Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eco Friendly Xmas

We went to Jusco AU2 last weekend because it was under construction when I left Setiawangsa and I just wonder how it looks like. Surprisingly it's quite big but I still prefer JJ Wangsa Maju. And now they have Wangsa Walk, need to compete real tough. Anyway below is some random pictures..

Lunch that day, nasi ladna with honey dew bubble tea.

Their food court - very colourful and clean. I like the idea that you don't have to take the receipt and go pay at a specific counter. You can pay at the counter itself now. I don't what if this also applied to 'old jusco'.

And got free wifi! Everywhere got free access nowadays.

They don't use TM btw :P

The eco friendly decor - using egg cartons. It varies on location, I read that one Jusco is using mineral bottles as the decor. Not so sure where is it. Crafty but less exciting :P

Ps: Andes is already in holiday mood but will try to drag her ass writing as usual :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Confinement Plan

Nothing much on work today, I guess everybody is already in holiday mood. Finally I can shake my sleepyhead off, but still I'm so lazy to study or do anything related with work (erkkk).

So this morning is spent with movies searching for me to download - to watch during confinement. I know I'll be very busy attending the little one later, but I think I can catch a movie or two during breastfeeding her :D

Since my pregnancy, I only managed to watch 1 movie only, G-Force. So I have lotssss to catch up. So far, this is my current torrent list that is being downloaded. The server has a limited space (only 3Gb at a time), so I need to download 'em batch by batch.

1st batch running:

*** Upload: 11.30 KiB/s | Download: 506.20 KiB/s | Peers: 93/220
>Name /== Hash...==\ Peers | Done (MB) | % | Up | Down
1) Pineapple.Express[2008]D |b5d0ab741c99| 24/55 | 101.0/ 702.0 | 14 |12.8 |187.3
2) Seven.Pounds[2008]DvDrip |bd4e3a77f819| 26/56 | 114.0/ 701.5 | 16 | 3.7 |185.7
3) Madagascar-Escape.2.Afri |d13b27f5f392| 29/53 | 46.0/ 700.9 | 6 | 5.9 |107.8
4) Julie & Julia[2009]DvDri |eaf1a9bbf3da| 14/56 | 22.3/ 800.1 | 2 | 4.3 | 24.0

Anyway looking at my long list, MrComot said:

"Cartoon je memanjangggggg"

"Me need happy movie so that me can produce milk tau"

"Ohhh hubby tak make u happy ke? :(("

" nak watch while hubby pegi keja laaa"

Kannnnnn. Over la pakcik ni. I noticed that him become more 'manja' lately. In fact, there is a few time he will say something like this

"Nanti baby come out mesti you sayang baby lagi kan"

"Mana ada..both are my babies, mesti la me sayang you sama jugak"

"No's reality, because the baby has been inside you for 9 months, so u'll love her more"

Haha.. I thot only women have this pre-natal blues.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sleepy Monday

After 3-days break, I am so schleeeepyyyyyy......

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sugary baby

I had another checkup yesterday with Dr Fidak. As I mentioned before, this week I have to do MOGTT - the sugar test.

They gave me a 75g dextrose and to tell you the truth, the taste is not bad, something like F&N orange, only minus the gas. I don't feel like to vomit (like what other mommies always tell) but I do feel nausea after finishing the whole thing. Serious rasa nak pitam sangat that I wish I don't have to go through this procedure again in the future.

My first sugar reading (I had to fast) was 4.9 which is very good and after consume the sugar my reading shoot up to 9.8. I had to wait an hour and take another reading, estimation should be below 8. Unfortunately my reading maintained at 9.0 and Dr Fidak shoved me to dietrician for consultation.

Anyway I think we read it wrongly because I took the sugar 15mins later, so I had to wait for another 15mins before the last reading. The thing is, I only notice this timing-tak-kena after waiting for dietrician, I browsed my camera and look at the timestamp (MrComot captured my pic drinking the sugar). But nevermind lah, we still go see the dietrician.

The dietrician went through me with a long checklist and the outcome is - I am fine. I don't have to retake the test or to blood-test-before-and-after-eating-thing. She said my reading goes down very slow because 75g is too much for me and I'm not used to it. Yeayyy! Mommy and baby is fine.

