Thursday, September 30, 2010

A wedding & Swiss Garden Kuantan

My brother gotten married last weekend in Kuantan, so we stayed in Swiss Garden Kuantan. It is located along Pantai Berserah. This is my second time in Kuantan, the first time I was there was when we visited Cherating (and not married yet! Ohhhh sangat lah lama). Anyway, it's not really a vacation as we had a lot of event packed in such short trip. The akad nikah (vowed event) was on the Saturday night and the reception was on the Sunday noon. We planned to take annual leave on Monday so that we can enjoy extra days in Kuantan, but cuti frozen okkk..we were having audit on last Monday (that's the reason why I was so busy before). All in all, we just spent few hours in Swiss Garden but gotta loving it.

Below couples of pics to summarize the trip ;)

In the hotel elevator. I decided to buy the SSC (soft structured carrier) in just one week! Not that I am into babywearing (ehem, mommies u know lah kan hehehehe). In fact I'm a true believer in stroller ok. I mean, I think baby-wearing is spoiling (the baby) and tiring (the mommy) haha. But when we decided to go back to Terengganu via flight (that will be tomorrow!) I decided to try it out, and alang2 why not buy now so I can wear it in Kuantan. So that's how I bought that carrier. Overall, love love love it so much! It's so easy and convenient and comfortable! Only the fuss is, because I 'order' lambat, I missed the chance to customize it by myself. I just picked the in-stock item and thank God there is print that I like. I bought mine from SNUGGbaby and highly recommended it. But I never try another carrier, so can't really compare. My friend has one frm Jumpsac, nnt I try I compare ok. Since I never try the carrier, gamble je order ok. Nasib baik I suka hahaha. The best thing is, the moment I carry Zahra, she lands her head on my chest! Oh my...such a lovely situation. Rasa best sangat..mcm dia comfort sangat ;)

On the way to the beach that evening. They got this by the beach hawker stalls selling food as cheap as RM10! They also installed a big projected screen for the guest to watch movie. Kalau tak salah that night they played Ironman. Anyway didn't get the chance to try and lepak there as we had akad nikah that night.

The landai beach. Love love love the beach so much. It's soooo landai (what is landai in english?) that I can walk far to the middle.

Zahra kepochi when MrComot is self-snapping us.

I got the chance to play the water a bit while MrComot afraid he will drop Zahra, so he stayed back.

My auntie helps us with this pic :D

Hotel lobby. I love their deco sooo much. So cozy and warm.

Front counter.

Main entrance

Seats on the pond. You can dip the feet in the pond (I saw some people doing that) but MrComot tak bagi, because it has the some lights wire, afraid of the electricity. Ye ke.... *muka slack*

The infinity pond, facing the pool

My sister with her big gadget *ehem* and MrComot clad in pink baju melayu completed with sampin (videotaping the event). Next to my sister is the CUTE PHOTOGRAPHER *drooolsssss* hahaha. Ok, enough the silliness.

Zahra during breakfast. I gave her some plain porridge and mashed papaya. Nyum!

My best breakfast - bed of greens topped with olive, swiss cheese, bit of thousand island, a lot of chopped walnut, slivered almond, and almond nibs = seriously heaven.

Food in Swiss Garden is so-so only. I wanted to try the Chinese Muslim restaurant, The Blossom but they are closed already when we were there (around 2.30pm) so we opted for lunch buffet in the Garden Terrace. Nothing fancy in the buffet, I had Yong Tau Foo and mee goreng mamak. Itu je yg macam best.

The breakfast spread is better and east coast being east coast, they serve NASI MINYAK for breakfast ok!! *PENGSAN*

Their daily activities. If I'm single (or somebody can take care of Zahra like for...a week), I definitely will join every single 'fun in the sun'! I don't even get the chance to try their Samsara SPA :(
So the moral here is, when u r not committed yet, do what you feel like to do (like diving, learn how to swim, climb the mountain, etc etc). Not that I feel like tied up, but that's life you know. Time grows out of you and you'll realize that there is so many thing that you still want to taste ;)

My little brother turned into a grown man! All the best bro! And welcome to the family the-only-menantu-perempuan hihihi. Enjoy all the privileges ok *wink wink*

Zahra can be so boyish sometimes that I have to retake her pictures again and again. Just like this one, she still looks so boy even with the red hibiscus slipped at the ear. Maybe because of her hair.

Oh ya...forgot to take the room picture because the room is...normal. And a bit shabby actually, because it is an old hotel. But as long as it is clean, I'm okay.

