Monday, March 12, 2012

5-months Explorer

Emir has started to 'mengesot' and can turn 360 degree, like the clock. So comel. But he doesn't know how to move forward, instead he goes reverse all the time.

And last Saturday, he made this stunt going anywhere he pleases, including under the bed! I was so sleepy and was closing my eyes when suddenly I heard thudding sound from the bed and quickly open my eyes and so shocked to see my prince was stuck underneath and he was trying to move out that his head keep on hitting the bed frame. Emir..Emir..

The thing is, he didn't cry at all. Sangat independent anak mommy ni.

Original place was on the right, that circled in yellow, ntah macam mana dia boleh move to under the bed because the surface is soft. Kira berusaha gigih jugak la anak mommy...

Was busy playing with 'treasure' found and gave me this look when I keep on saying "Emiiiirrrr...chak!!". Happy betul Emir jumpa barang tu, he keep on wiggling, just look at his feet! Hehe..

He missed the 5-month vaccination because both of us were busy, so most probably will inject him next week. And plus his first pneumococcal vaccination. Maybe kena buat 2-times.

Ohh ya..did I mention to you that Emir is the type yg suka muak (regurgitate)? He regurgitates a lot, like a lot lot lot. All the time. Lepas minum, sebelum minum, baring, dukung, etc. At first I thought his stomach can't process the milk and was thinking to give him anti-regurgitate milk and then I read that actually it's normal for certain babies to have this condition because their throat muscle is not strong yet, hence the regurgitation. I just have to monitor his condition and things will get better when he's 6 months. And how true! He's almost 6-mo now and doesn't regurgitate much. And it gets better each day. Nasib baik tak bagi formula milk lagi kat dia.

Still breastfeeding him, and he will start solid sooon!! How fast time flies.

Other than that, he's pretty much a strong and healthy baby. And independent one. He can fall asleep without latching on me or even when I'm not around. Just by himself. Compared to Zahra, kena menempek kat mummy. Kadang2 kesian Emir, I was so busy and I know he is so sleepy but I continue my work and say 'kejap ye Emir..mummy sikit lagi nak siap ni' and suddenly he was soooo quiet, rupa-rupanya dah tidur. Or sometimes just meniarap and termenung while sucking his fingers. My poor baby :( Mummy try to allocate more time for you ok? Promise :)

Mummy love you so muchhhhhhh!


  1. sooo cute laaaa rupa dia..tak pernah jumpa live lagi ni...

  2. Ida, tu laa...nanti aku try bawak hehe. Mesti ko teringat masa kembar tu kecik2

  3. anak2 maria 2 2 suka muak..habis baju kita2 sekali kena muak dia...