Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The BIG 1yo Boy

My handsome boy turns 1 this month! We didn't have any celebration because both of us were very busy, well now come to think of it, I don't remember busy apa laa sangat.

Anyway we went to IKEA that day buying some stuff, and my MIL bought him a cake when we back for dinner. Yg excited of course la the kakak!

Talking about my handsome boy, he is one cheeky monkey! Very active and lasak! His current hobby is to climb the coffee table, stand tall and walk around proudly. Do you know how it gives me heart attack? Coffee table kan kecik je..dia boleh tour kat situ, adoiii...I have to grab him down and he will do the same thing again and again. There is this one time I gave up and said "suka hati la Emir..jatuh mommy tak tahuuuu" and then he accidentally slip his feet at the edge and menjunam jatuh ke bawah, head down first! Haiyohhhhh! Cry for a few moment only and continue to climb the table *sigh*

Another 'naughty' habit is he loves to throw himself as a sign of protest. If I said no or I grab him from doing something else (like trying to climb the stairs, or grab the mug) he will loosen his body and throw himself to the ground. But pandai jugak budak ni..dia tau sakit, so the moment he is about to touch the ground, he will quickly support his body with his hands for softer landing. Then he will lie still on the ground and cry. Sabar je la..drama king betul!

Still on breastmilk, thank you God for giving me the strength to continue this far and it is something that I will never trade of, even though sometimes I do feel like giving up. I love the breastfeeding moment so much, his eyes will twinkle everytime he latches and his feet will be swaying up and down. It's like an escape for both of us. If he falls or hurt, he will be easily comforted by BF and if I am so tired, lying down BFing him will be the best therapy of the day.

Already eat table food. We gave up home made food few weeks ago because he refused all the 'special' food. He wants to eat what we have even though it's plain rice only, as long as his meal doesn't look any different than ours. So I just give the table food tapi cheating a bit, like if I have curry, his will be like rice dabbed with curry and less salt and sugar for other meal.

Not a picky eater like his sister, pretty much eat anything including toasted bread. Well, I know some babies eat toasted bread, but this is new to me because Zahra don't eat toasted bread at all and will give the ewwww look. But Emir, suka betul, he will gobble everything.

Very manja and clingy boy but mommy loves you that way! Happy 1 year old sayang! Grow up big and strong and kind and clever and all the best stuff ok?

Oh ya..sorry no celebration for you..hmm just because you are very small and mommy is lazy hahaha. But will have a good one when you are bigger k? InsyaAllah..

Giving me that look

So happy when he's off the stroller

And refused any help. He's been running here and there sampai tertonggeng-tonggeng.


  1. Subahanallah, setahun dah?!

    cepat jer masa berlalu...
    teringat lagi masa berselisih kat indraloka, u bgtau u ngandung. fuuuh dlm hati me macam nak meletop jeles! "wah, aku pun nak kena ngandung ni!", bleh? hahhahaha

    senang kan handle anak yg makan segalanya. :D

    hepi befday Emir... semoga panjang umur, sihat, pandai, maintain comel selalu, berbudi bahasa, hormat orang tua.... amin~

  2. emir.....selamat hari lahir..dah leh kawin dgn anak aunty

  3. Tatty,
    Kannn?? cepat betul...haha meletop sangat, last2 u keluar Elia yg bambam melepak tu.

    Eh eh ahahaha...kita wait n see if they path cross in the future *wink*