Monday, April 6, 2015

❤ Earth Costume ❤

Ok, so do you still remember my last year project where I did some mascot costume for my kids' sports day? It involves few character and one of them is earth!

I've blogged about the previous one in this entry - Cloud Costume

So, earth costume is a bit constructional. I really have no idea what is the best way to make it. Initially I want to make it from a big balloon, blow it up, patch with paper maiche and the pop it. But then I couldn't find the right size of balloon. Then I plan to make the frame with wires from scratch and patch it with cardboard, but playing with wire is not my thing, so finally after some thought and scouting, I decided to use lantern as the frame. The downside of lantern is, it's kinda destructible due to soft I tried to preserve the frame structure as much as I can.

The largest paper lantern I manage to find, it's about 18" in diameter. 

I used PVA glue and tissue paper to cover up the lantern lines. Turn out it's not a good idea as the glue is very very very wet and won't dry at all. Thank God I just used a small patch then I decided to switch the technique.

Switched to spray adhesize (leftover from Cloud Costume) which is super cool as it lays and spread a very thin of glue and dries quickly.

Smoothen out layers of paper. I used couples of layers and don't worry if it's not perfect. Because that's how the earth rolls right, all the bumpy mountains and land. Imperfection is the real perfect ;)

I used this cloth tape to strengthen the core

Like so.

Then I roughly sketch the arm area for the hands to poke out and cut it using wire cutter.

Warning, you need a real wire cutter, like this.

Not some random cutter even though how strong it can be, it's not designed for wire. Like this pruning scissor as it only cuts twigs.

And it will damage the blade if I insist on cutting wire. Can you spot the blade? it has small serration :(
The base with arm holes. I also trimmed the bottom for some room for the leggys

Being dried properly before spraying it with some colors.

 I couldn't decide which blue I want to use, so I bought 2 shades of it
Both give nice hues but I preferred the right one as it's stronger.

Spraying under the strong sun. My only advice is to put old newspaper under the globe before you spray it. I forgot and it left a circle mark on my grass :D

My model of the day. She looks like a giant blue pumpkin right? The base is not sturdy enough and will bend in if you rest your hands on it. But oh well..

Add on some maps cut from felt. Home is where heart is.

Some other random maps, which is shapely right (kind of) but not geographically correct.

Sorry! It was really a last minute touch up and I couldn't bother to get it right, globally.

So this is how the costume look from the front. The sides bent a little bit as the wearer rest his hands on it.
It looks perfectly rounded when the hands are inside haha. Mind the blurry photo. This captured from far using my phone.

So that's it! What I like the most about this costume is I get to play with spray paint..and the challenge of getting the shape. I bet it's easier and sturdier with balloon and paper maiche.

And for the #imadeconstumewoohooo and @guessthecostumecontest, I put this picture and got this guesses:

  • ball gown
  • disney characters elsa and sofia
  • doraemon
  • humpty dumpty
  • toucan
I wish it's a ball gown though! That will be very fun!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Splashy Splash!

If you have me on your IG feed, maybe you notice that we already stop giving them iPads, which is super cool! Seriously..the kids are more attentive and plays better now. I hate the most when they are too engrossed in iPad and didn't hear me when I'm talking to them.

Anyway I do sometimes miss the time they are glued to the iPad so I can do some personal work, like gluing myself to the phone ;)

But since they are off iPad for good, I better don't start it back.

So, since they are not on iPad anymore, our weekends are full of play and play and *crafting* (in small coz I rarely do that anymore) and play again that I think they are ready to venture in something outdoor related. We are not park or hiking people, so I was thinking to send to them swimming class.

I started to search about Superkidz in Shah Alam and was planning to send them there when suddenly on one fine day I was walking out of Giant KD after groceries shopping, a small booth gave me a flier, Supersharkz is opening in KD!!

Don't you think that's a sign? A big one!

So I did some call and missed their opening, but they invite us of a trial class.

