lean forward and put her face to our cheek)
6) bring the flower to her nose and make sniffing face (with wrinkled nose) when I say 'bau flower'

She still can't say mommy or daddy and her favourite word is NAK! (want) whenever she wants something. She will say nak with firm and confident tone and point towards the stuff. Other word is cat and bird with no pelat! Hehe I'm so surprised ok. I mean, it's like cat, with T. Maybe it's normal but tak sangka pulak.

On her diet, I still make her soups everyday (MrComot cook it actually, every morning! haha, because he said, let me rest, I am breastfeeding her during the night) and her babysitter will add it with her freshly cooked rice. But her lunch it's kinda boring, chicken soup, tofu soup, and beef soup. I tried to egg soup but she still can't take the egg white totally, sikit2 boleh la..few pink dots will come out after that, but I don't want to risk it yet.

She still on breastmilk 100% and oh ya, she starts drinking back! Yeay Alhamdulillah. Only that she doesn't want the bottle and I tried to give her with straw, like this:

Haha. Macam-macam lah ini budak. I took the straw from the box drink and let her suck it. Maybe she feels like an adult to get to drink like that. So I bought her the Pureen cup with straw for her milk but it doesn't work like the box straw, sometimes she drinks it, sometimes she doesn't want. Sometimes she finished 6 oz in a day, sometimes only 2 oz. But better lah because it won't spill so, easier for her babysitter to manage. And I'm not that worried anymore because she still get her milk during night.

Oh ya I stop pumping for a while because I am not feeling so well but the stock is there and can last for about 2-3 months (if I keep on giving her 6 oz per day), so yeah, will wait and see. Maybe I'll start pumping again later.

The only big change in her when she turns 14months is, she knows how to limping her body! I don't know where she learnt this trick but she started to lembikkan her badan whenever she frustrates over something or didn't get what she wants.

But I didn't give in her way. I will hold her loosely and follow the limping style and left her there until she bounce back to normal.

Ni Zahra lembikkan her body, so I just jatuhkan dia at the floor, and she mengamuk because I didn't layan her haha. She wanted to go out that time and it was raining so I didn't let her.

And her another new-found ability. Stay limping there doing nothing for few good minutes.

Haishhh boleh tahan degil tau budak ni. After a while she will rise back on her own and act like normal :P

Other than that, I will say she is an easy baby. Mommy hope you are developing well and stay healthy ok?

PS: There were 2 recent accident where Zahra fall flat on her back and her head knocked the floor. It was my mistake because I was reckless and I feel very bad about it. Anyway, I hope there is nothing unfortunate come out of it. Please pray for Zahra's wellness too ya. Thanks darlings :*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan mishap

I was in emotional turmoil last weekend with Japan unfortunate earthquake and tsunami. They were hit by the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Japan 9.0 and the tsunami hit them at 30 feet! Can you imagine?

It is winter now with still 0 degrees, and they have no electricity, no water, no house to live! And to add salt into the wound,their two nuclear power plant leaked!

Even their Sendai airport pecah and..OMG, seriously I can't imagine. It's like the whole city is wiped out into nothing and dah la derang ni modern, tiba2 hilang mcm tu je. Bukan flood biasa2, semua pecah. And I was touched by their minister's speech 'let's start rebuild everything now' *cried*

My deepest condolence goes to all the victims and stay strong ok. And ya Allah ya tuhanku, ringankan lah beban mereka. Limpahkan rahmat pada mereka, hanya Kau yg maha mengetahui.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cold Icecream on A Rainy Day

This week is full with gloomy days. It rains most of the time, especially early of the morning. I was a bit gloomy (read: lazy) as well where all I want to do is lie and watch some movies, instead of dolling up and go to work.

Had my Friday routine lunch with my girlfriend Shani where we finished the outing with two-scoops of yummy Swensen's icecream.

Chocolate peanut butter for her and thin mint for me!

MrComot doesn't like the mint, he said it tastes like toothpaste! Hah! It's not the same okay!

