Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fruits Galore

We stopped by at Giza last weekend and went crazy with the fruits in MBG. I didn't plan to buy much but to see the colourful stacks of fruits, boy...they look so yummy! And the shop also clever, the gave me a slice of Indian Mango (it's in season now!) and I bite a bit, yum! Then I gave to Zahra a bit and she's shouting "nak nak nak nakkkkk!" want for more "Nakkk nakkk nakkk nakkkk!". Kuat okk, bergema satu mall haha. She was on the RM1 car machine (ala..macam toys can move when you put the coins) with my sister and nak turun from the car straighaway ok, to ask for more mango.

Since the King Thai's mango season is over, I decided to buy the Indian one. Quite expensive compared to normal mango but it's worth every penny! A box of 8-9 pieces can easily cost you RM50. I've seen in Jusco that they are selling per kg instead of per box, so you can buy 1 or 2 only, tak ingat how much but around RM10 per kilo jugak lah.

What we have in the house now, rock melon (I love love love rock melon in this pregnancy so much, last time I love apples, now apples taste yucky to me hehe), mangosteen, red dragon-fruits, golden kiwis (it also in season now! a pack of 5 is only RM9 or so, last year time sale u can get it by one ringgit cheaper, in Giant/Tesco/Carrefour) and a box of Indian mango.

Not to mention the normal fruits in the fridge, apples, pears, navel orange #3107 (I just figured out that this type of orange is sweeeeeeet). I always avoid orange because I don't like the sourness, but this one yummy!

Zahra with the mango. So fleshy and and juicy. The juice is dripping from the knife everytime it goes into the flesh. And it smells sooo goood.

And the size..averagely bigger than my palm!

The cherries season also has started but still in early stage, so the price quite expensive compared to the fruits quality. Hopefully by the time we finished this mango, the cherries will be abundant and good, maybe in 2-3 weeks time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pasta Fiesta

This is an old event, about 2 months ago. We had some makan-makan with my little brother and his wife in Fullhouse Giza, and it is the second time I was there. The first time was with my MIL and I am star-struck with the pasta, hence the second visit.

The menu book

The entrance

The inside boutique, upstairs. They have some clothing line (it's more like Korean style) and you can buy anything u fancy!

I found Fullhouse is full of character. The deco is cute and the food is decent. Some are awesome, but it's awesome in simpleness. Not elaborated. Simple and yummy.

Mushroom soup with toasted almond flakes. Yum!

My all time favourite - Spicy vongole pasta (spaghetti with clams, I asked for aside chili flakes so I can adjust the spiciness). Anyway it's very simple, clams, olive oil, some herbs but yummilicious!

Deep fried soft shell crab with wasabi+mayo dip. YUM also.

This is my SIL's - baked dory with tau miu I think. I don't like tau miu with western dish hehe

Pasta al-fungi. Another scorer. Serious sedap..simple je, spaghetti with few types of mushroom. Dalam hati cakap, hmmpphh I also can cook like this, but helooo..masalahnya I buat tak jadi macam ni :P

Creme brulee yg super sweet (I don't like!) and profiteroles for dessert. It's a creampuff with vanilla sauce. This is a hit! The puff so airy and fluffy and the sauce hmmm hmmmmm *makan sambil tutup mata*. I'm going to learn to make this :D

This is MrComot's, carbonara. I don't quite like it.. I prefer other versions.

Zahra was so cheeky that night, she figured out that she can lift her shirt and pull it out from the head and keep on doing it! I had to say no no no and 're-shirt' her again and again. She will laugh at me and lift it up again. I was so angry that time because I don't want her to catch cold but now looking at it, it was so funny!

Her in the boutique, trying the wool hat. I don't know what we call it..but in trend kan for Koreans. If only they got in smaller size, I definitely will buy for her. She likes it so much.

Us in front of the restaurant, with their icons. Was 4 months pregnant that time :D

Overall, I love the place, the food is nice and the service is fast. The only draw back is, I find the menu is a bit limited. I don't know what to order on my next'll be vongole or fungi pasta again and again. And profiteroles hehe. Oh ya, their tiramisu has liquor but they didn't mention it on the menu. You can always ask the waiter/waitresses.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Sweet-17 Months Pwincess

Due to a lot of factors, I missed writing Zahra Elena's growth for 2 months! Ok since it's Friday, lets forget about the little mishap and recap what she's been up to recently :D

When she was 16 months, her favourite word was Nyaa for cat, aakk akkk for bird and wuuwuuf for dog. We had a delightful time playing with her:

"Zahra zahra, cat bunyi macam mana?"
"Aaak aaakkk"
"Dog? Dog?"
"wuuwuuf! wuuwuuf!"