Anyway we are going to Besut tomorrow for my side's reception. This going to be our first time traveling with infant via flight and I'm pretty nervous about it. I hope Zahra is ok and won't have fever or just simply throwing tantrums when we are flying. Also we won't check in any luggage, just will be hand carry some clothes. The goodness of breastfeeding (haha promote kejap, so easy no need to bring thermos la, botol la, susu la, apa la) and babywearing! :D

So I'm going to leave this space for a while (until Monday), you guys take good care of yourself and enjoy your weekend.

And I'm gonna leave this little cheeky Zahra Elena to entertain you guys in the time being ;)

Zahra in her jailbird pajama

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a mad mad world

I was checking my mails this morning when I saw this in my inbox.

I'm pretty free today (ehem, going to update more!) so I browse the promotion and see this!!

More stuff to redeem here

I was like, O-M-G!!! Menyampah nyaaaaaa! Kenapa la tak offer time I nak beli wawawa. If you still remember, this is the exact gadget I bought for Zahra's food! I bought it for RM190 at Harvey Norman after a few sessions of haggling (I never know we can haggle at HN! Haha) and with this bonuslink special promotion, I can get it at RM139!! Grrrr..geramnya!

Anyway if you are thinking to get it, this is the best time! Other brand pun more or less around that price, before discount. If you don't have the bonuslink card, you can use mine! Since I'm not going to redeem anything.. Haha mood sangat baik today. But only one redemption is allowed. So it will be the fastest first ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When we are over excited..

I rarely do this.. But I have to blog about it because it is funny and I want to keep a record of it so one day when I am a makcik already, I'll look back and read all the silly things we had haha. The thought about it only ticks.

The story is, the wedding photographer for my brother's reception (the wife side) is soooooooo cute! Ok, maybe not that cute, but noticeable and we girls can't stop giggling about it hahaha!

I am so excited with the cuteness that I even send a PM telling him that he is cute!! Cannn? Hahaha. But it's just for fun. I mean, nothing wrong for you to compliment things that you like right? Just like when you tell your girlfriend how pretty she is in the baju kurung, or nice shoes, or whatever it is.

Hahh..gotta stop giggling. MrComot dah menyampah ok..I keep on saying comelnyaa budak tuuuuu LOL!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chirpy bees

Hola everyone!

I'm still very busy, got auditing today and this is my first time involved in it, hopefully everything goes well, ameen.

Anyway I'm super duper happy because I found the camera! Yeayyyyy! And guess what, jumpa dalam laci coffee table je okkk. We found it on Saturday morning just a few moment before we left for Kuantan.

I was very stressed out on the night before, thinking where my camera is, as I have the feeling it is not totally missing or stolen, just missplaced, and I already punggah the whole house looking for it. MrComot siap buat solat hajat that night because he said kesian tgk I stress hahaha.

Since I found the cam, wait for lots of pics entry, but after I'm done with this audit thingy.

Till then, take care everyone! Oh ya, above is Zahra Elena slept on me at the coffee house is Swiss Garden Kuantan. That's her first time sleep like that, she must be very sleepy and tired.

Ok, catch u guys later! Mwah!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a filler

Hi guys, I know I owe my blog a lot of stories! Raya, 8-months Zahra, etc etc. But the thing is, I'm really2 busy. I can't even give my mom a call (that she had to asked the family members to sms me). And I think I barely breathe. All is about work, work, work and the little time I have this weekend will be spending for my brother's wedding (and guess what, HANTARAN TAK BUAT LAGI!). Haha not that I am responsibled to do it, but everybody is also busy bee! Everybody agreed to make the hantaran on the Saturday itself (the akad nikah will on Saturday night!). What a chaos.

And plus I don't know where my camera is, to upload raya pictures (hopefully not missing) and the thing is, I don't even have time to FIND THE CAMERA. Sigh.

Anyway just a filler, below is Zahra in baju kurung on her first day of raya, snapped using my mobile. Eating the velvety Auntie Aida's iPhone suede casing haha.

Will try to squeeze some time to find my camera and update this blog. I miss all of you!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Salam Aidilifitri

I've been intending to write an entry before Eid Mubarak but tak sempat, so here it goes..


And Zahra Elena turns 8!!! What a sweet coincidence.

We spent the first raya in Kota Damansara and today, we are going to drive back to Terengganu yeay!!! I'm going to let Zahra touch the cow hehehehe..

This going to be our first long journey with little one (7-8 hours!). Please pray for our safety and hopefully everythin goes smoothly. Ameenn..

Oh ya..please forgive all my wrong-doing. Sorry gotta go. Hope you guys have a blast raya too! Mwah!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Hard Poo

This is just so funny that I have to blog about it.

Last few days a mommy blogger, Dayah asked me wether Zahra has constipation ever since she started solid and I said macam tak ada. And a few days after that, terus dia constipate ok!! What a coincidence.

