Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eco Friendly Xmas

We went to Jusco AU2 last weekend because it was under construction when I left Setiawangsa and I just wonder how it looks like. Surprisingly it's quite big but I still prefer JJ Wangsa Maju. And now they have Wangsa Walk, need to compete real tough. Anyway below is some random pictures..

Lunch that day, nasi ladna with honey dew bubble tea.

Their food court - very colourful and clean. I like the idea that you don't have to take the receipt and go pay at a specific counter. You can pay at the counter itself now. I don't what if this also applied to 'old jusco'.

And got free wifi! Everywhere got free access nowadays.

They don't use TM btw :P

The eco friendly decor - using egg cartons. It varies on location, I read that one Jusco is using mineral bottles as the decor. Not so sure where is it. Crafty but less exciting :P

Ps: Andes is already in holiday mood but will try to drag her ass writing as usual :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Confinement Plan

Nothing much on work today, I guess everybody is already in holiday mood. Finally I can shake my sleepyhead off, but still I'm so lazy to study or do anything related with work (erkkk).

So this morning is spent with movies searching for me to download - to watch during confinement. I know I'll be very busy attending the little one later, but I think I can catch a movie or two during breastfeeding her :D

Since my pregnancy, I only managed to watch 1 movie only, G-Force. So I have lotssss to catch up. So far, this is my current torrent list that is being downloaded. The server has a limited space (only 3Gb at a time), so I need to download 'em batch by batch.

1st batch running:

*** Upload: 11.30 KiB/s | Download: 506.20 KiB/s | Peers: 93/220
>Name /== Hash...==\ Peers | Done (MB) | % | Up | Down
1) Pineapple.Express[2008]D |b5d0ab741c99| 24/55 | 101.0/ 702.0 | 14 |12.8 |187.3
2) Seven.Pounds[2008]DvDrip |bd4e3a77f819| 26/56 | 114.0/ 701.5 | 16 | 3.7 |185.7
3) Madagascar-Escape.2.Afri |d13b27f5f392| 29/53 | 46.0/ 700.9 | 6 | 5.9 |107.8
4) Julie & Julia[2009]DvDri |eaf1a9bbf3da| 14/56 | 22.3/ 800.1 | 2 | 4.3 | 24.0

Anyway looking at my long list, MrComot said:

"Cartoon je memanjangggggg"

"Me need happy movie so that me can produce milk tau"

"Ohhh hubby tak make u happy ke? :(("

" nak watch while hubby pegi keja laaa"

Kannnnnn. Over la pakcik ni. I noticed that him become more 'manja' lately. In fact, there is a few time he will say something like this

"Nanti baby come out mesti you sayang baby lagi kan"

"Mana ada..both are my babies, mesti la me sayang you sama jugak"

"No's reality, because the baby has been inside you for 9 months, so u'll love her more"

Haha.. I thot only women have this pre-natal blues.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sleepy Monday

After 3-days break, I am so schleeeepyyyyyy......

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sugary baby

I had another checkup yesterday with Dr Fidak. As I mentioned before, this week I have to do MOGTT - the sugar test.

They gave me a 75g dextrose and to tell you the truth, the taste is not bad, something like F&N orange, only minus the gas. I don't feel like to vomit (like what other mommies always tell) but I do feel nausea after finishing the whole thing. Serious rasa nak pitam sangat that I wish I don't have to go through this procedure again in the future.

My first sugar reading (I had to fast) was 4.9 which is very good and after consume the sugar my reading shoot up to 9.8. I had to wait an hour and take another reading, estimation should be below 8. Unfortunately my reading maintained at 9.0 and Dr Fidak shoved me to dietrician for consultation.

Anyway I think we read it wrongly because I took the sugar 15mins later, so I had to wait for another 15mins before the last reading. The thing is, I only notice this timing-tak-kena after waiting for dietrician, I browsed my camera and look at the timestamp (MrComot captured my pic drinking the sugar). But nevermind lah, we still go see the dietrician.

The dietrician went through me with a long checklist and the outcome is - I am fine. I don't have to retake the test or to blood-test-before-and-after-eating-thing. She said my reading goes down very slow because 75g is too much for me and I'm not used to it. Yeayyy! Mommy and baby is fine.

I also provided with admission letter and my EDD will be 14 Jan 2009. OMG, suddenly I feel so scared, it's just around the corner! *shiver* *shiver*

I add the text to cover the IC number and macam ok la pulak jadi watermark kan? It's super easy to do btw...maybe I can consider watermarking all my pics after this hmmm

Including the admission slip, they also give me a list for my hospital bag. Looking at it, I was like "OMG, apsal my hospital list before this macam complicated giler?" hahaha

The list

Oh ya, on baby updates, my little one already at 2.8kg and even though she is engaged, the head still facing upfront (profile position). It will be best if she can turn the face down. Dr Fidak tipped me that I have to banyakkan baring mengiring.

My gynea will start to see me every week after this. Hope everything goes well, pray for me ya :)

Gonna update again, mwahhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

crazy mommy on the runaway

I wannt to do a lot of thing now, like everything at one time! Can or cannot? Most of them just a knick knack that can be done in few hours (or minutes!) if I am determined enough. The thing is.. my belly feels so heavy and I am having braxton hicks like all the time, and I don't have the mood the do all the stuff except lie down on the bed staring at the ceiling *sigh*

But I want to rant this is what I feel I need to do before my baby pop-out!

1) Update blog about my Japan trip

2) Activate my twitter so I can tweet during confinement. Already registered but am passive.

