Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just another rant

Sedar tak sedar, dah almost 2 months I in confinement and am supposed to go back to work next Monday! Pitam. Plan to take unpaid leave tapi kelam kabut tak buat. And am using my annual leave now.

Well, nak hantar Emir to the babysitter pun dah ok now, he seems so big and tough. And he's fine with bottle feed, so settle satu masalah. But ada masalah2 lain pulak, like I haven't urut with k.Ain (for the last time before masuk kerja), Emir takde baju!!!!, Emir tak sunat lagi, etc etc.. sigh

We plan to sunat Emir mmg since baby, but dekat Tropicana takde dr laki muslim, so balik rumah ting tong ting tong tangguh until now. So now or never! Haha takde la or tunggu nanti dah besar. I prefer now sebab I dont want to deal with drama nak menanges apa ke menda nanti besar nanti. And it's easily healed pun kalau time baby. So Emir baru 2 bulan, ok la..dia tak meniarap lagi, still can do.

And now kelam kabut call this hosp that hosp to check the availability. My gynea recommend Pantai (Dr Zain) and his charge is RM850!!! I never know it can be that expensive. Then I asked around, call again, at clinic around 250-300 je. So decided to do at clinic je, with dr Hamid Arshad. Dr Zain tu general surgeon, that's why mahal kut.

So settle satu hal, then urut nanti la..and beli baju..nanti la. Emir ada 4 helai sleepsuit je, and baju siang pakai je apa yg ada mismatch naju Zahra. Most of them dah tak muat, panjang jugak budak ni. So have to buy for babysitter. Skrg ni ok lagi as I can wash during the weekdays.

Oh ya, I use my annual leave balance for another week. So maybe hantar Emir to babysitter middle of Dec. Hopefully by then all settled. Anyway babysitter pun satu hal. She has to take care 7 kids now. Banyak kan.. MrComot cakap nak buat trial 2 months tengok Emir ok ke tak..sebab ada another baby there. And then lagi 2 bulan ada another baby. And next 2 bulan another baby!!!! Kebetulan semua yg hantar kat situ mengandung. So nanti ada 11 budak include 4 babies!! I dengar pun macam nak pitam. Tengoklah mcm mana. Kalau tak ok or kitaorg mcm tak sedap hati sgt, kena find solution lain :(


Zahra got new house slipper! And it's freaking cuteeeeeeee!!!

I bought mine long time ago and Zahra lovesss to wear my slipper. It's too big for her so I bought her the smallest size I could find.

I couldn't find the same bunnies btw, so Zahra punya comot sikit hahaha. But anything in smaller size is way cuter!

Anyway the smallest size still a tad big for her that she keep on slipping it off. So I sew a black 3/8" elastic at the back. Ala...macam getah pinggang tu. I've seen my mom using it dulu but for what, I dah lupa. Bought for a pack from Daiso at RM5.

And it's ready! Snugly and fit her nicely. When she's bigger, I can cut the elastic off.

Cute oversize bunnies on my feet!

Zahra in action! Hehe sneaky betul, can't take a proper pic of her that day. Lari sana sini.

Btw, she still prefers my bunny instead of hers! Nak jugakkk pakai yg mummy isk isk isk...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And the Routine Begins..

After a few months on pumping vacation (I stopped pumping around April 2011), now the routine begins. In fact this is a bit late compared during Zahra. I started to pump when she was 3 days old! Talking about semangat. And I managed to stock up a, A LOT! I was thinking that if I die, the milk can last Zahra for a year (my freezer freeze at -20, so macam deep freezer), that's how a lot. But most of them went to waste because she started to reject my EBM when she was about 13months.

So afraid sejarah mungkin berulang, I decided not to overdo it. I plan to just stock up a bit for emergencies and give Emir freshly pumped everyday. Kalau cukup. No no no. Can't say kalau cukup untuk breastfeed, MESTI CUKUP! I have to motivate myself, my body and brain that the milk is gonna be enough for daily supply. InsyaAllah..semuanya dengan izin Tuhan jugak..

Anyway talking about breastfeeding and pumping, honestly I feel a bit tired of it *sigh*. It is just a small feeling that linger in the air when I'm worn out. You know..something like this 'haishh...kena pam/susu again :('. Maybe it's part of the postpartum blues. Hopefully I can get it over soon. Breastmilk is the best and purest source to nourish them.. I'm keeping that in mind as my motivation and hopefully I can BF Emir at least for a year. Then we'll move to another a year *positive! positive!*

This morning session. So sleepy and have this strong urgency to go back to sleep after say bye-bye to MrComot and Zahra, but Emir is still sleeping, so I have to pump out, else susu kurang nanti, rugi.. Semangat! Come come to me!

And my sweetpea's latest pic! He is one smiley baby!

Ahh I forgot to write about Zahra and Emir punya progress. Later later..

Anyway, salam Muharram to everyone! What's ur resolution? Mesti Islamic punya sebab bulan Islam kan hehe. Mine as usual la, want to do more in ibadah, be a better person, a better wife, bla bla bla..same old story :( Must try harder to achieve it! And I was intrigued by one of my friend's status in FB, he says that Muharram means we have 9 months to Ramadhan! How fast time flies! Hope dipanjangkan umur for this Ramadhan, amin..