I don't know where she learnt the dog's sound, but I guess from the neighbourhood. She must heard the dog barking from far. At first she couldn't differentiate cats and dogs physically, but after a while, she got her eyes correctly. Only kalau cute cute and very little dog, she will still point it as a cat :)

She loveeesss stickers so much and her latest addiction is to stick the stickers on her cheeks! So funny. She will keep on peeling the stickers, stick it at her cheek and shows it to me.

Semua ni dia lekat sendiri. Tak faham apa motif dia haha.

I also noticed she starts to vain a bit. Let say if I want her to tie her hair, I just say, "Zahra Zahra jom ikat rambut cantik?", then she will grin cheekily and let me tie her hair, and then run to MrComot to show him the rambut. And MrComot will exclaim, "Wooowww cantiknya anak daddy!" And she will be happy with the hair hahaha. Before this it's a bit hard for me to touch her hair and she tends to pull out the hairclip.

She also understands quite a number of instructions nowadays, like if I ask her to pick something for me, and not to mention copying our action. So dangerous. Thank God she's picking up good one like if anything spills, she quickly find a cloth or tissue next by and wipe it. Sometimes susah jugak, dia pegi amik baju baru basuh haha. But I just let her do it, at least she knows we have to clean the spillage. Then the latest one she will pick her own dirty cloth after I changed her and dump it in the red laundry basket. Pandainya anak mommy! So I keep on encouraging her doing it. After changed I will say, "Zahra Zahra, ambik baju kotor letak dalam bakul..haa mana bakul".

Her vocabs is developing but still limited to one word per time. For example, if she wants water, she will say "Air!" not "Nak air!". I tried to teach her the word nak..tapi she doesn't want to say/pick it up. Takpela..just let her adventuring the word first.

Another word she like using
1) ball for bola, any kind of ball, big ball or small ping pong ball
2) emmmaaa! for mickey mouse (whenever she wants us to on the youtube on the laptop or on my handphone she will say this)
3) moo moo for cow's painting that daddy made :D
4) tutu for milk
5) bak for my boobs
6) choos for shoes
7) and other a few words that I'm not sure what it means hahaha

Her happily watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video, siap keluar lidah.

Yeah, she has this habit to stick out her tongue whenever she's being happy hehehe.

She already call MrComot deddy! Damn! Hahaha. She doesn't call me anything yet..but sometimes she will call me mama, not mommy. She calls my MIL nai-nai (grandma in Mandarin) and my FIL yeh-yeh (grandpa in Mandarin). When we were on weekend, she will starts saying "nai-nai..yeh-yeh". Wahh dah pandai rindu ok.. because we see my PIL every night on the weekdays.

She's also a very cheeky monkey and manja one. She loves to lie down on my arm, armpit to be exact while I'm reading her books. She doesn't fond with TV, maybe because we rarely watch TV. But kalau nampak laptop bag je, terus tarik and ask me to open her mickey mouse. She also loves my massage when she was 16months. After I bathed her, I will massage the whole body with lotion and she will turn over lie down on her tummy fot me to massage her back, can? Macam pegi spa! But she stop liking it when she is 17months. Now she prefers me to scratch her back..everytime after shower and when I'm readying her, she will slightly turn her body and say "Niiii..." meaning, please scratch my waist mama! Then after I finish one side, she will turn to another and side and say "Niiiii..." again and again and again hahaha.. Sometimes I layan dia pusing-pusing and scratch her waist until she's bored, sometimes I just do it twice and saidd " more!". Haha comel betul.

Her current favourite food still soft tofu and brocolli. Senang mak! And totally rejects my EBM. Once in a while I still try to give her the EBM. Seems like have to go through another EBM spring cleaning this weekend.

Other than that, she's a really healthy and easy baby..except the NS incident. Takpe, you stay strong ok, mommy know you can fight it!

Zahra about a month ago.