3) Revamp my blog, like seriously! The 'what's with andes now' pun tak update2. It supposed to be 'Andes is having a baby' pic instead of the holding-hand-tie-knot-thing. It is more than a year ago! *sigh*

4) Buy something for MrComot's birthday. His birthday is this coming January and I have nothing yet. It has to be NOW because if I can't get it now, I won't get it at all. Will be extremely busy with the baby and all. I know that gift is unnecessary as I'm giving him a baby (LOL) but that what makes me more itchy to give something - when he expects the least hihihihihi. I loveeeee to surprise my babyyyyy. Ok, enough of gedikness. Btw, I already have something in mind, but it needs a lot of effort and I don't think I can commit. How how how howwww

5) Do some painting for living hall

6) Do 'cutie-monster' painting for family hall

7) Sew owl pillow

8) Bake orange cupcake because the butter is already expired, like a month ago? And it is an expensive Lurpak butter. So I HAVE TO BAKE something.

9) Bake choc chip cookies because I actually have 2 expensive butter expiring! Don't worry, all for me and MrComot's consumption.

OK..I think I'll go mad thinking of the things I want to do.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

36-weeks mommy

Hi darlingsss.. How are you? Hopefully everybody is in the pinkiest health :D

As usual, I had my Tuesday checkup with Dr Zana. I am at 36 weeks now and according to the scan, my baby already engaged!!! Doc said I can deliver any time by now..waaaaaa! I haven't pack my hospital bag yet, and if possible, I want my baby to be January baby. So baby, stay in there first ok, don't be restless to see the world. Nothing fancy outside except your mommy and daddy hahahaha.. Dr Zana also remind me to count on baby movement, it has to be more than 10 times within 12 hours, if lesser than that I have to go to the nearest hospital, baby could be stuck with the umbilical cord.

Ok other than that I think I'm doing pretty well. My weight is according to the chart, at 59kgs now. However, I have to do MOGTT (oral glucose test) next week (with Dr Fidak) as previously she said my baby is a bit biggish (Dr Fidak sendiri use that term, very funny). Hopefully nothing serious, I don't want to have that gestational diabetic. I already watch my diet, more vege and fruits instead of rice.

On my body changes, I feel heavier than ever, and harder to sleep because I still can't get the best position. I keep on tossing around until I drained myself and doze off. Sometimes I can't really walk after stay in one position for long (eg: nak turun kereta, nak bangun from chair) because I will feel so sengal at the bones and muscle. And I always find myself out of breath if I climb a few steps of stairs. MrComot keep on teasing me as Mommy Penguin!! Eeeeiii geram but rasa mcm comel jugak haha.

My constipation already went away. I think because my colon generating good environment now, after months of eating fruits. I have 2 types of fruits every morning and evening.

This is what I'm having for my breakfast/snack today. MrComot cut a whole organic dragon fruit and two persimmons.

I still popping in my Obimin, calcium pills and Anmum. That's all what I'm taking now. Oh ya, the stretch mark is ridiculously hideous! Even though I didn't scratch my belly, they happily formed themselves all the way around my belly like a belt! As I said before, I just found out that it is depending on one's skin. So, expensive oil or whatever-stretch-mark-cream won't really help actually. It only helps to reduce the itchiness. But the doc said the color will fade or turn into pinkish/whitish scar. I think it'll be cute.

I used to feel uneasiness everytime I see the stretch mark, but after a while I am okay with it. If men can be so proud of their sports injury scar, why can't we be proud of ours right? We are carrying a human inside for 9 months!!! Haahh tell me if you can beat that wahai sang lelaki :P

Oh ya, I also start to developing varicose veins. But it is an off and on thing. If I heighten my feet like for half an hour (with stockings on) every day, I notice that the varicose thingy disappeared. It will come again by the way after a few days, so I have to keep on doing it.

This is the latest pic, taken yesterday. I know from the pic I look 'tak besar' but I do okkk! I really look like mommy penguin, even my friends said I look so round.

Hmm what else? I think all I have to do now is wait and be prepared, mentally and physically. I'm pretty sure that I want to have normal delivery, without epidurial but we'll see how I take it later ok. Kalau dilate lambat sangat and the pain is unbearable, I'll give it a shot lah.

To all mommies, get ready ok, there will be pre&post natal blues. So daddies, support your wife ok. Don't be a jerk haha. InsyaAllah all of us will deliver healthy and beautiful baby, aminnnnnn...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cuddle Time

Actually I wanted to write about my latest checkup last weekend, but since I have another checkup tomorrow, I'll summarize everything in one entry esok lah yer.

Btw, teringat pasal Sara's entry about what do you do during the "he and me time". I can't really recall it since we do almost everything together. Work together (he does his, I have mine, but we get to have breakfast, lunch, dinner together hehe), live the house with only two of us, doing groceries together, etc etc. So some how, it has nothing special anymore.

But currently both of us found new 'masa berdua'!

We will watch Big Bang Theory most of the nights before going to bed. Since both of us only free after 12 midnight (MrComot balik rumah pun buat kerja okkkk! But he does it on the bed, so I just browsing via my handphone while baring2), we will spent another 40 mins to watch 2 episodes of the series.

After Desperate Housewives, BBT is one of my holy grail series. It's freaking hilarious. It's about 4 super nerds (3 of them are doctors, PHD doc and theoretical physicist) and talk in Klingon language! Hahaha..mesti u guys pulak tak faham. By the way, I never watch full Star Trek saga and superman, so somehow 50% of the dialog, I really don't get it (even though MrComot download it with english subtitle), but sooner or later you get it.


rock - paper - scissor


rock - paper - scissor - lizard - Spock

Hahaha do you what is spock?

This is Spock LOL

I only know it after I ask MrComot. Oh ya..most of the time I will ask MrComot:

Apa maksud dia? Why he said like that? What is ____?

Since he can explain most of it, seems like MrComot also one of the geek, only minus the PHD lol.