I also provided with admission letter and my EDD will be 14 Jan 2009. OMG, suddenly I feel so scared, it's just around the corner! *shiver* *shiver*

I add the text to cover the IC number and macam ok la pulak jadi watermark kan? It's super easy to do btw...maybe I can consider watermarking all my pics after this hmmm

Including the admission slip, they also give me a list for my hospital bag. Looking at it, I was like "OMG, apsal my hospital list before this macam complicated giler?" hahaha

The list

Oh ya, on baby updates, my little one already at 2.8kg and even though she is engaged, the head still facing upfront (profile position). It will be best if she can turn the face down. Dr Fidak tipped me that I have to banyakkan baring mengiring.

My gynea will start to see me every week after this. Hope everything goes well, pray for me ya :)

Gonna update again, mwahhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

crazy mommy on the runaway

I wannt to do a lot of thing now, like everything at one time! Can or cannot? Most of them just a knick knack that can be done in few hours (or minutes!) if I am determined enough. The thing is.. my belly feels so heavy and I am having braxton hicks like all the time, and I don't have the mood the do all the stuff except lie down on the bed staring at the ceiling *sigh*

But I want to rant this is what I feel I need to do before my baby pop-out!

1) Update blog about my Japan trip

2) Activate my twitter so I can tweet during confinement. Already registered but am passive.

3) Revamp my blog, like seriously! The 'what's with andes now' pun tak update2. It supposed to be 'Andes is having a baby' pic instead of the holding-hand-tie-knot-thing. It is more than a year ago! *sigh*

4) Buy something for MrComot's birthday. His birthday is this coming January and I have nothing yet. It has to be NOW because if I can't get it now, I won't get it at all. Will be extremely busy with the baby and all. I know that gift is unnecessary as I'm giving him a baby (LOL) but that what makes me more itchy to give something - when he expects the least hihihihihi. I loveeeee to surprise my babyyyyy. Ok, enough of gedikness. Btw, I already have something in mind, but it needs a lot of effort and I don't think I can commit. How how how howwww

5) Do some painting for living hall

6) Do 'cutie-monster' painting for family hall

7) Sew owl pillow

8) Bake orange cupcake because the butter is already expired, like a month ago? And it is an expensive Lurpak butter. So I HAVE TO BAKE something.

9) Bake choc chip cookies because I actually have 2 expensive butter expiring! Don't worry, all for me and MrComot's consumption.

OK..I think I'll go mad thinking of the things I want to do.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

36-weeks mommy

Hi darlingsss.. How are you? Hopefully everybody is in the pinkiest health :D

As usual, I had my Tuesday checkup with Dr Zana. I am at 36 weeks now and according to the scan, my baby already engaged!!! Doc said I can deliver any time by now..waaaaaa! I haven't pack my hospital bag yet, and if possible, I want my baby to be January baby. So baby, stay in there first ok, don't be restless to see the world. Nothing fancy outside except your mommy and daddy hahahaha.. Dr Zana also remind me to count on baby movement, it has to be more than 10 times within 12 hours, if lesser than that I have to go to the nearest hospital, baby could be stuck with the umbilical cord.

Ok other than that I think I'm doing pretty well. My weight is according to the chart, at 59kgs now. However, I have to do MOGTT (oral glucose test) next week (with Dr Fidak) as previously she said my baby is a bit biggish (Dr Fidak sendiri use that term, very funny). Hopefully nothing serious, I don't want to have that gestational diabetic. I already watch my diet, more vege and fruits instead of rice.

On my body changes, I feel heavier than ever, and harder to sleep because I still can't get the best position. I keep on tossing around until I drained myself and doze off. Sometimes I can't really walk after stay in one position for long (eg: nak turun kereta, nak bangun from chair) because I will feel so sengal at the bones and muscle. And I always find myself out of breath if I climb a few steps of stairs. MrComot keep on teasing me as Mommy Penguin!! Eeeeiii geram but rasa mcm comel jugak haha.

My constipation already went away. I think because my colon generating good environment now, after months of eating fruits. I have 2 types of fruits every morning and evening.

This is what I'm having for my breakfast/snack today. MrComot cut a whole organic dragon fruit and two persimmons.

