Friday, November 28, 2008


I really really really want to watch Wayang and Budak Kelate. I've been busy last week and finally I can squeeze my cinema schedule this week but, dah tak show okkk!!

Only Wayang still got in cineleisure damansara but only one show at 1230pm today till wednesday, like helooooo!! Macam mana nak tgk tgh2 hari buta di hari bekerja? Gila kah?

Hmm seriously tak faham, maybe la movie tu mcm tak glamer, but why the show period is too short and only shown at ridiculous hour? Ok lah.. I understand they want to make money so no point showing movie tak glamer kan, but I refused to understand!!!

Ughh life is just sooo unfair!!


Updated: Tadi siluman asked me why don't I just watch it tomorrow noon, which caught me, omaigod!! Esok cutiiiii! And apa kah jadual wayang yg saya tgk tadi?

Checking back, the show will be on 1st till 3rd Dec hihihi. But still, weekdays!!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Keeping up the waistline

We've been stuffing ourselves with ridiculous unhealthy food for the past few weeks that up to a point get tired of it. So we settled for a simple tuna sandwich last Monday.

So here I present you, tuna in sunflower oil with mayo and crisp salad sandwich! Hahaha nama tanak kalah okkkk

The partner in crime:

A whole can of tuna in sunflower oil - Drain the excess oil
A full pack of mix greens - Wash throughly
Cherry tomato - Sliced
Shallots - Diced (I think onion will be nicer but I don't have any in hands)
Mayonnaise - According to your taste, I used 3 tablespoon
A pinch of salt
2 bird's eye chili

Mix all together. I made two separate portions as MrComot don't fancy something spicy. So only me have the cili padi :P

Stack the greens and spread a handful of tuna

Serve with a cup of hot Milo and have it while watching Addicted To Love.

FYI, I am a nasi person (perut melayu sangat) and surprisingly, the sandwiches is enough for me that night (ohh although ada sedikit rasa tak puas hati, craving for icecream, but I tone it down with lotsa water :P).

A hearty filling for a change eh?

Ps: Ehhh korang perasan tak that I keep on promoting ATL? It's a local chinese drama shown in NTV7 and it's pretty good. The storyline is cute and entertaining. 10PM every Monday to Thursday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Weekend Project

Guess what we did last weekend?


Ok ok, not literally lah. We just assemble the shoe rack :P

The thing with shoerack is, both of us are busy. Our schedule will be like, morning going to work, arrive home earliest by 8pm. Most of the time will be around 10 or 11, depending on where we had our dinner. So we barely have time for our house. The cleaning process will only happen during the weekend which will include vacuuming and laundriette.

Talking about laundry, we do our laundry once a week, so can you imagine how heavy the load will be? And thank God for giving us bright sun every weekend, else, the baju will be very-very masam :P

Back to the topic, so my point is, we don't have time to do extra thing. Nak tengok wayang pun tak sempat okkk. So tgk tv je in the room. But I think it's better kut, as long as ada quality time together I don't mind not going out.

Back to the topic (again!)

Since we don't have proper shoerack, we just drop our shoes behind the door and it has been quite a mess. We've been surveying lots shoerack in market but unfortunately, all of them can't fit nicely in our petite storeroom. Most of them are around 30" width and the shortest will be around 24" but our storeroom width is about 22" only. So how to fit in?

At first we plan to buy thin plywood and cut and mount and paint ourselves but I *feel* it's a bit too ambitious, provided the time constraint. In the end, we settled for the cheapest shoerack available and cut it to the right size. It's more manageable I guess hehe

MrComot cutting the cheap wood

We get the shoerack from IKEA. I planned to paint it with colorful woodpaint but as I said before, being idealist it not the best practice for this time being so I just let it stay as in original - plain untreated wood.

Since it's cheap, the stack is not really stable, MrComot had to stick it with UHU glue and let it dries under the hot sun.

The whole stack

This is how our shoes rest before. A very pretty sight eh? :P

And after! Yeay!

That will be our regular shoes. Since we don't have many shoes, this rack will be enough for now. Hope it will stay neat like this for a long long longggg time.

Knowing myself, I wonder how it will turn out next week? Maybe the shoes will be back behind the door as it will be easier and faster for me to access hehehe

Monday, November 24, 2008


I had this conversation with MrComot while having our dinner at one of the mamak.