Anyway we didn't manage to do it every other night, sometimes I was too sleepy or he was extremely tired and we give it a pass. BBT already at season 3 and we are at season 2 now hehe.

In any case you watch BBT, what's your favourite character? My fav will be baby deer - Dr Sheldon Cooper and Volowitz is a looser :P

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Little Fear

Maybe some of you know how I met MrComot, spare the details, enough if I said we work together :)

During my early time working with this organization, I can see that most of my peer (my batch) are afraid of MrComot. Not because he's garang, but because he's kinda cold, I guess. He speaks whenever he wants and response if he thinks he should. But I still can remember clearly that I never 'afraid' or scared to speak to him, maybe because of my character that time, ignorant. I find cold people are plainly ridiculous and I don't have to put up anything with it. I still rant and ramble whenever I like even though he seems busy or being un-friendly. what's my point?

Oh ya, because previously my MIL used to ask me, have I ever feel afraid of his son during we work together? And I find the question is weird. Now come to think of it, it does make sense why people tend to be scared of him.

Ok what's my point again?

Haaa! My point is, today I discovered one thing, one fear actually, about MrComot. I sangat takot bila dia tanya what I had for lunch today!!! Obviously because I had something unhealthy - Maggie Mi. But the thinng is, TAKOT okkk!

We still work together after married so he pretty much knows my diet (we had lunch together most of the time) and not that he's very particular, but he kinda strict about it during my pregnancy. I am on leave since yesterday and he has outside training. Even though I am on holiday, I didn't cook as there is a few renovation work going on at the backyard, so berhabuk. Yesterday MrComot tapau-ed me nasi ayam, gigih ni balik rumah to bring back my lunch hehehe *thanks baby*

And as for today, I promised him last night that I will drive and go find my own lunch (there is a lot of eatineries here) since he will be very busy with training and something bad also happen to his servers. He need to sort the problem first and tapau-ing food for me mcm melampau la pulak kan. So ok la, agreed that I will have proper lunch.

But the thing is, whenever I am at home, I am so MALAS to go outside and kalau boleh nak duduk dlm cocoon saja waiting for somebody to come and feed me can? Nak bangun minum air pun malas. And as expected, he called me up during lunch time and asked me what I'm having


MrComot: Sayang dah makan?
Me: Hmm dahhh
MrComot: Sayang makan apa?
Me: Sayang jangan marahhhhhhhh. It's so hotttt outside and me tanak keluar, panas sangat, pastu me letak tomato ---> tak menjawab what I had hahaha
MrComot: U had maggie?
Me: Panas sangatttt kat luar tu, me can't drive like that --> still tak menjawab, drama sangat ok
MrComot: U put egg tak?
Me: Letak! Ada telur, sausage, and TOMATO --> baru nak mengaku makan megi and nak highlight jugak ada healthy stuff haha
MrComot: Ok..nanti have dinner with me, me have meeting again this evening bla bla bla

We chatted for a while and I am so relieved that he didn't marah me. Come to think why he should be angry over small thing right? But eating right food is BIG thing to him and I'm so scaredddd. Not that I never take junk food during this pregnancy but I always ask him first, if he said OK baru I makan hehe

For example last weekend I was so tempted to eat the twisties (my colleague have 'runcit' corner where he sells all kind of junk-food)

Me: TERINGIN la twisties tu..boleh makan tak?
MrComot: Sayang teringin sangat ke?
Me: nak makan sikit je
MrComot: Ok la..pegi la beli

I was so surprised that he let me go that easily, normally he will saiko me into not buying it

Me: Why suddenly u so baik and bagi me beli?
MrComot: *smiling* No la..I think u already around 9 months, should be ok kut nak makan sikit2

Kannnnnnnn...beli twisties pun I will ask permission ok. I'm so scared of him whenever it comes to food. And I will feel bad consuming all the unnecessary thing because he cuts fruits for me every morning, prepare my breakfast, make sure I eat grains and fibre every day (for my constipation), feed me proper snack before sleep (to combat the heartburn), makes me drink ANMUM everyday and make sure I don't miss my pills. Feels like I'm abusing his effort if I simply eat unhealthy food huhuhu..

Other than that, hmmm lemme think... Tak ada dah kut menda yg I takut about him? Kalau buat perangai or gaduh, I tak takut, annoyed ada la :P

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Passion Fruit

Have you eaten a passion fruit? I never try it before and a couple of weeks ago was my first time. I've tried passion fruit juice, cakes, pastries, but not as in real fruit!

I was intrigued by this fruit quite some times ago only that I didn't dare to eat it because I don't know how to eat. Is it sweet? Is it sour? I just don't know. Last two weeks, we went to a fruit shop and saw this pack of 4 passion fruits and suddenly I said "I want to try!"

The tips how to get a nice passion fruit (according to the shopkeeper) is by looking at its skin. You have to wait until it's wrinkled. The more, the sweeter but becareful not to over 'wrinkling' or it'll go bad.

So I wait for a few days until it goes like this:-

I thought it is wrinkled enough but it is NOT! Because it's still a tad of sour. I don't really fancy sour fruits.

This is how it looks inside

I kinda like the taste though, it is something like grapefruit, but slimy hahaha. Since it's quite tangy to me, I can't take it directly and don't think will consume it as juice too, so I scooped all and had it with the sweetest icecream in the fridge - Le Cremeria macademia something (eeiii this icecream really sweet ok, I don't like it) and the combo was a bomb, teething sweet + tangy sour.