Friday, November 25, 2011

Buttons Overload

Remember when I created paypal account to buy craft supplies? Well..the parcel is already here... and it's an overload!

Well, I know I ordered quite a sum..because that's the minimum buy *see see see fell for their trick* but I don't expect it's gonna be, too much? Hahaha. Now scratching my head what I'm going to do with it.

Actually I'm ok with the amount because..well, I like it so much. Even though I couldn't finish it. I like to have the stocks and simpan like forever haha. I know I'm weird like that.. But the moment MrComot saw this package, he exclaimed,

'Sayang nak buka kilang ke apa?'

Haha dia xdela marah, surprised kut, ok I know I went overboard *sigh*. And now I'm thinking of selling some of these. Only that, I'm too lazy to sort it out and snap pic and pack and sell.. and the hardest, to calculate how much each button cost me and how much should I sell. Susah okkkk.... haha. I'm not a businessman by nature.

But but..kena let go jugak kut..not to mention my felt and ribbon stock lagi. Sigh sigh sigh.

So watch out this space crafters. I'm gonna sell some.. only that I don't know when! Ok..maybe before end of this year, since I'm in 'holiday' kan. And before MrComot menyampah tengok my craft supplies. Haha. Seriously, I'm so takut nowwwwwww!!

Morning Sunshines

Zahra...zahra...pagi2 dah mintak Emir to sleep on her stomach.

'mummyyy..babyyyy..bum!' while pointing to her stomach.

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Another busy days

Am not complaining..cuma kebetulan rasa penat sangat. That day the bbsitter's brother passed away, so seminggu me with Zahra. And this morning got a call, her niece pulak passed away. And kebetulan I did't send Zahra to bbsitter yesterday because MrComot had important work in CBJ so tak sempat nak send dia. And I dah berangan2 dlm otak smalam, bestnya Zahra pegi bbsitter today, as I need to clear up some work. Hmm seems kena tangguh la. So this means thursday - monday, another 5 days with her. I don't mind really, it's just am a bit worn out. Tenaga, mariiiiiiiiiiiii cepat. Ok gotta wallop big breakfast, long day to go.

Oh ya..everyday ada update, including today at 10, semua tu scheduled ok. Byk sgt cerita bertangguh nak tulis dlm ni.

Salam hari jumaat everyone. Semoga hari kita diberkati Allah SWT. Selamat bekerja ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Junk Food

Dah lama tak update about Zahra's food. Well, we still make her soups everyday. But lately the babysitter said she doesn't want her soups anymore. I guess because she sees everybody else eating different meal? Sebab kat rumah ok je dia makan. Last week when she is with me the whole week, pun ok je. So we still cook it.

We still don't give her any junk food, bukan la sebab strict sangat but I saw her eating some junks at babysitter even though I dah bagitau tak boleh salt/junk food to Zahra..but sometimes we caught her in action, so takpelah..I am thinking, since dia dah 'termakan' kat sana je, kat rumah no-no. Anyway, we gave her sumi jelly when she was on 4 tabs prednisone to pujuk her after the medication and she keep on asking for the sumi jelly after that. It's not that bad because dia makan pun 1-2 je but somehow macam tak best so I decided to make our own junk food.

This kristal jeli tastes exactly like sumijelly! But not as sweet... and less chemical (I guess, haven't studied on it).

And the best thing is, for one packet we can get approximately 8 x 50ml cube. So everytime Zahra asking for sumi, we'll give only 1 cube.

But I don't give this to her everyday. Normally on medicine day, depends on her situation. There are days when she keep on asking for sumi and I don't think she really wants it, so I just said 'sumi dah habis..nanti daddy beli kat Giant ok?' and she'll reply, 'Jaaaayeeenn, yeayy!' sambil angkat tangan macam shout hooray, tanda excited.. haha so comel.

This is my 3rd packet and I can see that Zahra not that excited with this 'sumi' anymore, like the first time. Maybe because one flavour jer, Mango. Ada lagi satu flavour strawberry, but tak berani bagi because dah 3 incident she has allergy with strawberry flavoured food. Real strawberry ok pulak.

So maybe I should start thinking other junk food that is..less junk?

Ohh agar-agar dia tak suka! But maybe I can try do it again with different flavour/approach.. Hmmm... So what's ur kid punya junk food?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Remember when I told that MrComot has this pain at his fingertips and tapak kaki, and some red spots? Well, he's all fine and thank God it wasn't measles. But at the same time, it remains a mystery to us!

The doctor said it could be allergy, and the pain is because water retention at those area, causing the skin to swell. He was prescribed with antihistamine but it doesn't work. Normally if you have allergy reaction and you take the antihistamine, the allergy will off like, almost immediately. MrComot punya last more than a week. Mula2 the red dots at fingertips and tepi2 tapak kaki, then it climbing tapak tangan, etc. So weird...

And after the red dots gone, the skin peeling off. The picture below taken 3 days ago, only at fingertips, and now the peeling is moving to the fingers and under the feet.