2 major different between us is what we do during the daytime (ok, minus the work :P)

MrComot: Politics, economy and code code code
Me: Blog blog blog blog blog :P

So whenever we get to sit down together, we'll always update each other, him with his world (which I always listen eagerly but eventually I was like, uwaaaaa bila nak abes ni haha) and me with my blogging world.

Me: You know what, me kena jawab tag tau pasal kawen2 ni and ada satu soalan tanya pasal will you record your own honeymoon. Me jawab la of course me will but then me tgk org lain most of them jawab they wont and malu2 as if the honeymoon is only sex scenes
MrComot: ........
Me: If it is you, takkan you tanak amik gamba u pegi honeymoon kan? makan aiskrim ke, pegi jalan sana sini, bawah pokok bla bla bla
MrComot: (smiling)
Me: Kannnn? Betul tak sayang?
MrComot: Betul sayang..Of course me want to record my honeymoon with my sayang
Me: So kenapa semua org think honeymoon is sex only. It should be everything about the honeymoon trip right?
MrComot: Hehehe. Actually, if people said honeymoon, they mean as in sex lah
Me: Is it? OMG! Is it? Are you serious?
MrComot: Yes sayang. It's a normal term that people use
Me: Aaaaa abes la me jawab mcm tu malu la me
MrComot: Haha it is okay
Me: No wonder la comment dlm blog Shani pun cakap pasal wan norazlin la apa la
MrComot: (grinning)
Me: Hmm do you think me naive?
MrComot: Yes you are
Me: But me don't think me am!! Dulu masa kat USM ya lah.. But now not anymore *defensive*
MrComot: Hmmm, not that type of naive
Me: Then how?
MrComot: Naive in language
Me: Haaa??
MrComot: Hahaha ya lah..mcm honeymoon tu, u think normal honeymoon but it is not. And ada lagi satu u reply in tag pasal diamond or platinum and ntah apa-apa kenapa you cakap pasal your wedding ring :P
Me: Haaaa???!! Betul apa me jawab!! Dia tanya me nak cincin apa, diamond ke platinum ke gold ke
MrComot: (Laughing) No it's not.. soalan dia will you celebrate your wedding kan.. it means the marriage age, mcm gold tu 10 years kut, me tak ingat. Something like that la
Me: Uwaaaaaaa!! Is it? Poyonya me jawab brilliant rose la apa la
MrComot: In fact, time kita jumpa Sarazif (MrComot's friend) tadi pun you ada say something irrelevant
Me: What is it? What is it?
MrComot: Me tak ingat. Tapi tak berkaitan la. Kita tgh cakap2 pasal lain hahaha
Me: What's sarazif punya komen?
MrComot: He just drop it hahaha
Me: Ommmggggg!! Sorry sayanggggg!! Am I memalukan u or anything? (making puppy face)
MrComot: No lahhh.. it is you and that's what makes you, YOU (big grinning)

Thinking back about that, there were soooo many things that show my naiveness in language. In fact I still remember that I used to whine about why they use weird term for 'nothing' as if they are exaggerating things, sedangkan, it is the REAL TERM.

Taken from Pizza Hut leaflet

So peeps, New York Style is equivalent to ketchup and mayonnaise after all hehe

Ish ish silly me!

I have a feeling there is more to come with this language naiveness in my future entries, so please bear with me ya guys? And if you can pin-point any, feel free to highlight it to me so that I can learn :P

After all, that's andes. The klutz and naive andes :P

Friday, November 21, 2008

Korean BBQ Chicken

Since my life starting to ride on normal track, I decided to write about pending stuffs. Digging the pictures folder, I have few food experiences that I would like to share with all of you.

It is an unexpected visit, last month. We went to One Utama for their Giant just to find that they are closed for good, then we decided to get our dinner inside and I was craving for chicken (KFC to be exact :P), that is when we saw this shop. They just opened it for 3 months (the waiter told me). It is situated the same row with Subway.

I was itchy to know how the taste will be like as they claimed to be the healthiest chicken.

100% olive oil!

The interior. Kinda cosy.

A short article/points the goodness of olive oil as their 'pelapik meja'. What we called it eh? kalau for mug coaster kan? Table coaster? Whatever..