Tak baik membazir tau ;P

I still keeping the other 3 and now waiting for them to have more wrinkle :)

Ps: Oh ya, I just found out that passion fruit is Markisa in BM. I always thought markisa is one kind of lime, just like calamansi.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Bad Wolf Day

For books lover (or sales lover hehe) you must be aware about the most awaiting sale for this year in book category - Big Bad Wolf. I never go to any BBW sale so I don't know how good it is, but according to the shopping&sales site, it's freaking cheap and people is bringing back boxes of book on the first day of the sale. BOXES ok! So dengan perut besarnya, gigih ni pegi checkout the sale last Friday right after hari raya visits, at Amcorp Mall.

I was expecting less people will be there since it is Aidiladha but I was totally wrong! They don't care about raya ok! Massive cars parked at the roadside and outside parking space, luckily MrComot is a true PJ-rian lalalala. Armcorp mall ada basement parking ok and there is a lot of vacancy, so we parked inside with no sweat dropped ha-ha-ha!

The queue at 3PM! I had to be behind that uncle sobs sobs

Another view of the line

Look at the ocean of people. Luckily it is well-air conditioned, so I still can stand the crowd.

Me with the BAD wolf haha, holding my mudpie flurry (ughh why I like sweet thing so much? Must be the baby). Oh ya, no food or drinks allowed, so pls make sure ur finish whatever u have in hands ok.

There were rowssssss of books, piled on long tables, separated by genre - hobbies, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, children, fantasy, etc. We walked table to table, not missing any genre, browsing and admiring the price! Seriously it's freaking cheap.

The craft book priced at RM10 and the novels (fiction) all flat RM8! Unfortunately, I didn't find any writer that I KNOW, ok my choices of reading is not that wide, but I didn't dare to simply buy the books even though it's so cheap because I was afraid I won't like the books. I was hoping to stumble upon names that I recognize like Khaleed Hosseini, Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Danielle Steel and James Patterson, but none of them flashed into my eyes. I'm not sure either BBW didn't store it or it's finished already because we were quite late to join the rush (wish I can be there on the FIRST day!). However I managed to ask one of the worker if they are stocking Sophie Kinsella in the sale, she said nope, but they do stock Medeleine Wickham! But I was almost at the exit at that time and my feet hurt and I don't have the energy to go back and looking for the books uwaaaaaaa... Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing any of her book, hmm maybe it's sold out already *sigh*

I only bought 5 books for me and surprise surprise surprise, MrComot also bought some! He's not much a reader ok. So when he decided to buy something, I chuckled right away, mcm tak percaya je. But according to him, it's quite latest and too cheap to pass.

Oh ya, after out of BBW, we saw this one book shop at the same level and give it a try. Surprisingly it's quite cheap! Although obviously can't beat BBW. The new novel is priced at RM17.90 and bukan novel bodoh-bodoh tau. Some of them is IN one, like from Cecelia Ahern and Sophie Kinsela but the choice is quite limited. Not all the titles are available. But worth enough for you to check it out.

The gem we discovered

Sesuai sangat the bunting. Oh ya..still beatable but during warehouse sale la. Normal sale still can't beat them.

Anyway this is catches of that day:

From BBW:
Easy Knitted Socks - RM10
Knitted Critters for Kids to wear -RM10
Aggressive Networks Self-Defense - RM15
Riding Shotgun - RM5
The Pagan Stone (Nora Roberts) - RM8
Quack Quack (Children book) - RM5

MrComot told me that the two thick books (botnet and network thingy) is very expensive, about RM80 and above and they selling it at RM15? Macam tak percaya ok. Oh ya..itu MrComot punya, mine yang mengarut2 tu la..knitting la, like helooooooooooo, when I'm going to knit? But since it is so cheap, I make it as investment la, who knows, sooner or later I will knit ha-ha-ha!

And the baby book we bought it because it is super cuteness!

For the baby in my belly :P

I also get a few from other shops that sebab tak puas hati hehehe

The Long Road Home - RM17.90 from XCESS
Shopaholic&Baby and Cocktails for Three - both about RM27 each after 15% discount at Popular. Ok la kan..normal price around 31-33. However, if the cocktails for three ada dekat BBW that day and I missed it, memang COCK laa.. hahaha

Talking about the books, I'm not a big fan of Danielle Steel, tapi The Long Road Home ni mmg I cari dah lama. I've read it once and fell in love with it totally, a very heartbreaking story. I tried to locate it few times to add on my collection but failed, kat MPH, Borders, Kino semua takde, you have pre-order so macam malas la. Tak sangka jumpa kat XCESS. Another tittle that I'm searching is Message From Nam (also DS), so in any case you guys found it, beep me ok?

And about Sophie Kinsella, I am officially have all the titles!! Except for Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. Hmm..mcm berat hati nak beli at normal price haha..maybe I can look up at another Popular branch. (Ps: Being frugal is fun :P)

Oh ya, pasal shopaholic collection ni, I remembered that pernah dapat one comment about the duplicity:

mizzhiga said...

hi..i also have the complete series of teh shopaholic..btw, i rasa "confession of shopaholic" and "secret dreamworl of shopaholic" is the same story with different title, isn't it?..sorry kalau salah :D enjoy.. ;)

January 15, 2009 9:01 PM

Hi mizzhiga! (If you are still reading my blog, haha). Yes you are 110% right. It's the same story with different title! do I know.. Hmm so, now I'm thinking, should I re-sell it (it is totally NEW!) or just give away as a gift. Hmmmhmmhmhmhmhm.. But to who? Nantilah..I fikir-fikir kan :)

Opss before I forgot, the sale ends on 2nd Dec!!! Quick go grab the wolf! :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Simple menu on gloomy day

I think dah banyak kali kut I write here I rarely cook. Rarely means, sangat JARANG mcm jaring ikan tu ok hahaha. If I'm not mistaken, I only cook 3-4 times during my pregnancy. That will be 3-4 times spread into 8 months!