Anyway the cold treat definitely lift up my spirit, after all it's Friday! Yeay for the weekend! Hehe..

Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lovely-Rempit Day

Remember the sweet escape? Yeah, we planned to do it once a month, but you know lah, work rules! MrComot was busy by end of the year and super busy when 2011 comes. Thank you company for the one-week-CNY-forced-leave, that's when we decided to leave Zahra Elena at her babysitter and proceed with our sweet escape :D

Anyway this is our 3rd time having each other, the 2nd one we went to The Gardens and watched Tangled, but it sucks, not the movie, the date, because..macam tak buat apa2 tiba2 masa habis can?

Since we don't think movie is suitable for our timeline anymore, we decided to go to places that we won't go with Zahra, like...The Golden Triangle Jalan Bukit Bintang! Yeah, we won't go to Lowyat Plaza, Sg Wang, BB Plaza, etc with little one. It's too...stuffy and crowded!

I was giggling like schoolgirl with the idea because it was such long time ago the last time I set my foot here, before we gotten married. And super excited as well that I snapped ridiculous pic as well, like this:

This is the first pic I took that day and MrComot asked, 'Why you amik gamba ni?'. And I replied something like this 'It's because it's not easy for me to come to this place and I don't know when I will be here again. This place might change you know'. Haha I cheesy!

I used to call this place for rempit ok. Not literally for mat rempits.. but because you have to be rempit to be here. Rempit in my own dictionary la. You have to be brave, tak boleh lemah gemalai, and berani mati lintas jalan dekat area sibuk. Tak boleh mengada-ngada mcm shopping kat Pavillion lah oke haha. Do you know that I was pick pocketed here? And lost RM500 cash. Not once ok, TWICE! Oh my..I was so rempit those days, suka sgt datang tempat ni hahaha.

Some CNY deco in front of Sg Wang. Rabbit year! Anyway I was expecting extravaganza deco in Sg Wang because this is Chinese area, but it's quite bland this year, macam nak tak nak je the deco :(

We reached there around noon with grumbling stomach but had a hard time to decide on the eating place. One because most of the shops are non-halal (except fast food) and another one, I know the yummy2 shops like Nasi Ayam Chee Meng, but it's far away opposite the roadside and I don't want to sweat that much. We just wandering inside Sg Wang and stumbled with Teppanyanki and I was like, 'Ya Allah ya tuhanku, thank you for ketemukanku with this shop'. Haha I know so drama. Serious lapar giler that time.

Anyway this is the BIGGEST Teppanyanki I ever found. They have rows of island and the picture below is only half of the place.

So big!

The cook

We had sukiyaki, beef teppanyaki set, chicken teppanyaki set and chawanmushi. So tamak ok.

That was like, the most satisfying lunch ever! When you are that hungry, everything tastes double yummilicious than usual hahaha.

Then we just jalan-jalan to lowyat, back to sg wang, then to bb plaza..then back to sg wang haha. Lot of thing has changed throughout the years that I don't get familiar with the shops anymore. The usual IT places (where you can get all the illegal DVD) and the fashionable area still there but there are few big changes like:

This surau. They change it to the utmost top level with cleaner and better place. Not the smelly and 'puddly' area in level 3 (or was it 2? it was in green area btw) anymore. I still remember those days, kalau pegi Sg Wang paling menyampah nak solat la..dengan tempat amik air smayangnya yg lecah..and sila lah bawak telekung sendiri.

And the biggest changes is, they have this clothing heaven at tingkat paling atas skali. There are shop-lots which selling chic clothes, accessories, shoes, clothes again..and most of them are Korean stuff. The price is very affordable but I didn't buy any because most of Korean style kena pakai lapis2 kan, with inner la, cardigan la haha..don't quite suite me yg comot ni. But if you love Korean style, this is the place for you to feast on!

I was a bit frustrated because didn't get to buy anything (what's the point of going out if no shopping kan? haha) but my heart quickly mend itself when I saw this:

Cool Blog!

