Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Clever Boy

Oh my...this entry is about to applause my handsome boy.

You know Emir, he is 4 years old this year. But he still doesn't look like 4. His speech/vocab not that varies and still on diaper. Compared to Zahra, she was potty trained at 3 years old. It's a one year gap.

I think, part of it, because I still treat him like baby. But on my defends, he does look like a baby. So adorable and baby-like. Hahaha..seeeeee!

Anyway, we had PTC (parents teacher committee) meeting last two weeks and we were strongly advised to potty train him, because he's going to be in 5 year old class next year, which is big boy already. The funny thing is, the teachers are ready to potty train him at school, but of course we need to do it as well at home. So, all this while, mommy yg tak ready. So after the PTC, I am keen to do it.

I was like "Ok, let's do it now, like nowwww" Haha semangat ok.

The most important part is to ready myself, because I'm the one that going to clean his "accidents" right, plus my husband la. So I am ready and said to Emir;

"Emir..today kita tak pakai diaper ok? Emir dah big boy. Kalau Emir nak kencing, let mommy know, we go to the toilet together"

He insisted to wear diaper, I think because he feels a bit empty down there? But after few days of persuasion, he finally agrees not to wear a diaper.

And guess what...

Not a single accident happen! After 2 weeks. Except for one time he was scolded sampai nanges2 and then he peed in his pant.

Wowwwww... I never thought potty training him will be this easy. Alhamdulillah! Such a clever boy.

During the first few days, I did asked him like every 2 hours if he wants to go to the toilet. But after that, he will tell me if he wants to. No need to monitor already. 

We even went out diaperless, to a speech therapy session and a visit to Aquaria. But at Aquaria I have to insist him to go for toilet break within the tour because my mother's instinct says so. So he peed in the public toilet and no accident at all. MasyaAllah..such a brave and confident boy. Mommy so proud of you and I thank God but this easy path.

The only problem now is on the poop part. He will wear diaper to poop, which is not a big deal to me. But my worry is, he poop less..I think because he doesn't want to poop since he is not wearing the diaper all the time. He just don't know how to ask for the diaper. Previously, he pooped after woke up while still on the diaper (from last night). So, I need to remind him all the time, that it is ok to poop. You don't have to hold it!

Other than that, you are doing great my handsome boy! Keep it up and don't worry about the pooping part. Mommy tak marah lah! Hehe.


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