Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Orla Kiely Scarves

I went to MidValley last week and wandering around browsing any shops when I decided to enter Uniqlo. It was my first time inside there, MPH used to be at the spot and with nothing particular in my mind, my eyes scanning randomly in the shop and that's when I saw this!

The famous Orla stem design

The first time I saw it, I was, hmmmm this look so familiar. I am craft junky and been reading lotsa craft and sewing blogs and I remembered seeing this particular design in ikatbaghttp://www.ikatbag.com/2012/08/stem.html

Then I browse each scarves and almost jump with joy, yes! It is Orla carves! The thing is, I never knew Orla made scarves? Because her design is more for furniture and home decor fabric (and now I'm googling it, yes Orla does make scarves and it is sold at &150 and that will be almost RM500!) And how come Uniqlo is selling this?

I feel like grabbing all the yummy colors but keep my sanity intact and grab two pieces that suit me best. 

 This one does looks like upholstery fabric right? But it looks better when you don it as tudung, because the prints turn out cuter when overlapped.

Icy grey stem

Anyway, they have mirrors all around in the shop, so you can try the scarves and see which one looks good on you. The cashier was very friendly too and told me that the scarves are sold on the fastlane and I asked stupid question "is this real Orla or imitation?" Haha I know..noob right? Then he told me that IT IS from the famous Orla design, Uniqlo paid some money for the copyright and turn them into these scarves and sold it for a fraction of price. They also got it for some tops and cardigans. Darn! I don't have much time so I give it a pass. Else, I'll ask him to stop scanning and run to the back to look at the cardigans haha.

Since I can't get my hands on the jackets and home decor fabric, this will be enough for now. Ohhh my Orla Kiely scarves!

It's sold at RM39.90 per piece, go grab it if you love the prints!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Zahra's First DIY necklace

Since Zahra is a big toddler now, I tried to make a point doing some craft with her every weekend. First, because I love crafting, second, it's going to be a good exposure and nice change of activity for her (instead of watching youtube all day). Anyway, it's kinda hard because Emir is only 1yo, hence he loves to join the band. I'm fine with it but it's a bit uncontrollable because the craft stuff always include either sharp thing (needle/scissors/color pencil) or small parts. However, not every weekend has been fruitful, but I try to get something done.

The first craft activity was to make hama bead necklace. We made this in August (wowww, took so long for me to blog about it haha) and she loves it soooo much because it is the first time I let her operating the needle. Anyway, I cautioned her many times ahead to be careful with the needle because it is sharp and I even poke her lightly on the skin to show her that it's prickly. 

 Busy with the needle

 This is how we do it mommy!

We used hama beads (bought in a big case from IKEA) and embroidery floss. 

I also used the flower alphabet beads (this going to be in my shops soon!) to spell out her name.

 I tie a knot at end of the needle to avoid the embroidery floss come off from the needle.

It took her almost whole evening to string the bead and she lost interest half way and keep on saying "Mommyyy tolong buatttt" hahaha. Seems like it's hard for her to keep focus on long process craft. But the moment I finish stringing the bead, she was so excited and keep on parading the necklace. She even sleep wearing it!

I tried to snap a profile pic, but she's been running and jumping

 A clearer pic of the necklace. The flower beads spell z-a-h-r-a upside down. Cute isn't it?

You want my pic so bad? I give you this pose!

Anyway, I tried to snap the necklace pic itself and guess what? I don't know where the hell is it! It must have been tossed somewhere. The thing is, she did ask for the necklace and when I asked her back where is it, she said "Hmm hilangg lah...Kita buat yang lain ok?"

Yeah..I got it, you want to play with the needle again :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zahra's First Barbie

Time flies so fast that I didn't realize my daughter is almost 3 years old! She's still a small baby in my eyes. Last few weeks, she's been watching a lot barbie related on the iPad especially the 'Life in the Dreamhouse' series. It's pretty funny though, I like it too especially the "Closet Princess" episode hehe.

Back to Zahra, we hardly buy her any toys before, because she didn't really dig in store-bought toys, instead she loves the hangers, pots and pans, you know, stuff like that. Since the 'relapse' episode and she keep on saying this to me 

"Mummy...Zahra nak barbie kaler kuning macam ni (while pointing to the iPad), nanti mummy beli ok?"

And I just casually reply, "Ok..nanti mummy cari dulu".

The conversation has been weeks and I think it's about time, so we brought her to Toys R Us Ikano to let her choose which barbie she wants. But of course, it's all just a trick, in the end, we bought the cheapest one haha.

The moment we step into Toys R Us, her face light up and she keep on running here and there and she squeel excitedly "Mommmyyyyy banyaknya barbieeeeee" while pointing to the arrays of barbie. 

She stand still at the shelf and keep on telling me "mummyyyy barbie ungu", "mummmyyy barbie ada wing". She was so excited that I almost burst into tears. Kesian anak mummy tak ada barbie.