Happy 17months my little one. Looking for forward to grow up with you. You taught me a lot of thing especially when it involves patience ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome - Day #2

First of all, thank you so much for your kind wishes and the prayers...insyaAllah..everything will be ok.

I don't have the emotional turmoil don't worry, mommy is doing okay here. Trying my best here..

Anyway, am going to write the progress of Zahra with this disorder, just to share what's going on and keeping track of her record. The last urine test (yesterday) still showing the same amount (4+) even though the swollen face reduced a bit.

Below is the trail pictures of her on the second day confirmed with NS. We took second blood test and urine test that day to confirmed on the count of the protein leakage. The reading is remained the same, hence Dr Anushree starts the prescribtion straight away.

Zahra in the nursery room, while waiting for the urine test result.

At the cafe..still puffy. In fact he body is actually swollen but it's hard to see on a toddler because it always mistaken as chubbiness. But then I noticed, kalau tekan2 memang tegang, due to water retention.

Second time taking the blood

Where she cried her lung out, like usual. It's a painless procedure actually because the skin is numbed with the spray thingy but babies memang mcm ni, she doesn't like to be strained and she knows they are doing something to her hand. Kesian Zahra. Even at home, when she was on bed and saw her plastered hand, she cries while showing it to me :(

About Nephrotic Syndrome, they are a lot of other thing we should watch out too. First, the side effect from NS itself, Zahra will have high cholesterol. Well, it already shows in the blood test :( Her current reading is 10+, double up the maximum of 5 for kids. The tryglocerin (fats) also very high.. Nothing much we can do on the high cholesterol, but if it's too dangerous, she might have to take another medicine to reduce the risk of heart and blood vessel problems.

Side effect of the corticosteroids pulak, she will have high blood pressure and we have to control this, it has to be kept at 130/80 mmHg or below. So far the reading is okay as we only start the steroids for 3 days. Please please please no extra medication for Zahra...

Since this is long term and progressive disorder, I have to do daily urine test for Zahra. We already bought the kit..I'll share later. It's recommended to test on the first urine..but pagi tadi I tunggu Zahra kencing since 630AM til 9AM..still tak ada.. so have to miss the morning session :( Another thing about NS patient, they urinate less because the water went to the other part of the body. I have yet to perfecting my urine-collecting skill..

Sorry just want to post this..MrComot snap this pic for me. She was crying when they are poking her hand to take the blood and I was singing or something to calm her down. This pic somehow make me happy.. I don't know why.. maybe because I hold her tight, or just because.

Mommy just want to tell how much I love you baby. InsyaAllah you'll be ok..ok? Mommy and daddy will be by your side til the end.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome - Day #1

I'm not sure how to write about this, or how to break this news. Everything happen too fast that I'm not sure if I can digest it. But I think I'm doing ok now...

It started last Tuesday when I noticed a puffiness with her's normally a sign of allergic, and the night before she had home-made Tenggiri fishball soup for dinner and I'm not sure what cause the allergy because she's ok with the fish. Since there is no itchiness, only the swollen face, and she's perfectly like usual (eat, play, poo poo macam biasa) I decided to wait until 2 days. On the 3rd day (Thursday) the face still puffy and everybody around me is saying that she is gaining some pound, hence the tembam-ness. But it looks not normal to me, so I decided to take half day on Friday and went to the normal clinic where she got all her injections.

The doctor said the puffiness it's not normal and the best guess is Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) and we can confirm it from blood and urine test. He signed a referral letter to Tropicana Medical Centre (we picked the hospital since it is the nearest) and I was praying so hard it's all fluke, only common allerginess, not this so pelik nama tak pernah dengar. I was all calmed and contented at first but when the nurse handed me the referral letter and asked me when is my due date for the second baby, I burst out and cried non-stop. This is too..sudden..

So we straightly headed to TMC and see the soonest available paed. Zahra's first paed (she was born there) is Dr Pria but she's on leave. We said anybody will do, no need to on-call, we waited for a while and ushered into Dr Anushree's room. After checking all the puffiness, she also said the same thing, the only way to know is via urine and blood test.

Zahra had her first blood test taken (where she cried her lung out) and we were given a pee bag (it's like a plastic bag with sticky opening to tap at the private area) and were asked to encourage Zahra to drink water and pee. But another problem arise as she refuse to pee because she's aware with that plastic bag thingy. Since nothing much we can do, we decided to go home and wait for her to pee.