And another weird thing is, MrComot only consume normal food, so we are wondering what causing the allergy. MrComot punya theory lagi dahsyat, he said he think blood poisoning. He cleaned some fish that day, and got cut and the fish blood seep into the cut. could be, but don't you think it's a bit exaggerate?

Not to mention this is our first time to witness such allergy. Normally ada rashes or hard to breath, but pain at fingertips and feet + red dots + water retention? Sooo weird and it remains mystery to us!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blistering Blue Barnacles!

Tintin the movie is here! Well, that's old news I guess, and I don't think I will have a chance to watch it at cinema so I'm not pretty excited about it but when Wahdi wrote about his trip in Brussels where Tintin is originated, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa jelesnya!! I want to watch Tintin! Well, I want to go to Brussels too, but that is far impossible hehe.

If you read my blog since early days, I've wrote about Tintin and I think I wrote more in blogdrive (but the account was deleted by admin because I was inactive for so long :( ). I started collecting Tintin since I was in uni days..that is like 6-8 years ago! And tell you what, I have all the series!! Mwahahahahahaha

My mom used to say, 'apa ni beli buku kartun mahal-mahal'. Ya lahhh..I am like 20 plus already and maybe she thinks Tintin is kartun budak2? And it is expensive! At least to me. Those days, it was priced at RM29.90 or so, and I went high and low looking for the best bargain and found my love snuggled in Chowrasta bookstore! It's a secondhand bookstore, not really a store, more like a shabby place filled with books and magazines from floor to the roof. But they also selling new books, and my Tintin all is only RM20!!

Oh my..I miss that place so much. This is one of the entry about it. I used to spend hours and hours on every outing and the uncle siap kenal I ok. But now I'm not sure if he still remember me, as it was years ago. Funny thing is, I kinda miss him too. He's so knowledgeable and good with books. If I looking for some titles, he knows exactly where to dig it and if he doesn't have it, he will recommend me another title/author but more or less is sooo my taste. Terer uncle tu! Last time I saw him when I went there with MrComot, he's so old already, and gained some weight. I hope he's doing well now... Oh ya, this is also the place I bought all my Sidney Sheldon's! Those were the days..

Anyway, after reading Wahdi's entry, I quickly went to upstairs to find my Tintin and could only find 4 of them!!! Dangg! I forgot that the rest is in Terengganu. I'm gonna bring all of them here! ASAP! Haha.

The only 4. Still in mint condition and crisp like new! I handle and flip it like holding a baby, so precious and carefully :P

You can see all the titles behind. I have them all except the last one, Tintin the Alph-Art. That one is special, not the comic itself, I think more like the sketches collection of Tintin. Anyway I couldn't find it anywhere, even in MPH/Kino/Borders/etc..

This comic also translated to dozens of language worldwide!

Oh ya, blistering blue barnacles is Captain Haddock's famous expressions :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weaning Zahra

As promised before, this is the story how we managed to wean Zahra! Yeayyyy!

Err...but but..we decided not to wean her. Boleh? So complicated. Nevermind, cerita satu2 dulu hehe.

As I wrote before, weaning a toddler (2yo) is hard because breastfeeding has become an emotional attachment to them, not as the drinking source. Kalau orang Melayu cakap, macam ketagih ganja! It's true..the moment Zahra latch on me, berpeluh-peluh dia macam syok giler sampai I pun saiko tengok ok. Are u ok? Are u ok? Haha. And now that she latches on me after come back from babysitter, normally the milk is gone already, I susukan Emir siap-siap, dia tak kisahh..bukan nak susu, saja je nak melekap. The first thing she asks when she steps into the house is 'bak' not mommy. Grrr....

I already can adapt 'two' babies and pretty much okay with Zahra bf-ing but during sleep time, it is very hard..because Emir will wakes up and I have to BF Emir and Zahra pun sibuk nak. I BF Emir with mengiring position and Zahra sanggup climb over to latch on the other boob. Gigih ni. Kalau kejap-kejap I won't mind, sometimes she's so sleepy so she is not that sober and doesn't feel 'kelenguhan' tonggeng nak melekap, so it will take sometimes, but I feel it, sakit pinggang ok. So I said, that's it, kena wean jugak.

I've put a lot of thing at my bak before, even ubat gamat, dia tak kisah ok. And this is the only thing that works for her...

Asam jawa!!!

It works on the first try, and until now! The moment she latch, she was stunned with the taste and stare at me and said;

'bak...yekkk!' (mommy's boobs got poop)

Apparently she thought that's how poop tastes like ahaha. Then I quickly said:

'hah? Ada yek? Suruh daddy wash'

And she rushed out from the room to her daddy while crying asking MrComot to carry her and wash her mouth. Hahaha.. for the first time I managed to sleep peacefully. Then when she woke up in the middle of the night, she asking for a latch, I will say, tak boleh, ada yek. Then she will say..'yekk..' with a very sad tone and went back to sleep. I'm so sedih too...see...I told ya, it's emotional attachment. Even myself not ready to let her go :(

Anyway she keep on asking for BF the next day, but then she will stop and told me my bak got yek and ask me to wash! Wahhh budak kecik ni dah improvised! Because she knows she can wash her mouth kan. So I just said, 'mommy dah wash, tapi ada yek jugak'. Then she will look pitifully at me and said 'bak..yek..washhh..eeeeeeee' and forget about bak after that. Haha that part tak sedih, dia cakap with cheeky tone.