Anyway I wasn't very alarmed because she's still on breastmilk, the stomach looks tender and she didn't show any sign of crankiness. All is well so I just counting on the days. I noticed that she keep on grunting and making face like trying to push you-know-what-is-it on the 3rd day so I decided to wait for another day. And on the fourth day (while we were watching TV after breaking the fast at PIL), she made that sounds again and suddenly she cried! Not the loud cry but more like merengek-rengek. Kesian ok. She stop merengek and grunting again, but I guess nothing come out and the butt is already pedih so she back merengek, which is soooo not her. I tried to console her, carry her and pat her back, rub the feet, but she still keep on crying that I decided to bring her to the clinic.

And you know what, goctor to gelak je ok! Hahaha. He said nothing much we can do, except give her a lot of fluid (water, diluted fruit juice) and wait as she can't take the paraffin (to soften and lubricate the poo) yet because the digestion system is still not mature. But he gave me the anal-lubricate (I don't know what is it, but you know bila budak kecik tak boleh poo, squeeze that thing into the bontot) to try at home.

Zahra still crying when we reached home. I pun prepare la all the thing kan, towel, ubat tu and all..and when I opened the diapers, toinggg dia dah poo ok!! Haha..I was like, need to insert anything. But can see that her bontot redden already and I guess she cried because it's hurtful.

After I changed her, she pooped again for second time. I think balas dendam kut..

All happy after first stool came out

And don't be fool by this picture. She's not admiring the light-ball, she is concentrating pushing the second poo. So funny masa ni, tengah main2, tiba2 stop while holding the ball and grunting.

Still concentrating (the lights dah goes off pun haha)

Kesian my baby. The stool quite hard for a baby and today is the second day she pooped twice a day (morning and night) after the incident. It's still hard but look softer than before. I think she need another 2-days before achieving the really healthy poo.

Sorry yer sayang, after this mommy won't wait that long, after 2 days je tak yak-yak, mommy will give you extra fruit juice ok.

On the other note, that's what motherhood did to me - stool checker :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just another rambling about my ptptn. I still dont have time to find the document, anyway according to them I owe them around 24.7k. Eeeii benci lah.

Anyway, this is unfair right? I mean, u terus block orang from going out to oversea (not that we want to move there) and have to pay FULL settlement. Anyone wants to make this as court case? Haha..MrComot said he's willing to pay for the cost, if there is a case and we can get a bunch of 'victims'. But I still have to read the fine print in the signed agreement.

Just a crazy talk.. ptptn is goverment, berani cari pasal? Hmmmm

Will update real thing later :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bad news

Bad news, my name is listed in ptptn website and will be held from going to oversea. I never received any letter so I gave them a call this morning and guess what? According to them, they send all the letters to Alor Setar address (I was in AS previously) but I'm quite confident that I gave them my current address already. And some more, nobody from AS really forward the letters to me. Ok now I have to dig back the original agreement to check on the address, only problem that I don't know where is it. Ntah-ntah dah hancur kena makan anai2 when I was in Setiawangsa :(

I can't pay the lump sum and I want to go somewhere outside next year. They said I can buat rayuan bla bla bla but it will takes time. Anyone knows any other way to tackle this?

Thanks :(

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Second Leg

Finally, we bought a walker for Zahra! I know there is more cons than pros but this is not for us, it's for her babysitter. The babysitter asked for a walker because she already starts to crawl and since she's handling few more kids and need to cook, it's hard for her to monitor Zahra all the time. Also Zahra is having this anxiety separation where we can't leave her alone or she will cry her lung out until we pick her.

I was hesitating to buy the walker because it is said can delay natural walking (your kids is dependent on it and don't have confidence to walk alone) and can develop gait (walk like a horse) but it's not permanent effect, so I give in.

Anyway the most concern about walker is accidents. You'll be surprised that many infants injury and deaths reported is because of walker! Just to share few thing that I read. There are 3 common mishaps that you have to consider when buying a walker:

1) If you are using walker for double storey house/apartment - most accident happen when they fell down from stairs. So make sure you have safety gate/other precautions.

2) The walker will flip and turnover if stumbled on carpets or they walk to fast (most likely run in it). So make sure it is used on flat surface. They also have walker with universal safety measure, this come with code ASTM F-977.

3) Burnt / bumped injuries - because they can walk to the table and reach unnecessary thing like hot kettle, knock over table sides. So have to make sure you house is baby-proofed.

Few tips that I gathered when we are surveying the walker, find a very low based, back to gravity concept, the lower the more stable, so it won't flipped easily when ridden on gaps. Also it is recommended to buy walker with heavy material (the heavier the more expensive hehehe).