Kesian Zahra, she was so sad after we took some blood from her and keep on crying whenever she saw the plaster on her hand. She even slept without having lunch - sedih/penat sangat :(. I tapped the plastic bag on her and got her pee around 3PM but she was on diaper that time so all the pee spilled and absorbed into the diaper. Then I tapped second plastic bag and let her roaming around diaperless and got the second pee around 5PM and for the first time in my life, happy dapat kencing anak, can? Both of us went "Alhamdulillaahhhhh Zahra dah kencing" and was very excited, quickly change her and rushed to the hospital to bring the sample. Coincidently the doctor also called because the blood test result came out.

The moment we reached hospital, I gave the pee sample to the nurse for lab test and went into doctor's room where she explained that the blood test result leads to NS but it has to be confirmed with the urine test. We were so positive and said what if the urine comes out clear.. Dr Anushree said we'll be stucked for a while and need for more urine sample before can conclude the result.

After half an hour, the lab test came out and it's positive Zahra has Nephrotic Syndrome :(

Hmm how to cerita eh..NS ni apa.. hmmm... ok in another term in Bahasa Melayu, it's called buah pinggang bocor. I sounds scary right? It is indeed scary and serious, and we were shocked to life, I mean, takde sebab takde ribut or whatever, suddenly she got it right?

It happens when a virus attack your body, then naturally your body will produce antibody to fight the virus. But in Zahra's case, the antibody produced is overridden, more than it needs to kill the virus, so after the virus gone, the antibody sees the kidney as enemy and eating the thin membrane cell which lead small hole from the kidney which leak the protein from being processed. And that's how it's interpreted as bocor :)

This disorder can be determined with the level of protein found in the urine and less protein count in the blood cell (because it's thrown out). So Zahra's protein in the urine is 4+ more than the normal level and the count in the blood is less than 4+.

The low protein in the blood cell also cause edema - water retention because the blood cell unable to hold the water, and that explains the puffiness and swollen body/face.

The only way to treat it, is by being on medication for 3 months (ideally) with corticosteroids where it will supress the antibody, hence stopping it to attack the kidney and the hole in the membrane cell will heal by itself. This is a very straight forward case, about 90% of it. Kalau more complicated will involved a lot of thing including kidney biopsy..touch wood :(

The side effect of this treatment is, when the antibody is surpressed, Zahra will be exposed to other health issue as the antibody is low to fight it like common cold or fever. And if the first corticosteroid doesn't help, she has to take higher dosage of steroid and this is not good for her, especially if taken on long term.

You know how I see drugs, I rarely give Zahra ubat, ni kena bagi steroid pulak *nanges* and asked the doctor if we can just let it be and will it pass over time. Apparently it won't go away..the antibody will keep on eating the kidney, then the hole will never close and this will lead to kidney damage.

Zahra at TMC. See her swollen eyelids..

We had to take second blood test and urine test on the second day (last Saturday) for more accurate result before starting the treatment.

I took it very well in the doctor's room but during the night when watching her sleeping, I couldn't help it but cried so hard. It happens too fast. And kesian Zahra, with the puffiness especially on the eyelid, she's having problem to see something (eg: watching TV) and she will keep on squinting her eyes and blinks a lot =,(

And still in shocked. Macam takde notice. Terus jadi.

According to Dr Anushree, NS is quite common but I don't know how doctors defined common. I never heard of it and when I googled it's 1 out of 5000 kids akan kena. It's not that common right? Anyway I asked jugak what triggered it, diet salah ke, environment ke..she said nothing, it simply picks anybody it wants. Virus - overdrive antibody - kidney attack.

I couldn't help it but asking inside my heart why you picked Zahra...because she is so small...kesian dia.. but what to do. This is just a small test Allah gave us.. and InsyAllah we'll sail through this.. There will be a lot of trips to the hospital for urine test and maybe couples more time of blood test..

