Thursday, April 17, 2014

Destressing @ Hammam Bangsar

I'm not the girly type who goes to spa, do my hair or facial. In fact I never had any facial the whole my life (come to think of it, it's pretty funny. I should try at least once!). I prefer reading or shopping to de-stress my life. But lately (it has been months in fact), I'm so stressed out and was thinking to try a spa, maybe it will help. I mean, why not? The last spa session I had was when I got a FREE voucher by buying my wedding ring (that will be like more than 5 years ago) and last massage session was about 2 years ago, after I gave birth to Emir. But that was confinement massage, so it doesn't count right?

And I had only 2 sessions of spa my whole life, the FREE one and another one is with Jojoba at Times Square (they had this promotional thingy buy 2 for 1 price, something like that). Woaa...come to think, maybe I am stingy at spending money on spa haha. I was thinking, that's it! I am so stressed now that I'll do whatever I can to help myself, and that will leave drugs away. Say NO to drugs kids! So a pampering spa it is!! real pampering style! 

And that's why I choose Hammam! It looks so luxurious and I am feeling posh *cough* *cough* and I read so  many reviews that the service is good. Going there alone will be kinda I planned this event with my darling Cik Siti months ahead. We are busy with routines and decided to take annual leave just for this session. Imagine the anticipation to the date, I keep on going "Come on! few more weeks to go!" lol

Look at the beautiful tiles!

I booked 2 sets of Princess Hammam package (that will be scrub + massage) because it is the most basic package and I couldn't decide yet what we want to have. We were briefed by a friendly guy (which I didn't get the name, too bad, I kinda like him though!) and while sipping on warm Moroccan tea, he explained all the package they offered. We changed the package to My Fav Concubine (which add body mask) and Cik Siti add on Rose hair mask but too bad, they forgot to change the package and we stick to Princess Hammam :-/ 

Thank God Cik Siti still gets her Rose Hair mask because she said it's soo soo nice! I am jelly you know. I didn't do it because I don't really have hair. Ok, it's not funny..but I am born with thin hair and I'm fine with it, less management (still feeling jelly haha).

We were given a locker each to keep our stuff safe and a robe and the dispos for us to change. Oh my God..I feel like little kids, we even giggled in the changing room :-/

The waiting lounge
I love this spot! 

Two therapists ushered us to hararet - it's a bathroom with steam and were bathed by the therapists like a little kid! She literally pour buckets of water over and over again, you know, like the one you mandi from telaga or kolam.. but better because the water is hot. Not boiling hot but something warm towards hot and it's salt water.. bathing never feels so good! After that she applies traditional Moroccan black soap all over the body and ask me to lie down on a tiled bench in the same room. Since it's steaming room, so the tiles kinda hot but the moment your whole body touch it..again it feels soooo good! My stress is almost gone already. There were two benches there and both of us are about 1 mtr apart and I can't help it but giggles again. It feels funny somehow because we are lying half naked but my eye sight is not perfect, so it's okaaayyyyy LOL. Kinda tone down my shyness :P

The therapists left us for about 10-15mins, well I kinda lost the time because I feel suffocated already and almost call them up. about being drama queen. The steam helps our skin pores to open up and be ready for scrub session.

Then the scrubbing part be truth, I am quite shocked initially.. because I was expecting they will scrub us with coffee or whatever grain, but it's purely using a scrubbing glove. Just a glove! And mannnnn....The first min was kinda a torture actually. It's not gentle I'm telling you, but in a good way! The aim is to scrub all the dead skin, so have to do it the right way. I keep on chanting  "think of happy things.. think of happy things" lol! But you get used to it a few minutes after that and I am actually enjoying the torture haha.

After almost one hour scrubbing us, we were bathed again...and she soaped me, shampooed my hair complete with conditioner.  I managed to peek on the scrubbing result and oh myyyy...I can see all the dead skin (or daki) all over the bench. It's a total ewwww! And I definitely feel squeaky clean!

Oh ya, the cut away  the glove that is used on don't worry about hygiene! one glove for each customer!

The therapist then pat me dry and wrap me with towel and robe and ushered us the lounge for a break. Seriously, all I ever did was lift my hand, sit or stand up. Princess sangat!

Bakhlava (which is so sugary yummilicous which you didn't see because it sits happily in my tummy) and Moroccan tea.
Princess for a day. Still can't leave without the handphone. Still doing some work :-/
After the's time for massage. There are 4 types of massage oil that we can choose from, all with argan oil base, only with different essential oils to boost up the purpose. Pine wood for muscle relaxant, rose for sensual, another one I forgot what essential but for slimming and detox and the last one is their signature oil which can expel all the negative element and replace it with positive one. That one smells good, somewhat citrusy but you have to add RM30 for that signature oil. I chose with rose essential in the end.

They have jacuzzi in the massage room. I wonder what package will get to use it.

Couple massage room. Nice lighting actually and this pic just don't do the justice.

Pretty lights

The massage....melt all my stress away. I almost fall asleep but I didn't because I am a light sleeper, but it's reaaaally good. The only thing I don't like is the selection of music, because it doesn't sound Moroccan enough to me. I know..ridiculous stuff to concern about haha.

Being social media junkie, updating IG

Sipping tea again. Look how rejuvenate I am!

