Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy Bee

I am very busy this whole week. A lot of big thing happened, with lotsa pictures but oh time..I need more time. I'll try to update more after this long holiday.

So happy chinese new year to all of you. We are going to celebrate like usual but I'm not sure if there's gonna be lion dance at the house this year. My MIL already bought Zahra the cutest cheongsam and Emir belum jumpa lagi. He's too small, hard to find the size.

If you are not celebrating, this holiday means longer sleep time for you! Hope you have a good one!

Monday, January 16, 2012

MyNOG 2012

Anybody else here?

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Movie of the Night: The Green Lantern

The power of will, and no fear!

Anyway, senangnya nak bunuh parallex. Just took one green lantern. I thought have to combine the whole 3600 GL. The ending was too rushed.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Typical view during the weekend

Semua Zahra punya kerja. Now she's playing outside pulak, ignoring the mess ish ish ish.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Big Angry 2

My youngest sister posted this compilation of Zahra in her fb this morning. Yes darlings, Zahra turns TWO!

Anyway we didn't have a good night last night, let alone to celebrate it. Zahra was so stubborn and keep on crying because I scolded her throughout the night. Kesian dia, emotionally bruised on her birthday. I was so strict with her last night because my judgement was clouded with the babysitter's report. She said Zahra too degil. So I macam marah dengan Zahra pulak because being stubborn. It is so wrong! I have to dig out why she acting like instead.


Sorry sayang, mommy was so hard last night. I siap pukul hanger at the pintu and you know la how loud the sound is. Pang!! Terkejut Zahra but she didn't stop crying. Instead, lagi kuat dia menjerit nanges. I was so upset. She supposed to be scared and stop crying. So stubborn.

But I have to remind myself again, stubbornness will be negative trait if you don't manipulate it to be positive. And this also remind me with 'The Nanny' show (not the Nanny Fran, but new one - a reality show how the nanny save the insanity in family), being a mom is not about competing with your kids, who is more in control. It's about understanding and supporting each other.

After a tiresome drama (and my little princess slept with tears), I woke up this morning with calmer mind and change my trick. Instead of scolding her when she cries for something, I soothe her and manipulate the situation. Like this morning when she wanted to BF, I said 'kejap..Emir nak minum dulu, kesian Emir dia kecik lagi', she was so mad and throw tantrum (I think partly because she slept in anger last night), so I change it to, 'Zahra big girl kan? Zahra jaga Emir..haa cepat pegang Emir..sayanggg Emir'. Magically, dia terus stop menangis and lie down next to Emir and rub Emir's head.

Apparently the tantrum is about control, and all she wants to be is, to be in control.

This is another phase I need to tackle. Mommy will try my best ok, sayang?

Last but not least, happy birthday my little tottila!! Mommy loves you very much. I planned to make a proper birthday bash (about a year ago), but little Emir came into the picture, so mommy tak larat lah.. we'll have a small celebration with mommy and daddy only ok?

Again, mommy loves loves loves ya!

Monday, January 9, 2012

3-months Emir

Update of my newborn, he's 3 months old! And guess how we celebrated it? By giving him rotarix vaccination and 3-months injection! Haha.

He finished the 2nd dosage of rotarix and due for pneumococcal later. We have option whether to do it when he's 4 months or straight to 6 months, so he can skip one dose. Still thinking about it, last time Zahra kitaorg buat mcm tu, skip one dose, but at that time, the risk was lower too. Now ramai contemplating. But the doctor mcm recommend to skip it as he said 2 months fly real fast. Hmm...

Emir with his rotarix

Anyway he took it so well, the oral and the jab. His temperature rose a bit after the injection but since Emir tak merengek, I didn't give the paracetamol. A day after the rotarix, he passed motion 5 times instead of 2. Now dah back to normal.

At 3 months, Emir starts showing signs to turn. He will try very hard to turn himself and manage to lift half of his body already. Sometimes more than half and hour he's pushing himself to turn. So funny muka dia, siap terjatuh2 from bantal/comforter. Masa Zahra dulu tak segigih ni, tiba2 je pusing sendiri.

He is in the phase of eating his own hands. Selalu masukkan the whole fist and sometimes siap nak termuntah.

Burp a lot.