And from bottom of my heart, I just want to ask my reader to pray for her well-being as soon as possible. Just let it be a simple, straight-forward, not complicated Nephrotic Syndrome... Makan steroid tu - the body response - hole closed - sihat walafiat :)


And may Allah bless you too. Ameen..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bunny Chasing

We went to Bangi Rabbit Park last weekend. It's a small setup my by my friend since she and her family loves rabbit so much. It started by homing a couple of rabbits and they multiply a few times after that (you know how rabbits expanding right hehe), and she said that the rabbits became a bit stressed because stuck in a small lawn. They need to jump and hop in bigger area, so they decided to rent a land for the rabbit to exercise. Wow..what an enthusiast right? I can't imagine I'm rajin to that extend.

Anyway they have about 50 over rabbits, but the day we went, only about 20++ were outside. The others will be released when they are ready. Rabbits are very fragile, they can't be exposed to extreme change like new environment, or new has to be slowly adapted. Else they can die in a blink just like that. No sick indicator or whatever.

We reached quite late, around 6.30PM because there was a heavy traffic on Sg Besi (but affected on the opposite highway as well) because the Kelantan-Terengganu football match. The Sg Besi punya jam is almost 10km ok..siap ada tv3 helicopter roaming around maybe to report on the jam. Most of the car parked on the highway, and there were police traffic tengah saman, DBKL, etc..such a chaotic situation.

Ok back to the rabbit park.

The entrance

Since it's just a first step (they want to let the rabbits jumping around) it's not properly done yet. There is no green grass yet, the rabbits happily running on the sand. It'll be upgraded little by little soon.

This is the first time Zahra Elena meet rabbits and her first reaction is.."tuuu tuuu tuuu aaa ddaaaa diii duuu aaa" bising giler mulut dia haha. I seriously don't understand what she's trying to tell with her pointing finger, but the moment the rabbit came near, she cries okk!! Such a drama queen. Nampak berani but takut sebenarnya. But after half an hour looking and pointing from distance, she braced herself and play with the rabbits.

First time she let the rabbit came near and didn't cry

Slowly warm up and give the rabbit sliced carrots

Dah OK sikit, siap squatting and pat him. We can even leave her alone with the rabbit. This one nama dia Maharaja2 kalau tak salah. The rabbits have their own name, but I can only remember/differentiate 3 only - Wan (the one with one ear, born like that), Maharaja2 (the one that is so fluffy with jambul at the head) and Poly (the one less fluffier than Maharaja and bvery cheeky, will hop and manja with you but the moment you want to stroke him, he will hop away).

The smaller (babies) in the cage. Ini pun Zahra sibuk nak suap carrot.

We stayed until Maghrib! I know not good, but time flies so fast. 1 hour is definitely not enough.

Then my friend showed me the other rabbits in the warehouse..she keep them there to train them to adapt the outside environment. And oh mann.. banyak ok rabbit dalam tu and soooooo cute! It varies in breed and shapes. Ada satu tu soo fluffy that the fur itself dah take the whole cage and they had to snip out the fur, cannnn? Geramnyaaaaa...

I forgot to tag the GPS coordinate but it's somewhere near to UKM. From traffic light in front of UKM, take the left turn, then straight until you find Shell on you right, turn right after the Shell (it's a small road) then about 200m, it's on your left. Tempat tu nama Sg Tangkas.

All the rabbits were injected with their antibiotic and stuff, so it should be safe for your kids, unless the child has an allergy to fur. Overall it's an enjoyable experience for Zahra, she get to pat the rabbits, feed them carrots (it was fun! so cute) and chase them. You can even carry them! The only drawback is, Bangi is quite far to's about an hour from my place! Oh ya, the entrance fee is RM3 per entry if you are interested :D

Oh ya last pic, me feeding the rabbit, I hold the carrot high up and the rabbit gigih hold his front leg up, like kangaroo hehe

Monday, June 13, 2011

EBM Spring Cleaning

EBM melted under the sun

We were doing some spring cleaning yesterday and there was 3-stack of EBM to throw away, not because of its getting expired, just because Zahra don't want EBM anymore and we need the freezer space. All she wants now is direct feeding and other than that, it has to be chocolate milk. I tried to mix my EBM with chocolate sauce before but she she refuse it. Maybe I should try to mix it with Milo..hmm.. Anyway, only 1 stack is thrown, got another 2 stack before we part for good. Still contemplating to throw it, I have a this sentimental feeling untuk buang the EBM..because you know's not easy ok, to pump and store, and not to mention seeing all the nutritions seeped into the earth, instead of my daughter :(

