Monday, November 14, 2011

Homemade Playdough

MrComot had to go to PD last Saturday due to kickoff one of his project. I wanted to follow but it seems a bit unwise of me because Emir is too small and we are still not 'brave' enough to let Zahra play with the sand/sea/pool/etc due to her condition. That was my first time with two babies at home too. Thank God everything is alright, and my sister was there, so she can layan karenah Zahra :)

Since daddy is not home, and Zahra macam boring, I decided to make playdough for her. Not only that she get the end result, she also get to play masak-masak with me since the steps are so easy! I let her pour the flour, salt, water..and yes it was a bit messy as Zahra tertumpah kan flour la apa la..I yelled few times but then..sigh, it was the real purpose of me letting her play kan? To get messy. Let her do thing her way and have fun, not marah2 her. So I just sit back and enjoy the whole process.

Zahra helping mummy with the dough.

The playdough recipe is taken from here:

I just use food coloring as I am too lazy to do the natural dye. Furthermore, Zahra is too small to enjoy the science. I might do the natural dye version when she's older. So here is the recipe altered. I double up the recipe since I think the original recipe is quite small.

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp cream of tartar
1 tsp food coloring

Mix flour, salt, oil and COT, then mix food coloring into the water, and stir with the dry mixture. Then put it on stove, medium fire and keep on stirring until it becomes dough like and doesn't stick to the pot. It is a very fast process (on the stove), mine is about 1-2 mins only. Wait until it cools a bit then knead on well floured surface.

I don't have real measurement cup, so I just use a small normal drinking cup (you can see in the picture above, the yellow glass cup behind Zahra, with a spoon inside). It works too.

Since I want Zahra to join me kneading, I just floured the floor instead of the worktop. Giler bersepah, lepas tu menyesal sebab nak kena wipe the floor haha.

End product - is very elastic playdough and hold shapes well, just like a real playdough, only that it has some grainy texture due to the salt. Not all over the dough, only some part that lock the coarser salt. I bought the cheapest salt in Giant and the grain is a bit coarse and uneven. For the next playdough I'm gonna grind/blend the salt for a finer texture.

The best thing is, the playdough can last lifetime (might be.. I read in the comment one grandma have the playdough for 10 years!), all you have to do is keep it in clingwrap or ziplock after use. And the texture gets better each time you play.

The playdough on second day.

Ohhhh ni mesti la mommy buat, Zahra tak pandai lagi :D

Zahra still doesn't know how to shapes thing or roll or whatever with the dough. I make some random shapes for her and she plays it as her imaginary cooking stuff. She said..'bawanggg'..then put into the pot, then cut and cucuk the playdough with cutlery and suap to me and everyone else in the house, MrComot, my sister, including Emir! Haha so cute.

One funny happen yesterday she was cooking with the playdough then suddenly she put her hand on the pot and quickly snap it and put on her chest and said aaaaawwwww while looking at me. So I asked ' Why Zahra?' and she said 'Panasssss'. Hahaha.. she's cooking soup rupa-rupanya.

I'm gonna do other color later. But next weekend la. So she can join me in the kitchen again :D


  1. so cute Zahra cooking with expression, hehehe.

  2. Aan,

    Zahra mcm dah ok dr sembab muka. Kan Aan?

  3. Ain nazri,
    Best tau, senang je buat. Nnt auf dah besar boleh la try :D

    Haha kannn.. Mmg rasa happy tgk expression dia. Hah..mesti tgh scroll2 pic danish tu :D

    A'ah alhamdulillah dah kurang sembap. Dia pun dah ok actually, cuma still amik ubat, sampai december and insyAllah takpayah dah lepas tu. Yeayyy. Doakan ye.