Monday, September 8, 2014

Thomas, I heart you!

Emir loves Thomas the Tank very much. I don't know what starts it, or how it's started as we never introduce him to Thomas, or train. But somehow he picks it, and stuck with it. Compared to Zahra, she basically loves everything princessy and girlish, but nothing very specific.

Since Emir still in baby talk phase, we don't really know what he wants or what he loves. But one day, MrComot's aunt gave him Belle (from Thomas train collection) and he loving it so much and keep on playing it. So starting from there we adding trains to his collection time to time.

And from zero knowledge about Thomas and the gang, now we know like almost everything. Like each train have their own name and function, like Gordon, Murdoch, Whiff, Henry and some even look the same except they carry different tank number. Thomas is No 1 of course. The funny thing is, I hardly can differentiate the trains (to my defense, most of them have similar face features and colors!) but Emir can distinguish them well! He didn't say the name out loud since he's not talking yet, but when I call out the name of each train, he will point out the right one. Each time! Wow..don't under estimate your toddler even though he can't talk yet and seems to be in his own world most of the time (well, another entry about that later).

Ok, so apparently his fascination with trains has taken up to another level.

One evening when I picked up the kids, the teacher told an interesting story:

Aunty M: Today we do assessment "who is your bestfriend" so we asked Emir who is his bestfriend, and he points to his bag Thomas (naturally I bought Thomas the tank backpack for him after I found out his love towards Thomas)
Me: Really? He understands what bestfriend is? Ke dia tak faham?
Aunty M: Dia faham. We asked few times and he still points to Thomas
Me: Are you sureeee dia faham? (hahaha still can't believe Emir understands such question)
Aunty M: Yes he is. Since he couldn't talk yet, he just point it
Me: How about other kids?
Aunty M: Other kids named their berstfriend hehe

Oh myyyyy..ok there are 2 issues here.

First, I never expect Emir to understand such question. I mean, who is your bestfriend is pretty deep question right? Obviously I still see him as a baby, while, he's not anymore. Such a clever boy!

Second, kesiannya my sayangggggggg...he feels that Thomas his bestfriend *sobs*

Well...Emir is on the antisocial bit because of his inability to talk I guess.. Antisocial or not, deep down I'm kinda happy that he actually responsive to that question. And also, I find it funny. Thomas is his bestfriend ok, awwwwwwwwwww.....

Come to think, it does make sense because he spent loads of time with the trains and brought them to most places we went, like:

At this kedai makan

At the airport. The moment we secure our seats, he open up his bag and take out all the train

Another kedai makan where he brought ALL of his trains together

Even if he's doing something else, ie watching youtube on the iPad, the trains have to be in order and accompany him

When I brought my kids to my office, Emir take out all the trains and put on the floor, then sit next to it.

All dressed up in Thomas theme. Ah beng habis haha

His Thomas shoe box that he treasures

To keep his most fav trains

At his most fav spot in Toys r Us

Even though he loves Thomas so much, we don't really spoil him, like buying him all the models (even though I'm tempted too! They are soooo cute! especially Henry the snow cleaning edition *insert roll eyes here*. And furthermore I don't want to teach him, "you can get anything you want". Woaa...that's bad man! Don't be spoilt rotten!

So we buy once in a blue moon, like when we go out and they are behaving well, or when there is a sale and I'll wrap it in gift wrapper and went "surpriseeee" haha..

Anyway, up to-date he only has Thomas, Belle, Murdoch, Whiff, Henry (diecast), James (diecast), Hiro (diecast), Hank (diecast) and basic trail. I think we need to add more trail recently I caught him being innovative with the trail where he put something underneath of the trail to make it like a ramp and do accident scenes (boys!!).

I found few interesting second hand trail in but all of them sold out in jiffy! Gahhh! I should've been faster!

