Friday, November 14, 2014

I made something something for the sports day!

Haha..ok tajuk tak boleh blah.


Actually I have a lot of stories to share...but I am on instagram now and things are shared faster that way! And by the time I want to write about it, poof! the mood gone like the thin smoke in the air. Haaa dramatic tak? Haha...but it's trueeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, nothing beats good old blog where I can rant as much as I want, as long as I want! Hehe! what I've been up to these few weeks......

making costume for kiddos sports day!

And not only for's like for the whole school! 

I know, how come right?

It started about early of the year I think. I made a simple costume for MrComot and myself to the company's dinner. I was a cute witch and MrComot was a vamp. (woaa...I think I didn't post it in my lovely blog. Maybe I'll write about it later, need to find those pictures!) And naturally I posted it in FB and then kiddos school headmistress saw it and was very excited to have me making costume for their sportsday! 

And that was like, months ago!

Initially I thought it is nothing serious and maybe just a little collaboration where I give some input or ideas for the costume....but somehow....I get to do them, all by myself *squeeeeel with excitement*

To be truth, it's kinda scary. I mean, "are you sureeeeee you want to make the are not THAT artsy fartsy ok. Plus, you don't have the experience. Super plus, what if they don't like it". 

That's what I've been thinking over and over but the universe somehow works towards it. With the headmistress trust and what not, I manage to pull up my sleeve and finish them all.

Even I am surprised with myself. Something that I never dreamt off - to make costumes for the school. Not only for my kids..but for others kids. Woaaa...

So anyway.. let's go through with the pics.

My kiddos' first sports day. The theme was the element which consist of earth, air, fire, water and cloud, inspired by the Japanese sports day Taiiku No Hi.

Can you spot all the costume?

Mommy with princess. She is the earth team. The attire concept and the headgear done by the teachers. All hand-made. The teachers are very crafty too!!

I was responsible for their main costume except for fire as one of the teacher did the fire costume. The design and concept was brainstormed with the headmistress via whatsapp, FB and email. And I got most my ideas from random websites, pinterest especially. The wonders of technology ehehehe.

Below is the main costume that I made.

Cuddly cloud with pinkish dot as their team is pink color.

Hot air balloon for AIR team (yellow sport house)

Earth for green sport house

Other pictures that I don't have is water fairy for water team (blue sport house) and rainbows. Rainbows is their flag bearer.

I will elaborate more about EACH costume in separate entries, with some tutorials I hope! ;)

So anyway, the kids had sooo sooo much fun.

Zahra is in green team (earth) and Emir is in pink team (cloud).

My princess is the flag bearer, so she's wearing the rainbow
But what surprised me most..was my handsome boy. 

He is kinda shy and introvert type and I am well aware that he doesn't socialize much and the fact that his bestfriend is Thomas...that pretty much sum up his behavior. So, when the cloud team line up and made performance (some singing and movement), I am so surprised to see that Emir willingly stand in the line and dance together!

He is such a clever boy! *sniffles*

He gave me the occasional look and smile at me while doing all the moves *tears*

Emir standing and singing together with his team. His moves is not perfect but I am so happy with this improvement!
Zahra on the other hand...drama queen habis. Her performance is top notch I'll say! MrComot did videotaping it but I haven't have the chance to see it yet. But seriously...full of emotion! Her face, her movement LOL. Am thinking to send her to acting class...just for fun, if she likes it.

Learning naturally through play ;)

They had some games after that but Emir refused to join. I think dah penat kot buat performance. Cukup la tuh mommy, mana boleh banyak2 hehehe.

Anyway I even joined the "pick the candy in flour using your mouth" and the "tie your leg with your kid and run as fast as you can to the finish line" game. It was so much fun! Too bad I didn't win either. Pfftttt!

Balik2 rumah je both mommy and daddy pengsan but the kids stayed up until bedtime at night! I wonder where they get the super power.

I showered them and gave milk but they still awake watching TV! Kuatnya battery budak ni! I already had my nap when I took this picture. Don't mind the messy spot. It has been always like that.

There it goes, our first kiddos sports day!

InsyaAllah will try to write about the costume soon. In the middle of sorting the pictures.

Anyway, just to tell you all, I even host a contest on the costumes I made, on instagram and FB. I initially would like to host it here as well, but was a chaotic that day, so tak sempat :(

But it was loads of fun.

Opss..sorry gotta go! Talk soon! :*

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We are 6!

Just another boring post (because I am in the middle of doing something interesting now! Which is much better than this post. Will reveal soon!)

Come to think, it's so mean of me to say that this is a boring post, because it's our 6th anniversary of marriage!

But to be honest, it is indeed a boring one! Not the marriage, I mean this year celebration. Huh, 6 years and already bored of it haha.

Well, we made a promise last year to take a leave from work and spend day time together doing fun stuff, or just go anywhere sans the kids.....but fast forward a year after that, this is how we celebrate it

.... at work.

No holiday, no day off, no nice dinner, not even a card! Gahh!

