Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things we bring

Hi all,

I guess this will be my last entry before this trip. We are at home now waiting for the cab. We spent the day haywired packing all the stuff and hopefully everything well set, nothing important that we forgot.

We pack lightly as we going to recycle the cloths (we are renting a week apartment in Tokyo and has all the facilities such as washing machine and dryer). So we just bring the 7-days cloth and will use the same cloth for the next week :D

As for the food, nothing much as we are looking forward to taste the delectable sushi and tempura. So we just bring some light food in case we are hungry

4 cups maggi mee and 2 boxes of cereal bar for instant energy. That's all! I hope it won't be that hard to find halal food there. But after all, we only will take seafood I think :D

As for the gadget, I hope this will be sufficient. I bring my Ixus, and borrowed FIL's Lumix (in case mine buat perangai), 4x2 G HDSC card, extra batteries for the camera, chargers, camcorder with extra batteries and the most important thing is, universal adapter. I got it at ACE Hardware for about RM11 or something. Japan use different pin (2 thin line and we are using 3 fat round pin).

I don't think the storage will be enough though, but hopefully it can serve us for the whole one week and after that we are thinking we will go to Sony and Canon centre in Tokyo, transfer all the videos and pictures into a DVD (they got this service there, so cool) and then we will have it at zero like now.

Also when travelling abroad, don't forget your medicine.

Just few important things that we think might be handy. Panadol, diarrhea, sabun taharah for samak thing, you know lah in case, minyak cap kapak and bla bla bla.

Oh ya, talking about this now I remember that we forgot something. We also bought Pharmaton for daily takes as we will need extra energy there. I don't want to go there feeling tired and end up in the room! Also since it will be very cold and windy, don't forget to bring a full tub of hand lotion.

It's kinda late already and I better keep this short but before that, you won't believe what I'm going to bring as my hand carry, or my hanbag!!!!

It's eeyore!!!

OMG it's so CUTE!!!

Actually we were walking in the Curve when suddenly my eyes caught all Disney's characters bag in Metrojaya that I exclaimed:

Me: Sayang!!! Comel nyaaaaa!!
MrComot: You nak? Kalau 20 ringgit me belikan
Me: Ok jom tengok!! (I know it's impossible la Disney bag is RM20 be it original or not)

And guess what?

Yes! It is RM20!!! After 50% discount! Hahahaha

It's sooooo unpredictable. So we just grab it and here it is, I will be carrying little eeyore for the whole trip!!

I know it's soo budak-budak, but whatever la hahaha

Ok folks gotta go now.

See you all in 2 weeks time.

Take care and don't notti2 okk. Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ps: I still have some pending matters such as posting a CD to karlbum and all. Sorry!!! After this trip ok. Daaaaa

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sakura is blooming!!!!

Hi guys!!!

Sakura is blooming!!!!!! OMG OMG *inhaleeeee exhaleeeee*

Ops, before I continue the excitement, sorry for no update. I know..mesti ramai nak baca *perasannya :P* buuuuut excuse my perasanness, I pun sooo itchy to read all your blogs but seriously, I have no single time to do that :(

In fact, till this moment still a few things unsettled but finally I can drop it easily, 'that's it, I'm on holiday, yeay!!!!'

Ok back to the topic. Our flight will be tomorrow night, at 1130PM. We were so busy that we haven't pack yet, at all!!! Seriously! Nasib baik dah beli barang-barang berkaitan. But all of them are laying everywhere. Thank God that our flight is at night, so at least we will have the day to pack.

My initial plan was to share with you guys with the details such as how to apply visa for japan, the travelling pass, etc etc. But I guess, it has to be on hold. I'll try to write about it, later.

Oh ya about this honeymoon. The thing with Sakura is, the forecast will only come out in March but we bought the ticket in Feb because there was a promotion that time and it is a tough and risky decision as we can't confirm on the Sakura season that time. We did a lot of research and even studied the past 5 years Sakura season in order to get the accurate time!!! We need to pick the date perfectly as Sakura doesn't bloom at the same time, it is moving with the location and they only bloom around 10 days!