Anyway Emir, mommy hope you'll find your real bestfriend soon! Because Thomas can never be real. Mwahhhhhh!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fun under the Sun

Oh my...I miss writing so much (well, that what I always say after long hiatus isn't it :P) But yes, it's true! I miss writing but just couldn't fit the right time to pour what I feel. Or maybe when the time comes, I don't have the mood and heart already to blog about it. Sigh. Anyway, I still randomly post something on my IG (@aanandes), so check it out there. In fact, these entries also already posted in the IG but of course it isn't this details. Nothing beats good old blog right? ;)

I know Syawal is sooooo yesterday! But better late than never... because we had soooo much fun during last raya! So I have to pen down this! :D

Ok according to the plan, we will go back on the Saturday (Raya falls on Monday) which means we will celebrate the eve of raya in Terengganu. But somethings come up (work of course! It's always about work) that MrComot has to stayback in KL for the first and second day of raya. Of course I was a smitten and just can;t believe it, siap plan nak balik asing with the kids via flight ok, such a drama.

MrComot said that it's not like we don't go back at all, it just we go back later on the 3rd raya.

Of course it's a big deal, first day never the same with third day ok? If it's the same, might as well we go back the next 20 days, or even the next year! Haha..seee..sentap giler ok.

Anyway, after I calmed down, I was thinking, heck, why I need to spoil the festive season and sulk over small matter. It doesn't matter really because at least I can celebrate the first Eid with my in laws. Thank God they are in KL, else it will be super suck!

Talking about raya, both of us were very busy during fasting month and we don't even care about the baju raya and whatnot. Only on Saturday it hits us, alamak..tak best la takde baju matching2 this year. So on Sunday right before raya, gigih pegi cari baju ok. We only bought for MrComot and Zahra as Emir and Mommy already has baju melayu and kurung in Purple. We decided to go purple this year because two of use already have it, so don't have to buy new one for all four of us.

But the irony is, gigih beli baju before raya, but have none picture the four of us in it. Gahhhhhh!!

Ok talk about balik kampung, so since MrComot has to standby until 2nd day of Eid, we decided to go back the night of the 3rd Eid itself. This is our first time driving long journey at odd hours and oh mann....the road is super smooth BUT scary!! Because not many cars hitting it and there is no roadside lamp so it was pitch black.

Thank God we didn't hit anything random crossing the road that night, and we didn't see anything weird either *goosebump all over*.

So! These what we've been up to during the holiday in Besut. We had so so much fun and how I wish the place is just few hours drive away.

Scary dark. Thank God the kids were sleeping so we can have peaceful drive. I tried to stay up throughout the journey to accompany MrComot but terlelap jugak few times *sorry baby!*.

Plucking pucuk kemidi / paku-pakis / midin / fern shoots for bubur lambuk  my mom's style. Best dish ever. Just a simple porridge with lotsa ferns, fish meat, coconut milk, blackpepper. My comfort food. 

Scooping up sands at Pantai Air Tawar, Besut. 

Fresh mangosteen plucked from my dad's orchard.

Cooking a big batch of ayam masak merah with green view. There were couples of spring chicken freely roaming around and such a treat to my eyes.

Tapai (fermented rice) made in daun pisang (banana leaves) and original daun getah (rubber tree leaves). Yummy!

random find - mosses color died bug

Went to morning market and see all the villagers selling local stuff, from food to clothes. But you have to be very early here, before 8AM or it's hard to find parking.

Etak-etak, local snack. It's some-kind of shellfish, boiled with salt and you just eat it as it is.

Random fish monger in kain batik. So laidback! Nothing pretentious here.

Having boiled corn

while watching the chickens

handsome boy had to hold two of the corn...because it might finish faster than he can munch.

My mom with my grandma, at the original wooden house.

Went to hypermarket where basically nothing much there because festive season, all sold out I guess.

Had sup urat keting which is extremely delicious but heart clogging. MrComot pass this, not his kind of food (he is that "bandar" ok hahaha)

My dad making lempuk (durian flesh with sugar). You have to stir it for hourssssssss until it turns to a good goey dessert. Yum!

Went to buy keropok kering (fish cracker) from the maker and get wholesale price. Just for fun.

Went to Rantau Panjang (at the Thailand's border) and eat at random local shop. This is our first time eating randomly like this (with kids I mean! I am totally fine with this kind of shop) and they've been chasing flies and ants. Kids!

Totally flat after some shopping.

Raya is not complete with firecrackers isn't it

Making choc cupcakes with abundance of sprinkles of course

Harvesting rambutan. The tree is just right in front of the house.

And it is so low that the kids can pluck by themselves.

