Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mummy Away

Goshhh...i have so many postings in the draft, and in my head but i was freaking busy busy busy. I dont know la bila nak habis busy kerja ni *sigh*

Had lab test last week and stuck in putrajaya all day long. Drive back to kl then back to kd, with insane rain and traffic, my life never been busier.

Zaha turned 3 on the 10th and i was so excited because she is kinda big and understand what birthday is - the day you blow the candles and get to eat cakes and tonnes of sugar and not to forget the abundance presents. She's been watching lotsa videos on utube on girls opening their christmas present and everytime i am around she will say "mommyyy zahra nak merry christmas, nanti mommy beli hadiah banyak ok?". Haihhhh exposure..

So i wanted to splash some party for her on 26th..called caterer, bought party stuff etc etc only to cancel bcause i have oversea training, so the party is postponed to 2/2, a day after i reach malaysia.

Talking about this training..this is my first time away from my hubby, zahra and emir. I am worried about zahra..but i've been telling her days ahead that i'm going away for some time. And am worried the most about emir because he still on breastfeeding and he wakes up a few time during the night for milk session. And i haven't train him on bottle during the night, so this is kinda 'cold turkey' action for him. Poor my hubby as well..i hope he can manage.

My parents came down to lend a hand..but i don't know how it's going to be..hope all is good.

Anyway, i am going away for 5 days to cebu island, philippines. A place i haven't been and i'm kinda excited about it. But it feels incomplete without MrComot and the kids, and the timing is not perfect as well, i mean the rush, the hectic schedule and the workload at the office. I still need to coordinate some work from Cebu via emails. Hopefully the connection is from tripadvisors that the internet quite bad there.

And need to coordinate about the party as well. I have booked the caterer but havent paid the deposit. Dia ckp nak bagi bank account ptg ni..tapi x bagi2. Already gave my husband hp no..jgn dia tak contact til end sudahhh.

Will try to blog more!

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