Monday, May 31, 2010

My tottilla is now Malaysian!

Finally, I could steal a breath to update this blog. So many happens this few days (which includes my car gotten into accident!) that I can't juggle what to write.

Anyway, my little one got her first MyKid! Now she is officially Malaysian!

Do you notice the binari IC number? Hehehe..only behind is not 0 or 1. If we registered after another 2 people, we will get all 0 and 1! Tough luck.

Oh ya, yesterday was my birthday and I still didn't claim any gift from MrComot. Not that we really give presents to each other, but since he insisted, why not? Hehehe. Come to think, he owes me THREE gifts - push present (I learnt from Tatty, tenkiu! :D) + anniversary + birthday.

Hmmmhmmhmmm what should I request? Considering 3 occasions in 1, I can ask for something posh and lavish aight? Hahaha..kidding. All I want is more years to come hands in hands with MrComot *insert schlopppyy kissess here*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zahra's Party - Happy & Jolly Part

Despite the not-so-happy part, everything else went well during the ceremony. There are still few hiccups but biasa lah kan, I'll try to manage better party next time.

Food was abundant. We catered enough food for everybody and then my mom decided to cook, not one or two, but A LOT! So end up ada terlebih banyak the bihun siam. Luckily our house is next to the mosque, so we packed the bihun in polysterine and gave to the mosque for jemaah. We had nasi putih, sotong goreng tepung, kari ayam, rendang daging, bihun goreng siam, sayur campur and air oren from the caterer whilst my mom cooked nasi impit + kuah kacang, bubur kacang hijau, keropok terengganu and gulai udang harimau. It's a lot I tell you! I also ordered fruit tarts and cheese tarts from Mamafami. Not to mention aunties who came and bring apam, cupcakes, cakes, etc. OMG! The buffet table macam nak terbalik ha ha ha. I personally think the food as a bit melebih2 but ok la..tak lebih banyak. Only the mihun. Oh ya, I really recommend the fruit tarts, sangat sedap ok! And mamafami was so kind gave me choc cuppies for Zahra and o-m-g, it's super duper delicious I tell ya! I dah pernah try 4 cupcakes from different cuppies maker and I like mama's the most!

We had miscommunication with the orang masjid. We were contemplating to start the majlis in the morning or after zohor and the person in charge said it doesn't matter, morning or noon will be the same, so we opted for morning session. Apparently nobody come in morning ok! So we only had 3 persons from mosque (if I'm not mistaken), and we were budgeting there will be around 30 people. The Pak Imam told my mom that normally people do after Zohor. Hmmphhhh! So darlings, if you want to make baca doa selamat, do after Zohor ok.

Other story will follows the pictures ;)

A day before. Cutting fruits and boiling the eggs.

Finely slicing pandan leaves for the eggs. Rajin tak? wasn't really my request but I just casually mention "Best jugak kalau ada bunga rampai kan?" and suddenly everybody agrees to make it, penangan cucu pertama. It was MrComot's first time slicing it and he finds it amusing. Oh oh can u see how 'tekun' he doing it? The whole house is filled with pandan fragrance and it is sooooooo good to the nose :D

Sisters helping to pack the leaves with egg. Nyum!

MrComot put up the chair cover in the morning. If you live PJ/KD/Sg Buluh area, I really2 recommend this canopy guy. For one 20 x 20 arabian canopy + fan + 2-colors scallop + 4 tables + 40 chairs + 5 of 3 x 3 buffet tables + table cloth + chair covers + transportation = RM330! I don't have his number now btw, I'll ask from MrComot if you are interested, just drop me a mail.

Zahra Elena enjoying herself in the middle of the hall, watching us doing our stuffs

One of the favors, handmade chocolate + custome made wrapper!
Sugar and spice, and all that's nice
That's what little girls are made of
I ordered this from a friend of my friend, Fida. Thanks dear if you are reading this!