I ordered Original Chicken as the picture shows a golden crunchy fried chicken just like KFC and MrComot took their specialty, Korean Charbroiled.

Korean Charbroiled RM14.50
Marinated with 30 secret ingredient and roasted with hardwood charcoal.

Original Chicken RM13.40
Fried with Olive oil. Crunchy but not tasty enough.

I find the original chicken is quite pricey (again compared to KFC) but it is olive oil, so it has to be pricey! Btw, in the end, I finished the Korean Charbroiled and MrComot helped me to wipe off the Original Chicken. I still prefer KFC over thousands time :P

Korean Charbroiled is highly recommended though! Especially if you like yummilicious grilled chicken skin. The marinated spices sangat-sangat sedap! The only drawback is, they don't remove the thick fat under the skin (the yellowish one), I had to remove it by myself as tiba2 I rasa health concious :P

I forgot how much the drink is as we only had warm water (which is free I guess, can't remember!).

It's a good option to your fried chicken but the taste won't be the same :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting to know me again!!

Ok ok I got two tags to answer!!

Hahaha mcm la banyak sgt kan. So let see how it goes (now I really feel like squeezed lemon, geddit? geddit?) *crazy mode kejap*

Ok both are from Cool.

1st one, a very longggg one. Lets yawning together :D

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?

I'll pick MrComot from here ok, since it will be easier for me to answer this tag hihihihi.
We're married!

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
Cool (repeat 5 times) :P

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
Before kawen - drive all the way to ampang from damansara just to feed me Pizza Hut Deli Wing
After kawen - sapu lotion all over my body every morning before pegi kerja

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
Hmm can't think any. Everyday cakap menda yg sama je :P

5. If he/she become your lover, you will…
Already my lover. So, I will cherish him, insyaAllah (even though I tend to be selfish and ignore him most of the time, like he doing the laundry while I'm watching TV sob sob)

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will…
Hopefully not but if it ever happen, I will be very sad ;(

7. If he/she become your lover, he has to improve his/her..
I like the way he is. Oh ya, maybe I can ask him to be less protocol :P

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
Hmm I dunno, maybe if we parted for good kut ;(

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
Be a domestic goddess :D

10. The overall impression of him/her is…


11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?

12. The character of you for yourself is?
Childish and ignorant :P

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
Lazy and ignorant (but ignorance is a bliss kan? :P)

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
MrComot :D

15. For the people who likes you, say something about them.
Don't be lazy-lazy ok. Just think how much time wasted because of the laziness ish ish ish

16. Ten people to tag:
Ok, going to tag org yg jarang update :P
1) Kopi atau milo
2) Bee
3) Yan
4) Fiena
5-10) Anybody ok? Jgn malu-malu feel free answer this

17. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
Her charming Meg

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?

20. How about no5 and no8?
No idea!

21. What is no. 1 studying about?
Err I dunno, cik kopi, tlg highlight me? Badddd friends :P

22. Is no. 4 single?
Gotta ask her, P&C I guess

23. Say something about no. 6
She/He must be a very kind-hearted person for answering this tag for me ;)

Terima kasih kerana menjawab tag ini :D


Ok! Second tag.

1.Take a recent picture of yourself
2. Dont change clothes. Just take ur picture.
3. Post that picture with NO EDITING
4.Post this inscruction with ur picture
5. Tag 10 people to do this.

Ok, before I publish, aci tak I letak gambar 2 hari punya? I mean, I snapped yesterday and today sbb I dah tahu pasal this tag. So tiba2 gedik nak letak 2 pictures with me in different clothes. No editing though.

Me in the office. Early morning and I look so tembam kan?
MrComot doesn't like this tudung (any colored scarf), he prefers me in plain white.

Me as in today, in white scarf. This one after Zohor tadi, tu yg lengan bergulung2 tu.

Ok, I'm going to tag this one same as the above list. Except to anybody who wants to stay anonymous ;)

Ok babes, will entertain you later. Mwahhhhhhhh

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Junkie Dinner

Hi all! How are you? What you had for dinner last night?

I made our first dinner last night! So it will be our second home-cooked meal :D

Since we are yet to stock our fridge, so we have nothing actually. Except some potatoes and junk frozen food. Do you know what we also still don't have rice? *nanges* *ok mental note, have to buy this weekend*

Oh whatever, let's move on. So this is what we made last night: Crash hot potatoes with daging burger Ramly :P

The potatoes recipe inspired by Pioneer Woman. Thanks for sharing this lovely idea darling! Mwaaahh!!