By the way, I didn't do everytime because she never stop asking, and I have to go to the kitchen and open fridge and sapu and then basuh again when Emir pulak nak susu, so a bit hassle. So whenever she asks and my boob is empty, I just give it. So I think it gives her a wrong message that sometimes the yek is there, sometimes not. Whatever it is, the trick still works. I only do it during the weekend because she'll be with me the whole day kan..sikit2 mintak, susah la. During weekdays, I just layan her, only that I have to be smart, like BF Emir siap-siap before she comes back or pump some milk out for Emir later.

Talking about why I didn't wean her totally yet..well to be honest, I'm not ready. And I can feel she is not ready too.

And she has become a very good girl and sister. Sometimes, she just come and asking for bak, latch for a while, less than a minute and back continue her play. She doesn't get angry or upset anymore whenever I feed Emir and she understands that Emir need to drink.

Paling sedih after dia makan ubat in the morning, the medicine is so bitter that she'll ask for BF immediately. It's the only comfort source for her, for now... I have no heart to stop it yet. She's gonna finished the medication next I'll see where it will take us from there. For now, I'm not gonna wean her totally.

So yeah, that's my story. If you are about to wean your kids, you can try this method! It's natural and harmless :D


Congratulations to my darling friend, Cik Kopi on her big day yesterday. She finally become a Mrs on 20.11.2011 at 11.20am!! I wonder how much she bribed the tok kadi to make it on time hahahaha. Anyway didn't get to witness such a wonderful event as Emir is only 1 month old, stay at home it is! I am scaredy cat like that. Sorry darling, but you know my prayers are always with you.

Anyway I am a bit sad today. It's medicine day, and have to struggle with Zahra as usual. But today slightly different, she gave this sad, soft cry and muka dia all the way sedih until tied at the car seat. I sit beside her and explain to her slowly, 'Zahra..mommy so sorry Zahra kena makan ubat. It's gonna be over soon. Sikit je lagi ok..Zahra strong girl kan' and she just looking at me with her teary eyes, I couldn't help it but cry as well. Dia dah pandai sekarang, 1y 11m, dah faham banyak menda. Kesian dia..mesti dia confuse, 'why I have to eat ubat even though I don't have cold/flu/fever'.. Sabar yer sayang..1 more month, insyaAllah..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Choc of the Day: Ritter Sport Whole Almonds

Another old stock bought from Langkawi. Filled with frangrance crunchy roasted almonds. Dulu this is my most fav choc but now falls to #2 after I tasted the previous one - whole hazelnuts :D

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunflower vs Sweet Pea, Turkey vs Spring Chicken

Giving birth to Zahra and Emir open my life to two different world. Both of them are different in so many ways. Even the birth experience I had also different. Oh ya, I haven't share Emir's birth story. Tu nanti2 lah..

Talking about them, the moment I see them, different feeling flows into my heart.

Macam kalau Zahra, if I see her, I see sunflower! Sparkly and bright, shining me with all happy thing and full with energetic vibes. As for Emir, whenever I look at him, I feel like staring at sweet pea. So gentle and soft, giving me the calming and patience effect. My little sweet thing.. In a way, I find it amusing, as Emir manage to give me the feeling. Because he is a boy, yet so sweet, melt my heart. And Zahra, a little girl that rock my heart.

My Sunflower!
She did that face when I ask her to smile hehe

My Sweet Pea!

And both of them

By the way, we also have inside joke where we call Zahra, turkey and Emir, spring chicken because both of them were born with the same weight 3.4kg and yet so different. Zahra was so bam-bam and Emir on the other hand, so skinny that there is barely meat hanging on the leg. His face might look normal or quite chubby but wait till you see the kaki, seriously ayam kampung! Haha..

Kaki ayam kampung after a month. Before ni lagi kecik! Forgot to snap a pic of it

Happy Friday everyone. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love ties

Wahhhhh...ada masa pulak update blog today. Not really la..both babies are sleeping now, and I can't sleep on the evening, nanti sakit kepala. Ayway they finally asleep after

1) emir - bf more than an hour
2) zahra - kena marah sampai nanges2

My MIL brought her back around 230 as she's so sleepy and throwing tantrum, so i thought yeayyyy senangla, terus tido je nnt. TAK okkkkkk... She asking for bak, so I bagi je nak suruh dia tido, tak ada maknanya, she keep on rolling, pulling my hair, climbing on me, biting, kissing Emir yg dah halfway nak tertido, terus terbuntang2 mata, etc. And Emir dah restless want feeding, so I have to baring mengiring BF Emir and Zahra climbing2 on me. I just let her, because normally she will sleep after melekap mcm tu, tapi sampai 330 tak sleep2 and my pinggang pun dah lenguh, so sheikh kemarahan sudah tiba. I pun jerkah sekali kat dia, terus nanges and BAMMMM she fell asleep. Like that can?

