Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The love for sweeper

My handsome boy loves sweeper so much. I've blogged about it a couple of time here and here. However, I thought his obsession for broom/sweeper is a brief one and not that deep. Boy, how wrong was I. He still loves sweeper til now, not that I worry about, but he is so attached to it. He loves it so so so much that I sometimes think he loves it more than me hahaha. 

The thing is, he will be sooo sad and mad with streaming tears if I pull the broom away from him. He also loves vacuum, well anything relate to long stick and used for cleaning, he loves it! Whenever I vacuum the house, he will quickly join in and once, I caught him stood still at the grill door admiring the part-time maid brushing the porch!! Oh my handsome boy, you seriously amuse me.

His love for the broom was verified last weekend. We had some sparklers from the CNY and Zahra was very excited about it.

 Old fashioned sparklers

I *thought* Emir will be excited as well because this is his first time playing sparklers. I mean who doesn't excited over a cascade of fiery sparks right?

Again, I was wrong. My handsome boy don't even care about it..because he found a porch sweeper and was busy cleaning the porch! We totally forgot about the sweeper until he picks it and ignores all of us.

Zahra: Yeayyy boleh main bunga api
Emir: Yeayyy jumpa penyapu

See..he doesn't mind a bit, at all.

Zahra was all giddy and shrieking in excitement but Emir keep on doing what he does best. He didn't even lay a finger on the sparklers. I tried to let him play the sparklers but the moment I touch his sweeper, he was furious and crying, like I'm going to rob him or something.

Zahra finished all the sparklers and he broaden his territory

I rushed the kids in after that but as usual, handsome boy can't be part with his sweetheart. I had to carry him WITH the sweeper but he revolt and crying his lung out. Penyapu tu still kat tangan I tak sentuh lagi, tapi dah mengamuk giler ya Rabbi... In the end I had to force him in, pull the sweeper and throw it outside.

And let him has this moment.

He must be hating me so much that time hahaha...

Emir..Emir..not that mommy doesn't love you, it's late already so we play with the sweeper again next time ok? Mwah!

Friday, February 15, 2013

First YeeSang in 2013

My current life pace never slowing down, especially the workload. I have so many thing to do after the Cebu trip, plus personal affair. Splashed a party for Zahra like right after touched down Malaysia, then CNY, then parties never ends.

Anyway let me kick my blogging mojo with our first YeeSang celebration this year. As usual, my MIL made the arrangement and CNY's dinner eve is a must. All restaurants are fully booked and some close early (like Muhibbah) so we are left with Sri Ayutthaya.

I've been there before for buka puasa, the food ok la, not bad but not that excellent either. But I find it kinda pricey for that kind of food. Anywaaaaayyy... we had steamed fish with garlic and lime, prawn something (which is cooked with mayonnaise), asparagus garlic style, and softshell crab (I love this one! Well, I always love softshell crab).

Didn't manage to snap all the food pics because my hands are full with the kiddos already and the light is so dim that my phone unable to capture good pic. 

Had the salmonYee Sang. 

The CNY setup


The place is quite cozy but seriously under-staff that day. The service was so slow and the waitresses are running here and there trying to entertain all the diners. It was quite a full house. Only one thing I want to highlight about is this one waitress (forgot to notice her name though, Indonesian lady from her slang), even though she works under stress, she still keep on smiling and talk politely and entertain every single request even though we just ask for an extra chopstick.

Highlight of the night, my hensem boy found his new toy there, the table cloth! He loves hide and seek and will play it everywhere he could.

Happy face when he discovers the table cloth

I'm coming in!

Yeayyy, mommy please find me!

The face when I said, "Emir jangan main!"

It was a good dinner overall, and the kids behave, that's more important. Lately they can't stay put and always want to get out from the baby chair, especially that little man. All he wants to do is freely running around. He has no fear I tell you. If I let him loose, he will walk away and no looking back,. He doesn't even care if I'm not accompanying him. Macam tak takut langsung. Kalau Zahra, she will walk then still looking for me. This man menonong je sorang2. Bahaya ok, if stranger pick him up pun he doesn't mind kot.

Anyway Sri Ayuttahaya got a small space for muslim to perform the prayer (complete kain smayang for ladies) at the top level, so you can go eat there anytime at your convenience ;)