Friday, March 16, 2012

My Jakun Pwincess

Dah lama tak update pasal Zahra :)

She's all well, in the middle of flushing out the steroid and adjusting to the normal body. The process will take about 6 months. I'll story about that later.

So yeah..she's all fine. But kesian dia, sebab dia sakit hari tu, we stopped all the outdoor activity including going to the park! I canceled all the bird park, aquaria, plan..yeah..all the fun thing that kids should do, because her immune system was very low that time and we don't want to risk her.

So now that she's about 3 months off from prednisolone, we start to bring her to the playground on the weekend.

The first outing was on last two week when I was on leave (on Monday) because Zahra got bad diaper rash and she scratch it sampai berdarah-darah and everytime she pees, she will cry because of pain. So in the evening, I brought her out to the playground and kesiaaaaaannnnn anak mommy, she seems a bit afraid with the environment. She refused to play with the swing even though I want to put her on my lap and swing together.

Instead, she holds my hand and ask me to chase the birds! Haha

So on the second week, which is last week, we brought her again and this time she braved herself and look at her, so happy!

Finally berani naik swing. And she refused to stop ok! Well, dah agak la's her first time, and swing is FUN!

Can you spot the 2 strollers behind? Yeay dah ada 2 stroller hehe. I'm so happy because senang. Sebelum ni I wear Emir, and Emir in a phase suka lonjak2 badan skrg, susah sikit.

Sliding! Look at her face. Itu muka control malu-malu sebab daddy suruh tengok camera and smile. She went like this - nganga mulut control nak senyum haha

Serious sangat terharu ok. Kesian Zahra tak biasa pegi playground. Rasa nak menangis pun ada *drama mommy*. Now we plan to bring her to playground every weekend, insyaAllah..bukan jauh pun, jalan for few minutes only. And the plagyround is quite clean, so it's a plus point there.

And guess what the little brother doing?

Munching on the frog!

Have an exciting weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

YeeSang @ One World Hotel

Ok, this going to be last entry about our CNY celebration this year.

After the disappointing CNY dinner, my MIL decided to have another yee sang session and she chose Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel, One Utama because it's nearby and easier for us (with 2 kids now).

We went there for lunch and it is a cozy fine place. They provide baby chair and the gap between tables are spacious, make it easier for us to bring in the stroller.

My MIL mentioned a seat for toddler in her booking and they put special plate for Zahra - Dora the Explorer plate, complete with bowl!

She was so excited when she saw the plate and refused to eat in it, boleh? So she ends up using my plate and her Dora left as decoration in front of her haha.

Emir refused to be in the stroller, maybe he was excited as well, with the new environment. I had to eat while carrying him most of the time. Please forgive my senget benget tudung. Semua Emir punya pasal ok. He loves to grab my tudung, my hair, everything.

There are 4 type of Yee Sang and we chose the Yee Sang with Seaweed and Assorted Fresh Fruit and it is so yummy that I finished quite a big portion of it. Too bad I didn't snap the Yee Sang tossing pic, was busy holding Emir that time.

My table setting. They serve Pu Er tea and it is priced at RM10 per cup! But free flow la. The Pu Er tea is said one of the purest tea, not too 'hot' or too 'cold' and the price varies depending the the grades. But this one I don't know la what grade :P

Roast chicken and roast duck with spicy jellyfish. The roast duck is so yummy that I prefer it against the roast chicken! One of the yummiest duck I've had in a while. But the jellyfish is too sour and spicy for my stomach (and for others too I think) and we unable to finish it.

Stir fry ostrich meat! My first time eating ostrich. It is lean with clean taste. No beefy or gamey smell, or whatever smell for meat.

Fish dish, forgot the name but it's basically battered fish fillet with simple stir fry. Also yummy! Zahra had a lot of this.

One of their specialty. Tofu-something. It's not normal tofu, it's stuffed or made with some mixture, maybe chicken. But it's so niceeeee. Semua org makan bahagi dua, I had 1 1/2 sorang-sorang hehehe...

Vegetable dish. Not my favourite. Biasa-biasa je. I prefer plain vege.

Overall the food is good and satisfying but MrComot complained to me that he has a headache after that. He suspect there must be MSG inside, but I didn't have any of the MSG symptom - parched or headache, so I don't really think it's the food. Maybe combination of some things.