I use 8 medium potatoes, butter, sea salt, pepper, and cheese

Potatoes are boiled with salted water until fork tender
Then drain them well

Mashed the potatoes resembling like a cookie and lather generous amount of butter. Original recipe use olive oil which I think will enhance the taste but I just use what I have. Oh ya, before that don't forget to butter up your pan as well, to avoid stickiness. Then sprinkle lots sea salt and pepper. You can also add some herbs (rosemary, parsley, etc etc) to make it more flavorful but I don't have any herbs in hand ;(

Heat up your oven and baked at 200 degrees for about 20 mins

I made a few experiments, using cheese as topping. So I open up the oven when it is about 3 minutes to ring and put some sliced Cheddar cheese on two potatoes. I also sprinkle Parmesan on another two pieces of potatoes immediately after they are out of the oven.

In the mean time, MrComot fry up burger patties
Unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy :P

Our dinner!
With one whole dragon fruit and Wall's Very Berry Strawberry nyam nyam!

My verdict: Plain salt and pepper potatoes taste the best! Will definitely repeat this recipe and won't use any extra topping. Texture wise, there are soft and crunchy at the same time. Another thumbs up, I find it easier to eat than normal jacket potato, maybe because of the texture. It gives an illusion that you are having a thin slice of potato so you can stuff more in your stomach :P

And here is the purest sin and gluttony!

We finished quarter of it while watching Addicted to Love (NTV7)

Junkie food is very satisfying don't you think so? :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok sesi menjawab tag. What a perfect timing sbb me dalam mode yg mengantuk tapi nak update byk citer tapi malas nak upload pic tapi tapi dan tapi. Ok lah, dalam mode TAPI.

Whatever, let see what you can squeeze out of me from this questionnaire :D

It's called tag cinta btw (thanks Cool!)


1. Berapa Kali Anda Benar Benar Jatuh Cinta? Dan Siapa Paling Meninggalkan Kesan Dalam Hati Anda?

Including MrComot will be TWO! Hmm susah soalan ni. Both relationship gave different impacts so susah nak cakap but I'm glad I'm with MrComot now.

2. Siapa Dan Berapa Lama?

I've been crazy out of my head over this MrX for about 3 years and gradually losing the feeling when I met MrComot.

MrComot pulak about 3 years and stronger ;)

3. Kenangan Paling Manis/Romantik Anda Dengan Mereka? Kenapa?

MrX - When he brought me to Coffee Bean at Gurney Drive, for tea time til sunset. Had latte and some patries there. I was so jakun that time (I think around 2003), seorang student yg sangat moderate, manalah mampu nak makan tempat2 mcm tu kan? That was my 1st time to CB too.

MrComot - mestilah banyak! I like the way he shower me with attentions hihihi. Btw, yg paling memorable masa kitaorg baru2 bercinta. Time tu both yet to admit the feelings and one day all the colleagues want to go out for lunch. So the guys will be the guys and girls with girls la. He already at the guy's car when I smsed, 'la..I thot u coming with me'. Time tu nampak sgt dia teragak2 nak ikut sape ni..then tiba2 dia out from the guy's car and said to the guys he wants to teman me. Haha uols faham ke citer ni? Whatever lah. It's hard for him to express his feeling especially in front of guy friends kan. It is understandable as guy tend to act macho etc etc. So I kinda tersentuh jiwa dan raga la that time and so called can feel the loves coming out from him while he's walking towards me. Hahaha over tak? Ok, in short, I like the way he loves me.

4. Kenangan Duka Anda Dengan Mereka? Kenapa?

MrX - There were so many things that made me sad but the main point I think, will be about him not telling me things. He didn't lie but he just don't tell. How will you feel?

MrComot - So far takde lagi. Takat merajuk tu banyak lahh. Kelmarin pun merajuk okkk. Sebab setting washing machine boleh? I want to do the laundry one shot and he wants to do it twice. Tiba2 I emo and think 'SUKA HATI LAH DAH MESIN BASUH U PUNYA'. Pastu terus tanak cakap with him the whole day, and without him knowing WHY I was mad. Thinking back, haiyohh motif marah tak tentu pasal? ish ish ish

5. Perkara Terbaik Yang Anda Pernah Lakukan Pada Mereka?

MrX - A LOT! Hmm at least I thought so..

