Friday, November 14, 2014

I made something something for the sports day!

Haha..ok tajuk tak boleh blah.


Actually I have a lot of stories to share...but I am on instagram now and things are shared faster that way! And by the time I want to write about it, poof! the mood gone like the thin smoke in the air. Haaa dramatic tak? Haha...but it's trueeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, nothing beats good old blog where I can rant as much as I want, as long as I want! Hehe! what I've been up to these few weeks......

making costume for kiddos sports day!

And not only for's like for the whole school! 

I know, how come right?

It started about early of the year I think. I made a simple costume for MrComot and myself to the company's dinner. I was a cute witch and MrComot was a vamp. (woaa...I think I didn't post it in my lovely blog. Maybe I'll write about it later, need to find those pictures!) And naturally I posted it in FB and then kiddos school headmistress saw it and was very excited to have me making costume for their sportsday! 

And that was like, months ago!

Initially I thought it is nothing serious and maybe just a little collaboration where I give some input or ideas for the costume....but somehow....I get to do them, all by myself *squeeeeel with excitement*

To be truth, it's kinda scary. I mean, "are you sureeeeee you want to make the are not THAT artsy fartsy ok. Plus, you don't have the experience. Super plus, what if they don't like it". 

That's what I've been thinking over and over but the universe somehow works towards it. With the headmistress trust and what not, I manage to pull up my sleeve and finish them all.

Even I am surprised with myself. Something that I never dreamt off - to make costumes for the school. Not only for my kids..but for others kids. Woaaa...

So anyway.. let's go through with the pics.

My kiddos' first sports day. The theme was the element which consist of earth, air, fire, water and cloud, inspired by the Japanese sports day Taiiku No Hi.

Can you spot all the costume?

Mommy with princess. She is the earth team. The attire concept and the headgear done by the teachers. All hand-made. The teachers are very crafty too!!

I was responsible for their main costume except for fire as one of the teacher did the fire costume. The design and concept was brainstormed with the headmistress via whatsapp, FB and email. And I got most my ideas from random websites, pinterest especially. The wonders of technology ehehehe.

Below is the main costume that I made.

Cuddly cloud with pinkish dot as their team is pink color.

Hot air balloon for AIR team (yellow sport house)

Earth for green sport house

Other pictures that I don't have is water fairy for water team (blue sport house) and rainbows. Rainbows is their flag bearer.

I will elaborate more about EACH costume in separate entries, with some tutorials I hope! ;)

So anyway, the kids had sooo sooo much fun.

Zahra is in green team (earth) and Emir is in pink team (cloud).

My princess is the flag bearer, so she's wearing the rainbow
But what surprised me most..was my handsome boy. 

He is kinda shy and introvert type and I am well aware that he doesn't socialize much and the fact that his bestfriend is Thomas...that pretty much sum up his behavior. So, when the cloud team line up and made performance (some singing and movement), I am so surprised to see that Emir willingly stand in the line and dance together!

He is such a clever boy! *sniffles*

He gave me the occasional look and smile at me while doing all the moves *tears*

Emir standing and singing together with his team. His moves is not perfect but I am so happy with this improvement!
Zahra on the other hand...drama queen habis. Her performance is top notch I'll say! MrComot did videotaping it but I haven't have the chance to see it yet. But seriously...full of emotion! Her face, her movement LOL. Am thinking to send her to acting class...just for fun, if she likes it.

Learning naturally through play ;)

They had some games after that but Emir refused to join. I think dah penat kot buat performance. Cukup la tuh mommy, mana boleh banyak2 hehehe.

Anyway I even joined the "pick the candy in flour using your mouth" and the "tie your leg with your kid and run as fast as you can to the finish line" game. It was so much fun! Too bad I didn't win either. Pfftttt!

Balik2 rumah je both mommy and daddy pengsan but the kids stayed up until bedtime at night! I wonder where they get the super power.

I showered them and gave milk but they still awake watching TV! Kuatnya battery budak ni! I already had my nap when I took this picture. Don't mind the messy spot. It has been always like that.

There it goes, our first kiddos sports day!

InsyaAllah will try to write about the costume soon. In the middle of sorting the pictures.

Anyway, just to tell you all, I even host a contest on the costumes I made, on instagram and FB. I initially would like to host it here as well, but was a chaotic that day, so tak sempat :(

But it was loads of fun.

Opss..sorry gotta go! Talk soon! :*