After the thougtful reading and studying, we decided to fly on 25th through Osaka first and look what's waiting for us there:-

Sakura in Osaka starts to bloom on 25th!!!!

But Kyoto will bloom earlier that we thought, and insyaAllah we might still catch it, and also Tokyo. We may see Sakura in Tokyo at its end.

OMG, I can't wait.

Oh ya, since our plane is quite late, we plan to go to KL Sentral by cab and take ERL from there. It was such a long time for me riding the ERL. Last time I rode it to Cyberjaya with Shani, for some interview (when was it? I think about 4 years ago! Shani, funny how we can land on the same company :D).

I am so excited! It will be a very fun ride as this will be our first time together on ERL! :D

Monday, March 16, 2009


I hope the tittle summarize the situation enough.

Can you believe it?????

I myself can't. My kitchen got rat!!! RAT!!!!


Actually I noticed that something is going on in the kitchen since 3 days ago. The leftover oil that I kept in tupperware spilled. Then my kitchen utensils basically not arrayed like it was before. My mind already thinking, it is like rat symptom, but hell no way. It is just not possible.

I mean come on laaaaa...a RAT? My kitchen is freaking clean and the most important thing is, there is no food for you to munch on, you bad bad rat! Even the dustbin is empty.

Last night while preparing dinner (we were making this scrumptious sandwich on pita bread, which I'm going to share about it later :D), I heard something moving behind the microwave, that I stopped whatever I am doing and hushing

Me: Sayang! You ada dengar apa2 tak?
MrComot: Hmmm..tak. You dengar apa?
Me: I heard something from the microwave.
MrComot: No lahhh..takde apa-apa lah (his tone is like I'm hearing ghost)
Me: No laa..not that thing..but something real la
MrComot: Kita siapkan dinner dulu la

We finished preparing the dinner when suddenly MrComot pull the microwave and screamed!

MrComot: Sayang!!!! Ada tikus!!!
Me: Whattttttttttt???

Hah! I know my subsconcious mind already telling me it is rat but I just can't believe it.

See how clean my kitchen is? It always like this, all the time! I rarely cook mind you. So how to believe?

It took me 10mins to calm myself and ok, lets run it down!

We opened the backyard door and made a barrier between the kitchen and the living room so that it won't run to the hall. Then I sprayed lotsa Serai Wangi to the corner that I don't want it to run into (and Serai Wangi penipu, it didn't work)

MrComot looked very idiotic with broom at one hand and Ridsect at another hand. Gila ok. Macam nak pergi berperang and macam lah the rat is afraid of ridsect ish ish ish. Later that I know MrComot is also afraid of tikus!!! OMG. Sorry hubby, you looked funny ok.

We managed to push him out from the back of the microwave only to find out that it was a very very bad move!!! The rat was freaking out and it ran so hard here and there and even cross to the hall!! And it ran on my foot!!!! Arghhhhhh. I was holding a small LED torchlight that time, siap tercampak across the hall okkk.

It then climbed the curtain and hiding behind the railing. And we were freaking out too because we want it to get down but afraid of it will fall down on our face!! Seriously, I was creaming at my highest pitch most of the time. The neighbour must be thinking that we are having some kind of domestic abuse :P

The place it secured himself - behind the microwave.

We finally managed to bring it down (I smacked the curtain with broom) and it ran to the 2nd storey!!!


We were racing with it and luckily all the bedrooms' door is closed. I can see it pushing its body to get under the door! Then the war continue at the family hall. MrComot instruct me to get into the bedroom and lock myself as I'm not helping. I don't know how it got down but it went down finally and secure himself back at the microwave *sigh*

Finally after battling with it for about an hour, he voluntery go out through the back door and we locked it with a big PHEWW~!