Itupun I forgot to snap picture before it's taken out of its storage bag and put on the grass. MrComot yg buat semua ni and he keep on saying sorry to me. I know he feels sad too. Takpela..hopefully I'll be able to BF my second one, and Zahra back. Aminn...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Golden Melon

I am a sucker for fruits. Everytime I cross by a fruit stall, my eyes will light up with excitement and I always tend to buy a lot of fruits just to keep them close by me haha. The thing is, I don't eat fruits that much, I love fruits but I have another habit - will simpan menda yg sayang, in the end it has to go into the dustbin. Slowly trying to scrap this bad habit ;)

I prefer to buy my fruits stock from night market because it's cheaper there, but there only stock famous-consume type of fruits. Then I discovered the SS2 night market (it's a chinese night market) and they have a bit out-of-ordinary-seasonal fruits like cherries and korean strawberries. Then I found MBG (it's in almost in every mall) but I normally don't buy anything from there because I find it's too expensive. Then when I frequent MBG (just drop by, still not buying anything hehe), I noticed they also become cheap when it's very seasonal like last time, the Falan Mango or known as King Thai Mango (it's the type yg crunchy with creamy taste, some people call it mangga apple) and selling at RM10 per 3 kilos! It's the same with pasar malam, and minus the hassle/crowd! So starting from there, I always check out what MBG has to offer.

Ok, enough about my obsession with fruits stall hehe.

I found this Golden Melon in MBG The Curve few weeks ago. Didn't plan to buy it, actually I was scouting for some Falan Mango and Korean Strawberry, but it's no more available (oh ya, I just know that Korean strawberries are only in April-May and end of the year) and was feeling a bit down because I want my fruits!!! That was when I saw this yummylicious Golden Melon. I never had any Golden Melon before and tempted to try it, was contemplating before because I never have expensive melon's priced at RM20 per one melon and I don't know if I will like it. But selagi tak cuba tak tahu kan, so I haul it to the home in the end hehe.

Look at golden color. So yummy!

Another temptation, pesticide free hehe...

Taste wise, pretty much like honeydew, only a few level of sweetness, that the first time I thought I almost poisoned with the fruktosa hehe. Texture wise, also like honeydew, only firmer, and a bit crunchy, but rock melon is crunchier. The skin is very thin compared to honeydew that you don't have to throw a thick flesh of the fruit. When I cut a honeydew, I always has to discard the bottom flesh because it's a bit bitter. This golden melon also very juicy that the juice keep on dripping out of your finger. Yum!

The thin skin

When halved

I chunked only half of it (it serves a big tupperware) and keep the other half in fridge plastic bag. A tip from my mom, scoop out the whole seed and fibre thing in the middle before you keep it in the fridge to maintain its freshness and avoid mushy-stale taste.

Not to forget a pic of Zahra Elena enjoying the fruit! I purposely put the other half for size comparison. Quite a big melon.

Anyway, I won't buy it on the future because I prefer rock melon's texture. Crunch crunch crunch! And it's less sweet than this melon. But if you love honeydew-taste-like, with extra sweetness and juiciness, this is the perfect choice!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fiber to the Home

We are running on UNIFI now wooohoooo!

Well, not that I care that much, we barely have time in the house and I only use my phone to browse few blogs, so the office internet is good enough for me (not to mention they are the fastest in Malaysia hehe) but MrComot keep on merengek-rengek want to install the UNIFI instead of our doing-OK-streamyx now. It's really up to him but we have this habit to make sure both of us agree on what we going to have. I keep on saying.. "alaaa perlu ke UNIFI tu? Macam la you pakai sangat, kat ofis kan dah pakai" then he will say, "Perluuuu...I need speeeeeeeeeed". Haha over ok.

Then after a few months I finally give a yes to his request and excited betul pakcik tu. He's like jumping up and down with this thing. And to add the sweetness, we actually had to wait for 3 months because installation slot is fully booked until then, and suddenly one customer cancel his weekdays installation, sanggup ni terus half day! Installed on last Monday :D

Pulling the fiber from the telephone attached to the house.

Contractor van. Punya la excited, MrComot took this picture ok.

Fiber in the home yo!

The RG, modem and cordless phone. Free call to any landline number in Malaysia.