Somebody was also very excited that he refused to take off the new swimsuit

They wear it most of the time. Emir siap tanak bukak the goggle

The trial class

So, we sent them to trial class and both looks ok with it. I was worried with hensem boy initially as he has problem in speech but throughout the lesson, he able to do whatever the instructor asked them to do, like blow bubbles, walk, run and jump in the water. In fact, he is the bravest of all. Once he was jumping, he kinda slipped, and fell into the water, but he rose back and fell again, rose back and continue jumping to the end of the pool, without crying! Such a brave and strong boy!

The sister on the other hand, keep on whimpering "Tanak masuk air..takut..takutttt"

She wasn't afraid of the water, but a little intimidated by the environment.

So after the trial, we decided to enroll both of them for 1 class where they will learn how to doggie paddle. Each class will have 8 session which equal to 2 months as the session is weekly event.

Mesyuarat tingkap

The interesting part starts here. For the first session, Emir missed it as he was under the weather, so Zahra went to the pool without the brother. On the second session, both of them in the water but Emir has been crying out loud, for the whole session! He refused to go into the pool but we let the instructor to handle him and there, menangis la dia. The funny thing is, ada geng ok, another one boy also macam tu, crying throughout the lesson. Halfway both of them kinda tired of crying, so they take turns! Lepas Emir cry, that boy cry, then repeat haha.

According to the instructor, it's normal for some kids as and they can handle it. So ok lah...

But on the 3rd session (aka 3rd week), Emir refused to go into the water. In fact he refused to wear the swimsuit totally! We brought him in pyjama as it's very early session and he insisted to be in that pyjama, watching his sister swimming. Boleh?

Second session. Jangan tertipu dengan muka sweet ni. Lepas tu melalak satu kolam.

3rd session, the little brother not joining.

He's more comfortable being the audience, in his pyjama!

Since he didn't coorperate much, I decided to withdraw him from the class to avoid unnecessary wastage. So we manage to put the lesson on hold for him, or transfer the class to Zahra later if she wants to go to the next level.

On superkidz, the place is kinda new, I think we are the first batch here so the place still under renovation. Lots of dust which is not my cup of tea. But I like the idea they sold me that, not only to teach the kids how to swim, but, swim fitly. Water power!

So there goes our weekend activity. Can't wait to see my little one doing the doggie paddle as I also can't do that! Haha.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Speak Up, not....yet ;)


I seriously considering to close this blog for good due to time commitment. And yet, I have so many ideas to do in my head, like making youtube channel, like, heloooooooooo! Your blog is barely breathing and yet, another fast pace media? I know I know..too ambitious, but if you know me..well, that's me!

So I guess, no more procrastination (I think I've said this millionth time! Duh!)

Anyway, I think sometime you need a little push in your life to kick you out of the comfort zone. As in my condition currently, my comfort zone is my head.

Many things happen, but none of them get to get me write in here, until latest incident with my handsome boy.

So what's up with him?

Nothing much, he still cheeky, playful, bright, and handsome lad, except that he doesn't say much, as of his age now, 3 1/2yo.

Wait, he does talk, but most of the time, I couldn't get him and he doesn't have that much vocab accordingly to his age.

As per mentioned previously, we went to a private evaluation and confirmed that he is not autistic, only just a little delayed in his speech. That was in last November. I was thinking to bring him to speech therapist. Then things got a little busy and finally I get to set an appointment with government hospital (Hospital Sg Buloh) for an evaluation.

The story as not quite simple. It started in January 2014. I was quite worried he still didn't say much (he was 2 1/2yo that time) so my regular paed referred me to ENT as that is the first preliminary in speech delay. So we went to Tropicana Medical Centre and as per checkup, his hearing looks fine except there is a liquid in his ears. But the liquid is quite normal for kids with flu and somehow will go away, and coincidentally he had a flu during the test.

But still, doc gave me a referral to Hospital Sg Buloh as they are one of the best audiologist in Malaysia. 