A very smiley baby. The babysitter cakap 'ramah'. Memang ramah, buka-buka mata je senyum. Terjaga tido pun senyum dalam mamai-mamai. So sweeeet. And talk a lot. Like a lot lot lot. If I tegur dia sikit pun berjela-jela dia reply. This is very exciting to see, that my two kids have different characters. It's so true that every baby is not the same, and we human is very unique.

Other than that, Emir is pretty much an easy baby. He sleeps well, kalau dalam kul 11PM tu, sampai pagi lah around 530AM for the next feed. Itu pun tak menangis, just pusing sana sini and rubbing his face. Drinks well.. finally he drinks the milk via bottle at babysitter, good boy! But kalau kat rumah I bagi, terus cebik-cebik.

Even though this entry is about Emir, gambar Zahra and daddy tetap menyelit :P
While waiting for our turn in the clinic, Zahra busy reading to MrComot, siap tangan gerak-gerak.

Emir with mummy

Emir dah terpusing-pusing trying to turn. He was on the pillow and properly sleeping on the comforter. Siap terjatuh-jatuh from it. Align Center

Happy 3-months darling! You sure grow up so fast, that mommy and daddy barely catch up. But one thing for sure, we love you so much. Be a good boy ok! Mwah!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laundry Day

As usual, weekend is our laundry day and I just realized that we have 3 same red laundry basket. All from IKEA. One for MrComot n me, one for Zahra n Emir, and one for my sister.

Happy washing day!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greedy Morning

I had a greedy stomach this morning where I feel like eating nasi lemak, not one, but TWO at one go.

And accompanied with one cup of hot milo, apples and golden kiwi.

Anyway, just wanna tell you that the nasi lemak PEDAS GILER NAK MENANGIS. First time rasa panas telinga hahaha which reminds me old iklan by FINAS where the monkey want to eat chili and kura-kura ke apa ntah advise not to, but he is so degil and makan jugak, lepas tu keluar asap kat telinga dia haha. Do you still remember that ads?

The spicy nasi lemak

I was tempted to have another cup of milo to combat the spiciness but, that will be so unhealthy. So have to tahan pedas buat-buat tak tahu. Now dah ok! :D

So what is ur breakfast today?

Oh ya, don't skip your breakfast (I do sometimes! bad bad bad) as morning meal is the most important actually. Tapi macam orang kita selalunya have big portion during dinner kan, which is a no-no because you are going to sleep after that. Like a famouse quote:
Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a peasant

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I want for 2012

I wrote my wishlist in 2011 here, and looking back, I only get one! Anyway, it's fun to list down all the material thingy and somehow it makes me feel jumpy in greeting 2012.

Before we proceed with 2012, lets recap last year's wishlist.

Wanted stuff:
1) color printer - tak beli
2) sewing machine - I got one! Yeay!!! But still tak guna til now. Hmmmpphh!
3) bread maker - tak beli
4) second diamond ring - obviously tak beli hahaha
5) oversea trip - didn't manage to. Zahra sakit and I was pregnant
6) wooden swing - tak beli, tak jumpa yg suka lagi
7) cute utensils for kitchen - tak beli

Needed stuff:
1) Finish entry on Japan trip in 2008 - not yet!
2) Finish album compilation on the honeymoon trip - not yet!
3) Finish making my pregnancy journal with Zahra Elena - not yet! Sampai Emir dah keluar!
4) Edit all the honeymoon trip videos and upload them in youtube - not yet!
5) Print the wedding pictures - Belum!! :(
6) Make 2010 album book - Obviously tak buat huhu. Gotta make it up for 2012 ;)
7) Kemas bilik art (the 3rd bedroom) - Again, obviously tak kemas haha
8) Start my online business - in the middle! :D Gotta sell some of my craft supplies. Will reveal the link nanti.
9) Settle my PTPTN issue - in the middle! Dah bayar some amount to release ;)

10) Gain weight for second child - Dah dapat Emir, tak sempat gain weight
11) Pray better - this will be on-going process :)

Ok so lets jump to what I want for 2012. Some of them are repetitive and some are not, like breadmaker because I don't feel like having it now ;P

What I want for 2012:

1) A color printer

2) Silhouette Cameo

3) Timber flooring for hall

4) Wooden swing

And plus what I need to do:

1) Finish my entries on Japan trip in 2008
2) Finish album compilation on the honeymoon trip
3) Finish my entries on Langkawi trip in early 2011
4) Finish making my pregnancy journal with Zahra Elena
5) Finish making my pregnancy journal with Emir Qalef
6) Edit all the honeymoon trip videos and upload them in youtube
7) Print the wedding pictures
8) Kemas my craft stuff
9) Launch my online store - it's simple on blogspot je, but I have to take pictures, packing, etc etc. It's tedious to me :(
10) Start 365-project!

