Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Orla Kiely Scarves

I went to MidValley last week and wandering around browsing any shops when I decided to enter Uniqlo. It was my first time inside there, MPH used to be at the spot and with nothing particular in my mind, my eyes scanning randomly in the shop and that's when I saw this!

The famous Orla stem design

The first time I saw it, I was, hmmmm this look so familiar. I am craft junky and been reading lotsa craft and sewing blogs and I remembered seeing this particular design in ikatbaghttp://www.ikatbag.com/2012/08/stem.html

Then I browse each scarves and almost jump with joy, yes! It is Orla carves! The thing is, I never knew Orla made scarves? Because her design is more for furniture and home decor fabric (and now I'm googling it, yes Orla does make scarves and it is sold at &150 and that will be almost RM500!) And how come Uniqlo is selling this?

I feel like grabbing all the yummy colors but keep my sanity intact and grab two pieces that suit me best. 

 This one does looks like upholstery fabric right? But it looks better when you don it as tudung, because the prints turn out cuter when overlapped.

Icy grey stem

Anyway, they have mirrors all around in the shop, so you can try the scarves and see which one looks good on you. The cashier was very friendly too and told me that the scarves are sold on the fastlane and I asked stupid question "is this real Orla or imitation?" Haha I know..noob right? Then he told me that IT IS from the famous Orla design, Uniqlo paid some money for the copyright and turn them into these scarves and sold it for a fraction of price. They also got it for some tops and cardigans. Darn! I don't have much time so I give it a pass. Else, I'll ask him to stop scanning and run to the back to look at the cardigans haha.

Since I can't get my hands on the jackets and home decor fabric, this will be enough for now. Ohhh my Orla Kiely scarves!

It's sold at RM39.90 per piece, go grab it if you love the prints!

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