Monday, June 30, 2008

Do you Kik Kok ?

We were walking in Ikano when I saw one booth next to the escalator is swarmed with people that I asked MrComot to check it out.

And look what we found - Kik Kok.

Kik kok? The weird name definitely did the trick, I quickly said, 'Jom try!' do I define this snack? It is a very thin and crisp crepe-like with lots filling to choose from.

The booth.

The queue ;)

See the unique handle they use to do the thin layer of crepes.

I bought banana with chocolate filling and it's yummylicious!

The banana is not too ripe. A bit sourish to sweet. So nice.

I think it is a new booth opened (or maybe the first ever) because they do the sales record manually!! One girl (maybe the tokey) will key in everything we order in a book, handwritten!!

If you happen to walk by, give it a try and have it while it's hot ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids with scarf

These pictures was taken while I was waiting for Maghrib prayer in Masjid Wilayah.

The cheeky kids with scarf caught my eyes. They were cuter with the cute tudung. Don't you think so?

My first snap. It was quite gloomy there as night is approaching.

The second one. They already laughing excitedly aware that I'm taking their pics.

When I have girls, I definitely will put one. Not because it's a good step to familiarize them with scarf, but because it is sooooo cute!!! :P

Monday, June 23, 2008

When Love embraces the Rage

MrComot and I had a big fight over a small thing last night. Both of us are hard-headed. So jgn harap la ada adegan pujuk memujuk while we are fighting. I believed I am right, so does he. That's why it always end with emotional sms.

But last night is the worst ever. He being sarcastic like hell and I was so furious that I said, 'Don't you be sarcastic bitch' that made him explode and he hang up! We never hang up on each other in our fights history. The fight continued via sms. Both of us were hurt and I just hate it so much that I end it with

"...... don't find me for a few days. Me hate you."

My general of thumbs while fighting, never, never say you hate your partner because you may think you hate him, but you will regret it very much later. At first I couldn't believe what I typed but it just burst out and I couldn't hold it anymore.

Being the ego of me, I pretty much want to keep my word, on don't find me part. So I laid out my plans of "can't be reached". Since he is on leave on Monday (which is today), I planned to go to the office, settled my things, then take emergency leave for a week and gone missing. I just want to hurt him so much (although I know it hurts me the same).

On the afternoon, I was restless already. Part of me want to make peace but the bigger part of me let him get me first. He is having funeral thingy (his uncle died) and make me feel a bit unfair to me because he got something to be occupied with and even if he thinks of me, it won't be as much as I do.

I hate this situation when I am mad at him but yet, I miss him much.

It is just in time when I had a little chat with Cool and put little here and there, these words knock my sense off:

cool (6/23/2008 1:16:04 PM): so baik aan beralah jer
andes (6/23/2008 1:16:08 PM): hmmm
cool (6/23/2008 1:16:13 PM): so nanti dia tmabah2 la sayang

Terus lembut hati.

Ikut hati mmg I nak gaduh lama-lama biar dia rasa sedih missing me for a while, but it will hurt me too. Then I thinking why we should waste the time to be in the sad state just to feed the ego kan? If you have choices to be happy, you are a fool not to pick it.

So I bagged all the strength I had and sms him:

"Sayang, I'm sorry for last night. How everything going? Ur mom ok?"

Then, came the reply and made me almost cry.

After a while, we had a small chat, discussing why I did all the stupid thing (I am a confronting (is this right?) person, even he already said sorry selagi I tak puas hati, I will ask why and discuss, which, one of my ex's take it as nagging. Hey you! :P).

After that little chat, I received one long sms from him.

"Sayang, u are the best thing that ever happened to me. Mmg me am lost n weng2 without u. Sayang sudi kan to be by my side, this immature thalasaemmia boy. Me dunno what u see in him, but he sees everything in u"

First thing that came across my mind - sweet talker! But I know he meant it.