We were sweating and I can see some tompok-tompok hitam all around the corner of the house and tell you what, the rat was scared shitless that he terberak-berak, no kidding! OMG...kesian dia ok, but sorrylah, I takut tikus okkk.

We had no-mood dinner after that in our bedroom. MrComot was mad with the rat. I was upset because I feel it shows that my kitchen is not clean enough.

MrComot being MrComot, gigih went to 7-Eleven to buy Dettol and mopped the whole house with it. Kosserrrr okkkk!! I just lied on the bed watching TV hehe.

After a while, I quickly phoned up my mom and told her the whole thing. According to my mom, it is not necessarily for rat to be in dirty kitchen. It can be in clean kitchen as well if it serves the right purpose (ie: safe place for it) and according to my mom, we shouldn't race him out. We should just open the door and let it go on its own after a while. Normally he will go out in the morning the same way he came it. Mana lah tahu!

After that, MrComot and I were discussing why and when he came and we have a theory. We left the backdoor opened 3 days ago and it was raining heavily that time. Then we went up until night, totally forgot about the door and just close it later of the night. So the rat might came in to find a warm shelter due to the heavy downpour and settled himself beind the microwave! Clever boy!!!

Luckily our house is still empty. Else it will be a nightmare for us to find or chase him out. Or worse, we might only realise its existence after coming back from Japan!! That time wire will be eaten to pieces ish ish ish.

This is a very humiliate and chaotic experience and I won't let a rat come into my house again!!

Everybody can be superman now

This entry is dedicated to Superman:

Along the main road opposite Sunway Damansara

Dengan ucapan:

Hahaha..will write real entry later. Nite nite.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kiss the rain, whenever you miss me

I misssssssssssssssss my blogggggggg!!!

You have no idea how busy I am. Yadayadayada. Mesti nnt korang cakap elehhhh mcm la dia sorang busy hahaha.


But the truth is, I've never been busy like this. Hmm maybe I can't multitask enough?


And you have no idea how frustrating I am because I can't be excited about this Japan trip! How to be when your head is twirling with lots problem and pending assignment? Tell me hooowwww!!

Last week rasa macam nak nanges sbb I was like "how about my trip? I have no time to think about it" Seeeee, CUTI lagi penting dari kerja *bullet train!!!!!

(Motip bullet train? Hahaha)

Oklah enough nonsense.

I'm in the office today (working on the weekend!) and hopefully everything goes well so that I can leave earlier, let say around noon? So that we can go to JTB and buy the rail pass, then go to lowyat buy some SD cards and batteries, and go to Curve for coats and bla bla..

Omg..talking about this made me realise, we haven't prepared for the honeymoon!!! *sigh*

Ahhh nevermind, it feels good by the way to be able rambling craps here hehehe. I miss my blog!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Things I Have

Ok, lets move to 2nd tag (it's 2.30AM already!) but my hubby also still busy typing his scripts :(

So I better do this tag by Tatty. Tak best lah tido sorang2 :D
Rules & Regulation:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Additional rule:You can answer by just typing it, or put a picture to make it 'FUNer' I wish I do this with pics but I am too lazy because have to drag it to the bottom everytime new pics added (do you know how to fix this??) Deodorant
Rexona Women Light - Stick type

Colgate. Anything will do actually but MrComot is so used to this brand, so it's kinda weird to change

I'm using Kao Merit currently. The shampoo keep on changing after every bottles because I like different smells each time :D

Same like Tatty. No razor. Wax strip jer... :)

Hmm don't care really because I've tried expensive brand but still not lasting (due to machine wash - yes, I am so lazy even my inner has to be washed with machine). However I love love love T-shirt bra by Triumph (around RM40 or so) because it is so perfect and not that expensive for a brand like that! Very durable and smooth, don't leave a visual that you are wearing one.

Psttt: I'm allergic to org yg pakai baju pastu nampak lacey bra or ada line2. No offence. It's just turn off.