We were so busy on that day and and we just wish each other "Happy anniversary sayang. Me love you so much". Rushed readying the kids and ourselves for school and work, then off to work and then come back home, had simple even forget what we had for dinner, must be very plain every day food, and then doze off to Disneyland. Just like another routine.

And the next day, we said, dangggg we should do something for that special day. But the next day also went by, also in routine, and plain as ever.

Goshhhhh.. I should push myself and do something right? It won't be fun anymore to celebrate it backdated.

Anyway, some reflections of 6 years being married, with two kids - totally random rants:

1) We are doing well, I think so. Or at least that's how I feel. But things are harder sometimes with the kids. I still coping with the hectic more stress, but don't have the satisfaction

2) Talking about kids, I always have this thought of quitting. From work, for real. People are driven with different thing and at this stage, I am driven by being with my kids and time freedom. It's no fun to be stuck at office, in office hour. We've talked about this, but don't have the push to do it yet. Mostly because I am not ready to loose my earning.

3) My husband is such a wonderful companion and I thank God for all the blessing.

4) We still have disagreement over something..but mostly it's just petty thing that I often brush it I am too old to fight I guess. Drama is no more interesting.

5) Busyness - when will we ever run from it? Maybe this is just another stage in marriage. A part of us to strengthen the constitution that we are building.

That's all I guess?

Wow, it does sound boring haha.

I am thinking of doing something else in my life, not about marriage but more about my personal achievement. But I don't know where to start. And mostly I don't have the gut to do it.

Anyway, 6 years and going strong I hope! Will work for it of course. Just need to add dash of sprinkles, glitters and rainbow ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Little Bunny is 3!

My handsome boy turns 3 last Sunday! How fast time flies. I still miss him everyday and still see him as a baby. And the fact that he's growing up which leads to struggle when I tried to cuddle him (as he prefers watching iPad or playing with his trains), breaks my heart. Sigh.

We had simple celebration at @kedai.sebelah in Kelana Jaya during tea time. It's owned by MrComot's auntie and definitely one of my fav shop! Will blog about this later. I've few cool pics to share.

Anyway, since this is kinda ad-hoc celebration and we just inviting few close families, I didn't plan very well. All food and deco is readied by my aunty and we just bring our empty stomach.

I managed to order a customized cake though, made by my creative friends, Ana. Original plan will be the mommy make the cake (ahem!) and I just figured out that, that will be too ambitious given the time left. Thank God Ana able to bake it for me (thank you for taking my last minute order!).

Moist chocolate cake with edible image

Going gaga over helium balloons

The aunty bought him a big Thomas balloon,a nd of course frozen for the little sister. We have to be "fair" even though it's somebody else's birthday *roll eyes at Zahra*

Which he loves it to the max! He's been hogging the balloon here and there all the time.

I didn't buy anything fancy for him as I wanted to give a real present during his party later. Anyway, I gave him the Talking Troublesome Truck die-cast to add into his collection. The diecast is bought way earlier during Mattel Warehouse Sale (I bought a handful and hid it somewhere so I can take out time to time, given the appropriate time). The irony is, I have to give Zahra something too, so I gave her Ariel barbie going to party collection (also bought from the warehouse) and is more expensive than Emir's present *roll eyes at Zahra again*

Troublesome truck. Look at the cheeky face.

And the real present actually, I gave him a hair cut! His hair was so long that people always mistaken him as a girl. I don't mind really, as long as he looks cute. But the hair is too long and he keep on pushing it away using his hand, dah macam iklan shampoo pun ada haha. Obviously it's kinda irritates him. So chop chop chop it is!

A very crooked hair cut!
The shirt is given by my MIL and he loves it so much! Dah macam penjual Thomas pun ada haha. Well, throw him anything Thomas, he'll be over the moon ;)

Ok so lets talk what's up with him at 3yo.

1) Still baby talk *insert panic mode here*
I've been reading and making test to check if he is ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and although he might have the symptoms, it's very mild. I also understood that the spectrum range is very wide, it can be at risk, very mild, up to a very complex condition. Anyway, even though we can detect autism at young age, it's very hard to determine so, as he could be just another late bloomer. So I decided to wait for a while and see his growth progress before enrolling him to tests and classes. I'm giving him till 4yo insyaAllah, depending on the situation.

2) Still breastfeed
But not fully. Just when I'm at home and throughout the night.

3) Loves train very much
He has gotten over the broom phase and stuck with trains. Any trains will do but Thomas and Friends will be his most fav. He knows all his trains name (even though he couldn't speak yet, I tested by saying each name and he will point to the right one) and can play with them for hours.

I want this trainnnnnnnn

4) Love blueberry very very much
That he can finish a whole 125g at one go! Hence, I decided to call him my blueberry bunny, and reminds me the blue ribbon bunny, Clover! It's Sofia the first's BFF in case you wonder hehe.