Whatever it is, I'm glad I made the first move to pujuk him ;)

p/s: He has talasemia. It is a genetic thingy. Thank God he is only minor. If you guys tgh bercinta, go do blood screening. If both have it, it will be dangerous for your kids.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Banana Leaf Sri Devi

Finally! I decide to post about this even the pics ada yg vertical ada yg horizontal :P

I had work at SgWay last two weeks and MrComot had one in TTDI. Since it is nearby, we stole the afternoon to have lunch together. This is one of our favourite spot - Sri Devi nasi daun pisang, in Kelana Jaya, SS5, next to FAM football field. What I like about this place is, the food served quite satisfying and tasty. What I don't like, dekat counter tu ada bau2 sket..bau2 bunga mcm Indian prayer. But, the hall is quite big, so you can choose to sit jauh from that counter, time bayar je kena pegi :P

It is divided into two halls, one hall is smoking area (using fan) and another one is non-smoking with air-conditioned.

The servant putting the rice on the banana leaf

Choices of vegetables. It changes time to time depends on what they have in their kitchen.

Four type of gravy. Fish curry, chicken curry, dhal, another one tak ingat. I will always love to have the combination of fish and dhal.

Additional of deep fried tenggiri (this is a must!) and a piece of chicken. They fry it once we order. Not the mass frying one.

With pappadom.

The 'adab' after finished it. Fold the banana leaf outwards (this one not very sure, shud be outwards or towards you, anyone can confirm it?)

The normal set will come with rice, vege, gravy, pappadom and rassam (a kind of sour soup to accompany your meal) but I omitted it. Tak suka.

Total bill is RM18, including the additional tenggiri and chicken.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fwoggie's schloppy kiss

I was lying doing basically nothing, last night. Around 10PM I was already restless as I don't want to sleep yet, but I don't know what should I do. My laptop is too slow for any games now T_T

While stretching my legs, my thought was wandering about MrComot (yeahhh cheesy :P) then I remembered it was such a long time I don't make any hand-made cards for him. Hmmm..latest one is about 2 months ago *I think*. I have all the colorful papers but the idea is not there.

Suddenly I felt like drawing, but I don't know what to draw. I see frogs and then what's next? So I just pulled out a sketch book and draw random objects.

It started with a frog, then things started to pour in. The polka-dot, the flowers, the smooches ;)



I only have 12-colors so it quite difficult for me to blend colors (alasan for org yg tak pandai lukis kan :P). I wish I can have the 36 LUNA. Hmmm.. I think mcm pernah mintak frm him, but dia lupa lah ni. Have to remind him! Nevermind... btw, here is the outcome!


Amacam? Tantekkkk takk? Mestilah tantekk kan. Habisla puji diri sendiri :P

Honestly, I know it is not that great, but it is nice enough for me. Provided my limited skills and my own idea. Eh is it? I tak pernah tgk lagi somewhere something like this.

And it came with a story!!!

Hahaha.. so gedik kan?

And of course it ends like this :- They lived happily ever after

:P I'm glad he likes it.

MrComot: sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
MrComot: me smilling2 ok, tapi me not surpised (boleh?)
MrComot: sbb me dah saikik and me somehow dah expect ada something today
MrComot: lalalalalalala :-"
andes: benci okkkk
andes: sbb me tanya polka dot tu kannnnn
MrComot: a'ah :P

Recap: He called me last night while I doing the coloring, so I asked him kalau katak hijau sesuai polka-dot kaler apa. He said yellow (giler tak menarik okkk).

Hmmppphhhh!!! I'm bad with surprise.


Monday, June 16, 2008


Ops..2 entries in a day.

I've been meaning to write about this cool movie right after I watched it. But too bad I don't have internet connection at home. I rarely do review on movies, but this one worth the opinion.

I watched this last Friday night and tell you what, for a low cost budget movie, this movie is greatt!

Okay, I'm not giving it credit due to the cost, but it is really a good movie. I was prepared to 'cry' as I read on the net that it's a sad drama movie, but I never expect that I will cry throughout the movie, all the way!

It was simple and genuine and definitely will shed your tears.

Release date:
June 12th, 2008
M Subash
M Subash
M Subash, Maimon Mutalib, Khatijah Tan, Ruminah Sidek, Jalil Hamid
Genius Parade Sdn Bhd
1 Hour 50 Minutes

another reference

I'm not going to spoil you guys with details but they are two things that really impressed me.