So far, Zahra is fine with the walker. The babysitter said she put Zahra at the kitchen with her when she's cooking but lock the wheel, so she won't move anywhere.

First time on the walker. She doesn't really excited with 'walking' but busy checking the accessories instead.

And gives me this face when I keep on calling her to pose for me.

And back playing with the accessories hahaha!

Since I want her to not dependent on the walker, we use it at babysitter's only. But there were one long weekend that I have to bring back the walker and put her inside because I can't do anything with her crying every time I'm out of her sight *sigh*

Anyway, what's your plan for this weekend. We are going to scout for baju raya yeay!! (Should I yeay because it's so last minute?). Baju raya is done for me (bought readymade at Giant! Haha punya la tak sempat) and Zahra's from Jellikids. Itu pun last piece I think, no choice, yg comel2 semua dah digrabbed. So we are searching for MrComot's now. Last year we didn't have any baju raya because I was pregnant and this year agak gedik2 nak matching because of little one. In fact MrComot said he wants to wear a full suit of baju melayu with samping! So not him! Haha. We'll see lah how.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nyam Nyam time with Fresh Food Feeder

Just to share with you guys something that I like most! It's Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder!

Since Zahra already starts solid, she always throws tantrum at the dining table because everybody is busy eating and dia nganga saja haha. I already surveyed some finger food for her, and found the rice flour teething biscuits but it contains salt (according to the box, only little salt is added to harden the biscuits) but I don't want any salt or sugar for Zahra yet. So we resorted to this food feeder.

Zahra is not on pacifier so she has no idea how to use this. It was a bit hard for her to hold (she keep on sucking the handle side instead of the net) but the second time was a breeze. It depends on the fruit I put as well. I've tried steamed pear, steamed apple, banana and papaya. So far she likes the papaya the most as it is juicy and tasty! She hates the pear (maybe it's quite tasteless when combined with the net - I've tried hehehe) that she will ketuk-ketuk the munchkin at her tray and throw it out! Eeiii geram ok bila dia buang. She will make poker face while doing it, like nothing happen. Notti girl!

Below is a couple of pics of her 'munchking' the papaya at my PIL while we breaking the fast.

Nyam nyam. She was so busy with her papaya and don't care about the water seeping out.

Just a tip, use a bip! Papaya is really watery and very messy, and it stains if you don't wash it immediately after that. Oh ya, I also don't recommend to put banana inside. It's soooo hard to clean after. The fiber stuck at the mash like nobody business. I have to scrub it longer and harder. Not to mention it stains the shirt real bad too. Have yet to try with melons :D

I really recommend this innovation as it will keep your baby busy with her food and it's fresh and full with nutrients at the same time! Killing two birds with one stone :D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Potato for my sweet princess

I'm due for few entries on Zahra's solid food. So far she has tried almost ALL the food in her stage yeay! And so far no allergy found double yeay! Only can tell already which she likes most and least. What a picky eater hehehe.

Before I continue my rambling, I just found out about photoscape and it's easier for me to upload my pictures as I can to this combined-pic. I like to take lots of pic and most of the pics went to waste sebab mcm tak best nak upload banyak2 haha. Now senang tiling like this. Anyway I tried to do numbering but can't find the way to duplicate the box so mcm susah..later lah I godek2.

Oh ya..this is what I made Zahra last two-weeks, rice porridge with Japanese Sweet Potato! (the week before I made porridge with sweet peas, that one later lah I post).

Since this is only experimental, I used 2 types of japanese sweet potato, yellow and purple one. Alahhh..nama punya bombastic, it is keledek je in Malay! Haha..

So what you have to do is scrub the skin clean, to remove the dirts and all. You can peel it and boil but I chose to bake it as it is said to bring out the flavor the most. If you want to bake it like what I did, just poke the potatoes with fork and run it under the water (so some water will trapped inside, this will help to cook the potatoes). Wrap with aluminium foil bake it for 45mins at 200-250 celcius. Once you unwrap the foil, oh-my-god..the smell is so heavenly that I wish I bought more the sweet potatoes for me and MrComot (yes, we bought only 2 pieces for Zahra! :P)

I divide the porridge into two portion as I want it to be in different colors. So we got 2 batches of porridge with jap sweet potatoes, one in yellow and one in purple. So far Zahra prefer the purple one. It tastes very much the same but slightly different in the sweetness and creaminess. The purple one less creamy so maybe she tak muak. But the smell sangat sedappp even though dah mix with the rice.

Oh ya, I also introduce Zahra to spices. I add a bulb of garlic in the porridge, sauteed it with half a teaspoon of olive oil.

As I said before, she almost finished the list in her stage (she's trying pumpkin today). And coincidentally, she's turning 8 months in few more days, so more food to come up! Will update more! :D