Monday, December 28, 2015

It's been a while..

Oh hi, blog?'s been like, almost a year I leave this space. I'm pretty much alive and kicking, and I do exist in social media, except they are very brief (instagram, FB) and gosh, it makes me realize how much I love a very lengthy writing, which only blog can provide.

There are times when I feel like writing bunch of things, but privately. But then, I didn't because I feel that those things need to be shared cause it might benefit others? Even in the simplest word, who knows. And then, when the thought of writing public comes up, I back off because it scares me. I've observed for quite some time and thing has really change. Social media has become a scary thing nowadays. People tend to see the negative instead of the positive and there are lots of bullies out there. I am not scared of the bullies, it's just the negativity that is not worth it.

But then, I want to share, even though the stories seem petty.

Oh well, such a fickle minded.


Here I am rambling again.

After some thought, I really feel that I need to blog. Oh, not need, but want. So, just do what I want as long as it brings good? That's my thought for now.

Somehow I feel writing feeds my mind. So, this will be a new start, and for a better one, insyaAllah! ;)


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