MrComot - Be myself. The easiest thing I ever do and is the best thing in my life.

6. Perkara Tak Elok Anda Pernah Lakukan Pada Mereka?

MrX - Lie to him because I'm tired of the relationship's messiness

MrComot - Bangun lambat and sleep before him. Sorry!! Can't help it la haha.

7. Jika Di Beri Pilihan Dari Kisah Cinta Anda, Siapa Yang Anda Inginkan?


8. Anda Berjaya Mendapatkan Beliau?

Married to MrComot ;)

9. Jika Dia Berada Di Hadapan Mata Anda Sekarang, Apakah Yang Anda Ingin Katakan?

Ishh tak boleh blah ok soalan2 rempit mcm ni hahaha

Anyway what would I say eh? I love love love love you very much, I guess :P

10. Bilakah Kali Terakhir Anda Menangis Kerana Cinta?

The day I made decision to be with MrComot

OK done!

Since I find this tag a bit disturbing (I mean the questions) (yeah yeah I know that I don't have to answer this like, seriously but this is just me, I tend to answer it seriously :P) so I won't be tagging anyone. But kalau ada siapa2 nak buat, buat lah eh and leave me a msg so that I can go read (hehe kepochi) :P

So folks, happy tagging!


Hi all!!!!

I am quite busy at this moment tapi sangatlah itchy untuk mengupdate, how?

Btw, to warm things up, I want to announce to the world that I'm addicted to facebook now! Oklah what's new kan, but it is the PET SOCIETY okkkkk.

Seriously best giler hahahaha. Especially on the who got the biggest brainy thing. Mesti u nak kejar and keep up with your friends. (Shani, I just beat u mwahahahaha) *after all the hard work of course hahaha*

Btw, jom kita lawan Imran pulakkkk!! He is a hardcore one, how ah?

*thinking for any cheats *scratch* *scratch**

Oh ya, on another rant, do you know the bloggingsphere has new phenomenon currently? I found about this blog last week and it is really interesting haha. I think ramai dah tahu ni and ramai dah blog about it. Blog ni will attack org2 yg dia rasa perlu di attack and soo funny ok. The commenters DOUBLE funny! Gossip gossip: I have a feeling that the writer is a guy. Tell me your hunch :D

Whatever it is, to all bloggers, don't afraid to write ok? You are what you are ;)

Ok folks, calling calling for PET SOCIETY!! Tolong update your facebook :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Journey To The East Coast

Hi all, my fever finally walking out of me. In fact I also had mild diarrhea and it drove me crazy as I am hungry like a bear but my appetite is just the size of a pea. Thanks for all the prayers *hugs*

Since I don't really have interesting story to tell, I just want to share with you guys my experience going back from Besut through 'Jalan Pantai', during our reception there.

From KL we went through Bentong-Raub-Lipis-Gua Musang-Kuala Krai-Machang-Pasir Puteh-Jerteh. In total around 450km, took up about 7 hours driving roughly.

When we want to return back to KL, we decided to take the longer route as they claim it to be a nice jalan pantai but will involve more KM and hours also toll which will result in more RM to spend and tiredness.

Since we were not in hurry, we just think, why not? At least we tried so we know how good/bad it is :D

Surprisingly, for noncommercial place, the beaches is pretty good and clean. We stopped at every beaches to check out the sand and the water and they never let me down.

The sand is flour soft, and the water is blue as ever. Another thing that surprised me is, the beaches is not that deep, I mean you still can go and main2 tepi air. Not that dangerous something like that because I always thought they don't go for commercial because of the beach condition. Maybe also that day we went the tide is just at the right height. I can't really tell hehe.

Scenes from Pantai Penarek

The fishing net getting roofed suntan

The boats. Look how calm the sky is.

Long and never end

The trees

Scenes from Pantai Kelulut

The planted 'Rhu' trees

We sat almost an hour on the pankin (bench) sitting peacefully with small talk. The breezy wind is really holding you from going back to KL.