I still popping in my Obimin, calcium pills and Anmum. That's all what I'm taking now. Oh ya, the stretch mark is ridiculously hideous! Even though I didn't scratch my belly, they happily formed themselves all the way around my belly like a belt! As I said before, I just found out that it is depending on one's skin. So, expensive oil or whatever-stretch-mark-cream won't really help actually. It only helps to reduce the itchiness. But the doc said the color will fade or turn into pinkish/whitish scar. I think it'll be cute.

I used to feel uneasiness everytime I see the stretch mark, but after a while I am okay with it. If men can be so proud of their sports injury scar, why can't we be proud of ours right? We are carrying a human inside for 9 months!!! Haahh tell me if you can beat that wahai sang lelaki :P

Oh ya, I also start to developing varicose veins. But it is an off and on thing. If I heighten my feet like for half an hour (with stockings on) every day, I notice that the varicose thingy disappeared. It will come again by the way after a few days, so I have to keep on doing it.

This is the latest pic, taken yesterday. I know from the pic I look 'tak besar' but I do okkk! I really look like mommy penguin, even my friends said I look so round.

Hmm what else? I think all I have to do now is wait and be prepared, mentally and physically. I'm pretty sure that I want to have normal delivery, without epidurial but we'll see how I take it later ok. Kalau dilate lambat sangat and the pain is unbearable, I'll give it a shot lah.

To all mommies, get ready ok, there will be pre&post natal blues. So daddies, support your wife ok. Don't be a jerk haha. InsyaAllah all of us will deliver healthy and beautiful baby, aminnnnnn...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cuddle Time

Actually I wanted to write about my latest checkup last weekend, but since I have another checkup tomorrow, I'll summarize everything in one entry esok lah yer.

Btw, teringat pasal Sara's entry about what do you do during the "he and me time". I can't really recall it since we do almost everything together. Work together (he does his, I have mine, but we get to have breakfast, lunch, dinner together hehe), live the house with only two of us, doing groceries together, etc etc. So some how, it has nothing special anymore.

But currently both of us found new 'masa berdua'!

We will watch Big Bang Theory most of the nights before going to bed. Since both of us only free after 12 midnight (MrComot balik rumah pun buat kerja okkkk! But he does it on the bed, so I just browsing via my handphone while baring2), we will spent another 40 mins to watch 2 episodes of the series.

After Desperate Housewives, BBT is one of my holy grail series. It's freaking hilarious. It's about 4 super nerds (3 of them are doctors, PHD doc and theoretical physicist) and talk in Klingon language! Hahaha..mesti u guys pulak tak faham. By the way, I never watch full Star Trek saga and superman, so somehow 50% of the dialog, I really don't get it (even though MrComot download it with english subtitle), but sooner or later you get it.


rock - paper - scissor


rock - paper - scissor - lizard - Spock

Hahaha do you what is spock?

This is Spock LOL

I only know it after I ask MrComot. Oh ya..most of the time I will ask MrComot:

Apa maksud dia? Why he said like that? What is ____?

Since he can explain most of it, seems like MrComot also one of the geek, only minus the PHD lol.

Anyway we didn't manage to do it every other night, sometimes I was too sleepy or he was extremely tired and we give it a pass. BBT already at season 3 and we are at season 2 now hehe.

In any case you watch BBT, what's your favourite character? My fav will be baby deer - Dr Sheldon Cooper and Volowitz is a looser :P

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Little Fear

Maybe some of you know how I met MrComot, spare the details, enough if I said we work together :)

During my early time working with this organization, I can see that most of my peer (my batch) are afraid of MrComot. Not because he's garang, but because he's kinda cold, I guess. He speaks whenever he wants and response if he thinks he should. But I still can remember clearly that I never 'afraid' or scared to speak to him, maybe because of my character that time, ignorant. I find cold people are plainly ridiculous and I don't have to put up anything with it. I still rant and ramble whenever I like even though he seems busy or being un-friendly. what's my point?

Oh ya, because previously my MIL used to ask me, have I ever feel afraid of his son during we work together? And I find the question is weird. Now come to think of it, it does make sense why people tend to be scared of him.

Ok what's my point again?

Haaa! My point is, today I discovered one thing, one fear actually, about MrComot. I sangat takot bila dia tanya what I had for lunch today!!! Obviously because I had something unhealthy - Maggie Mi. But the thinng is, TAKOT okkk!