Two things that most wanted/needed will be:

* Silhouette Cameo - it's retailed at USD$299, well korek tabung insyaAllah cukup nak beli tapi... I feel unfair to buy it because I still haven't use my sewing machine, like WTF kan? Beli mesin jahit tak pakai pastu nak beli mesin potong2 pulak. Even though it serves different purpose, but it drills down to the same thing, do I have the time? So, before I buy it, have to prove to myself that I will use it. In short, I should start sewing! #Mustfindtime&strength.

* Starts 365-project - it's a daily project where u snap pic in your everyday and print it and compile it (can make it short or long, doesn't matter). I plan to compile in paper album (notebook) and put short caption. Over a year, I will have 365 pics of my daily life in 2012! Actually it's the same thing I wanted to do like 2010 album, only the different, I snap everyday and terus print, instead of waiting to compile it in 2013. Already snap the pics, cuma nak tunggu print this weekend. See..procrastinate :P

And funny thing, I don't feel like going anywhere this year. Well, it's too early to tell but for now, I'm excited to start lots lots lots of craft/sewing projects, especially for Zahra and Emir!

Wow.. I am less materialistic in 2012. We'll see hehe.

So how about you guys? What do you want/need in 2012? Share it with me! U can give the link to ur blog entry too. I'm so kepochi to peek into your wish list! :P

Another blockage

I am down with plugged milk duct and this is my 3rd time in 3 months! *sigh* Anyway, it's not that bad yet, like the first time I had when with Zahra. Maybe because I dah pernah kena so macam cautious sikit. Dah rasa sikit2, terus treat it.

The previous two, I quickly ran hot shower and comb the breast to ease the milk duct, and nurse Emir a lot, and the plugged gone the next day. But this time, it still clogged even I did the hot shower, combing, massage, nurse, pump.. sigh. And it's getting worse. I pump pun dah tak keluar susu. Nasib baik sebelah je.

Later this evening will stop by at the shop to get cabbage and try it. Ni petua orang-orang tua, letak cabbage sampai kering. It will suck out the stuck milk.

Hopefully it will be gone the next day. Now nak dukung Emir pun dah tak boleh, so painful.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Haircut

How's ur 2012 so far? Mine biasa-biasa je. We didn't go anywhere or even stayed up late for the fireworks. But we still didn't sleep that time, just because we sleep at 1AM everyday. As usual, I have a lot of wishlist and resolution for 2012, which I'm gonna share later ;)

Anyway, 2012 also embarks Zahra with new haircut!!

Not from a posh salon or professional hairdresser, it was from her grandma! Haha.

Actually, Zahra's bang dah panjang, we keep on procrastinate to cutting it mainly because of time. By the way, we never cut rambut Zahra outside pun, it always done by me..I'll just snip depan tu to avoid masuk mata. And last few days, dah masuk mata but too busy, by the time I want to cut, dah malam, so macam tak best nak potong malam-malam.

Hair before. Dah cucuk-cucuk mata.

But last few days, my mom tak tahan tengok and she took a pair or scissor and SNIP it at one go! Hahaha.. She wanted to trim a bit but I said tak payah la! Sebab dah malam kan. And Zahra pun can't sit still. Lepas tu asyik gerak-gerak. Dapat potong sekali pun jadi la. As long as tak masuk mata, it's fine to me.

But my mom cut it too fast and too short that equal to penan-lookalike hairstyle! Haha kesian my baby. It's so weird that make her look like a penan-boy. Anyway, both mommy and daddy too lazy to fix it, so biar je la yer.

Seems like she's going to have her birthday with that haircut! Redho je la yer Zahra. It will grow up again, in 3 months time ;)