Enjoying his blueberries
5) Very manja boy
I guess this is boy's trait. Both are very manja, but in different ways. Zahra more manja on emotion, Emir is physical. He will come meleseh-leseh to me and loves to kiss me with his sloppy mouth. Saliva all over!! Haha

Hmm what else?

Oh mann...I still remember during Zahra's time, I'm able to write out extravagant list of events related to her and now with Emir..doesn't matter really as long as he's a happy kid!

So, happy birthday Emir Qalef! Mommy loves you soo much much muchooo much! May u'll become a good caliph of Allah.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

KoolAid Playdoh

My kids love playdoh BUT they love (I think only Zahra because Emir is still small) the process of making playdoh MORE, where they get to help and play with the pots and pans. So I've been experimenting with homemade playdoh couple of time using different recipes like these entries:

As I've mentioned on previous entry, I love the latest recipe (the one that I made in 2013) the most. Basically it's called for the same ingredient, the only different is the composition of the ingredient.
So, for this time I wanted to try something new, with some kind of twist, like KoolAid.

I used to think KoolAid is some kind of medicine, maybe because of the Aid word and I don't think KoolAid is a common stuff in Malaysia. Well, maybe it is, but I'm not exposed to it. And one day I decided to google, then only I know it's actually a consumable flavored drink! Haha. Anyway, I found these babies at Jaya Grocer about RM1 per packet. 

Zahra all excited

So basically this is the recipe

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 packet of koolaid
1 tbsp oil
1 cup water 
mix all, cook it under very low fire and keep stirring it until it become doughy. then off the fire and knead.

Emir busy arranging the dough

I love it so much!!! The color is not vivid but the smell is soooooo nice! The yellow one is lemonade and the pink one is watermelon.

Watermelon gives you a nice faint pink and the lemonade sadly is very faint, so I add on a little bit of yellow food coloring. Well, it's a good thing that KoolAid don't have strong color else, it will be scary to think that you are consuming that much coloring for each drink, right?

We wanted to do all other colors (about 4 more colors to go) but didn't because we ran out of flour which is Alhamdulillah because after a while, I decided to not like this playdoh.

I keep it in the ziplock to prolong the shelf storage and it's still fine until now (made this in July, so almost hit the 3rd month) but....the dough become mushy (not that elastic) to the point of sticky to the finger.

I'm not sure what causing it but after studying the 3 recipes that I've used, I made a conclusion it's because of the salt in the playdoh. I think Malaysia is too hot and humid (the average is 34 celcius during the day!) and causing the salt to excrete extra water.

The second recipe wins so far! It lasts forever..can't remember how long because my kids used it all, but it last for months..not days, without keeping it in the fridge.

The only different is, it used only 1/4 cup of salt instead of 1/2 cup of salt.

So! I'm thinking to try again, with KoolAid (because I love the smell! Yum!) but with 1/4 cup of salt. Will update the finding!

Last but not least, homemade playdoh is not only safe. It's cheap and fun, fun, fun! You have to try it! =)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kid's friendly rambutans

I'm not a big fan of rambutan just because of the hard shells at the outer of the seed. What do we call it eh? It's something flaky and scratchy to the throat. Anyway my kids love it so much! But I rarely let them enjoy rambutan because I don't feel fancy peeling up the flaky thing *lazy mom alert*. 

You can eat the flaky thing all together if you want, but it can cause cold and make you cough. I don't know how true is that because the words are taken from the oldies but somehow it happens to me if I had rambutans. So I decided to believe in it and painstakingly peel the flaky thing from the flesh if I ever give rambutan to my children.

Hence, that explains why I rarely give them rambutan.

Anyway...things kinda changed after I saw my sister-in-law feed her daughter rambutan. There IS a short cut, and very kids friendly!

Maybe you already knew about this, but this is something new to me, like, after 5 years being a mom? I gotta share it with you guys!

The trigger - they've been hauling rambutans like crazy, so I gotta reward them somehow right? 

So here it is step by step. Well, it is so simple that I can summary it within few sentence...but I'm feeling fancy now, updating my blog with pictures. So bear with me =D

Halves the hairy skin. I used to use my only mouth and teeth to open it. How....nice, and poise. Well, it's easier that way, as you can immediately pop it into your mouth haha!

Halves as much as you can. Because once you do it this way, the rambutans will be gone in jiffy!

Like so! It will have some hairs naturally because you are using your hands of course!

So wash it

And rinse it

Then slice it side by side and try not to slice very close to the seed, to avoid slicing the flaky thing altogether. Sorry no slicing picture because nobody bothers to take my picture slicing them *roll eyes*

It's ok if the flaky thing accidentally sliced. Well, nothing is perfect in this world.

And enjoy!

I told you it will be gone in jiffy! I haven't finish slicing all and the kids attacked them like a piranha!

Rambutan never taste sweeter and juicier than ever. Because it is so easy to eat this way! Best to keep it in the fridge overnight and you'll have instant cold dessert. But it's hard to keep it safe that long!

Oh will get some rambutans juice when you slicing it...don't throw it away! Just drink normal juice. Well..that's what I do! Hehe.