Oh oh oh I sooooo love love love this bubble drink because it's rich and yummy! I had my first Cool Blog in Carrefour KD but it's closed because not doing so well I guess (what's up with the Carrefour? Mmg takde orang compared to Giant KD) and the other branches are pretty far from my place. Never know that they have one in Sg Wang (and they also have one in Lowyat! I just googled about it, check their website out, it's so cute!

I was so excited that I almost jump, no kidding.

The colourful flavour. Yum!

My all time favourite, bandung pearl! With extra pearl please! I know so Malaysian ok! But it's yummy! The bandung is so creamy and the pearl is so chewy nyam nyam nyam

Oh ya.. I did some shopping but guess what? Not gadgety stuff, or cosmetics, or fancy dress.. I bought craft stuff ok! AGAIN!

We found Daiso when we decided to go back and stucked there for almost one hour! Sigh. Me and Daiso are inseparable.

There was one funny moment when I am scanning randomly at the stationary area looking for rotary cutter and that's when MrComot gave me the blade and said "you want this?". I was like, OMG! How do you know I'm looking for this? He knows that I am obsessed with felt but I never tell him I want the rotary cutter and how on earth he knows the existence of rotary cutter haha. I was laughing like mad and he said, of course he knows, because I am his wife and somehow he has this instinct to pick that stuff for me.

Awwwww..ain't it the sweetest gift ever? See..he doesn't have to buy me diamond ring. I am that easy to please haha.

Last but not least, our pic together!

In Parkson Sg Wang

Ahhh writing this makes me wanna have the time out again, when when when?

It's fun to bring Zahra for outing nowadays because she can walk but things are different when there is only two of you. Less hassle and more holding hands! But we still miss and talk about Zahra, believe it or not, we stopped at FOS kids buying her seluar tido ok haha. Once a parent, always be a parent :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vampire Baby

This is a collage of Zahra eating cherries, a few weeks ago. MrComot said she looks like a vampire with 'blood' all over her face hehehe. It looks more reddish and bloody on the naked eyes but the lighting is not so good, so it looks more blackie in this picture.

She loves the cherries so much but it's a bit tricky because it stains, A LOT. Not only on the cloth, but also on the floor, kitchen cabinet, fridge, etc. You know lah kids, they can't stay put and enjoy their food. All the want to do is eat and play at the same time. MrComot is a bit uneasy whenever I give her cherries because he has to wipe all the stain haha.

Anyway one thing I noticed, her stool will be very black whenever she pops a cherry. At first I thought she has allergy to something, but the stool back to normal color when she stopped eating cherries.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unfortunate Sunday

We went to tapau nasi lemak from this one Kelantanese shop (they have nasi kerabu with awesome daging bakar too!) at seksyen 6 KD around 10am (yeah, quite late for a breakfast hehe) and that's when the car decided to fail on us. The funny thing is, I never follow MrComot out when we just want to tapau food but today he insisted we go together so I can check out the favourite stall.

So here mommy and little one still in their pajama waiting for my FIL comes to rescue. We had to wait for about 20mins and Zahra was restless with sweaty forehead, it's almost noon so you can imagine how hot it can be.

The car is reaching its 8 years anniversary, so yeah it's kinda old. MrComot is out to the workshop, hope nothing major to repair of.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Zahra chillin' at Secret Recipe Giant. Where she breaks the menu stand. *sigh*

I just want to update about the chillin part n that's when both mommy n daddy busy with their handphone and she throws the stand on the floor.

I know she's only a kid, so the blame should be on me. Will be extra careful not simply give her any stuff for distraction.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sleepy Pwincess

My baby is extremely sleepy today that she doesn't want to wake up and decided to sleep all the way, even when I carried her to downstairs, changed her diaper, carried her to the car and she still sleeping! This is her first time behaving like this, I even put my hands on her chest to check on her breathing hehe. I guess she's just tired because my MIL brought her outside walking last night.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choc of the Day: Ritter Sport Raisins & Hazelnuts

...with sun-ripened California raisins.