And being the reckless me, I thought the fluid will go away, and time got us..busy with work and whatnot, then it's in March 2015 (yes, that's now :-/) that I get to see the audiologist. I still don't worry about his hearing because he seems fine, so I made and appointment with Otorinolaringologi (pheww, I had to google that department) for a speech evaluation.

Based on the evaluation, it's determined that his understanding is at par with his age (3-4yo) but his speech is kinda delayed (at 1yo). So doc is quite worried and he needs to go for speech therapist.

And the funny thing is, I need to see audiologist (based on last referral) but I forgot to make an appointment for that, and for government hospital, you need months for an appointment. I just made appointment for the speech therapy because I ASSUME his hearing is alright. But thank God, I brought all related letters, including the expired referral (Jan 2014, one year ago) and the nurse caught that and point out that I have to see audiologist as well.

Since we already there, she make a few call and managed to squeeze in a slot for us straight away for audiology test. God bless you sister! *sniffles*

So we see Dr Aziany where did some test that includes shooting some wave into the ears and found that his ear drum doesn't react well. 

Ok let me explain it in simple way

fluid in ear

So! When a sound enters the ear, it will hit the ear drum, where the ear drum will vibrate to emphasize the sound. 

In Emir's case, the ear drum is flat (doesn't vibrate) because there is a fluid/liquid (called middle ear fluid) in front of it that resist the vibration.

And again, it could happen if your kids have flu/cough/on medication/etc. And coincidentally again, Emir has minor flu that day so it's kinda uncertain that how long the fluid been there.

Flu or not, the fluid shouldn't been there more than 2 months because it cause hearing loss and hence, will disrupt child's speech.

And looking at last year result, where the he already has the middle ear fluid, doctor wasn't really happy about it.

She also did some hearing test and found he has mild to moderate Type B hearing loss :(

So, we need to see ENT to check further and clear the fluid but too bad the slot is only available in June. So we opt for private ENT and that is scheduled end of this week.

The vibration reading is flat. It should have a peak when the wave is shoot through the ear.

So that pretty much sum up about my handsome boy.

Even though it's treatable and not too late to start with speech therapy, I still feel bad that I didn't take this thing seriously. But, he doesn't show any indicator of hearing impaired. He turned when I call and responded to my instruction. Except he always put the iPad speaker at max. Sigh.

Pray for us too will ya!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

❤ Cloud Costume ❤

So! Remember the I made something-something for Kiddos School?

Recap: I was involved in making mascot costume for my children's kindergarten. They have 5 sports house which is pink, yellow, green, blue and orange.

The sports day was inspired by Japanese sports day - Taiiku No Hi. So basically there are cloud, fire, mother earth, air and water to represent each sports house color.

And today I would like to share with you guys how I made the cloud costume representing the pink sport house color.

This is my first time sharing tutorial so I miss few pictures to show you what I did but basically you'll get the picture I hope.

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E isn't it?

Basically, these are the tools that I used:
  • Felt
  • Loose fibre / polyfill
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Spray paint

As I don't really have the exact measurement of the wearer, I took my Emir's pyjama (he's 3yo and in PINK team) for rough measurement and fold blue felt into two, and sketch the bubbly cloud free-hand.

Cut the two pieces of felt to resemble basic shape of the cloud 

 Sew side by side and two pieces of elastic on top of the bubbly cloud.

Sorry no real picture, but basically it's something like this. The elastic has to connect to two pieces so that the wearer can wear it like an overall.

 I used spray adhesive to stick the loose fibre (polyfill) to the felt pieces

 Do it slowly one side each time

 Like so! 

 And you need to touch up for prominent holes. Spray more adhesive and stuff more fibre at the gaps. This seriously need time, so take your time.

 Until you satisfied with the outcome

 And put on your child just for fun. Zahra is kinda tall for a 4yo, so the costume looks small for her. I asked her to pose nicely and she gave me this face. Oh well....