Being nice to the brother :D

So, that's it! The kids had a really good time and Zahra keep on asking when we can have long holiday and balik kampung again.

Sadly, no raya picture. We brought the raya clothes back thinking that we will wear it again and snap a picture together. But we are too lazy to do that, booo!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Waffle with Walid Day

This event was before fasting month, but I haven't have time to blog about it.

If we had Make Muffin with Ummi Day for Mom's Day last time, of course daddy is celebrated too. The school arrange for Waffle with Walid Day after the Daddy's Day. Walid is arabic word, means father in case you are wondering (as if I have overseas reader haha! JK!)

MrComot schedule was very hectic that time and he can't afford to take a leave. So I dah siap saiko kan dia, "kesiaaaannn the kids to see other father is around but not theirs". Saiko kan? Hahaha. After ting tong scheduling meeting and whatnot, thank God in the end he managed to take half day leave to attend the event. Half day pun jadi la. Masa my time dulu I took whole day leave and bring the kids back home earlier.

Ok back to the daddy's day celebration, below are some pictures snapped to share with me what they are up to that day:
Zahra made omelette with beef bacon for her daddy

They made an awesome craft together - handmade screen print t-shirt. This is soooo Zahra! She loves stuff like this. 

Playtime with daddy. This scene melt my heart. Like normal sibling behavior, they always fight and rarely come to term

You are definitely hands down best daddy! ;)

The children perform stage show but MrComot didn't manage to take a picture of it. Well, there is a video, but half cut, not worth sharing here haha. He said, it's hard to snap picture because Emir is keep on climbing on him. Elehhh.. I've been there, I know la how is it. Memang the kids will be extra clingy but you still can capture pics if you are gigih enough.

I bet he's busy replying mails using the phone, hence, no elaborated pictures snapped during the event rolling eyes

Anyway, thank you for being the best daddy in our world! We love you soooo mucho mucho much! love struck

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Arabian Night

We had some makan-makan last two days (sempena cuti Nuzul Quran). Well, it was a bit adhoc, since it's holiday I just said to my PIL "come la mak and pak buka puasa kat our house". Kannnnnn!! Yakin boleh sangat! As if I am a real cook. Masak pun sekali sakala. Then mula lah gelabah nak masak apa.

But to be truth, because my friend gave me a packet of nasi Arab paste, so I was thinking, belasah la buat nasi Arab. Dah la first time nak try pakai paste, berani ajak orang pulak tu silly

I was so clueless how to make it, even though the instruction is written at the package, but it's for rice only, not lauk-pauk. I even googled "resepi nasi arab dengan pes". How novice am I, LOL.

I also asked around and some of my friend buat macam ni, some buat mcm in other word, it's versatile.

In the end, I decided to go with Hanith style even though the paste is for Mendy because I want to have a very soft-to-the-bone chicken and lamb.

So I used some of the paste, rub on my chicken and lamb, pound some garlic and onions, wrap with aluminium foil and bake for 1hr at 200deg. Oh myyyy goshh...the lamb and chicken is so succulent and tender! 

Then I made the tabouleh (the salad) with chopped grape cherry tomato, japs cucumber, lots of coriander, and lemon juice. As of the sambal, I blend roughly tomatoes, chilli, and coriander, season with salt and sugar. For the soup, I just use the juice that coming off from the chicken and lamb. Since it is wrapped in foil, it retains the flavourful juice. 

And tell you what, the combo is the bomb!! Seriously!! One of the best nasi Arab I ever had! I wish I take some decent pictures but I forgot! The paket pes pun dah buang..lupa nak snap. 

The only pic I managed to snap. Itupun dah tengah makan, tangan comot sebelah.

Seriously sedappppp sangat! Dah la senang giler hahaha. I dah order new paste from my friend. Later I took picture k!

All the hard work is paid off (hard la sangat tongue). Ok maybe the hardest part is chopping the tomatoes and cucumber, because it's time consuming hahaha.

I still can't believe myself that I managed to pull it off. *Pat on my shoulder*

By the way, not all are rosy. I made some pengat pisang for dessert but it doesn't turn out ok because I don't have coconut milk and just pour a whole can of evaporated milk. A WHOLE CAN. So my pengat smells kinda weird, dia macam bau susu straight face. I scooped out some and replace with water but still bau susu. Eww!

