Friday, March 25, 2011

My Sulky Pwincess

My baby dah pandai merajuk!

This happened few weeks ago, I think about 3 weeks ago. It was 11.30PM and she refused to sleep! We were on bed since 10PM and I've been nursing her like, 1 1/2 hours and instead fall into slumber, she was all active and hyper like on sugar high.

She keeps on tossing her body left and right, then berdiri atas katil ok!! Horror betul. I mean, I was so tired and sleepy to the max, and MrComot was downstairs with his laptop, and it's my total responsibility to keep an eye on her. So of course I can't sleep because nanti dia lompat2 jatuh katil tak pasal2 ok.

She was all happy and giggling and I had to pull her towards me everytime she did the stunts, I even flash my boobs and say, come come drink and sleep. Ada dia kisah? Lagi sengih2 ada la.

I just let her play for a while and up to a point I couldn't take it anymore because I'm damn tired so I shouted:

"Zahra! Tido!"

The loudest shout I ever gave her and suddenly she stopped, look at me and lie down and turned her back quietly for few minutes. I just look at her waiting for her next response but none, all she did was lying and without a sound. Masa tu I dah surprise, budak ni dah tido ke apa haha..I waited for few more minutes and she still stay put, so I pull her face towards me and guess what?

Ada air mata ok!! She was crying!!

OMG, I'm not sure to cry or to laugh, I really had mix feeling that time. First, of course I was sedih because she sedih I marah dia, but again, toddler this age already understand how to weep silently, like seriously? Haha..I find it funny.

Anyway, I quickly pull her close to me and put her head on my arm, hug her tightly, kiss her face, let her latch on me and she fell asleep SHORTLY after that. Like immediately. Kesian ok.. She must be very shocked I shouted at her like that. Tapi tu lah..sapa suruh tanak dengar cakap when mommy so penat ;)

The next day she woke up like usual, like nothing happened. Thank God. I takut betul dia traumatized hehe.

By the way, since today is Friday, I leave you guys with few Zahra's latest pictures with her new hairclip! :D

I forgot to snap a closer look of the hairclip. It's a poppy flower made of grayish organza with a faux pearl, attached on snap clip.

I kinda like the outcome, so I'll re-making a lot of it and will post the closer look ;)

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Salam,


  2. comel comel~

    macam manalah nak handle emosi merajuk ni..

  3. Zahra, minta mummy buat hairclip banyak2 then masuk dlm blog. anT nak beli!!!!!!


  4. Hehe tenkiu Tatty..time dia sengih2 ni memaaaang Angel. Time mengamuk...haha

    Cik Kopi,
    Budak2 like that, unexpected.

    A'ah pagar haha. Dia gigit main2

    Still trial and error, nak tengok tahan lama mana, kang jual2 tiba2 tercabut (haha..sebenarnya malas buat sama :P)