I don't wear any ;(
Only some powder (Studio Fix - MAC) and if I'm kind enough to myself, I will rub some lip tint (Fuschia - MAC) and blusher (Marshmallow Pink - Loreal)

Hugo Women - Hugo Boss

Ivory white Kelisa (soo kawaiiii!!! :P)

MAS, thrice. Time kecik-kecik dulu when my mom going back to Terengganu to deliver my sibblings. After that fly no more.

Backpack - A small Nike bought when I was in matriculation and last me until now, only with some tears here and there.
Purse - Soft brown leather from Kauffman. A present from MrComot while we still dating :">

Adidas Adiprene. Tak guna pun beli sbb tak pakai pun :(

iPanema and Nike (I've been using this one for 5 years already!)

Lois. I have ONE ONLY! Kesian kan? I want more jeans! But I don't think I need it. After all, I just wear it once or twice a week.

Brown leather from Jane Shilton. Again, I have ONE only! So kalau today pakai hitam ke, purple ke, merah ke, the handbag tetap brown *nanges*

Marie Claire - I bought this one for RM70 and I wear it almost EVERYDAY (ok la, at least 3 days in a week) for 4 YEARS and still last till now! Only it's not in a very good condition and I still wearing it. I really need to find new shoes but semua tak berkenan. I will snap a picture showing how bad it is (haha kalau rajin :P)

Compaq HP

Search Engine
Of course la Google!! Thank you google! Hehe

TV Channel
I don't really watch TV and we don't have Astro. Hmmm I guess, NTV7 and TV2 kut (TV dah ada byk movies now yeay!)

Cell Phone
Nokia something-something. I don't remember the model as it's not written on the phone. Btw, it's a very basic phone and black and white!

Hmm never drink any of it, except Root Beer hehehe.

Soft Drink
Not my favourite. But I prefer Coke over Pepsi.

Fast Food
KFC. Nyum!

Hmm not really fancy pizza. Anything will do.

I don't eat cereal. I find it too healthy and lack of seasoning :P

Cadbury, Forreror Rocher, and anything with NUTS!

Ice cream
I prefer Baskin&Robin over Haagen Daz anytime! My fav will be Baseball Nut, Choc Chip and Old Fashioned Butter Pecan.

Hmm..going to tag:
Umyra Cool

Oklah, it's 330AM already. I will continue with the last tag (by zleenz) later. Mwahhhh and have a good dream everybody!

Another tag about Andes being random

Hi all, sorry for the long hiatus. I've been very busy. Very very very busy indeed. I wish I can't have this busy-ness at half of the size and willing to prolong it for certain period, but it's not an option, I gotta finish all my work before going to Japan. So I have to 'sabar' sekejap.

Anyway, it is 1.39AM already and I still can't sleep (I'm sleepy actually but malas nak tido boleh?), I decided to answer all the THREE tags thrown at me hehe

First tag is by Elya. Actually Miss Elya, I've done this before here, but I'm feeling a bit generous tonight to write some nonsense, so here I am, aswering this tag again :D

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.
Here goes..

1. I'm sleepy actually, but I am too lazy to sleep. This is one of my bad habits.

2. I love love love Coffee Bean's Ultimate Mocha, because of the tiny bits of coarse beans

3. I love my hubby..hehe who doesn't. But this thought just cross my mind :P

4. For the first time in my life, I'm keeping my hair long. Just to make some expriments with it. I planned to do the curly-curly thing like most actresses do once it's length reach under the boobies. Hehehe

5. I have so many plans, but none of them deployed. Like planting the frangipani in front of the house, start gardening, sew new buttons to my old shirt, do some painting, etc etc *sigh*

6. I still wake up later than hubby. And rarely do the bed even though I am the last to wake up. It is because he will do it while waiting for me to get ready. Ish ish ish bad wifey!

