Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zahra's First Barbie

Time flies so fast that I didn't realize my daughter is almost 3 years old! She's still a small baby in my eyes. Last few weeks, she's been watching a lot barbie related on the iPad especially the 'Life in the Dreamhouse' series. It's pretty funny though, I like it too especially the "Closet Princess" episode hehe.

Back to Zahra, we hardly buy her any toys before, because she didn't really dig in store-bought toys, instead she loves the hangers, pots and pans, you know, stuff like that. Since the 'relapse' episode and she keep on saying this to me 

"Mummy...Zahra nak barbie kaler kuning macam ni (while pointing to the iPad), nanti mummy beli ok?"

And I just casually reply, "Ok..nanti mummy cari dulu".

The conversation has been weeks and I think it's about time, so we brought her to Toys R Us Ikano to let her choose which barbie she wants. But of course, it's all just a trick, in the end, we bought the cheapest one haha.

The moment we step into Toys R Us, her face light up and she keep on running here and there and she squeel excitedly "Mommmyyyyy banyaknya barbieeeeee" while pointing to the arrays of barbie. 

She stand still at the shelf and keep on telling me "mummyyyy barbie ungu", "mummmyyy barbie ada wing". She was so excited that I almost burst into tears. Kesian anak mummy tak ada barbie.

The funny part is when she has to choose which barbie she wants. She picked up one box and said, "Nak yang ni" then she saw another one, and bring to me "Nak yang ni!". And then when I said only one barbie, she gets confused and the look of her face is really funny hahaha.

So I choose two barbie that are the cheapest but looks pretty to my eyes and said to her, "Ok, Zahra boleh pilih satu je for today..Zahra nak yang mana?"

And she gave me the longest "Hmmmmmmmmmm....." while her eyes scanning both barbie, and finally make a decision "Nak yang ni!". So cute! To make it definite, I keep on asking her, "Zahra sure? Yg ni ada specs cantik (Engineer Barbie), yang ni dog (Pet Vet Barbie), pilih satu je". She keep on choosing the Pet Vet, so Pet Vet it is!

From I CAN BE.. series

But tell you what, the best part it, I paid the barbie for RM30 only!!! The original price was RM59.90 (applicable to other I Can Be characters as well) but I don't know what's wrong with Pet Vet, or is it a pure promotion, but it's damn cheap. I even went to the counter and check it first with the staff  "Betul ke 30 ringgit?". Haha..

Few days after that, we saw the same barbie at Giant and Tesco, both prices at RM59.90. Feels like hitting a jackpot! 

Her first self-choosen present. Hugging it with dear life. Nobody can touch the box including Emir.

She's pretty excited with the barbie and keep on asking me for another one.

"Mummy...nanti mummy beli barbie swim ok?" --> referring to barbie with pool
"Mummy...Zahra nak barbie kaler kuning..mymmy beli nanti yeh?" --> referring to I-don't-know-which-one
"Mummy...nanti mummy beli rumah barbie ok?" --> referring to the playhouse

Oh ya...after handled the barbie to her, I told her, "Zahra..daddy Zahra say thank you to daddy ok?"

And she keeps on hugging and saying thank you to MrComot profusely, that made me feel so sedih... macam grateful sangat. It shows that how much she wants the barbie *sniffles*.

Barbie accompanying Zahra with her iPad. Apparently, youtube is still her #1.

However, the barbie fever last only for few days. At first, she even brought it to the babysitter house. After few days, she refused to bring it, I don't know why..I did ask, but the answers are varies. Sometimes she said she doesn't want other kids to take it, sometimes she said she wants to watch TV instead of playing with barbie. So I can't really guess what happened. At home, she still prefers the iPad and play random things.

Whatever it is, mummy will buy you another one if got discount ok? ;)

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