Talking about rejuvenate, I feel like lazying around and sleeping at home after the spa session..I mean, you can't be stressful after stress-less right? And I can't wait to go back home to have my sleep. We wandered around, browse some shop, had nasi daun pisang for lunch (the funniest part because I am so wangi with the rose oil and suddenly stuff myself with curries lol), bought coffee and around 5PM, we are off from the place and I picked up my husband from work and the kids from school.

I thought I will sleep when I hit the sack, but wrong was I. I feel so energetic and refreshing that I couldn't sleep at all.

I've been whatsapping Cik Siti and she had the same problem too! Haha.

In the end I decided to iron my husband's working shirt (which resulted in 3 weeks stocks! Talk about being productive!) and only slept at 3AM.

The next morning I thought I'm gonna wake up late but ha ha ha..7AM and my eyes are wide awake.

I feel so good for the next couple of days and stay calm even when my kids giving me headache with their fighting and whatnot.

The spa outing definitely helps my well being so am gonna do it again. And hammam is highly recommended!!

To Cik Siti, tq so much for being my partner in crime!! It was fun! I love ya!! Hahaha.. See.. I'm still excited about it =)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tailor Wannabe

If you are in my FB friendlist, or follow my IG, you'll notice that I've started sewing. I'm not really keen on real sewing, like the tailoring and drafting stuff. Just simple one on creative side. 

Anyway, Zahra is a real princessy type. She only wears dress nowadays and refused to wear shirt with legging because apparently, princess only wear dresses "-_-. 

I'm fine with it but the hardest part is most of her dresses are kinda short (slightly above the knee) and the school encourage the children to wear legging underneath it to promote decency (which I totally agree) but Zahra said "princess tak pakai legging". okaaayyy. So I kinda ran out of dresses for her schooldays already.

Wanted to buy some but a dress can cost so much nowadays. Especially the fluffy and long type one. Some of her old shirts is still in a very good shape, so I decided to refashion it, and turn it into a dress!

From this
To this

It is really simple indeed. I just cut some pink tshirt knit in my stash as the lining and gather the tutu @ mesh @ kain net orang kita panggil, and attach it to the shirt. There are several types of tutu in the market, this is the soft type where it won't make your skin itch (so you don't have to line it if you don't want to) but I line it since it's sheer. I found this fabric in Kamdar. I ran out the pink glitter tutu so I mix it up with purple plain tutu.

Presenting you...a new dress!
And she proudly wears it to school! But I'm far from commercial because one of the teacher asked me did I make the dress by myself &^*&^&%&## LOL! It must look so homemade! Hahaha. least she has one 'new' dress in her wardrobe now.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Just another random rant.

We've been married for 5 years now and I'll say we are doing quite well. Only that I've been feeling that my husband is not that fun anymore. I knowww right! How can you feel that?

I guess because both of us are busy juggling the family, with two growing up kids, our hands are quite full. But I always 'think' that my husband changed. To a boring man. Because I 'think' I am fun (so full of myself pffttttt). Couple of months ago, we were in fight and trying to cool it off, then we went to see some relatives and they have this congkak (you know, the traditional play thing), so I said

"Jom main!"

And he said, "no hands hurt"

And I blurt out, "You are no fun"

And he was taken aback (of course he is! I will too if I am in his shoes) and said "I'm serious, I hurt my fingers yesterday"


I know I was wrong..but I was just upset (we were in fight, remember) and I feel so bored.

Anywayyy...last night we were watching our honeymoon vacation to Japan in 2009 and guess what?

Oh myyyyyyyyyy I WAS SO FUN BACK THEN!

It was me who changed over the years and I have the cheek to think it is my husband! Ok, maybe he changed too, but look at myself! I've become a boring person too!!

In those videos, I was so chirpy and funny and interesting and yadayadayada. I still a fun person now, but not as much as I used to be.

Sigh. Time to reflects myself.

Now we are in a good terms, I don't think he is a boring person at all, it's just me whom being critical. And our priorities changed's no longer about two of us. We still having fun in different kind of level and I will never trade it with anything.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cupcake Pincushion

Something simple I made months ago, on one of the sleepless night, for a friend of mine. 

With her initial

Round paper basket (got one from a wedding, normally they put chocolates/egg inside), felt, fiber, polkadot cotton, lace and beads for sprinkles. Yum!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Luahan di hari Jumaat

Just a short update to kick back my mojo to blog.

There are times when I feel so lost! And that will be past few weeks, hence that explains my silence. I just don't know what I want. At one time, I was so determined to quit the job and be a housewife because I can't face the drama every morning, traffic jam, Zahra crying wants her mommy, being late to work, etc. Sigh. It's too hectic for me.

Then after I calmed down, quitting is not a good option for now. I mean, I still need the money and whatnot. And as much as I miss my kids daily, I know other moms out there also feel the same. But I find it hard because everyday Zahra will cry about wanting me to stay at home. The only time she won't cry if I send her to school late, very late like at 9AM. And that means, I also will be late to work. Sigh. How I wish my work time start at 10AM so I can handle the kids (and the house) and don't have to bother my husband (we are carpooling now, so if I am late, so will he!).

So bothersome.

And talking about the house, it is such a mess nowadays. I still call the weekend maid but it's not enough. The house is super clean but I still have laundry and mountains of cloth to fold. It is never end.

Typical mommy's problem I guess.

Anyway I am much better now. Maybe I just need a 'me' time.