First, the editing is superb. Minus the sharp scene changes, everything is cool and perfect. IMHO, I think it is wayyy better than Anak (horror flicks with Erra and Ida) and Waris Jari Hantu. For Editing lah. There is no typical loud dub-in-the-studio. The speech is smooth and relevant with the background. Not too loud, and almost natural. Macam movie Yasmin Ahmad. Not comparing, just to set the standard how good it is. The subtitle is neat and I like it very much.

Second, Ruminah Sidek is rawwkkk okkkk!! I felt her the most.

She's the best.

I cried hard, hard sampai almost teresak2 when she came into the pictures, especially the time when she console Badrul to sabar with all the ujian came from God (when he was accused stealing).

It is heartbreaking, and moving.

9.5 over 10.


The rockers

Hi all!!

Sorry for the long hiatus. Ecehhh..mcm lama sgt kan? It is just, soooo many things I wanna write about, yet so little comfort time to write, sbb tu rasa mcm lama tak apdet.

Btw, we had this 9-courses Chinese meal last Sat at TimeSquare Hotel. Thanks muchoooo to my dear Shani for inviting us. Lain kali jemput lagi okkkkk =D

The theme was Rock, and of course la akku tak ikut tema kannn. Hahaha sorry la lalink. I thot everybody won't be bothered with the theme as well but how wrong I was! We even got 'Bob Marley' there okkk!

Decorated Hall

The backdrop

The table setting. Nice candle.

Rock seater. Black and white. Cool!

The feast started with seafood appetizer, followed by shark's fin soup, etc etc. Can enlarge the menu to salivate yourself :P


The appetizer consist of abalone (remember this entry where I said I will never eat this yucky creature?) Well, after dah potong2 tak nampak yucky okk. So makan je la :P. Also in that appetizer was baby squid with jellyfish strips, shelled prawns and I'm not sure lagi satu tu apa, but I think fish paste in crunchy coat.

Some of the food pictures:-

Deep Fried Garoupa with Mango Thai Sauce. Perghh nama tanak kalah okk, even it tastes like ikan goreng je. Not that fresh.

Buttered Prawn. Quite a disappointment. I expect the classic type with eggs. This one is the creamy version, but not creamy enough. And the prawns wasn't as big as in the food tasting session (as claimed by Shani). Rasa tertipu tak Shani? Hehehe.

Saute Scallop with Hawaii Nuts & Brocolli. First time I had scallop, kinda afraid to eat it before. Turn out ok, taste like crabmeat, only sweeter and stronger.

One thing that was very funny, we noticed that at other tables, the waiter will serve the dish into each plate but in our table, once the waiter put down the dish, semua org terus serbu pakai chopstick okkk. Gila melantak. funny ok, and fun! Kitaorg gelak tak ingat.

And guess who was the guest artist?

Ellaaaaaa okkkkk!!

She sang like 3 or 4 songs. Standing in the eyes of the world, Rama-rama and alamak lupa la..was it Permata Biru or something else.

And all the guys gone maaaaadddddddd. It was like semua pergi serbu ke stage and they stood there until she finished the songs okkk.

The crazy crowd

I was smiling while thinking, nerd is equal to pervert. Hahaha..sorry no offense. Just triggered :P

The rockers. can you spot the Bob Marley? :P

Overall, it was an enjoyable dinner. With the right company, nothing can go wrong right?


Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just to write something that caught my mind.

I was busy replying some mails when I came across this well-written mail in BM.


Sehubungan dengan itu bantuan pihak tuan adalah diperlukan untuk membuat beberapa konfigurasi yang sewajarnya supaya ...
Pihak kami amat mengalu-ngalukan kepakaran serta nasihat teknikal daripada pihak tuan sekiranya kaedah imlementasi di atas dirasakan kurang sesuai atau sebagainya.
Maklumkan semula kepada pihak kami jika ada perkara-perkara lain sebagai tambahan yang perlu dilakukan.

Ok. How to put this ya? I am not very good in English, but I find extremely hard to reply mails in BM. I mean, for IT field, it is kinda weird, isn't it? There are lots of terms that we use daily in English, and how on earth I want to put it in BM. Of course I can translate directly words to words but in a sentence? It's pretty challenging I tell ya.

Yes I know I can easily answer him in English but another thing that bothering me is, I don't want to give this impression, 'Helooo busuk sgt ke ur Malay sampai u kenot reply in BM' or 'gila perasan bagus minah ni reply in mat salleh'.

