Sunday, February 28, 2010


We were playing with Zahra in the room when MrComot said he wants to shower upstair and once he stepped out from the room I heard he shouted


I was startled to digest and then I remembered I didn't keep my ebm in the fridge!

And WHEN was I pump it? I was hoping it is 6am because it can only last 4 hours in room temperature, but then I remember I didn't hear Subuh prayer so it must be around 3am! *nanges*

Storing the milk will always be the last as I will do other thing first like washing the pump, boil the water, go to the toilet, etc so that the milk will have the grace period to be in room temp before going into the fridge (it's a bit warm coming out from human) and there are a few nights where I went back to the bed without keeping it in the fridge but I remember before doze off so jumped out the bed and do what I need to do. But last night Zahra woke up right after I washed the pump, so I fed her and fell asleep right away, not remembering about the milk.

Anyway, everybody went chaotic because they know how much I 'sayang' the milk and I asked them to TELL ME the milk is no good anymore - me being denial. I asked them to sniff the milk;

MrComot: My nose kan no so good to smell things
Mom: Bau ok, cuba rasa tengok

Kannn MrComot tak membantu ok.

So I tasted my milk and hmmm it tastes ok I guess. I mean I don't know how my milk should taste like when it's not ok.

But then MrComot said "jangan simpan la..nanti Zahra sakit perut"..I was like, is it? I mean, I THINK Zahra still can take it, tapi takut jugak kalau dia sakit perut, nanti PATIK jugak yang bersalah kan. Lagipun susu tu banyak ok.

Yes, 7oz is A LOT to me because that's the max I ever got in one time pumping session. Kalau tertumpah 1/2oz pun dah nak menangis ok.

But it goes to the sink anyway...Bukan rezeki mommy and Zahra I guess :(

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cool Nights

You know how hot it has been this few days and my confinement room has turned into a giant oven. I was sticky most of the nights but held my breath from whining, but when Zahra also getting sticky (she still sleeping like normal in the stickiness) I was like 'kesiaaaaaaaaaanyaaa my baby' and that's it, we finally installed the aircond, phewww~

Facts of the day: Penang managed to sell 1000 airconds in a day! But I forgot what day was that, I think after CNY holiday.

P/S: If you own an aircond shop, giving discounts now is a smart moves.

Even though we sleep with aircond now, I still find it's quite hot (only not sticky) because I don't know how cold an infant can take. So all of the time it will be 29-30 celcius only! So mommy dia still mcm cacing kepanasan, no stocking for me please! MrComot on the other hand, who can't stand heat is fine with it. Pelik pelik..

Above is Zahra yawning, wishing u guys happy extra weekend for this Maulud Nabi, and an extra sleep will be nice! Mwahhhhhhh

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cut My Nails, not My Finger ok

Finally! I have the gut to chop Zahra's nail and I did it yesterday. Previously my mom do it for me.

The fingers are very small n soft that I imagine I might cut the finger as well n darah memancut mancut n my pwincess will have to live with defected fingers. Hooooowwww? Talking about non-sense thought, on early days I am so afraid of lifting Zahra up, in any case I drop her and the soft unprotected head smashed on the floor (touch wood!). It's freaking scary ok, I mean such kind of imagination. MrComot said it's because I'm a klutz so it becomes my subconcious mind.

However I'm embracing my fear bits by bits and look at the nails! Hehehe. 1st pic after being chopped, 2nd is before n last pic is my mom's cutting it, three weeks ago I think. Nobody takes my pic because I'm afraid I'll do wrong so I cut it senyap2 hehe.

Oh ya, I did it while bf her, that's the only time she will stay put. Kalau tak, asyik gawang2 je tangan tu.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy Smells Nice!

Just a random picture that I like.

Zahra Elena had a disturbed noon nap that day where she sleeps like 5mins n wakes up, then back to sleep - repeat. I had to be by her side all the time to pat her chest whenever she woke up. Feeling exhausted, I just threw my shirt on her and zassss she's sleeping peacefully, like right away.

Sayang.. sayang...macam-macamlah awak ni.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love in the Hot Air

This going to be an cheesy entry. Not that I never write one, it has been so long I post anything like that.

Weather is pretty mad hot lately. If you have come visit me during confinement, u'll know how HOT AND STUFFY my room is, and it gets more cruel at night.

Part of it because it is a small room and made of bricks, it absorbs all the heat during the day and release it at night. Another part of it, is because the room is equipped with only fan and a cheap air cooler - both blow not-so-cold air, making thing worse sometimes.

So most of the time I'll be in my minima outfit and subconciously will pull out my stocking in my sleep, so that I can taste the hot air from the fan. And all of that time, if MrComot is around, he will slowly n gently put my feet back in the socks. I'll be half awaken and will pretend to be sleeping and cherish the moment.

Somehow I feel touched with the small gesture.

Can' wait for weekends to come. He'll be in this room teman me all the time even though he has work to do - I'll be sleeping on the bed with Zahra and he'll be at the chair with his laptop, facing us.