Oh ya pasal tajuk..actually pasal last night. Betul la orang tua cakap anak tu pengikat kasih sayang. Not to say without anak, kasih sayang tak terikat...ikat jugak, but bila ada anak somehow u have to let go ur ego more than usual, hence the love kembali terjalin faster :p

Macam last night...both babies are in the room with me. It was around 1030pm macam tu and MrComot as usual with his laptop but Zahra n Emir still not sleeping. I was feeding Emir and Zahra boring kut ngan iPad dia so she walkout from the room and pegi kacau daddy, asking to sit on the lap and watch youtube from daddy's laptop. MrComot was so busy and stressed out and said;

'Zahra, zahra nak daddy tido kul 4 ke? Daddy kena buat banyak keja. Daddy ambik maid la macam ni. Zahra duduk ngan maid tu'

I was tired as well and hearing those really ticked me off. I feel like, helooooo ur work is more important than ur anak ke apa? But I know he always busy mcm tu, cuma bengang bila part cakap nak letak kat maid tu.

Emir tengah BF time tu, I terus cabut my boobies and went out and heret Zahra away from my hubby with half-yelling

'Zahra jangan kacau daddy!'

And Zahra of course la crying.

Then MrComot ask me why I am mad, I said mana ada marah, dah u busy sangat nak tido kul 4. Hahaha..ntah apa2 my reply.

In my heart pulak, fineeeeee tanak layan Zahra sangat, i wont let zahra go kacau him again. Baru tau nanti rindu zahra la apa la..seee keji kan the thought?

So pagi tadi balas dendam bangun awal..after BF Emir n tuck zahra back to sleep (they both suka sangat woke up at the same time) I senyap2 pegi dapur masak nasi, buat sup for Zahra, readykan beef for my lauk, konon2 mogok with MrComot tanak dia buat all that because he is busy with work haha..and then MrComot bangun, marah la takut I x cukup tido.

So both of us end up mad at each other.

Then i fell back to sleep and when i woke up, he already gone to work.

He did ask me to eat breakfast, he fried some sausage for me and that's it la no more communication after that.The msg pun very short one not like usual. I pun lancarkan perang dingin la. No whatsapp pics or whatever, normally kejap2 sent pic Emir la..kejap2 report Zahra so clever la.. Kejap2 cakap me love ya la hahaha. But today i senyappppp je.

And after lunch, i was excited that Zahra eats carrot and babycorn, because before that the babysitter cakap Zahra doesnt eat bekal yg kitaorg buat..ada those vege la.

So i quickly whatsapp MrComot.

'ok je zahra makan sup sawi with carrot n corn'

And got some replies. And reply more, so on and on...

Dengan itu secara rasminya the cold war end hahaha. If not because of that i wont be messaging him...hmmmm til much later in the evening? Something like that lah.

Yeah..things we do for our anak kan. No more ego2 ni.. Sob sob..

Oklah dah bgn dua2 tu. Melalak cari mommy.

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I survived the day!

Thank God, I survived yesterday!

And today a bit free because my MIL is around, so she came here to pick up Zahra around 11am for lunch and will send her back for nap later. Zahra ni memang can't nap without me..

Anyway a little details about yesterday, MrComot readied my lunch and totti's soup in the morning, nasib baik! Kalau tak, memang I tak makan la the whole day. I mean, proper food hehe. All in all, it's a very exhausted day. But all taken care as in, three of us well fed, mandi (sekali je..jadi lahhhhhhh..normally Zahra mandi 2x, tapi I dah flat huhuhu) and no drama crying or whatsoever. Only that Zahra woke up from her nap at 3pm! Normally around 5pm baru bangun, so terpaksa la mommy melayan.

At a point I feel like SUPERMOMMY! Perasan sangat because I'm not kan. Of course la perasan because on the evening, my right hand is suap Zahra makan petang, and on the left tengah pangku Emir menyusu. Rasa nak menangis pun ada haha.

All and all, I managed during the day, but not at the night! MrComot came back and I was bf-ing Emir that time, and said

'U look thinner than yesterday..hmm kalau macam ni sampai next week, me nak bagi Emir formula lah'

I knowwwwwwwww...I look haggard. And rumah macam tongkang pecah. I was so tired and at a point is considering giving Emir formula ok! So bad of me! Zahra 1st experience I manage to BF for more than a year, and with Emir is like 1 month? Even though it's only a thought. I feel so bad. But I understand MrComot as well, he's so worried about me *sigh*

Btw, we were thinking of hiring a maid. It's more like MrComot I don't favor the idea. I don't like having stranger in the house but ntah la..I kesian my hubby too. He has to do most of the work and I think tired la.. dah la penat jam from KL like more than an hour everyday, pastu balik rumah pun nak buat kerja (him and work, tak habis2, but that's his work, I can't complaint) and Zahra pulak sibuk nak play. Zahra sleeps at 12 midnight, every single day. I really don't understand her. Why tak boleh tidur awal like other kids :(

We tried everything, cut her nap, tuck her in earlier, but failed. Nanti lah I fikir macam mana...hmmmm..