It's not easy.

So I wrote halfway like this:

Konfigurasi telah selesai dilakukan..

Dari segi setting dan kaedah implementasi, semuanya nampak baik dan tidak mendatangkan masalah

Then I paused a while and reread my lines like thousand times to make sure it is right, and sounds right!

But I still rasa my answer horrrorrrr okkkk.

So I cancel it and write this:

Configuration completed and effective immediately.
As for technical setting and implementation, all looks ok and should be no problem for both sides.

Don't you think it sounds simple and better? I hope he won't see it as an offense.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kuih peneram

Tadi I pegi toilet..pastu teringat satu citer ni. Wahhhh nampak sgt mcm takde keja kan., apdet blog berkali2.

Btw..smalam kitaorg pegi pasar malam dekat kerinchi tu..yg opposite lrt universiti. 1st time pegi basically we just strolled along and tgk2 food kan. I was mengidam tulang rangka ayam and yong tau foo.

Cakap pasal tulang rangka tu, dah naik harga banyakkk okkk. Dulu I beli yg small RM1.80, besar RM2.50. Semalam dia charge kecik RM3, besar RM3.50 okkkkk. Gila lah! Everything hike up due to to petrol rises.

Ok ok back to the story, kitaorg lalu la kedai peneram (or is it benderam?) I'm not sure what is the real name but some of us call it telinga keling. It's bulat2 and kaler coklat2 and soo sweet. Ok, so time lalu tu I asked la MrComot,

Me: You tahu tak apa ni?
MrComot: Tak
Me: What??!?!?! Seriously
MrComot: Hmm..uh-uh
Me: Seriously you tak pernah makan menda ni???? You tak pernah pegi pasar malam ke?

Lepas tu terus aku gelak tak ingatt okkkk. Kesian kat org tu.

Pastu mula la dia buat tone sedih2 dia

" know tak pernah pegi pasar malam... me tak kenal semua2 ni. Kesian me..
semua menda kat pasar malam ni me tak pernah makan.. takde org nak bawak me pegi pasar malam.. bla bla bla"

Melampau okkk. Aku nak gelak pun dah tak sampai hati.

Ni la kuih tu. Cilok from

Btw..I quickly grabbed a pack of one ringgit, consist of 10 small pieces of that snack and suruh dia makan.

Me: Sedap takk?
MrComot: Sedap. Rasa macam donut.
Me: Helooooooooo. Mana ada rasa donut!!!

I was like.. hmm.. kesian okkkkkk saper2 yg tak pernah makan peneram ni


Just another rant..


Actually I tgh boring ni. Boleh tak? Boleh takkkk I nak cakap keja I mcm takde keja? Ahahaha matila nnt semua org cakap I makan gaji buta. Ahh btw..that's not my point.

I planned to update few entries with pictures but the blogspot macam lancauu so I tergerak nak apdet pasal menda2 tak penting.

Btw, last week I went to KLCC to hunt the wedding ring. Oppss..beholddddd all of youuu. There is no date yet. I repeat, no date yet. It's simply a hunting ;)

Since both of us totally NO IDEA what we should look for a ring, we just gamble masuk any jewelery shop and ask. And then the interesting part came. We went to Tiffany&Co and korang tau tak, derang tak layannnnn okkkkkk! And they didn't even greet us. Derang layan mat salleh je at that time. Mcm lancauuu okkk!

Ok lahh..let me put this. Mmg la kitaorg tak confirm nak beli kan. But do you know about it? Mana tahu kitaorg nak beli 10k punya ring ke time tu? At least, just greet la kan, 'morning can i help you' ke or 'welcome' ke. Whatever la. But we were touring like a pair of shabby stones where no one bother to look or check it out. Kejiiii kannn??

I know people normally judged by the way they dressed etc etc. At that time both of us wore FREE Cisco tshirt and MrComot pakai slipper ASADI je (do we care?). But I expect for a so-called high-class jeweller, they should have high-class attitude too! You can't judge or pilih2 customer mcm tu. All customer is important.