View from the pankin

The combined sea and sky

Dipping our feet

Our lunch, shared maggi goreng, ais kacang and 4 pieces of satar (combination of fish paste with grated coconut, chilli - grilled) all for RM5.50. Dead cheap!!

Scenes from Rantau Abang

This place full of magnificient huge rock

Under the shade

Scenes from Pantai Mok Nik

Monica Bay. Nama tanak kalah okkk.


All of the beaches look similar isn't it? :D

In googlemap you can see that the 'Jalan Pantai' is quite long but we just can enjoy it about 30km-40km in total as most of the area are not visible from the road due to big bushes and trees.

Smiles from Terengganu!

We were greeted with toll at Plaza Tol Kuantan which cost us RM21.60.

The new generation of toll. No paper.

So what do you think?

420KM + 0 toll + normal road + 7 hours driving
570km + RM21.60 toll + a few beaches + 9 to 10 hours driving

For me it's not worth all the time and petrol and money spent. It will be nice though for first timer so we get to know what the other side of Terengganu has to offer.

We'll go back next year through normal route, Gua Musang ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm down with fever ;(
No update for a while. Mish u guys..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something about Andes

Got this from Khairiah comot, so here it goes~


[01] Real Name: lalalala

[02] Nickname: andes, aan, aan andes

[03] Status: Married =D

[04] Zodiac Sign: Gemini (super duper MPD! ish ish ish)

[05] Gender: Female

[06] Age: 26 years old

[07] High School: Sypultra (cari lah kalau pandai! Ces..mcm susah kan :P)

[08] College: USM

[09] Height: 155cm (MrComot called me pendeks *nanes*)

[10] Weight: 48kg to 50kg, inconsistent (used to be 40kg mwahahahaha)

[11] Do you like yourself: MESTILAH! =D

[12] Piercings: Ear only

[13] Right or left: Right

[14] Are you a freak: Hmm nothing really, klutz considered as one ke?

[15] Hair: Straight and THIN *sob sob*

[16] Skin: Normal

[17] Allergic: Coldness. Tak tahan sejuk nnt cepat masuk angin and sakit dada.

[18] What are you doing now: Answering this laa. And browsing.

[19] What will you doing 1 hour later: Browsing again

[20] What will you doing 10 years later: Teaching maybe?


[21] Live with mother/father/parents: Hubby! =D

[22] Siblings(included you): 1st from 4

[23] Eldest: ME!

[24] Youngest: Sitting for SPM right now

[25] Love/hate your family: Mestilah sayangg mwahhhhhhh


[26] You found your another half: Jap tak faham soalan ni, but working together *blush!*

[27] If yes, who is he/she: MrComot

[28] Who you want he/she to be: My only one. Apsal soalan patik tak faham ni? *scratch head*

[29] Time(s) you in relationship: 3 years

[30] Ever woo boy/girl: Hahaha pernah. My senior, I was a real STALKER those days. Ish ish ish

[31] Anyone woo you before: Pernah too laaa :P

[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: Hmm I don't know. Marah2 tu normal lah kut?

[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: Marah majuk marah majuk marah majuk

[34] Ever argue with your other half: Of course la

[35] You with your other half since: 2005

[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: Straight like an arrow

[37] Reasons you love your other half: Lalink pinjam jawapan u, he is what he is =D

[38] You and your other half in which stage: Hmm stage want to grow old together. Ishh serius wa tak faham soalan hehe

[39] You woo he/she or he/she woo you: Of course I will say him! Hahaha. Jappp..woo ni mengorat kan? Wa failed la bab2 language ni

[40] Ever think of marry he/she: Meshtilaaaa *blush again*


[41] Your first best friend: Linda from Sypultra

[42] Your first enemy: Hmm tak ingat. Kalau ada pun, let it go.

[43] The friends you love the most: All the girlfriends *BIG mwahhh to all of youuu*

[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): Tak ingatttt!! Uwaaa seriously. But hopefully none

[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: Catherine Zeta-Jones? Hahaha

[46] Your most handsome boy friend: Robert Downey Jr. Sekian terima kasih.

[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: Two-faced

[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: Lazy and perasan raja. Big big turn off.

[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: Ilekk

[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: Sadly, no

[51] If your friend backstabbing you: Buat bodo and tak kawan ngan dia dah.