I don't want to be that cheesy, but I am amazed somehow, how deep the feeling can be. After all it is kurniaan Ilahi, so thank God for that. I wanna be in this love forever!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bounce Me, Mommy!

We just figured out another way to put Zahra Elena into sleep after she's done with her feed. Before this all she wants is only latching on me while both of us baring and she will doze off after that. It's tiring sometimes when it takes more than half an hour for me to be in that position. Very manja one this fella.

Just now my sister tried to carry her and walking, making it's a bit bouncy and surprisingly she closes her eyes and zzzzzz. Pic above showing Zahra fell asleep on my sister's shoulder this afternoon, about 40mins ago.

Babies always amaze me, they keep on changing n improvise each day.

Looks like we have to get a bouncer, sapa larat nak carry her each time kan. Ohhhh ya, she's already at 4.2kg and 58cm long on her 30 days.

Oppsss she's already wakes up looking for boobies to latch on. Ok that's it! Bouncer coming up.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

selamat tahun baru cina!

i just upgrade my opera mini to beta 2 n finally get to make post with pictures. but the keyboard still killing me.

anyway, this year i missed the yee sang dinner at southsea. can't wait for my confinement period to end n i want to wallop the succulent clams with cili padi n garlic. come to think i dont think i will pass the confinement that soon bcause i still feel a bit uncomfortable down there n need to find another tukang urut to check on the womb condition. i think my womb still tak kecut properly n summore i eat the jamu quite late, week 3 after giving birth, fearing it will affect zahra since i bf her. getting healed after deliver is harder than delivering itself. so mommies, take good care of urself ok, badan kita ni nak pakai lama n for multipurpose.

oklah..happy chinese new year to all, it's metal tiger right? i would like to quote my boss "semangat like the tiger but dun eat each other". something for us to ponder upon :)

above is zahra all smiley for the readers wishing u guys a wonderful holiday! mwahhhhhhh

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crying baby

My entries will still be about Zahra Elena. I have another 'non-baby' entries but cudn't write about it as my lappy can only dload pics frm my handphone via bluetooth. Kalau pakai cable camera terus hang! So dengar je la pasal babies sampai muntah :P

We still having problem coping with this budak kecik. Because she refuses to sleep at night! Kalau tak tidur tapi tak nanges takpe la jugak but she always I don't really know what to do. During the day ok la pulak, everytime after I feed her, zasss terus fall asleep.

We tried everything we could during the night including over fed her! That was the worst night ever la. That night we thought she was hungry so we keep on giving her milk (direct and bottle) sampai kembung2 and in the end she fell asleep but maybe after too tired of crying. The next day she pooped like nobody business, memang terlebih makan! My poor baby, sorry mommy didn't know! So now we know her pattern a bit, she will keep on latching everytime you feed her if she feels uncomfortable. It's like she finds comfort via drinking! So it's quite tacky to know either she's really hungry or just feeling cranky. But I did it last night!

Concidently one of the relatives came for a visit and gave us this book as a gift.

Thank you uncle Udin & Auntie Mimi!

It's a very good book indeed. There is no manual in raising a child but the guidance is there and you have to have faith in yourself. Like the tips below:

Taken from crying section. Click for larger view (sorry the word is not that clear but still readible, using handphone :( )

I read this section last night at 5AM while pumping my milk (oh do you know that you'll get more milk from 12AM - 6AM because prolaktin hormone is very high that time) and after that Zahra suddenly cried, so I tried the #5 tip.

Have confidence
Your level of confidence in your parenting skills affect the way you handle your baby - she can sense when you are unsure and tense. So tell yourself that your techniques for soothing her will work. Be positive.

Normally if she wakes up at weird hour I will simply stuff her with my boobies and get tensed because I know she isn't hungry. In the end it will take me more than one hour to soothe her back to sleep. So last night, I know she wasn't hungry because I already fed her around 4AM, so confidently I just lift her a bit and ask her "Why sayang? Sayang rasa tak selesa ke? Mommy change tempat tidur ok", change her position of sleeping, tuck her back in the blanket, sing her 'twinkle twinkle little star' while patting her chest and guess what, she's back sleeping! In less than 5 minutes! Wahh mak impress ok. With myself LOL.

And another thing about her, she doesn't like her cot! Penat ok mommy and daddy pegi beli, siap pegi warehouse lagi, tanakkkkkk tido dalam tu. She will make noises and will only stop when we place her on my bed. I guess she loves mommy's smell. Maybe we can train her later, to be in the cot.. For now bagi dia chance dulu to manja-manja with mommy.

The deserted baby cot

Her #1 fav place - next to mommy.

I love love love to have her by myside but scary a bit case I terpenyek dia ke..tertido atas tangan dia ke..haishhh mintak simpang.

Her #2 fav - at living hall on her kekabu mattress, on the floor

Maybe she feels hot or stuffy inside the cot, I still have to figure out about that. For now, we need to tackle her sleepless night first.

So how's ur baby's pattern? Hopefully semua ok and if not, only one word that I can offer (including to myself) - SABAR ok :)