Value added service - IPTV. I haven't checked the whole thing yet, but they got this cute channel suitable for Zahra - Nickelodeon Jr! Supposed it won't buffer because actually it won't squeeze with your internet speed (it's in different VLAN, so no worries) but ada jugak buffer hari tu. Gonna check about it with the person in charge.

The contractor was from Shah Alam since Kota Damansara area is full. They are very good fella with neat work. They even vacuum all the dust came out from the drilling.

So, welcome home high speed broadband. Browsing gonna be snappier after this. The most important thing, it will make my hubby happy :D

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mummy and Baby #2

Ok lets talk about me 2nd pregnancy :)

I realized that I havent write anything about, just because I am too busy and tired after a long day. After 5 months, finally I manage to squeeze the time to summarize about little one. Yes, I am already 5 months!! Kesian baby ni macam neglected.

Anyway, honestly this pregnancy is a bit unexpected because I planned to get pregnant again when Zahra close to 2yo and at least when I gained some extra kilos. I remained underweight and start this pregnancy at 40kilos! Can you imagine that? When I started to conceive Zahra, I was 50kilos. It is 10 kilos difference.

There are a few aspect that I would like to pour about this pregnancy.

#First Reaction
When I say it is unexpected, it really is because I don't even remember when was my last period. I just noticed that I missed one month period then I said, ok normal lah, maybe because I still breastfeeding, then when it comes to 2nd month, I did the test, it turned out positive then I made an appointment with my gynea but she is full until the next month, so I first saw her to check on the pregnancy on my 3rd month, end of my 1st trimester. I used 2 sticks to confirm on the pregnancy, first murah2 punya RM5.90 then I bought the digital one at RM30 and both clearly stated positive. Punya la tak percaya.

First thing that came across my mind when I know I am pregnant is sad. Not sad with the baby, but sad with Zahra Elena. I kesiankan dia because I keep thinking that she has to compromise with the little baby and be a big girl. But look now, she still pampered and the little one pulak yg neglected. Sorry baby..

#The pregnancy
I am doing very well in this pregnancy, compared to last one. There is no bleeding like the first time, only a small stain for about a week. And no cyst like before. In fact, I feel rather great and healthy only the big difference that I notice is, I feel very very exhausted. It really drains me out that by end of the day, I already flat and all I want to do is sleep. I no longer have interest to go shopping or sight seeing just because I am very tired. Yeah, tired is my middle name now that I keep on saying to my hubby, "sorry sayang, me so lembik, semua menda penat..berdiri sikit pun penat and tak buat apa-apa" :(

On the hormone side, I notice that I get angry easily. Maybe due to tiredness. I easily pissed on small matter especially at work when I receive normal email or deal with people, but somehow, I realize it and have talked about it with MrComot. He also noticed the changes and said it is OK for me to get pissed with him, but don't be out of control and pour it to strangers because they won't understand like he does. So starting from there, I slowly calm myself and always rethink what I'm going to say/act when I face a few situation. Thank God the temper only last for few weeks in my first trimester and now I think I am the gentlest and most patience person on earth haha. Ok pat on my shoulder, baby #2 going to be very patience :)

I still BF Zahra when I was in my first trimester. I've read a lot of articles and studies
and it is totally safe to continue breastfeeding while pregnant. But the hormone changed rapidly and my boobies hurt like hell whenever I BF her and I totally giving up. I prepared myself that it's going to hurt but I don't know it's that hurt. Plus my milk is drying up, so I can't satisfy her totally. She will take longer time to sleep and to nurse because she has to change the boobies for few times to get all the milk after they refill. And I was very tired as well, so I can't take it and decided to wean her. We bought formula milk because she refused my EBM stock, and I thought FM will make a change, unfortunately she chose to be stubborn and refused the FM too. What she did was, eat like usual at the babysitter but wait until I picked her in the evening and quickly latch on my until we reach the house. I have no choice because I can't see her not to take any milk right? So I keep BF her until on my 2nd trimester, my milk totally dried up (I read that it depends on the one's body, ada yg still ada abundant milk during pregnancy, but for me,
memang habis). When I reached my 2nd trimester, Zahra realize she can't satisfy her thirst with my milk anymore and not to mention the texture also changed. I realize it's thickier and whitier. I read online that the breastmilk also turns saltier so the baby will feel more thirsty instead. This is proven as Zahra will ask for water after every nurse.