[52] If your friend betray you: Same as above

[53] If your friend woo your lover: Same as above

[54] If your friends fall in love with you: Treat him like a friend and pretend nothing happen

[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: Then it means that I don't love MrComot anymore. Just follow with the flow then.


[56] Are you a good student: No ;( Always ponteng and crapping

[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: Boleh laaa ;(

[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: Cikgu AddMath, lupa nama dia

[59] Always late to school/college: Most of the time

[60] Your class: Science class and skema one

[61] You love your seniors: No, takde perasaan.

[62] Senior who you love the most: Biasa-biasa saja. Oh ya, Kak Fifi and Kak Masyitah maybe.

[63] Your classmates good/bad: Okayla.. Ada la few bitches

[64] Excellent result classmate: Tak ingat

[65] Laziest classmate: Tak ingat too


[66] Smart people: MrComot. It's a big turn on, seriously haha :D

[67] Stupid people: Complained user and call centre punya standard answer/attitude hahaha

[68] Good looking people: Goes back to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

[69] Ugly people: Can't think any

[70] Funny people: Fatih hahahahaha. He is a real joker.

[71] Cute people: My mom! She's funny ok

[72] Bad people: Gangster and org yg suka black magic kan org. Very very very BAD!

[73] Honest people: I wish for everybody to be honest

[74] Acting people: The bitches. Ughhh

[75] You are what kind of people: Klutzyyyyyy and cutie pie gagaga. I dunno, you tell me ;)


[76] Lip or eyes: Eyes

[77] Hugs or kisses: Kisses

[78] Shorter or taller: Taller

[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous

[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach

[81] Listener or talker: Listener

[82] Romantic or rich: Rich (I blueghhh for romantic haha)

[83] Good husband or Good Father: Start with good husband, aminnn


[84] Age to get marry: Married already

[85] Numbers of kid(s): Plan for 3 or 4

[86] Career: Domestic Goddess ;)

[87] Salary: As long as comfortable

[88] Retirement age: No limit, as long as I am healthy, I'll definitely do something

[89] Properties value: Houses and lands

[90] Wishes: To do well in my life especially as wifey and mommy later. Ahh giler mcm tak ambitious, but that's what I wanna be ;)

Hmm this tag goes to, anyone of you yg nak buat eh? Kalau boleh semua org, sbb me nak baca hahaha

Monday, November 10, 2008

Say Cheeeeseeee

Finally! After a month married to each other, I cook on last Sunday okkkk! Shabbbaaass bette!! *patting at myself*

It is a simple macaroni and cheese by the way hahaha. Whatever it is, I am sooo proud of myself lalalala

Original recipe came from wanderingchopstick, I did altered here and there, so babes, please put on your apron and lets whipping out this cheeezyyyy meal.

The ingredients

1 whole cheddar cheese (about 9 oz)
250g peeled fresh prawns
1 stick of butter (I think about 20g)
1 whope pack of white button mushroom
1 1/2 cup of milk (I use low fat dutch lady)
500g macaroni
4 cloves of garlic
a pinch of salt

Melt butter and sautee the garlic. Add flour to thicken the sauce.

Then the sliced mushrooms.

Then the prawns. Btw, I might did a small mistake here. I think it is better to cook the prawn after melting the cheese so that it won't be overcooked.

Add the milk and let it simmer for a while.

While it is cooking, grate your cheese. You can buy the readily grated but I don't know what is the difference. But don't dump the whole block lah..nnt susah nak melt.

Melted and thicken! Oh ya, don't forget to add salt to taste. While at this, make sure your macaroni is ready.

Pour the macaroni and mix them all throughly.

Done on macaroni side. Since we don't have vegetables, I just blanched some greens as below:

Boil brocolli and carrots with a pinch of salt to seal the freshness. Oh ya, before boil kan, soak the vege in water and salt first, to bring out all the insects ke apa ke.

Just blanch it for few mins then quickly toss it and soak in iced water, to keep the crunchiness. Wahhh over tak? Kalau ada kids, confirm tak buat ni, takde masa okkkk.

Toss it well. Then sprinkle some salt and ground blackpepper.

And voila! Our official lunch and dinner that day :D

Healthy is it? And nyum nyum!

This one double NYUM! hehehe

So what do you think? Dah pass kan jadi wifey? :P