Monday, October 29, 2012

Zahra's First DIY necklace

Since Zahra is a big toddler now, I tried to make a point doing some craft with her every weekend. First, because I love crafting, second, it's going to be a good exposure and nice change of activity for her (instead of watching youtube all day). Anyway, it's kinda hard because Emir is only 1yo, hence he loves to join the band. I'm fine with it but it's a bit uncontrollable because the craft stuff always include either sharp thing (needle/scissors/color pencil) or small parts. However, not every weekend has been fruitful, but I try to get something done.

The first craft activity was to make hama bead necklace. We made this in August (wowww, took so long for me to blog about it haha) and she loves it soooo much because it is the first time I let her operating the needle. Anyway, I cautioned her many times ahead to be careful with the needle because it is sharp and I even poke her lightly on the skin to show her that it's prickly. 

 Busy with the needle

 This is how we do it mommy!

We used hama beads (bought in a big case from IKEA) and embroidery floss. 

I also used the flower alphabet beads (this going to be in my shops soon!) to spell out her name.

 I tie a knot at end of the needle to avoid the embroidery floss come off from the needle.

It took her almost whole evening to string the bead and she lost interest half way and keep on saying "Mommyyy tolong buatttt" hahaha. Seems like it's hard for her to keep focus on long process craft. But the moment I finish stringing the bead, she was so excited and keep on parading the necklace. She even sleep wearing it!

I tried to snap a profile pic, but she's been running and jumping

 A clearer pic of the necklace. The flower beads spell z-a-h-r-a upside down. Cute isn't it?

You want my pic so bad? I give you this pose!

Anyway, I tried to snap the necklace pic itself and guess what? I don't know where the hell is it! It must have been tossed somewhere. The thing is, she did ask for the necklace and when I asked her back where is it, she said "Hmm hilangg lah...Kita buat yang lain ok?"

Yeah..I got it, you want to play with the needle again :)

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  1. syoknya!

    ni kalau eiman ni, samada beads tu kat tingkat 1, dalam lobang drain, or jadi chew toy... :|

    amazing zahra bleh fokus masukan beads tu ye? me dulu mula umur 4 tahun tapi tahan 5 minit jer... (that explain my son :P)