Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My 15-months Handsome Boy

My handsome young man is 15-months already!! Gosh...I remember writing about Zahra's progress EVERY month but not with this young lad, my hands are quite full nowadays. Anyway, my love for him is never less, take note handsome boy, in any case you read this in the future hehe..

Ok, let see what he's up to at 15th months.

1) Can walk and run steadily already and very anxious to JUMP! He will find any slightly elevated place, like a box, or the weighing scale and jump from there. Well, it's not that high, but definitely high for a boy like him to attempt that stunt. And do you know that the weighing scale broke already? I don't know la budak kecik ni buat macam mana isk isk isk..

2) Not a picky eater. He eats everything which is a blessing in disguise because we don't have to worry about his food when we are outside. On the downside, he eats everything, even that stuff is not food, like coins, marble, stone *sigh*. 

We never had this problem with Zahra before so I find it troublesome because I have to keep the floor spotless. Plus, I always thought the parents exaggerated when they said the kids like to put stuff in the mouth, but apparently they are not. Even though he knows that thing is not food, he likes to nibble it in the mouth forever! Well, until I saw and dig it out from his mouth of course haha. There was one time when we were at luncheon party and I saw some shining light from his mouth, and when I checked, it is a battery! Battery is not tasty right? But he refused to take it out. I had to force it out from his mouth. Eating random stuff seriously not funny really, it is dangerous. 

And on the other day, I found him quietly minding his own matter which is verrrry weird, so I checked him only to find that he's eating my acid folic! Right from the foil protector! Sabar je la.

Gigih nak makan ok, sampai jadi serbuk.

Eating toast with strawberry jam, his favourite. Zahra tak suka ok. And notice he's holding the sweeper? Which take me to the next point

3) Sweeper/broom is his BFF. I don't know what's up with the broom but he loves it soooooo much! Like, so so so so much! I bought the white static sweeper from Daiso as his toy. Anyway, he prefers the normal broom yg ada bulu2 tu and I keep it in the wet kitchen and always close the door. Everytime I open the door, he will run to the back and do whatever he can to get the broom. Most of the time when he managed to get it, I will carry him out or rampas (have to!) the broom from him and hid it and he will cry his lung out, like I'm snatching something significant, like a crown from a king. Sangat possessive. This reminds me that I have to buy another small broom from Daiso.

 Tengok, BFF sangat. Tengah makan and main ipad pun nak pegang penyapu.

4) Suka merajuk. Loves to throw himself on the floor bila merajuk. Ish ish ish..this one I don't know where he learnt it from. It's something natural and it's kinda funny to see that your kids have different character. I know everybody is unique, but I don't expect it to be, that different haha. After all they came from same mom and dad right? Pretty interesting.

If he merajuk with me, and I say something to him, he will turn his back to me, siap ada bunyi okkkk "emmpppphhh!" Amboi amboi amboi budak kecik ni. Boleh tahannnnn ok.

 Throwing himself on the floor @ coffee bean the curve. Kat luar rumah pun berani buat. Adoyaiii....anak lelaki sangat.

5) Suka memunggah - sorting through stuff and throwing them out, cause permanent damage. I don't know how many toys that are broken already, most of the toys are legacy from Zahra and in mint condition but when reach this little fella, dah jadi macam-macam.

His favourite corner, behind the door where we keep the strollers.

6) Still on breastfeeding and I love the moment so much. Budak ni suka minum freestyle. Zahra pun ada freestyle but tak seganas this Emir. Emir punya freestyle, macam-macam ok, kadang2 kaki kat dinding la, ohhh how I wish I can record it and share (but that will be obscene right?). It is toooo funny!

7) Babytalk a lot lot lot, but still no prominent word like mommy or daddy. Only a brief mama and kaaa (referring to the cat).

8) Strapping him on the car seat is really a challenge nowadays. He will arch his back, twist his body, refuse to sit in the car seat. Most of the time the job need to be done by both of us, I have to pin his body, MrComot will hold his legs, and we will buckle him in. Tough work, because I can't force him hard, else he might break some bone. We have to distract him with many thing, some works, some doesn't, just need to keep trying.

9) One healthy toddler, minus the normal cough and cold, which pass by briefly. Other than that, I feel that he's growing up too fast!

Overall, he is a very interesting kid. He loves to see me laugh, and sooo manja! Current obsession (instead of the sweeper and broom) is Zahra's pink scooter. The scooter has 4 different sounds - 2 types of mandarin songs, 1 honk, and 1 is signal sound or something and he loves to press the lagu cina tu. I am fine with the song, only that it's damn loud and annoying! Mesti jiran ingat rumah cina mana la pasang lagu kampung ni hahaha. Everytime he press that one, he will look at me with his cheeky face and clap his hand and let out small laugh, like trying to get my approval. So funny ok! Most of the time I feel like shutting it off but kesian tengok muka dia syok2 nak main dengan kita, so I just play it along - clap my hands too until the song finished! Gahhh..anything for you my little one.

A couple of random pics:
Harimau Malaya. The babysitter bought this jersey, on the eve of the match with Thailand. Gigih ok.

Enjoying Korean Strawberry with kakak Zahra.

Happy 15th months darling! Mommy love you sooooooo soooooo much! Grow up strong and clever and good ok? Mwah!


  1. oh sama mcm marissa part mkn ubat tu..haha..abis tau vitamin maria jd serbuk..haha..bagus emir ni..rajin esok2 tlg mummy sapu sampah ye..heheh

  2. Is ur new year reso include update blog everyday? hehehe.

    Emir is so cute! danish ada phase throw up on floor but sekejap je, now xde dah.
    But yeah, boys is challenging! and fun! :D

  3. Ur son is so cute..especially the broom part! My daughter was like that too. Her BFF was the vacuum. Any vacuum. Everywhere we go (especially when we stay in hotels), wajib cari vacuum kat hallway! :)

  4. Muka deme.. Sangat sebijik sejebon. Haha!

  5. hahahaahha...
    Ai mampu gelak kuat-kuat jer baca part Emir suka masuk mulut mcm-mcm benda. Elia pun camtu la...

    Part lagu cina tu, tgk kat lobang-lobang speaker tu, tampal salotep. kami buat camtu kat mainan yg used to come together with walker...