Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Masseur

Since my belly start to ballooning, I bought some oil to prevent stretch mark. However it is an on and off routine as I am very laaaazzyyyy (my girlfriends, you know me lah kan :P). So sometimes I rub it every night, sometimes alternate night.

But for the past few nights, I never miss it as I got a masseur! MrComot insists to rub the oil on my growing belly, thigh, waist, breast, etc. And act like a professional masseur hahaha! I always giggle looking at his face while rubbing me. So serious and spa-like :P

In fact he rubs me with the oil twice a day! Morning after taking my bath and during the night before I go to sleep.

His tender gesture somehow touch my heart that I said this to him, last night while he's doing the massage:

Me: Thank you sayang.. Sayang sanggup tak buat ni untuk 9 bulan lagi?
MrComot: 90 tahun pun me sanggup *smile*

I was kinda surprised because he ain't a sweet talker or romantic person, so that spontaneous word melt my heart instantly that I want to note it down here :)

Thinking back, why I said 9 months eh? It should be 5 months to go, yeay! Maybe because pregnant lady = 9 months..haha don't really remember.

Anyway, I'm using natural oil from Earth Mama. It contains combination of natural oils (I forgot what is the mixture) and safe for pregnant ladies. The best thing is, it absorbs well that it won't stick to your hands or leave any oil traces. So after rub it to your body, you don't have to wash your hands.

Can't wait to be home, to get a massage! :D

Yummy belly

I've developed this latest craving to grilled salmon belly from Sushi King. Nyam!

I like fats very much as in beef fats, fish fats, hmm chicken fat I don't like. I think this menu has been in SK list for quite some time, but I haven't have the gut to try it out, until few weeks ago. I was afraid I will throw up after consume it.

The perfectly-grilled belly

Squeeze some lemon and you'll get yummilicious melt-in-the-mouth creamy pieces

And the good news is, the belly is full with omega-3 so actually it's good for you to take it. Not harmful like the beef and chicken.

If you like salmon and lemak, give it a try. It is one of the perfect combo! :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hola mommy!

Wahhhh lamanya tak update..terus rasa mcm tak tau nak update apa ok. But eventually, I have sooo many stories to write. Even though still malas, I need need need to write this, else I will forget.

It's about my baby!!! :D

I had my monthly checkup yesterday and as usual la, do all the urine test, BP test, and scanning. Oh ya, blood test takde pun? Why aaa? Should I request it? Nanti doc cakap ewahhh lebih2 pulak dari doctor. But..the government clinics semua buat tau..hmm confuse confuse

Anyway, when scanning, as usual the gynea will press that cold thing on my womb kan, and we get to see the baby moving okkk!! Not ala-ala but laju sangat! Siap wave tangan lagi. Macam tergapai-gapai gitu. I guess the baby is not comfortable somebody is pressing its sleeping cocoon hehehe. And remember the cyst? We can't find it! It's either shrunk, or gone. Alhamdulillah..

I am in my 2nd trimester now. Thinking of doing scrapbook, to store all the scan pictures, update on my progress and stuff.

On the other note, I just browse some blogsand banyak citer pasal derang masak okkk! Eeeiii tak puas hati betul! Bila I nak start masak ni??? Anyway we're not eating out everyday. We eat at inlaws everynight hahahahahaha. OMG, apa la suka pulak *knock head* At first I was segan la...but when I'm pregnant, ahhhh lantak la..sebab tak larat la nak balik masak la apa la *eeiii alasan keji ok*. And thank God my in law is ok. Dia yang cakap dia suka weols makan kat sana, so ok la kan :P Only on the weekend we don't eat there la sebab weekend kitaorg asyik menempel je! Opss.. I think the honeymoon phase is not over yet. Still rasa not enough time even though berkepit hari-hari *sigh*. So sometimes I cook on the weekend, sometimes eat out.

OMG, apa I rambling ni..anyway...gotta update with real story later ok. Tengah kumpul aura rajin hehehe

Take care guysssss...mwahhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Milk Thief

I received an opened letter when I checked our mailbox last Friday. I was a bit excited as I RARELY got letters. It was from Anmum and I shout;

Me: OMG! Anmum bagi me surat! Kenapa dia bagi me? Mcm mana dia tau me preggy *kannn soalan tak logic sangat*
MrComot: Owhhh mesti dia bagi sample milk
Me: Kenapa dia bagi me? Me ada register mana-mana ke?
MrComot: Tak, me register kan for you hehehe

Waaaaaa don't you think he's sweet? Ok that's not the point.

Me: Really? Thanks sayang! Eh takde pun sample milk?
MrComot: Is it? Hilang kut?

That time I dah tak puas hati. I was thinking must be different letter. Maybe just a letter saying thanks for joining Anmum club etc etc. So I rushed upstairs and open the opened letter.

It stated that they are giving me free sample and I ain't getting any!!! Where the milk gone? Not that I want it sangat pun. But, helooooooo siapa nak curi sample milk?? Milk for preganant ladies ok!

Maybe the post office guy, maybe Anmum's despatch boy sendiri, or maybe the neighbours? Whatever. It's only milk ok. Itu pun nak amik *sigh*

And my husband went to all the process asking free sample for me okk! How dare you snatch it from me!! Grrrrrr

It made me thinking, how reliable the snail mail nowadays? Can you trust them 100%? Since it involves lots stops and people, stuff might gone missing anywhere!

And it shows that the world is full with weirdos *sigh*

Monday, July 6, 2009

Macy's Fabric Sofa Sale

This will be a total not me entry. Yeah if you know me..I am not the shopping type or whatever. Anyway really really need to share you this great news.

Macy is having big sale for their fabric sofas and it only lasts for 4 days!! (starting since Saturday).

This is no hoax or tipu whatever. Because we've been eyeing this one sofa for living room since last year! So we went to Macy like, all the time (everytime we go to Ikano, mesti singgah) just to check on the price and see the discount. They never mark-up their price even when they are on sale so the sale is valid!

We were there when they had this end-of-year sale and nothing much on sofas, only curtain was on big discount. So we put our plan on hold. We went there again in April where there have 15% for all the stuff which is not bad! We were tempted to take the sofa until I asked one of the worker

Me: Will you have more discount on that sofa? *pointing to sofa we want*
Macy Guy: Yes..we'll have specifically for sofa in July but I don't know how much the discount yet. Macy hasn't reveal the info.

So we decided to wait because we have a feeling it's going to be a better deal. Yesterday we went to Ikano and spent 3 and half hours alone in Macy choosing the fabric because finally we purchased the sofa! Itupun sebab we went there quite late around 6.30PM and had to settle because it's already 10PM. Kalau pegi dari pagi mesti the whole day we'll be there.

They have this buy 3 seaters at the price of 2 seaters, 2 seaters at the price of one seater and one seater with 30%. For all fabric sofas!

We also checked the price before discount and it's the same with last year's price and the discount is freaking generous.

So babes, if you are looking for fabric sofas, go check out Macy now (remember, this promotion only for 4 days, so it will end this Tuesday!). It's really worth it. The quality, the workmanship, the fabric and the price!