7. I love love love ice cream and just had a quarter of Wall's Hazelnut and Choc flavour.

8. My all-time favourite movie will be The Fifth Element

9. I do watch Bollywood's movie. It fascinates me sometimes.

10. I get irritated easily and snap most of the time. But it still depends on who I'm dealing with.

11. Sucker for cute stuff.

12. Not a shopper like most girls. I wish I am. But I still don't have the luxury to do so.

13. I'm listening to '100 years' by Five For Fighting and like this song soo much. The voice and the tune is just soooo right.

14. I'm planning to conceive by this year, God's willing.

15. My ultimate dream is to be Domestic Goddess, you know like Bree Van de Kamp but not as stiff. Hmm will be crossover with Susan Mayer, something like that hehehe

16. I would love to shed some weight. Let say 2kilos?

Waahhhh tak sangka I can merapu for another 16 lists hehehe. So how is it?

Anyway not gonna to tag any specific name. Just write it if you feel so! You will be amazed of yourself sometimes :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bandar Maharani's Lala and the Flood

I have been craving for nasi ayam and chilli padi lala for last two weeks and believe it not, I had both (nasi ayam for lunch and lala for dinner) for two weekends in a row!! Maybe it's normal for some of you but it's not for me! I am the can't-face the-same-food-person :P

Anyway, the craving for chillip padi lala is the worst! I wanted it from specific shop - Bandar Maharani, Uptown foodcourt plaza and MrComot is worried that he keep on asking "ntah-ntah you preggie?"

Hahaha I'm not lah.

As I said before, we had the chilli padi lala last two weekend and also last weekend. Last week, it was drizzling that time and normally, we'll just eat at home and it's Sunday! Definitely not a good night to go out, I mean, we are working tomorrow and need to iron clothes and stuff right?

Since I want it so much, we went out eventually.

Speaking of chilli padi lala, we have tried from many other stalls before but this one still the best.

The favourite stall

The chilli padi lala. Lelehhhhh uols!! MrComot siap hingus-hingus ni. The lala is cooked just nice, not too cooked, not too raw. Still fluffy-fluffy :D

And don't forget to order their deep fried calamari ring! It's not the freshest squid but it's sooo sedap. The ring blended very well with the batter and crunchy yum yum.

We can have these without any vegetable as in, ok lahhh takde sayur pun, forgiven. Hahaha. MrComot is the proper type where you have to have vege in your meal.

The chilli padi amount in every bite. I'm drooling thinking about it.

While we are enjoying the dinner, the rain poured very hard and washed all the tables.

This is the 'safest' table and the rain still knock us

See how hard the rain is. My pant was soaking at that time.

We left Uptown around 10PM and once we hit Kota Damansara area, the traffic was unbelievable! The path also hay-wired as we notice some of the cars made a U-turn on the same road! It's like all the traffic is avoiding something. Some of the locals were there in umbrellas talking to some of the drivers.

To be save, we also made a U-turn and MrComot asked one of the local what's going on. He said "flood!"

Us on the opposite lane.

We thought the flood only affecting the left side of the road, so we U-turn to the right road, driving the opposite way (all cars doing this too) only to find out that both sides are becoming a pool!

We supposed to get ahead of this road.

A wira is already stranded in the 'lake' and a few more cars stopped with hazard light by the roadside.

We made another U-turn and go back to Uptown (where we were before!) to get into NKVE. That's the only way we can go back that time.

This is the worst flood ever I ever witnessed in Kota Damansara, and so MrComot! Kesian the Wira's owner, he has to wait until morning before he can start it back.

But the funny part is when MrComot started to say ridiculous thing like;

MrComot: Haah! Mana wakil rakyat? Sistem saliran tak bagus? Ni lah wakil rakyat baru. Mana wakil rakyat PKR tu?

Hahaha motip? Takde kaitan okkkkkk

Btw, I have TWO tags in queue, one by Elya and another one by Tatty. I'll try to do it tomorrow hehehe.