My ad-hoc handmade invitation cards to our neighbours. MrComot cakap I poyo! Hahaha.. whatever :P

Arranging the favors for people who comes for baca doa selamat, I packed for 50 and only about 15 yang datang. Ni kes salah faham with the masjid fella lah. Takpe lah, takde rezeki for both parties :(

Finally, a picture with 3 of us! Mommy and daddy are widely smiling, only little one not so well :(

So that basically will summarize the event that day. I planned to snap food pics but didn't have the chance *sigh*

Oh ya, we also got very nice flower setting at freaking cheap price, also no pictures and I forgot the name, I think pretty petals or something, located in Giant Kota Damansara. The lady who did the flower is very nice and talented, named Jenny. It was an impromptu order and she set the flower on the spot!

To my parents, siblings, in laws, aunties, thank you so much for helping us with the preparation, haha as if they read this blog... I hope they are not! :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Miracle Sleep

Miracle happens today! Zahra Elena finally decides to sleep other than on our bed and stroller (while moving). She sleeps in car seat today! I've been training her to be in the car seat quite some times, and as always she prefers to be on my lap (or on my boobs to be exact). It started with 15mins, then goes up up half an hour and 45mins. But I rarely leave her in the car seat too long because our journey normally just a bit above 1 hour and I will still manja2 her to be on my lap.

She always refused to sleep on the other than her two fav places even though she's very sleepy. All she does is fight the heavy eyes and be cranky instead. Anyway today I decided to put her a bit longer and she dozed off! It's either she's really fine with the new place to sleep, or just too sleepy to fight it, I don't know. Whatever it is, good girl!

On the way to exit Jalan Duta

Anyway, I still don't have the heart to let her sleep through, so halfway, I gently woke her up and let her sleep on my lap :D

On the other note, she had her 4-months checkup last Friday - the triple antigen jab + last shot of rotavirus vaccination. She took it well, no fever at all, Alhamdulillah. She's 6.1kg and 62cm long! She's really long I tell you. According to the growth chart, she's 90% on the length and 50% on the weight.

Below is a couple of her pictures at the clinic.

While waiting for her turn.
I told you she doesn't like to be carried. She keeps on wriggling until I have to put her on the clinics' sofa, and let her play by herself ish ish ish

And gave her prettiest pose of the day!

Anyway she still drinks very little (to me), about 6oz (a breakdown of 2oz x 3 feeds) and that explains why my stock is abundant. I'm a bit worried actually but as long as she keep on growing and healthy, should be ok lah kan?

Happy 4 months Zahra Elena! You have another jab awaiting for you next month hehehe..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zahra's Party - Not so Happy Part

Here is the promised entry, about majlis kesyukuran kelahiran Zahra Elena. The event went well, only that star of the day fell sick abruptly! We still don't know why she had her fever that day, but I guess budak-budak macam tu lah. Nak demam, demam sajaaaaaa..

It started on the day itself, Sunday morning around 5am when suddenly I awake and look at Zahra, within a blink of an eye Zahra vomited out in her sleep! I was freaking out, widely awake and quickly lift her up. I pat her back slowly and after a while she fell asleep. Around 6am, again she vomited out, also in her sleep. This time also I was sleeping and tiba-tiba rasa nak terbangun. OMG, I was amazed ok, I mean, it's like a miracle to me, how come I rasa nak terbangun and at the same time Zahra muntah. I guess it's maternal instinct.

I feel uncomfortable because it is the first time Zahra vomit like that, the whole milk came out like a waterfall. But she seems ok and still sucking normally. By 8am, I notice her body temperature is a bit high so I quickly put damped towel on the forehead and do other chores.

Around 10am she started to get cranky and crying. I thought she was upset because I left her in the morning (MrComot and I went to florist to take flowers) and she just being mengada-ngada, but around 1130 when the event about to started, pak imam and friends baca Yassin, she cried her heart out. I planned to bring her out to the hall where people reciting the Yassin but the moment I lift her and put her on my lap, she started twisting her body and cry. All she wanted that time is latching on my boob.

After a while she gets a bit better so I put her on the cotton mattress where my friends get to see and hold her. But all she did was lying helplessly weak. Then I know she's really not well.

On the afternoon when people are cramping in, her fever seems to be higher and she's not her usual self. She's extremely weak that she didn't bother to move, only letting out soft cries and her eyes keep looking above her head (something like rolling up but I don't want to admit it) that I know something is very not right with her! I was so nervous thinking it might be minor seizure and quickly undress and bathe her. The eyes back to normal after that and I keep on sponging her and feed her directly, holding her so close to me.