I hope this only a phase where we can ride on it til the end. Ya Allah...kurniakanlah kesabaran yg tinggi for us.. I really don't like the maid idea.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I need all the luck in the world

Haha tajuk bombastic sangat, mcm end of the world. Actually got a call from my babysitter last night, she has to balik kampung as her brother passed away. Takziah for her..innalillah..

On the other hand, that means I have to take care Zahra and Emir alone, until end of the week. that's scary. Hope I can manage..of course I can..but hopefully it won't be so hard for me. Luckily it's already 40days of xde la letih sangat.

Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Choc of the Day: Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnuts

My first chocolate in confinement period. Dah expired pun July haha but I think should be fine. Bought in Langkawi. Look at the whole hazelnut, so crunchy so big and so generous. I love nuts!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Homemade Playdough

MrComot had to go to PD last Saturday due to kickoff one of his project. I wanted to follow but it seems a bit unwise of me because Emir is too small and we are still not 'brave' enough to let Zahra play with the sand/sea/pool/etc due to her condition. That was my first time with two babies at home too. Thank God everything is alright, and my sister was there, so she can layan karenah Zahra :)

Since daddy is not home, and Zahra macam boring, I decided to make playdough for her. Not only that she get the end result, she also get to play masak-masak with me since the steps are so easy! I let her pour the flour, salt, water..and yes it was a bit messy as Zahra tertumpah kan flour la apa la..I yelled few times but then..sigh, it was the real purpose of me letting her play kan? To get messy. Let her do thing her way and have fun, not marah2 her. So I just sit back and enjoy the whole process.

Zahra helping mummy with the dough.

The playdough recipe is taken from here:

I just use food coloring as I am too lazy to do the natural dye. Furthermore, Zahra is too small to enjoy the science. I might do the natural dye version when she's older. So here is the recipe altered. I double up the recipe since I think the original recipe is quite small.

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp cream of tartar
1 tsp food coloring

Mix flour, salt, oil and COT, then mix food coloring into the water, and stir with the dry mixture. Then put it on stove, medium fire and keep on stirring until it becomes dough like and doesn't stick to the pot. It is a very fast process (on the stove), mine is about 1-2 mins only. Wait until it cools a bit then knead on well floured surface.

I don't have real measurement cup, so I just use a small normal drinking cup (you can see in the picture above, the yellow glass cup behind Zahra, with a spoon inside). It works too.

Since I want Zahra to join me kneading, I just floured the floor instead of the worktop. Giler bersepah, lepas tu menyesal sebab nak kena wipe the floor haha.

End product - is very elastic playdough and hold shapes well, just like a real playdough, only that it has some grainy texture due to the salt. Not all over the dough, only some part that lock the coarser salt. I bought the cheapest salt in Giant and the grain is a bit coarse and uneven. For the next playdough I'm gonna grind/blend the salt for a finer texture.

The best thing is, the playdough can last lifetime (might be.. I read in the comment one grandma have the playdough for 10 years!), all you have to do is keep it in clingwrap or ziplock after use. And the texture gets better each time you play.

The playdough on second day.

Ohhhh ni mesti la mommy buat, Zahra tak pandai lagi :D

Zahra still doesn't know how to shapes thing or roll or whatever with the dough. I make some random shapes for her and she plays it as her imaginary cooking stuff. She said..'bawanggg'..then put into the pot, then cut and cucuk the playdough with cutlery and suap to me and everyone else in the house, MrComot, my sister, including Emir! Haha so cute.

One funny happen yesterday she was cooking with the playdough then suddenly she put her hand on the pot and quickly snap it and put on her chest and said aaaaawwwww while looking at me. So I asked ' Why Zahra?' and she said 'Panasssss'. Hahaha.. she's cooking soup rupa-rupanya.

I'm gonna do other color later. But next weekend la. So she can join me in the kitchen again :D

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Kesian Emir today, he woke up at 10am, then I layan2 kejap then I was so sleepy, and baring2 ngan dia, now he back sleeping, without mandi. I pun x mandi lagi, tak masak lunch lagi. Baru nak masak, the beef slice on the stove now, waiting for air kering.

Mood confinement dah ke laut. Dah boring pantang sorang2 :(

Ok...nak menyeru mood rajin kejap.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Postnatal Checkup

Emir and Mummy!

Today is my first outing in my confinement period, for postnatal checkup. Everything is normal, the womb is already shrunk and goes behind the pelvic bone, only through the scan can see still got some blood in it (darah nifas) but dah x keluar sangat, in fact I already mandi wajib yesterday. So doc prescribed cytotec 3x a day to flush the remaining blood out. Other than that I got obimin,obical, and fish oil as breastfeeding supplement. We also talked about family planning. Can't decide yet. Doc recommended the injection, it can last for 3 months but the withdrawal will take quite some times. Tengok lah macam mana nanti.

Oh ya, finally I get to urut with K.Ain today and felt so much better! She got an appointment somewhere nearby so she can come and urut me. She also said everything is ok only that my womb is a bit low, and that causing my back pain. I only need to urut with her one more time before I start working.