In my 2nd trimester finally Zahra opens to formula milk. Itu pun after I bought her the chocolate flavour. Ohh it's Dugro's coklat lazat hehe. Coklat lazat ok. Haishh macam2. Anyway my EBM still in the fridge, pumped from Dec 2010 til Feb 2011 :( She still latches whenever I am there, especially before bed time, most probably just as her drug satisfaction hehe.. So I can say she only 100% on breastmilk for 1 year 2 months. It's a bit emotional for me (I'm sure most of breastfeeding mommy will feel this) because I want to give her the goodness as long as she wants it, and the bonding. Nothing beats the feeling when she finds comfort on your chest and it's like the magic medicine for everything! If she cries because of pain, scared of something, discomfort with the weather, etc, just flash your boob and everything is alright.

Anyway, while we at this topic, in any case you are in the same boat with me, remember this:

Pregnant women need to eat well, drink plenty of water, remain as stress-free as possible, and stay well rested. Nursing moms need to eat well, drink plenty of water, remain as stress-free as possible, and stay well rested. Sense a trend? If you’re both pregnant and nursing, you need to be doubly good to yourself and the wee ones counting on you. It’s vital that you stay well nourished by maintaining a healthy, nutritionally balanced and varied diet. You may be advised to consume extra calories and consider taking vitamin supplements. This is especially important when your nursling is under a year old and less likely to be taking in many supplemental solids.

#Baby #2
Ok time to talk about my little one :) I don't really know when I can meet him/her just because I don't remember my last period hehehe. My gynea siap gelak-gelakkan I lagi. So we solely rely on the scan estimation. The thing is, the EDD keep on changing if using the scan. The first time we went, the EDD was 16 October 2011, the 2nd one is 9 September 2011, then the latest one is 6 October 2011 aha! Banyak beza ok haha. So ladies, please keep track your period, it really
important for you to estimate the due date. Well, we will know the exact date much later, when I am in 3rd trimester but you will need this early EDD for you to plan your trips ke whatever la. Contohnya mcm kitaorg, right after we know the first EDD, terus beli ticket flight to Terengganu to balik kampung in August as I thought I'll be around 6 months that time, if the EDD really change, I might burn the ticket, depends on my condition and how heavy I am that time.

The baby's growth is according to the chart..with everything on track, the hartbeat, the movement, the length, etc, even though I am a bit skinny. I gain weight accordingly to the pregnancy, now at 5 months with accumulative of 6 kilos. Alhamdulillah.. We might confirm on the gender on the next checkup (that will be about next 2 or 3 weeks, need to refer to my calendar).

Other than being healthy, baby #2 is kinda neglected, in a sense of keeping track, taking tummy pictures, my diet, etc. I still eat my supplement, the calcium, obimin and folic acid, only that I don't eat fruits and other healthy diet as much as I do during my first pregnancy. Most of the time because I am too busy and then forget, or too tired to eat anymore, hilang selera. Sorry baby, mommy trying my best here...

Now it reminds me that I haven't finished my pregnancy album with Zahra yet! Haiyohh...ok gotta do it before baby#2 pop out.

Anyway guys, wish me luck and hopefully everything is going to be ok. Below is my latest pic, around last week, at 5 months ;)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ferny Breakkie

I am on leave today, will be until end of the week because Zahra's babysitter wants to balik kampung. I take this advantage to wake up late around 9AM and MrComot was already ready to go to work.

After a brief kiss and hug, I stayed for a while in the bedroom playing with Zahra. When I got down, I saw something on the table underneath the tudung saji.

Breakfast set ready for me! Boiled cheese sausage and baby carrots.

With a sweet note stick to the cup! he implying that I am that lazy to open the Anmum pack and scoop out my own milk? Anyway, when I open the fridge, I saw a tupperware full of apple & pear cuts for me and not to mention he made chicken soup for Zahra!!! So all I need to do now is cook rice for both of us and maybe frying an egg for me, if I'm rajin. Otherwise I can eat the chicken soup as well. I feel bad because he's rushing to work and yet still make an effort to ready all these things. And I don't have to cook dinner as well because my MIL cooking today yeayy! Ok let's baring-baring with tottila! :D

And I love you baby! I know he doesn't read this, but the sticky notes really crack me up.