Until now I ain't dare to think what really happen that day. It's too scary for me to imagine or flashback. My hunch is saying she is this close to have a fit, thank God she hadn't.

Started to bend her neck and 'look above'

Cries softly only :(
Normally she will get angry and push the bottle when I tried to feed her with bottle at home

It's heart-wrenching to see Zahra lies weakly like this.

By the way, we went to the clinic the next day and stuff her fever syrup (the thick sweet orange liquid, forgot the name though). It took her 3 days to fully recover. Oh ya, according to the doc, fever will always come with vomit for infants. Another reason for your child to vomit if she has gas in her stomach.

On a brighter note, all the pictures were taken by my colleague, nice is it? He's using D700 with 50mm 1.4 lens. I didn't have to chance to snap any pictures on my own and I'm glad I didn't. Else maybe I was too busy with myself and ignoring Zahra :(

Ps: Zahra, sorry ok, mommy try to be more alert after this and will give my best to take care of you.

Let them be

After discussing with hubby and friends, I've decided to let the entry as it is. We did what is right to our family and they know nothing about it, so if they choose to be ignorant about it, just let them be.

Anyway, thanks for all the input and I really appreciate it. Normal entries will resume in short ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perlu padam atau tidak

Kawan-kawan, terpaksa tulis bahasa pasar sebab tak suka mat salleh yg tak paham bahasa untuk paham entry ni.

Ingat tak entry pasal zahra dah sunat? tak sangka pulak menimbulkan kontroversi. kalau u guys rajin, try browse tengok eh.

so soalan dia, perlu atau tak utk padam/password protected/padam komen saja/buat tak tahu?

ikut hati me, me tak kisah, i mean they dont know what the fuck we are doing here right. but come to think it may lead to many assumption and hate. ohh i tak kisah pasal benci tu, cuma i cant foresee the consequences. will it bring more harm or good thing?

so i need an insight, what should i do? anyone? cara kita fikir lain2 kan..maybe with your thought i can do something right.

khairiah? u as a lawyer what do u think? and all my friends yg lagi ada perasaan concern berbanding hati batu me? :(

kalau rasa tak best nak tinggalkan komen kat sini, email me cadangan anda di

thx ya. sayanggg semua (>:D<)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Zahra is officially 4 months old today!

I know it's a bit late but she wants to wish all the mothers outside happy mommy's day!

Dengan ucapan, free kisses with every cuddle!

Ahh talking about mommy, dulu orang selalu cakap, jangan lawan cakap ibu, kasih ibu tiada tandingan, syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu etc etc but I never really get it. I mean, I tried to understand and love back my mother (I do love her) but now I know my love is nothing compared to how much she loves me.

Whenever I talk to Zahra, look into her eyes, I know my love is unconditional, without doubt. It is so pure and warm that I wish I will remember the feeling when she grows up and know how to talk back ha ha ha.

I hope she's not.

Zahra Elena, you have no idea how much I love you that the feeling itself makes me so happy and content, that I don't think I will mengungkit whatever we have sacrificed for you. Thanks for being the joy of our live.

And thanks to my mommy, I know you feel the same towards me ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Cute Nap

The majlis kesyukuran went well but I still couldn't find the right time to write about it. We've been very busy and tell you what, Zahra got her first fever on that occasion ok. What a nice date you picked lah darling. The fever lasted until Wednesday and she's fully recovered on the Thursday morning.

We still didn't pack the carpet, push the sofas, chairs and whatnot yet to their place.

Anyway, MrComot had migration-thingy last night (until 6am!) and he get to book off today. I take annual leave as well as it's hard for me to go to work with Zahra alone (leaving Zahra with him is a no no hehe).

MrComot was sleeping in the room after Subuh and suddenly awake because of work (again!) and now is sleeping with Zahra in the hall on the 'unpacked' carpet.

Zahra rarely can sleep other than in her bed but I guess she's full to the brim and tired as well so she gives it a go. Can you see that they are holding hands? How sweeeeet.

Now leaving me only who wide awake, so I guess I have to do the chores, hmppphhh!

Ok darlings, will try update about the event later. Mwahhh!