Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zahra's Party - Happy & Jolly Part

Despite the not-so-happy part, everything else went well during the ceremony. There are still few hiccups but biasa lah kan, I'll try to manage better party next time.

Food was abundant. We catered enough food for everybody and then my mom decided to cook, not one or two, but A LOT! So end up ada terlebih banyak the bihun siam. Luckily our house is next to the mosque, so we packed the bihun in polysterine and gave to the mosque for jemaah. We had nasi putih, sotong goreng tepung, kari ayam, rendang daging, bihun goreng siam, sayur campur and air oren from the caterer whilst my mom cooked nasi impit + kuah kacang, bubur kacang hijau, keropok terengganu and gulai udang harimau. It's a lot I tell you! I also ordered fruit tarts and cheese tarts from Mamafami. Not to mention aunties who came and bring apam, cupcakes, cakes, etc. OMG! The buffet table macam nak terbalik ha ha ha. I personally think the food as a bit melebih2 but ok la..tak lebih banyak. Only the mihun. Oh ya, I really recommend the fruit tarts, sangat sedap ok! And mamafami was so kind gave me choc cuppies for Zahra and o-m-g, it's super duper delicious I tell ya! I dah pernah try 4 cupcakes from different cuppies maker and I like mama's the most!

We had miscommunication with the orang masjid. We were contemplating to start the majlis in the morning or after zohor and the person in charge said it doesn't matter, morning or noon will be the same, so we opted for morning session. Apparently nobody come in morning ok! So we only had 3 persons from mosque (if I'm not mistaken), and we were budgeting there will be around 30 people. The Pak Imam told my mom that normally people do after Zohor. Hmmphhhh! So darlings, if you want to make baca doa selamat, do after Zohor ok.

Other story will follows the pictures ;)

A day before. Cutting fruits and boiling the eggs.

Finely slicing pandan leaves for the eggs. Rajin tak? Haha..it wasn't really my request but I just casually mention "Best jugak kalau ada bunga rampai kan?" and suddenly everybody agrees to make it, penangan cucu pertama. It was MrComot's first time slicing it and he finds it amusing. Oh oh can u see how 'tekun' he doing it? The whole house is filled with pandan fragrance and it is sooooooo good to the nose :D

Sisters helping to pack the leaves with egg. Nyum!

MrComot put up the chair cover in the morning. If you live PJ/KD/Sg Buluh area, I really2 recommend this canopy guy. For one 20 x 20 arabian canopy + fan + 2-colors scallop + 4 tables + 40 chairs + 5 of 3 x 3 buffet tables + table cloth + chair covers + transportation = RM330! I don't have his number now btw, I'll ask from MrComot if you are interested, just drop me a mail.

Zahra Elena enjoying herself in the middle of the hall, watching us doing our stuffs

One of the favors, handmade chocolate + custome made wrapper!
Sugar and spice, and all that's nice
That's what little girls are made of
I ordered this from a friend of my friend, Fida. Thanks dear if you are reading this!

My ad-hoc handmade invitation cards to our neighbours. MrComot cakap I poyo! Hahaha.. whatever :P

Arranging the favors for people who comes for baca doa selamat, I packed for 50 and only about 15 yang datang. Ni kes salah faham with the masjid fella lah. Takpe lah, takde rezeki for both parties :(

Finally, a picture with 3 of us! Mommy and daddy are widely smiling, only little one not so well :(

So that basically will summarize the event that day. I planned to snap food pics but didn't have the chance *sigh*

Oh ya, we also got very nice flower setting at freaking cheap price, also no pictures and I forgot the name, I think pretty petals or something, located in Giant Kota Damansara. The lady who did the flower is very nice and talented, named Jenny. It was an impromptu order and she set the flower on the spot!

To my parents, siblings, in laws, aunties, thank you so much for helping us with the preparation, haha as if they read this blog... I hope they are not! :D


  1. Salam,

    gudi beg ada belen ka?
    hahahaha poyo tak datang lagi tak malu minta gudi beg :P

  2. mcm kenduri zahra kwen pula ;)
    hehehe.ruginya x dtg..

  3. mashaaAllaah, your family is so beautiful! :) keep posting sis

  4. bestnya posing sefamily..ni nk kena ajak cik suami n aqil posing mcm ni gak ni..hahaha..

  5. Tatty,
    Haha..goodie bag dah pass habis hari tu.

    Takde lah..khemah je macam kenduri kawin :P

    Umm Safiyah,
    Thanks :)

    Yup yup kena posing banyak2..sbb cepat sgt budak tu besar kan. Duk tangguh2 ni dah 5 bulan me baru ada 2 keping posing satu family mcm tu :(