We still work together after married so he pretty much knows my diet (we had lunch together most of the time) and not that he's very particular, but he kinda strict about it during my pregnancy. I am on leave since yesterday and he has outside training. Even though I am on holiday, I didn't cook as there is a few renovation work going on at the backyard, so berhabuk. Yesterday MrComot tapau-ed me nasi ayam, gigih ni balik rumah to bring back my lunch hehehe *thanks baby*

And as for today, I promised him last night that I will drive and go find my own lunch (there is a lot of eatineries here) since he will be very busy with training and something bad also happen to his servers. He need to sort the problem first and tapau-ing food for me mcm melampau la pulak kan. So ok la, agreed that I will have proper lunch.

But the thing is, whenever I am at home, I am so MALAS to go outside and kalau boleh nak duduk dlm cocoon saja waiting for somebody to come and feed me can? Nak bangun minum air pun malas. And as expected, he called me up during lunch time and asked me what I'm having


MrComot: Sayang dah makan?
Me: Hmm dahhh
MrComot: Sayang makan apa?
Me: Sayang jangan marahhhhhhhh. It's so hotttt outside and me tanak keluar, panas sangat, pastu me letak tomato ---> tak menjawab what I had hahaha
MrComot: U had maggie?
Me: Panas sangatttt kat luar tu, me can't drive like that --> still tak menjawab, drama sangat ok
MrComot: U put egg tak?
Me: Letak! Ada telur, sausage, and TOMATO --> baru nak mengaku makan megi and nak highlight jugak ada healthy stuff haha
MrComot: Ok..nanti have dinner with me, me have meeting again this evening bla bla bla

We chatted for a while and I am so relieved that he didn't marah me. Come to think why he should be angry over small thing right? But eating right food is BIG thing to him and I'm so scaredddd. Not that I never take junk food during this pregnancy but I always ask him first, if he said OK baru I makan hehe

For example last weekend I was so tempted to eat the twisties (my colleague have 'runcit' corner where he sells all kind of junk-food)

Me: TERINGIN la twisties tu..boleh makan tak?
MrComot: Sayang teringin sangat ke?
Me: nak makan sikit je
MrComot: Ok la..pegi la beli

I was so surprised that he let me go that easily, normally he will saiko me into not buying it

Me: Why suddenly u so baik and bagi me beli?
MrComot: *smiling* No la..I think u already around 9 months, should be ok kut nak makan sikit2

Kannnnnnnn...beli twisties pun I will ask permission ok. I'm so scared of him whenever it comes to food. And I will feel bad consuming all the unnecessary thing because he cuts fruits for me every morning, prepare my breakfast, make sure I eat grains and fibre every day (for my constipation), feed me proper snack before sleep (to combat the heartburn), makes me drink ANMUM everyday and make sure I don't miss my pills. Feels like I'm abusing his effort if I simply eat unhealthy food huhuhu..

Other than that, hmmm lemme think... Tak ada dah kut menda yg I takut about him? Kalau buat perangai or gaduh, I tak takut, annoyed ada la :P

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Passion Fruit

Have you eaten a passion fruit? I never try it before and a couple of weeks ago was my first time. I've tried passion fruit juice, cakes, pastries, but not as in real fruit!

I was intrigued by this fruit quite some times ago only that I didn't dare to eat it because I don't know how to eat. Is it sweet? Is it sour? I just don't know. Last two weeks, we went to a fruit shop and saw this pack of 4 passion fruits and suddenly I said "I want to try!"

The tips how to get a nice passion fruit (according to the shopkeeper) is by looking at its skin. You have to wait until it's wrinkled. The more, the sweeter but becareful not to over 'wrinkling' or it'll go bad.

So I wait for a few days until it goes like this:-

I thought it is wrinkled enough but it is NOT! Because it's still a tad of sour. I don't really fancy sour fruits.

This is how it looks inside

I kinda like the taste though, it is something like grapefruit, but slimy hahaha. Since it's quite tangy to me, I can't take it directly and don't think will consume it as juice too, so I scooped all and had it with the sweetest icecream in the fridge - Le Cremeria macademia something (eeiii this icecream really sweet ok, I don't like it) and the combo was a bomb, teething sweet + tangy sour.

Tak baik membazir tau ;P

I still keeping the other 3 and now waiting for them to have more wrinkle :)

Ps: Oh ya, I just found out that passion fruit is Markisa in BM. I always thought markisa is one kind of lime, just like calamansi.