Actually, I have the urge to cook but during the weekdays, MIL cook for everyone, so thanks mommy! And the weekend pulak we are out most of the time, looking for baby stuff and all, takkan gigih nak balik masak kan. And last weekend, weather has been gloomy and all, and I am so tired of outside food. So I decided to cook something simple.

It's very easy that I am itchy to post it here. I know semua orang tahu nak buat this dish but just in case you don't know what to have for tonite, so after looking at the pictures, terus ada idea :P

It's already late when we finally decide to cook, 6.30 PM baru rush out to Giant to find the stuff. Oh ya, we had grilled salmon with roast vegetables that night, yummy!

Bought the frozen one from Giant as all the fresh salmon look...not fresh? Very pale orange and lembikkk! So I rather have the frozen one. This one packed by First Choice and I will say it's quite good.

MrComot marinate the fillet with seasoned salt, pepper and a bit more rock salt.

My roast vegetables - onions, tomatoes, carrots on a bed of brown mushroom. Stash a handful of olive oil, 2 table spoon apple cider vinegar, rock salt, and coarse black pepper and roast in in the oven at 180 degrees for about 25mins. Boil the carrot first ok, kalau tak keras la. You can replace the vegetable with any kind that you like (broccoli, zucchini, capsicum, brinjal, etc)

The outcome - sedappppp! That I can finish it all just like that.

My salmon and vege. Honestly we thought this meal won't satisfy our stomach and we need to eat other food after that, but we are full to the max! Very filling and satisfying.

Just look at the big chunk. Nyum nyum!

It's not only easy to prepare, but also super easy to clean after. No extra pot, no messy kitchen. All you need is an oven and casserole.

Oh ya, it's not really recommended for pregnant ladies to take salmon because of the mercury thingy but I read that the mercury level in salmon is very low (won't harm you) compared to the benefit you will gain (Omega3), so I guess it's fine then. It's not everyday dish right ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Antenatal Class

We had antenatal class last two Sunday, hosted by KJMC at Hotel Singgahsana. We were charged RM100 per couple.

I lost the pamphlet on the itenerary but basically it is like this

1) Pregnancy,Labour and Post Partem (Dr Fatima Najla)
2) Common problems in infants (Dr Syed Nasir)
3) Epidural for Labour (Dr Harlina)
4) Pre and Post Natal exercises (Physiotherapist)
5) Nutrition in Pregnancy (Samantha Goh from Dutch Lady)
6) Umbilical Cord Blood (Freida from Stemlife)
7) Breastfeeding & baby bathing technique (midwife)

The class start from 9AM and end at 4.10PM so there are a lot of thing been shared by them, I'm going to share few things that I feel important for mommies to know.

About mommies

1) All vaccine can't be taken during pregnancy except H1N1.
2) If you are diabetic or have HBP, all these need to be controlled before you get pregnant. Else can bring complication.
3) After 28 weeks, your 'hungry hormone' will rising up and you have to control it
4) Cut down your milk intake (let say from 3 glasses per day to 1 glass per day) as the milk contain milk fat --> errr..I forgot what effect it will cause
5) Important: Take a lot of calcium during pregnancy because no matter how tak cukup ur calcium is, baby still getting enough calcium (will take from everywhere - your bone, teeth, etc), and the losses won't be replenished. So mommy yang teruk nnt, there is a case where ur nails break easily, ur tooth tercabut. Make sure u take extra calcium so that baby wont take from ur existing calcium.
6) Take ur iron pills, this is important to make sure you wont have anemia (hemoglobin count need to be >11, mine was 10.5 on my last checkup huhuhu)
7) To avoid the varicose veins, wear stocking most of the time and high up the feet.

About babies
1) Acne (normally goes by itself in 2-4 weeks)
2) Need to identify between vomit and regurgitation
3) There is two types of pass motion for breastfed babies, normal (poop regular), extreme (no poop for over than 10 days because all the nutrients are absorbed). So in any case your baby didn't poop, but not crying either and looks healthy (no colic, gas, etc) so nothing to worry, it could be extreme pass motion cases.
4) Colic - baby will cry 3 hrs/day, 3-4 day/week. There is no cure for colic and you have to try different methods each time how to console your baby (massage, warm bath, music, etc)
5) Noisy breathing - could be there is a blockage through the nose passage (maybe it's milk), so just clean the nose
6) New born breath through nose not mouth
7) Jaundice is common and max should be 2 weeks. You can 'jemur' your baby under the sun but only from 730 AM to 930AM and make sure no direct contact with the eyes.
8) Don't worry if your kids' growth not according to normal chart (like tumbuh gigi at 6months) because different kid has different growth. Even the paed daughter's first tooth still hasn't come out and she's already 1 yo hehehe.

Umbilical cord blood
We already aware of this technology but still not convinced to sign up for it. Basically they will draw the blood from umbilical cord right after baby come out, store it and it can be used later to treat blood disease like major thalassemia and leukemia. We were thinking to subscribe it but are torn between StemLife or StemTech. StemLife is the pioneer in banking the stem cell and has treated 4 cases whilst StemTech is the sister company for TMC (where I planned to deliver at) but just established for about 2 years ago (no treated case yet).

But the bottom line is, do we need to do this stem cell or not? Hmmm..have to read further.

Epidurial for labour
One word only - it will be very beautiful if it goes smoothly - Dr Harlina yg cakap hehe (you still can feel the pain, but very little - they can control on the drug quantity). I still haven't decided on epidurial yet but most probably I will try not to take it. Mana tahu masa early contraction dah tak tahan kan, then I'll take la.

Exercise during and after pregnancy

Physiotherapist briefing before start

We have to do real workout!