The funny part is when she has to choose which barbie she wants. She picked up one box and said, "Nak yang ni" then she saw another one, and bring to me "Nak yang ni!". And then when I said only one barbie, she gets confused and the look of her face is really funny hahaha.

So I choose two barbie that are the cheapest but looks pretty to my eyes and said to her, "Ok, Zahra boleh pilih satu je for today..Zahra nak yang mana?"

And she gave me the longest "Hmmmmmmmmmm....." while her eyes scanning both barbie, and finally make a decision "Nak yang ni!". So cute! To make it definite, I keep on asking her, "Zahra sure? Yg ni ada specs cantik (Engineer Barbie), yang ni dog (Pet Vet Barbie), pilih satu je". She keep on choosing the Pet Vet, so Pet Vet it is!

From I CAN BE.. series

But tell you what, the best part it, I paid the barbie for RM30 only!!! The original price was RM59.90 (applicable to other I Can Be characters as well) but I don't know what's wrong with Pet Vet, or is it a pure promotion, but it's damn cheap. I even went to the counter and check it first with the staff  "Betul ke 30 ringgit?". Haha..

Few days after that, we saw the same barbie at Giant and Tesco, both prices at RM59.90. Feels like hitting a jackpot! 

Her first self-choosen present. Hugging it with dear life. Nobody can touch the box including Emir.

She's pretty excited with the barbie and keep on asking me for another one.

"Mummy...nanti mummy beli barbie swim ok?" --> referring to barbie with pool
"Mummy...Zahra nak barbie kaler kuning..mymmy beli nanti yeh?" --> referring to I-don't-know-which-one
"Mummy...nanti mummy beli rumah barbie ok?" --> referring to the playhouse

Oh ya...after handled the barbie to her, I told her, "Zahra..daddy belikan..so Zahra say thank you to daddy ok?"

And she keeps on hugging and saying thank you to MrComot profusely, that made me feel so sedih... macam grateful sangat. It shows that how much she wants the barbie *sniffles*.

Barbie accompanying Zahra with her iPad. Apparently, youtube is still her #1.

However, the barbie fever last only for few days. At first, she even brought it to the babysitter house. After few days, she refused to bring it, I don't know why..I did ask, but the answers are varies. Sometimes she said she doesn't want other kids to take it, sometimes she said she wants to watch TV instead of playing with barbie. So I can't really guess what happened. At home, she still prefers the iPad and play random things.

Whatever it is, mummy will buy you another one if got discount ok? ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The BIG 1yo Boy

My handsome boy turns 1 this month! We didn't have any celebration because both of us were very busy, well now come to think of it, I don't remember busy apa laa sangat.

Anyway we went to IKEA that day buying some stuff, and my MIL bought him a cake when we back for dinner. Yg excited of course la the kakak!

Talking about my handsome boy, he is one cheeky monkey! Very active and lasak! His current hobby is to climb the coffee table, stand tall and walk around proudly. Do you know how it gives me heart attack? Coffee table kan kecik je..dia boleh tour kat situ, adoiii...I have to grab him down and he will do the same thing again and again. There is this one time I gave up and said "suka hati la Emir..jatuh mommy tak tahuuuu" and then he accidentally slip his feet at the edge and menjunam jatuh ke bawah, head down first! Haiyohhhhh! Cry for a few moment only and continue to climb the table *sigh*

Another 'naughty' habit is he loves to throw himself as a sign of protest. If I said no or I grab him from doing something else (like trying to climb the stairs, or grab the mug) he will loosen his body and throw himself to the ground. But pandai jugak budak ni..dia tau sakit, so the moment he is about to touch the ground, he will quickly support his body with his hands for softer landing. Then he will lie still on the ground and cry. Sabar je la..drama king betul!

Still on breastmilk, thank you God for giving me the strength to continue this far and it is something that I will never trade of, even though sometimes I do feel like giving up. I love the breastfeeding moment so much, his eyes will twinkle everytime he latches and his feet will be swaying up and down. It's like an escape for both of us. If he falls or hurt, he will be easily comforted by BF and if I am so tired, lying down BFing him will be the best therapy of the day.

Already eat table food. We gave up home made food few weeks ago because he refused all the 'special' food. He wants to eat what we have even though it's plain rice only, as long as his meal doesn't look any different than ours. So I just give the table food tapi cheating a bit, like if I have curry, his will be like rice dabbed with curry and less salt and sugar for other meal.

Not a picky eater like his sister, pretty much eat anything including toasted bread. Well, I know some babies eat toasted bread, but this is new to me because Zahra don't eat toasted bread at all and will give the ewwww look. But Emir, suka betul, he will gobble everything.

Very manja and clingy boy but mommy loves you that way! Happy 1 year old sayang! Grow up big and strong and kind and clever and all the best stuff ok?

Oh ya..sorry no celebration for you..hmm just because you are very small and mommy is lazy hahaha. But will have a good one when you are bigger k? InsyaAllah..