Both babies doing well. The cold gone, Alhamdulillah..only Emir ni pelik sikit, dia dah ada 3 wound..1 big bisul at his shoulder, then 2 nanah at the scalp. Gonna ask the doc when we see him for the 2nd jab, that will be in 2 weeks time. In the meantime hopefully nothing serious lah.

Ahhh it has been a month, another month dah kena masuk keja. I plan to take leave until end of the year but I haven't check my leave balance yet. Kalau susah sangat maybe ambil cuti tanpa gaji. My company don't have the 3months maternity leave policy :(

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Friday, November 4, 2011

I was clearing my phone and deleting some pictures (i've been bragging about my phone a lot now dia dah buat perangai. Banyak pics hilang and sometimes just can't open wawawa..I think it's because of the external memory card. After all it's more than 2yrs, tahan jugak la phone ni) and found few pics when we brought Zahra to the office. Forgot what occasion, it is dated August 9.

My office is like a big playground with mirrors all around, and lotsa treasure (side tables, Zahra suka sangat main ni hehe), and super cold too. The aircond is centralized and it's even colder on the rainy days. Anyway, that explains her with the green sweater completed with hood lagi hehe.

And her toys of the day, daddy's shoes! Sibuk nak pakai.

Picking daddy's shoes and bring to a corner

Trying on one foot first

Yeay! Managed to wear both!

The pics are not so clear anyway because she moves so fast. Daddy buka kasut sebab nak smayang Maghrib time tu.

Looking at these pics make me go 'awwww Zahra dah besarrrr'. Sometimes I miss her time kecik2. And it makes me so thankful that I get to observe and be part of her life. Even though I'm not a full time mom, I try to spend as much as I can with my kids.

Oh ya, happy aidiladha to all Muslims. Talking about Raya haji/qurban, I still remember clearly what the ustaz pesan during our kursus nikah, he said, lepas kawen, buat la qurban every year. Tak payah banyak, just letak satu envelope at the back of the door, every month put rm30 inside (it's like rm1 per day) and after a year we will have 360 kan, dah boleh qurban 1 part. Then do it alternate, this year for the wifey, next year for the hubby. So you wont feel the burden. Something like that lah. Nice tips ka. Bless the ustaz.

Anyway kitaorang tak buat pun this year hehe. InsyaAllah nak start next year. Semoga dipermudahkan..

Happy raya and hope you have a good time!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pukul anak

Just to share something that I learn throughout my journey as a mom, and also as a reminder to myself.

Having two kids is not easy, I wonder how other moms doing it. Anyway I tend to loose my temper in a snap lately, maybe because a lot of thing, Zahra with her ubat, weaning issue, new baby, etc. Zahra a bit mengada too but it's acceptable because she is adapting a new addition in her life, a brother who is stealing the attention. So she cries a lot on the first week the baby came especially when she is sleepy and I'm breastfeeding the baby. I think dia bengang kut. Anyway, it makes me bengang too! Ada one time she papppp Emir because Emir is latching and automatically I scold and papppp her hands. Ok that one not so bad, ada one night she suddenly woke up and want bak, but at the same time Emir wants too, so of course la I bagi Emir and she cries her lung out, I was so tense espc hearing the cries, and couldn't help it terus sepak her face. Instead of stopping, she cries harder!

Ok that's my story. Kebetulan lak that week, a few of my FB friend post up about how to deal with tantrums and pukul anak. There are 2 things that I remember clearly.

1) never sepak the face, it'll make her more stubborn
2) pukul at her kaki and below, never above

So I tried the methods and it works! I mean, it's easy for me to get her attention. Kalau I pukul tangan, she will resorted and pukul me balik or cry..the stubborn cry. Kalau I sepak lagi la..macam no point, dia lagi nanges ada la. I think if I sepak dia 100 kali pun she won't stop..she can be that stubborn! But if I pukul her leg, she will stop and the most pun cry, the sad cry and I'll hug her, the she's all fine.

Another tip that I think paling berjaya is, use other thing to pukul her, not direct skin to skin. This will make the kid less stubborn too. Kitaorg takde rotan, so I just grab anything nearby, mcm that day, she was angry with something and pour the anger to Emir in the rocker, so I took fan remote control and babbb her kaki sikit and said 'zahra no!'. And she stopped immediately and gave me unsatisfied look, then come to me and mengadu Emir bully her, 'mummmmyyyy..babbbbbyyy' while pointing to her fingers. That's a big difference, kalau tak dia macam lagi degil.

Oh ya, having 2 kids make me shout more too. Haishh no wonder la mak2 suara kuat, have to! Kalau tak, tak dengar kata!

I am building up my patience. Don't want the kids to grow in angry environment. Please God give me the strength! Haha..rasa drama pulak but ahh..that's what I'm experiencing now.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love Song

It has been such a long time I haven't listen to the music, or radio, or any kind of that. I am more into reading these days, maybe it's a sign I'm getting older haha.

Anyway stumble upon this 2 songs that I am in love now.