Sorry can't resist to post this one even though I am so comot! The tudung gets more senget than ever and rambut siap keluar2 *sigh*. Anyway, it's a memorable moment of me breastfeeding Emir in public. I've become an expert nursing in public nowadays, tak malu-malu dah, as long as I'm covered, here you go little one! I no longer wait for him to cry and run to the nursing room. Anyway, can you believe Emir fell asleep underneath the cover. MrComot pun so sporting, tanak Emir lapar katanya hahaha. Kalau dengar Emir nak start cry, cepat2 pakaikan I the nursing cover.

And 3 of us! I bought the baby sling from Mamapatch (remember when I was soo itchy to buy one but Emir tak ada lagi time tu, I bought finally! and the exact one that I want.. hehe), in front of the hotel lobby's CNY decoration.

I just discovered that this hotel is connected right to One Utama like, memang sebelah menyebelah! I always thought we have to walk quite far to reach its wing. Tapi tak payah rupanya... Masuk je OU we saw Garret Popcorn and Candilicous! Oh noooooo! I feel like in wonderland. We wandered around for a moment only as the kids are due to afternoon nap. Another thing is, we just have one stroller that time and I macam malas nak wearing Emir lama-lama hehe. Now dah ada 2 stroller and 2 carseat! So insyAllah panjang langkah sikit :)

So yeah, that's the total update about our CNY celebration. Zahra still remembers about it and sometimes she will sing Gong Xi Fa Cai song..but do you know how she sings it?

"ci gong ci gong ci gong yeah"

Monday, March 12, 2012

5-months Explorer

Emir has started to 'mengesot' and can turn 360 degree, like the clock. So comel. But he doesn't know how to move forward, instead he goes reverse all the time.

And last Saturday, he made this stunt going anywhere he pleases, including under the bed! I was so sleepy and was closing my eyes when suddenly I heard thudding sound from the bed and quickly open my eyes and so shocked to see my prince was stuck underneath and he was trying to move out that his head keep on hitting the bed frame. Emir..Emir..

The thing is, he didn't cry at all. Sangat independent anak mommy ni.

Original place was on the right, that circled in yellow, ntah macam mana dia boleh move to under the bed because the surface is soft. Kira berusaha gigih jugak la anak mommy...

Was busy playing with 'treasure' found and gave me this look when I keep on saying "Emiiiirrrr...chak!!". Happy betul Emir jumpa barang tu, he keep on wiggling, just look at his feet! Hehe..

He missed the 5-month vaccination because both of us were busy, so most probably will inject him next week. And plus his first pneumococcal vaccination. Maybe kena buat 2-times.

Ohh ya..did I mention to you that Emir is the type yg suka muak (regurgitate)? He regurgitates a lot, like a lot lot lot. All the time. Lepas minum, sebelum minum, baring, dukung, etc. At first I thought his stomach can't process the milk and was thinking to give him anti-regurgitate milk and then I read that actually it's normal for certain babies to have this condition because their throat muscle is not strong yet, hence the regurgitation. I just have to monitor his condition and things will get better when he's 6 months. And how true! He's almost 6-mo now and doesn't regurgitate much. And it gets better each day. Nasib baik tak bagi formula milk lagi kat dia.

Still breastfeeding him, and he will start solid sooon!! How fast time flies.

Other than that, he's pretty much a strong and healthy baby. And independent one. He can fall asleep without latching on me or even when I'm not around. Just by himself. Compared to Zahra, kena menempek kat mummy. Kadang2 kesian Emir, I was so busy and I know he is so sleepy but I continue my work and say 'kejap ye Emir..mummy sikit lagi nak siap ni' and suddenly he was soooo quiet, rupa-rupanya dah tidur. Or sometimes just meniarap and termenung while sucking his fingers. My poor baby :( Mummy try to allocate more time for you ok? Promise :)

Mummy love you so muchhhhhhh!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I want to watch this movie so bad!

The problem is, both of us are very busy. We hardly have time to sleep, even on the weekend. The migration will be in every Friday night. Already started last week. So Saturday will be gone ting tong, do laundry and stuff. And Sunday is rest day with the kids. Then Monday back to work. The only way to watch movie is by taking annual leave. Tapi nak ambil annual leave pun tak sempat how? MrComot's meeting bersusun paku everyday.

Hmmm...hopefully sempat la tengok. Normally how long they will air a Malay movie? Kalau 2 weeks only memang tak sempat. If 3 weeks most probably we manage to squeeze some space.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Babies

I am very very busy now..with work, and I miss blogging so much. I blog everyday, but in my head! How I wish I can have a little bit more time to pour it here. Well, no one else to blame but myself. Have to try harder in juggling my life now.

Anyway, just to treat this quiet blog-land, a couple of E&Z's pics, taken around last weekend.

Nasib baik tak terlibas the brother.

Have a good weekend everyone!