Lepas tu terus kitaorg kuar and swore will never go back to that shop ok. Giler sombong. Then we went to check out Selberan..turned out that lady sooooooooo nice!!!! We were there for almost one hour okkk. The ring is sooo me and the price is within his budget PLUS the saleslady is super nice that tempt me to buy at a go. See..good salesperson is important ok. Nama dia Kak Nizah. Kalau uols pegi sana, carilah dia eh.

From Selberan la baru I tahu u have to go for clarity and cut (yeah you can google it out but seeing it in front of eyes way different..hehe of course la kan). Then they got grades as well. The perfect one is D.

They got this D, E, F (colorless), G, H, I (almost colorless) J, K, L (a bit yellowish) and so on. Then got clarity, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, S1, S2, S3, I1 - I3. So the one that I eyed that day is G, VS1, ideal cut, 0.28 carat.

Then we went to Habib where they got this 50% off. But the 50% only applied to the commercial diamond, not with the certificate and serial number. The ideal cut diamond harga dia lebih kurang je ngan Selberan even after 8% off. So we get it that diamond u pegi mana2 pun shud be around the same price. Kalau over cheap is the commercial one.

And the commercial one is like half of the price of our budget. And with lotss or bigger stone okk. The other thing, you can't even tell pun whether it is commercial or not (at least to my eyes!). Semua nampak shiny2 sama je :P

Since it is soo cheap and the design pun more fancy than the high-end one, I hadthis discussion with MrComot:

Me: Why don't we buy the commercial one. Bukannya org tahu. And some more cantikkk okk
MrComot: Don't la..Me want the right one for my sayang.
Me: Are you sure? Me don't mind tau. And it way cheaper.
MrComot: Betul..lagipun it's for one time only. If you really want the commercial one, we get it after this wedding ring.

Terus aku tersengih2 okkkkkk. Hmphhhhh.. Now baru I understand that it's hard for a woman to resist diamonds :P


Monday, June 9, 2008


Bodoh la blogspot ni. Everytime I upload pics, semua rotate jadi vertical instead of horizontal (the original piece). Can anybody pleaaaaseeee guide me how to correct this?

Pweeeaseeeeeeee. Nak apdet blog..uwaaaaa


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The kawaii kelisa

These pictures were taken when I was walking out of Matrade Convention Centre (for Mihas). This extra-ordinary baby definitely caught my eyes, and others as well. There were a few strangers standing nearby studying the kelisa when I was busy snapping.

Stranger1: Cantik kan?
Me: Uh-uh..

(blushing okkk sbb I sorg je tergedik2 amik gambar, but or this blog, harusss amikk okkk)

The whole piece

Shiny shiny little tyre

Cute green hibiscus. Semangat Malaysia sgt okkk!

Diced door lock. Cute!

3D hibiscus at the plate number. Org n9?

The interior. Ala-ala Hawaii.

The car is sooo cute that at one point I am tempted to do the same to my kelisa. But knowing me (uhuk uhuk), my car is only can be very clean in a day, that is right after being washed and vacuumed. After that mcm lori sampah okkkkk *sigh*


Monday, June 2, 2008

The schloppyy Om Burger

I stumbled upon this article while browsing last few days and coincidently, we had migration in WangsaMaju, the place is just so near so we decided to check it out.

It is located at Jalan Kerja Air Lama, a turning to 7-11 after ISKL Ampang.

This is the couple who run the stall. There is another burger stall about 5m from them but you can notice them immediately with the ridiculously loud radio.

The stall seems normal kan? Let's zoom how the pakcik cooks it.

He practically DUMP the burger in a pool of margarine okkkkkk! Luckily we were among the first customer, so the pool is new batch.

The generous spread of mayonnaise.

Special with egg and cheese

It's reasonably priced. After the fame and all.

They also featured in magazine. The makcik showed me when she asked why I took lots pics. I told her that I knew the place from internet and if it's okay for her that I write about this too. Then she said 'bolehh...majalahh pun ada'. Giler glamer kedai ni okkk.

The mag.

The outcome. Sloppy burger.


Honestly, I find it ordinary. In fact, I slightly prefer the normal version one where one cooks the meat slowly with small amount of butter and press it with the round 'stomper'.

It's just for the hype. Won't do repeat order ;)

And they use cheap bread too. It is dry and rough.