Jar of Hearts

Funny thing is, I like cover version by BoyceAvenue ft more than the original singer - Christina Perri. CP punya version mcm more like angry and mad but the cover version is more to sad and heartbroken.

Original version by Christina Perri

Cover version by Boyce Avenue & Tiffany Alvord

I Love You Like A Love Song

By Selena Gomez & The Scene

I never like her (maybe because I find Bieber is annoying haha, so dia kena tempias sama), but somehow I love this song. Her voice suit the song well, and so romantic in catchy way.

Talking about romantic, I whatsapp MrComot this afternoon dedicated this song to him, even though I know he has no idea what song is that haha. And to my surprised he dedicated a song back to me and it is so funny.

I love you barney song!!! Hahaha dah tatau nak bagi lagu apa la tu. That's the only song he knows probably :P

Btw, Emir is getting better, I think. Because he can sleep and only wake up few times when his nose is blocked. Meaning his nose not blocked all the time. Hingus pun dah kurang Alhamdulillah. But last night he had to sleep in the rocker as it is tilted high at the head so he can breathe easier. Kalau lie down biasa he can't sleep. And Zahra woke up 4 times last night want a comfort (BF!). Haishh...Emir bangun sekali je.. But all in all, mommy kena bangun 5 kali. Hehe.

Emir is sleeping now, I want to lie down for a while. Oh yeah, this update is using laptop..ahhhh best ok, boleh taip laju. Kalau pakai phone or iPad rasa mcm susahnyaaa. Have a good day everybody!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Current Stuff

I want to write lenghty entry but a lot of thing is going on now, not good one. Below is the random thing happening and thoughts I have in mind

MrComot is not well. His feet are painful espc whenever he walking as presurring the feet kan. It feels somewhat numb but painful at the corners area. Also his hand. Got few red spots. He went to see the doc today and doc said it could be measles or allergy to something. Praying for something mild like allergy, not measles as we are afraid it's going to affect the kids.

Zahra has a cold. And this give us shudders. She is in very critical stage recovering her Nephrotic Syndrome and we are monitoring her urine closely. Current dose is at 2 tabs. Doc already warned us she is not like normal kids, every single cold/fever/flu/cough/anything has to be treated without delays. Already gave her 2.5ml chlopeniremine twice a day for the cold. She looks fine but other kids at the babysitter also have cold. Hopefully all won't take long to get well :(

Zahra passes the cold to Emir. Now Emir keep on ada the hingus and can't sleep well. Sleep kejap about an hour..then tersedak-sedak with the phlegm. And then suddenly will cry sampai merah muka because he can't breathe well. What worry me is because he is too small, only 25 days. So no medicine for him yet. I just rub some virgin coconut oil at the ubun-ubun and off the fan. He also refused BF sambil baring, maybe rasa sangkut hidung. I have to carry him most of the time, but it's ok, as long as nothing serious.

I can't have my nap because afraid I will miss Emir punya tersedak-sedak. And I didn't get enough sleep last night because Emir can't sleep. Hopefully Zahra is ok tonight, no drama, and yg penting urine test come out good. Last night was negative for protein. Alhamdulillah.

It's been raining cats and dogs every evening this week and our roof back leaking. Sigh. I don't know where to find roofman lagi dah. Dah 4 orang repair but the leakage still there. Lama-lama boleh runtuh tau!

I'm so pumped out and fueled with craft thing these few days. I still buying lotsa craft stuff *sigh* and thinking of selling it back hahaha. Created paypal account last night, well not to sell stuff, but to buy stuff overseas! OMG...addicted betul beli barang craft, so mmg kena jual la. Anyway I create the account because I don't have credit card and debit card pun pinjam my sister punya, so I'll just transfer the money later to her. Previously all shopping either direct tx or pakai cc MrComot, but since takut kena marah asyik beli menda tapi tak buat apa, senyap2 create paypal hehehe. And last night when I was busy with my paypal he asked 'what do you buy? Jangan kena tipu tau..dah check ke belum? Is it from China? you know ada businessman report kat MCA kena tipu dia beli online barang frm China..bla bla'. Yeahh I read that news, thank you.

Haha he is nice like that. Takde la tak bagi I beli, just takut I kena conned. I was a bit malu jugak la when he said like that because normally I will ask him first, but nowadays I just buy without telling him. Especially since I'm at home, where I can expect the postman anytime :D

And main thing because I don't want to disturb him anymore. Sikit2 mintak tolong transfer duit from his maybank or cc. I know it's only a 5 mins thing, but to add the lauk on his plate? No lah..he's full to the brim already, dengan nak jaga totti, nak buat keja rumah. So tak payah pening2 kan kepala dia.

Not only craft stuff, I'm also stuffing myself with other online shopping, especially clothes. Maybe because I don't have time to browse at shops already, so online shopping is really gotten me. I just bought another 7 pieces of garment in a month! Hopefully all can fit me well after my confinement, kalau tak sia-sia je hehehe.

Also hooked up with!

Alamak, kenot type anymore, Emir dah nanges. Daaa!

Oh ya, wish us well. Espc the kids, cepat2 baik. Thanks! Mwaaahh!