Giving me that look

So happy when he's off the stroller

And refused any help. He's been running here and there sampai tertonggeng-tonggeng.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome: Revisited...in less than a year

A lot of major events happen this week, happy thing, and heartache one too. Handsome boy turns big ONE, our marriage had its 4th anniversary, revamping the house, and Zahra's unfortunate Nephrotic Syndome comes back.

She finished her medication end of December last year, after taking steroid in solid 6 months, and I was planning to write a closure on this sad episode when suddenly it flares up last week.

She was cheeky and her usual self, except I notice a minor puffiness on her face. But he urine excretion is normal  so I didn't really check (because in NS patient, they won't excrete much pee) but I have a bad feeling about it, so we test it with the Albumix stick. The thing is, we always check like once a week or in fortnight, but life has been very busy, so we missed like 3 weeks. After all, it is almost a year and she looks fine. So after the test, it shows at 3+ (protein level at 300g/L in the urine) where normal people should be 0 or trace (less than 30).

Her latest face when I had that 'hunch'. Minor puffiness.

We did some reading and sources said she might have a relapse if the reading maintained at 3+ for 3 consecutive days. So we checked everyday for 3 days, it maintains at 3+ and we rushed off to SDMC to see Dr Indon.

They did blood test and the it shows the protein level in the blood is really low, meaning yes, Zahra has a relapse, the kidney has a hole and the protein is coming out :(

Dr Indon said Zahra is doing pretty well, because she was expecting her to have 'earlier' relapse. Well, we are trying to stay positive that she won't have a relapse at all but according to the statistic, 10% of NS patients who have repetitive NS is in young children. And Zahra got her first NS when she was 1y 6m, at a very young age. This is new info to us, so we'll be more ready after this *still crossing the finger for her not-to relapse*.

Zahra after the blood taken. Sangat sedih :(

The blood test result. The protein level is already at min threshold, meaning she doesn't have enough protein in her blood (all gone during the way to kidney for processing) and the cholesterol level shoot up to 5.7. High cholesterol is the immediate effect if you have Nephrotic Syndrome because the liver detects there is not enough lipid, so it will produce more fat for your body. For certain critical case, the patient has to take cholesterol medicine to control the damage.

Dr Indon lay out a plan for Zahra. She has to take the antibiotic first to kill all the virus, cough medicine, ventolin (to open more airway for the phlegm to bust out) and Aldactone to reduce the swelling. We have to check her urine every day and if the urine level maintain at 3+ after 5 days of antibiotic, we have to start on the Prednisolone (steroid) high dose pronto for 10 days, and see her after that for another blood test.

The medicines

We start the medicine as per instructed, the antibiotic + cough medicine + ventolin and hoping the urine level will go back to normal. Unfortunately it remains the same after 5 days, so we have to start her back on Prednisolone :(

She has to take 7 tabs a day, and that is equal to 35mg. 4 tabs in the morning, 3 tabs during the evening. We start it on Saturday night (3 tabs), using the normal way we did last time, crush the tablet with water and sugar, add a bit of apple juice and give it to her via syringe. Surprisingly, she took it quite well despite of her 'bitter' face. 

So we did the same way for Sunday morning (4tabs) and it's totally different this time. She spits out the moment the syringe touches her tongue and she struggles and vomits, not once but 3 times! We had to crush the med over and over because it keep on coming out from her stomach. MrComot had to pin her down and I had to force-open the mouth, well.. I'll say it's violent. She cries soooo hard and it breaks my heart. In the end, I don't know how much tab taken, because we did it few times, but not overdose..I hope.

Funny thing is, she can take it well during the night. But I already warned her beforehand "Ok Zahra choose, Zahra nak makan elok-elok or mommy suruh daddy ikat Zahra and tarik mulut Zahra macam pagi tadi". She refused but still taking it and no vomit. So I made a conclusion that 3 tab is do-able but 4 tab is impossible for her. Even though we already increase the sugar but maybe it's too bitter. So we change the plan on Monday morning (had to take emergency leave for any incidents) and split the 4 tabs into 2 portion and Alhamdulillah...she can take it! But she keep on crying "Mommy tanak....mommyyyy tak sukeee". I can stand the crying, as long as I don't have to physically force her and no vomit involve.

And funny thing about Zahra, we gave the Aldactone (to reduce the swelling) and red dots appeared around her eyes. Apparently she is allergic to Aldactone because it's gone when we stop it. I emailed Dr Indon asking her opinion and she said it's a rare condition for people to have allergy to Aldactone but common for Augmentin (the antibiotic she's taking) and she request us to stop giving her Aldactone. Yang funny tu, the common one - Augmentin ok pulak, she can take it. Zahra ni memang one of a kind :)

As of today, she's been on high dose steroid for 6 days and the next checkup will be next Tuesday. Dr will run another blood test to check on the protein level and will continue next plan from there. Her urine level is 2+ today and hopefully it will go down to 0 next Tuesday.

Please pray for us.. and don't forget to take good care of yourself too! The weather is kinda hanky-panky lately and avoid outdoor activities if you can! Stay good :)