The exercise thing was very fun! We get to try the steps and physiotherapist will check on us one by one, so that we get it right. The exercise is important so you won't have any problem later like kegel exercise (to prevent problems like you can't hold urine when you laugh or cough) and pelvic exercise (to strengthen ur pelvic after labour). It also will avoid backache when you are older, but you have to do it at least 2 times a day! Until now I didn't do any single move (except for kegel), uwaaa malas sangat.

So I guess that will summarize our antenatal class. Overall it was an o-k-a-y one only because most of the info I already know about it through my reading on the internet. And I'm quite dissapointed with the breastfeeding section because it was very basic and not well elaborated, like what should you do if you are working mom and want to continue breastfeed you baby.

We also got some goodie bags (plush pillow, one small tin of similec, bags, etc), tea break and buffet lunch. I will say it's worth your money even though I was hoping I get more than this, on the knowledge of course :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hari Kena Tipu Sedunia

There are a few 'unfortunate' things happen yesterday that leave me feeling cheated and geramsss.

As I mentioned before, I planned to make my very own bumper pad for the baby cot. So yesterday, we went to one of the craft shop in PJ to look at the fabrics and few other stuff. The shop has a very extensive cotton fabrics with fancy design and good quality. We were welcomed by one of the owner, and he's very friendly that I like him immediately. To cut thing short, I decided to buy one of the fabric for 2m. Coincidently, the fabric was 'hujung kayu' and the total lenght is 3.36m. So I just ask them, is it possible if they can give me 3.36m for the price of 3m, so I will take all instead of 2m. It's not that I want discount so much, but I know it is possible! After all the fabric is priced at RM45 per meter, mesti they dah untung banyak kan.

Then they said they can give me 3.36 for the price 3.20. That time, the friendly guy was away and I waited for him to ask him pulak in case he can give me more discount (I thought that he is the owner, later I know that even the cashier is part of the business, seems like they are running family business). Then when the guy came back, he told me that I can have it at the price of 3.25. Then I said ok-lah, but I casually mentioned that the previous lady said I can have it at 3.20 (ok, not that I want sangat the 0.05 meter discount ok, it is just my nature, I will tell what I have in mind, kalau dia tanak bagi pun takpe). Then the guy asked the lady and she said she never give such discount. So ok la, I don't mind nak bayar ni..when suddenly they said something between them (they are 2 or 3 ladies there, I don't remember) in Cantonese but I don't know what is it and I don't care because I don't understand.

When we were out of the shop, MrComot told me,

MrComot: You know what they said?
Me: Haa? They talked about us ke? What is it?
MrComot: She said, kalau u tanak beli sudah la!
Me: Is itttttttt?

Not that I feel cheated, tapi I rasa bengang ok because we are the customer and she's giving us an attitude! And talk behind pulak tu! Mentang2 lah I'm a Malay and they expect I dont understand their language. Kalau tak puas hati with, cakap je la straight forward kan? And silap la dia cakap macam tu sebab MrComot understand ok, only he doesn't know to reply.

Terus I rasa, if I know cantonese, I will reply "Ok fine! I want to buy 3 meter only. Please charge me 3 meter, thanks!"

Haaaa padan muka ok! Siapa nak beli the other quarter? It worth nothing! Unless they kumpul2 and sell it as a bundle of stash.

Hmmm..terus I rasa semangat nak belajar mandarin and cantonese. I'm not being racist here, but I know they like to talk 'behind' about us IN FRONT OF U. Very rude and #$#%$$#%.

On a happier note, comel kannn? Hehehe

Ok second story, after the incident, I saw a lorry selling mangosteen, durians, and langsat. So I asked MrComot to stop by to buy some. The manggis is RM6 per kilo, I don't know what is current market price for manggis, so I just ask for a kilo. One guy help me to stash the manggis and timbang and the scale showed 1.6kg

Seller: amik 2kg la
Me: 10 ringgit boleh la --> meaning if he can give me RM10 for 2kgs, I will take
Seller: Ok la ok la 10 ringgit (and he packed the 1.6kg for me)
Me: Ehhhhhh? I nak sekilo je la mcm ni
Seller: Nah nah ini memang sepuluh ringgit (cepat2 pack and rush me out as if he's very busy)

Being me of course la tak puas hati, but MrComot paid and somehow we walked away. On the way to the car, I calculated because I was thinking kalau 2kgs will be RM12 how come 1.6kgs is RM10. Macam lari sangat. So kalau kira betul2, it should be priced at RM9.60. Not that I BERKIRA nak sangat 4osen tu, but I feel CHEATED! And I feel BAD because I am NOT THINKING FAST, LEMBAP, TIBA2 TAK PANDAI MATHS which is a very bad criteria for a domestic goddess (haha tiba2 domestic goddess ni). Ok, to me a real lady should know these stuff, groceries, money management, etc. Kalau I kena tipu after balik rumah ok la, acceptable, like the scale is off ke, time timbang kat kedai 2kgs, balik rumah timbang lesser than that. Tapiiiii, I was cheated straight at my face! It is just purely unacceptable. Hmm...I will train my brain to think faster after this.

The last one, remembered the leaked room? It's been raining cats and dogs this few days and somehow the leakage is back. So we called up the guy (Ah Tan) to inform him as per our deal before, the leakage is sealed and kalau bocor jugak, call him up. You know what, first time dia angkat la. After MrComot told him he said, ok he needs to check his record and will call back. And biasa la, mesti la dia tak call balik kan. So MrComot call him thousands of time, left him numerous of SMS asking when he can come. Poor my darling hubby, he has been calling Ah Tan since Thursday and none of the calls is answered! Eiiiiiiiiiiiii KEJI OK!! What kind of people la buat keja macam ni. Is it hard to find honest people now? Can't u at least come and see the condition and let say if you have to recharge us, just tell la. Ni terus lepas tangan and run away!

Since he didn't pick up any calls, ignore the SMSes, hubby said, OK la, that's it! Revenge is on the way.

