Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fruits Galore

We stopped by at Giza last weekend and went crazy with the fruits in MBG. I didn't plan to buy much but to see the colourful stacks of fruits, boy...they look so yummy! And the shop also clever, the gave me a slice of Indian Mango (it's in season now!) and I bite a bit, yum! Then I gave to Zahra a bit and she's shouting "nak nak nak nakkkkk!" want for more "Nakkk nakkk nakkk nakkkk!". Kuat okk, bergema satu mall haha. She was on the RM1 car machine (ala..macam toys can move when you put the coins) with my sister and nak turun from the car straighaway ok, to ask for more mango.

Since the King Thai's mango season is over, I decided to buy the Indian one. Quite expensive compared to normal mango but it's worth every penny! A box of 8-9 pieces can easily cost you RM50. I've seen in Jusco that they are selling per kg instead of per box, so you can buy 1 or 2 only, tak ingat how much but around RM10 per kilo jugak lah.

What we have in the house now, rock melon (I love love love rock melon in this pregnancy so much, last time I love apples, now apples taste yucky to me hehe), mangosteen, red dragon-fruits, golden kiwis (it also in season now! a pack of 5 is only RM9 or so, last year time sale u can get it by one ringgit cheaper, in Giant/Tesco/Carrefour) and a box of Indian mango.

Not to mention the normal fruits in the fridge, apples, pears, navel orange #3107 (I just figured out that this type of orange is sweeeeeeet). I always avoid orange because I don't like the sourness, but this one yummy!

Zahra with the mango. So fleshy and and juicy. The juice is dripping from the knife everytime it goes into the flesh. And it smells sooo goood.

And the size..averagely bigger than my palm!

The cherries season also has started but still in early stage, so the price quite expensive compared to the fruits quality. Hopefully by the time we finished this mango, the cherries will be abundant and good, maybe in 2-3 weeks time.


  1. dah la puasa ari ni, drooling nih.. hahahahah.

    Ye ke orang no tu sedap? Aku pon x suka yg masam tapi x reti nk cari yg manis. Will choose that kind of orange soon, see sweet or not.

  2. Fiena,
    So far mmg sweet. One of the aunties showed me, but have to buy the big big size one. Kalau small sweet, but not as yummy :D

    Mommy Fara,
    Beli beli beli...sementara musim ni. Nanti dah habis, terus mengidam :P