On a second thought, it looks more like a sheep than a cloud. But...never mind =D

 Then I spritz some pink spray paint (as it is pink sports house remember?) which makes it more like a sheep *roll eyes*

Sheep or not, it is sooooo adorable!! The elastic was kinda low, so the teacher knot them up. Perfect!

 A cloud among others

And can you notice that the cloud has rainbow legging? Suuuuperrrr adorable!!

It's pretty easy to make but the cons is, the fibre couldn't hold throughout the event and decided to fall off slowly *insert horror face here*. Imagine how panic I was...I mean, he is a mascot and the costume is falling apart. Oh noooooooooo......I feel like running into the performance area and fix it up haha.

Actually, the spray adhesive is pretty strong but the fibre is kinda hollow and it just break randomly.

I was so excited about this project and IG/FB-ed about it, and made a contest even! Under hashtag #imadecostumewoohooooo and #guessthecostumecontest if you would like to see it.

So, the guesses was

  • olaf
  • biri-biri (sheep)
  • a wig
  • para-para yassin senario (even I don't know what's that haha)
  • cotton candy
  • clown
  • burung helang (an eagle)

Soo..sooo...soooo funny!! LOL! that's it. What do you think about my cloud costume? Be honest! I won't bite! =D

Monday, January 12, 2015

Big 5

My eldest one turns big 5 last Saturday *cliche mode: how fast time flies*

But makes my heart flutter because I just have couple more years with her as a toddler, before she grows into kid, going to real school and that will be a different phase for us. By the time she got into school, no more pampering like a baby and I need to start focusing on disciplining her. Can it wait for..few more years? *sigh*

And it seems my ambition to stay at home, be with her won't be fulfilled until she got into school...or will never be fulfilled? I'm not sure, we don't really have aims for that. But seriously, deep inside, I want to be stay at home mom, raising the family. I know I still can be a mom while working, but this is my wish. Sigh.. a never ending issue ;)

So anyway, we plan to make small party in February since my FIL will be much better (he is still recovering now) and my mom and dad plan to come down too. So, we didn't say anything to her about party or birthday. She knows her birthday is in January, but really don't count the date. It was late in the afternoon when I decided, jom lah, throw some simple dinner for her and that's it, we went to Baskin Robbins to get icecream cake. She picked the rose design and didn't even suspect it since we said the cake is for nainai (grandma).

I made simple dinner..brought it to my PIL's house and we dine like normal occasion. Then when she was in other room, we switch off the light and light up the candle and then called her up said we wanted to go back, and when she reached the dining hall, everybody scream "happy birthday Zahra!!!" 

The funny thing is, we were debating during the meal, is she really don't suspect anything or just acting not to know about the surprise. Not to suspect, is so not her because she was blabbering about her birthday weeks before. But to act not suspicious over too smart for a 5yo.

Anyway, by the look of her face, she is indeed surprised with the surprise. Oh boy..the innocent face and happiness like, "is this really for me?" is priceless. Nasib baik buat jugak birthday dia. Kalau tak mesti sedih hehe.

Our spread by yours truly

Baked chicken wing, slightly overcooked, lol

Instant baked pasta, from this recipe

Leafy and stuff, sprinkled with chia seed. I made orange vinaigrette for dressing.

Emir is giving speech, as the brother haha. Seriously I don't know what he said but Zahra seems so fascinated with it

Nainai and her uncle bought some gifts

Emir not excluded! Kena beli for 2 nowadays, kalau tak..kesian hehe
Anyway, it was a very last minute plan that we didn't get her anything pun. But we did bought present time to time for them, plus a couple of weeks ago, she discovered three toys that I bought during the Mattel warehouse sale, which I plan to take out slowly one by one when the time is right. THREE! Dang my precious savers. So basically she didn't ask, where's present from mommy and daddy. As long as she gets a present, it's good enough.


Happy birthday sayang! You have no idea how much joy you brought into my life. If I ever think that I am wise and strong, I was wrong! You taught me patience and selfless love.

And thank you Allah for giving me the chance to have her. I will try my best to improve my life everyday in order to raise her as a good khalifah.