Ok la..nothing much he can do I guess, takkan nak upah gangster pegi pukul kan, as if we know where he lives. But hubby can flood his number with thousands of call from various location using his servers. Hahaha padan muka ok. Merasa tukar phone number after this.

But seriously, we really need a roofman now. Why laaaaa semua org perangai macam ni? Tak boleh ke live an honest life. Hmmm..

Ok lah, too much whining already. Not good not good. But at least I feel much better now.

Okie dokie, will write about tips I learned from antenatal class nexttt! Mwahhh

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wash Me Up

Hye guys! I know I promised to write about few tips I learnt in antenatal class right, but I left the notes at home, so just gotta update what I have in hand now.

Went to TMC for another checkup yesterday and baby is fine, so is mommy, the placenta as at its place and baby not too low yet, alhamdulillah.

Anyway, last Saturday we started to wash baby's clothes already! But too bad it's been raining all day since that day and the clothes were a bit damp here and there. What a wrong day to start washing hand-spin clothes tsk tsk..

MrComot hanging all the clothes. Seee even though not 100% confirmed girl, mesti nak beli jugak pink

Luckily Dr Fidak gave me one day medical leave after the checkup, and the sun was very kind on the afternoon, so I managed to stash the clothes outside and all dried up!

I was so relieved there is no weird smell left because MrComot insists to re-wash the clothes! Tak larat ok!!! Not that I'm the one yg kena basuh. He does all the thing, wash in the machine, perah pakai tangan, sidai, buuuuttt I hate to re-do something. When he returned back from the office, I already finished folding the little shirts and rompers and guess what, the first question he asked was

"Ok tak baju2 tu? Ada bau tak"

Kannnnn tetapppp. So I just asked him to smell 'em by himself :P

By the way, we only finished the clothes. There are bedsheets, blankets, swaddles and few more stuff to wash. Uwaaaaa..wish can use the washing machine to spin it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The big bumpy fall

I went to Antenatal class yesterday, held in Hotel Singgahsana, by KJMC. The class was okay, there are a few tips that I would like to share, will be in next entry.

The class started at 9AM and end at 4PM. Since we wanted to go out to few places after that, we decided to wait for a while and have our Asar at the surau. So basically, only two of us left and I went to the surau alone (no other girls using it at that time).

The ablution space is inside the surau so it's very easy and convenient. The lights already off and I didn't switch it on because it still quite 'terang' as the daylight streaming in through the window. Everything seems fine until I finished my ablution, then I stepped on the tiles barrier and slipped!

It happened very fast and thank God I managed to tilt my body to the right side and BUM! I land slightly on my right butt, not both bum. It was a very quick and soft landing I may say as I don't feel much 'gegaran' but of course I'm freaking out!

I was so shocked that I sat still for a while, afraid to move and holding my belly with both hands while saying non-stop "Baby are u okay? I am sorry, mommy sorry, mommy tak sengaja jatuh"

Then I recite Al-Fatihah, ayat Qursi (that's all I can remember that time!) and repeat shahadah few times wholeheartedly. Seriously, I never feel afraid like that. I took my own time, sitting on floor not moving, caress my belly and almost come to tears, worrying about little one. After I calmed myself, I quickly checked for any discharge (alhamdulillah, tak ada) and did my Asar.

I planned to tell MrComot in the car but I can't wait any longer the moment I saw him. He asked me "Why?", then I said "Me jatuh" and burst out crying!

OMG, I didn't expect that part coming. I mean, I was already calm when I finished my solat and didn't imagine that I will cry. Suddenly I feel so sad and can't stop crying while explaining to him what had happened. Of course MrComot is freaking out too, not only about the incident, but also the way I acted. He kept on rubbing my back while saying "It's ok, yang penting mommy ok".

He wanted to bring me to the hospital but since no abnormal discharge coming out, I think baby and me are fine. Lagipun we have checkup at TMC tomorrow so I decided to wait up and gonna tell Dr Fidak about this incident, we'll see what's the outcome later.

On a happier note, baby moves like usual that night, with her little punches and swirling (thank you thank you darling, mommy really need that so mommy tak risau). I guess she is okay then.

Friday, November 13, 2009

What am doing..

Today is no-mood-to-do-anything day, nasib baik ada tag ni, so at least I can update something hehe..

Since the tagger answered in BM, I feel like to write in BM too

Tag me sedang buat:

1. Melayari internet!

Oh ya, sekarang ni tengah gila ada hobi baru. Tapi masalahnya tak pernah buat dan tak tahu tercapai atau tidak. Sebab sebelum ni pun macam tu, beriya-iya ada hobi, tapi selalu separuh jalan je. Sebelum ni pernah ada hobi menjahit, buat patches hexagon tu, separuh jalan, stop. Lepas tu nak buat cross stich, dah beli benang DMC berpuluh2 warna, modal beratus-ratus habis, buat gambar taman separuh jalan, stop. Lepas tu nak buat painting, dah beli berus lukisan, kertas, palette semua, tak mulakan lagi sampai sekarang, nasib baik acrylic paint belum beli. Dan sekarang gatal nak jahit bumper pad for baby cot dan project 'felt' (you can google it up, it is an IN thing now). Siap dah ajak hubby pegi survey barang kat kedai craft weekend ni, and hubby pun agree melayan je perangai-perangai pelik isteri dia. Harap-harap tak separuh jalan jugak la. Jadi, sekarang ni sibuk browse pasal hobi baru ni la, nak kena beli apa, nak buat design macam mana. Akhir kata, POYO ok. Hahaha..kalau jadi, me akan share kat sini ok.

Oklah..gonna tag everybody who wants to do this ok. I want to continue my surfing. Mwahhhhh

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Homemade Soya Bean Milk

We made soya bean milk 2 days ago. It was our first attempt and I was so surprised to find out that it is EASY PEASY!