In the end, I didn't serve everybody my pengat and hid it in the microwave! Hahaha. Well, that's one of the tactic of being a domestic goddess wannabe winking

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Baking Goddess Wannabe

I did something unbelievable last weekend, despite of my hectic schedule, craft hobby and rumah sepah tak kemas mode - attending a baking class!!

Well, it was a bit chaotic I'll say because I had work migration on that night, and then the very next morning nak pegi baking class pulak! Nasib baik the migration went well and not that long, so I managed to catch my nap. But then, kejap je sebab sahur kan.

It all started when I follow Kak Yani's IG (@thekitchenguardian) and fell in love with her baking style. Then a few weeks back, she starts making classes and the seat are full within few hours. Hot stuff sangat k. And me being me (sometimes can be very impulse despite of my crazy schedule) cepat2 email cakap nak masuk waiting list, and the moment she told me there is a slot, I quickly say yes!!

Thank God I said yes because it was the last class..until next September. Hehe so anyone interested, get ready k.

Since this is the last class for now, the turn around was very big, around 24pax. We are divided into 4-5pax per group for hands on session.

We learned how to make swiss meringue buttercream, lemon curd, lemon cupcake, belgian choc cake, choc ganache, choc buttercream and congo bars. Well, for a baker maybe you'll think "elehhhh senang je ni" hahaha but for a novice like me, whom only bakes buttercake (which most of the time didn't turn out ok) this is a big step! Making the buttercream itself already gives me shiver tongue

swiss meringue buttercream, which surprisingly seems easy to make (suddenly i sounds like a pro kan haha), and tasty too! MrComot loves this version very much! It uses egg white instead of whipped cream.

Choc button as the main ingredient
Congo bars in progress

Belgian choc cake fresh out of oven

Lemon cupcake on the left

My group's Belgian Choc Cake. This is deliciously evil!

Sorry, can't help it! big grin

Me with my group. 2 of them are in early 20s. young and already exposed to all this stuff. I still remember when I was 20s, all I ever do is study (not that much) and hmmm..didn't achieve much. How I wish I spent my youth more wisely. Well, I think it's generation era, those days, we are more "follow the flow" type, don't really dare to chase other dreams.

We get to bring back some cupcakes, congo bars and a quarter of belgian cake, bake by us *proud moment*.

I gave the cupcakes and congo bars to Zahra and Emir and both reject the cupcake (I guess they don't like the lemony taste) but they chomped on the congo bars like crazy. Zahra keep on saying "Thank you mommmyyy sedapppnyaaaa". Coming from Zahra that is a fussy eater, that means a lot to me. Seems like I need to reproduce those bars ASAP.

Anyway, baking is indeed a hard work. They are a lot of thing you need to prepare and be patience about..mixing, baking, cooling, decorating. It definitely has to be something you love doing. Else, it will eat you inside out. So tiring. So I decided that I don't want to be a baker and stick to my crafting (and I definitely appreciate and have more respects for home-made cake baker!) but..maybe congo bars kena buat, since Zahra loves it so much, and it's easy to do!

Side story, the class supposed to be from 10AM - 2PM but somehow it dragged until 4PM and I'm fine with it, but this is my first time leaving the kids with MrComot during the day and they are very attached to me. So nak dijadikan cerita, Emir pooped and refused to be washed by MrComot and he stays in the soiled diaper for 2 hours plus! Knowing him...dia mmg choosy nak I yg basuh berak dia. If MrComot wants to wash he will throw tantrum. Finally MrComot managed to wash it and I was already on the way back that time d'oh

Oh ya, MrComot loveees lovesss lovess the lemon cupcake so much! And this surprise me because he always tell me, sourish cake is weird, cake has to be sweet. That's his definition of dessert generally. So I expect him to like the belgian choc cake, instead dia suka sangat the lemon cupcake pulak, and hint me "Boleh buat lemon cupcake lepas ni". Aghhhhh such pressureeee!!! Haha. Can I buy them instead? nail biting

By the way, the class gave me a little boost, I can do this! InsyaAllah. I only need to be rajin and that will the hardest part hehehehe.