We've been wanting to do this since our last 'balik kampung' (during fasting month I think) when my father made this milk. My father has this hobby to blend his own fruit juices especially during Ramadhan. Another reason is I 'feel' it is cleaner and safer to consume anything homemade, no extra sugar, no preservatives, and the most important thing, using clean utensils! (Just imagine the seller out there making soy bean in bulk everyday! Mesti cincai-cincai. Hahaha pandai2 je claim like that)

Since it is so easy, I want to share with you guys how we made it.

We bought ORGANIC soy bean (organic laaaa kononnya extra sihat :P) and it is priced at about RM7 per 500g. Trust me it's worth it! We only use about 100g that night and the outcome = 3 liter!

Soak the beans overnight. We soaked it during the morning because we want to process it at night. However according to my mom, you can even soak it for 2 hours. It may work for normal beans only (I think so) as this organic one mcm susah nak tanggal the skin from the beans, so I think better overnight.

Wash the beans throughly after that until no weird smell and while doing it, try to remove the skin from the beans as much as you can.

Add few cups of water and blend it. I didn't really measure, just adjusting according to the beans.

Then strain it in a big pot. That's the biggest pot we have, courtesy of my mom *nanges*. Oh ya, please use 'kain kasa' as a strainer as it is very fine and suitable to remove the micro pulp.

Milk it!

Reuse the pulp as it still contain a lot of milk. I blend the pulp with water 3 more times.

Until it becomes stiff like this. I wonder if we can use this to make something, like foo chok or beancurd?

Cook your milk with slow fire, stirring it occasionally and don't forget to scoop out the excessive foam. I don't know what the effect if you don't throw it away, but that's what my parent do. Oh ya, don't forget to stash some sugar, depending on your liking. I put about 10 table spoons for 3L, just for a hint of sweetness.

After your milk boiled, turn off the fire and keep on stirring it until you think it's ok to stop. We didn't stir sampai sejuk (tak larat makkk), we stirred for about 30mins or so je I think.

Then it's ready, hot or chill!

We keep it in the fridge and it's been 3 days, the soy milk still good like the first day we made it and spelled TAAASSSSTYYYY.

Give it a try as it is very simple and a healthier choice. Oh yaa, just don't do it during working days..because u have to wait up until it is totally cool before shove it in the fridge. MrComot wait up until 2AM for this *isk isk*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The 2kg baby

I had my monthly checkup with Dr Zana yesterday. I still going to Dr Zana even though I'm in Dr Noor Fidak's hand now. So basically, I'll see two gynea in a month, just in any case there will be facts clashes :P

Overall looks ok for mommy and baby, alhamdulillah. Baby's head already down there but not engaged yet, so insyAllah I'll deliver a full-term baby. The placenta looks good also (no tompok-tompok on the scan), doc said if there is patches, it shows a calcium-cations (I have no idea what is it, I thought she said complication). So I hope everything goes well til the end.

I complained to her about my stretch mark and she told me that actually it depends on one's skin type. Even though I lather luxurious oil, I'll still have stretchmarks because my skin genetically is like that. Doc said it will reduce and maybe fade a bit after the deliverance. I hope so, aminnn...

Oh ya, doc said baby already 1.8-2.0 kg!! Stay healthy and don't be too big ya, mommy takotttt. I plan to have normal delivery btw, we'll see how.

This is my latest pic. I'm at 57kgs now.

I already can jalan-jalan, no more pain down there, but need to make short stops most of the time. Sometimes I get breath shortness and according to doc it is normal. I still have heartburn and very nasty one in the evening. I have to keep popping in small tidbits to reduce it. My back started to hurt where I can't lie flat anymore, must be the baby's weight pressing my backbone.

So 2 more months to go and it's time to wash baby's cloth!

Monday, November 9, 2009

When everybody is settling down..

One of my closest girlfriends got engaged last Saturday. It was a close and intimate event placed at her house.

I have nothing much to write about as I'm bad in writing about others, especially one that close to me (merepek about diri sendiri pandai la), but I'm glad that all my BFF are going to settle down. Looking back, I still miss our uni time (especially the slurpy nights! walking to 7E in baju kurung in the middle of the night! haha) but that's how life play us. We'll move to different phases and have our own life.

Tak sempat amik banyak gamba with my camera. This is one of the nicest pose, at the stairs, haha. All look so happy and comellllll.

When I tried to fit in. Gegar laaaa, ada orang kacau laa! Eeeiiiii. Whatever, but I love you girllsss

Oh ya, all of us have different characters that I always wonder how we can stay together for so long. One is soft and undecided, one is very proper and has a clear road-map of her life, one that look strong and tough but actually manja and fragile and one mengada-ngada (that will be me :P).

Hahaha..semua character mengutuk ok, so girls cepat pick which one fits u well? No matter what it is, love you all to bits ok :D

The 'taken' girl with her hantaran. So happy and serene (ps: ur mekap look so nice in cameras, not that in real tak cantik, but latino okk haha)

The group photos. Oh ya, one thing about orang yg bertunang ni, dia kan..suka TUTUP MATA time orang amik gamba. Seriously I dont get it la. Orang nak amik gamba, just open ur eyes and smile widely even it will take 5 mins okkk? Hahaha. Remember thatttt for ur wedding pictures :P

According to then plan, all of them will settle down for real next year, insyaAllah and I can't wait to go to their weddings. Please make sure tak clash tarikh ok.

Oh myy...I wonder if our relationship will change after the family-thingy. Hopefully not. Maybe we can make family dinner sometimes? Remember that ok? :D

PS: The food was fantabulous especially the sayur kacang. Say thanks to your mom!!