Friday, August 29, 2008


This entry just to channel my frustration, over people, over their attitude.

I've been running here and there, making phone calls like almost everyday, to book the place for our reception. I've been nice, spoke softly and respectfully. But their attitude is just, out of the world!

One month ago, we went to this place to get quotation on how much it'll gonna cost us if we want to have wedding reception like this at home. Then he suggested to do at their garden which will cost us around the same, only slightly more.

Then I was given a namecard for me to do the booking. After thinking for about a week, we seems to like the idea and gave Kak A a call. So I booked for 9/11. And have to pay the deposit within a week.

Within that week, I had to change the plan as my sisters won't be coming for the reception as one will be having SPM and another one final year exam. So I quickly called Kak A to change the dat to 1/11.

She said OK, can change, takde org booking lagi, but you have to come and do payment asap. That was on Thursday.

Thursday was busy. So we went on the Friday, noon, to do do the payment. But Kak A is not in, so we talked with En F

To my surprised, somebody already book it (without any payment yet), just few hours before we arrived.

I was soooo upset with their system and their sikap.

1) Why don't she tell me about the booking? I did call her before we went to see them. Ingat senang ke nak redah jem bagai and just to hear them say, 'Sorry somebody literally book it'
2) I DID say I want to change to 1/11 and PLEASE BOOK FOR ME FIRST and it was a day before another guy took that date. Bukannya aku redahhhh je pegi. OMG. I am freaking pissed.
3) And I have to wait for another week before that guy confirm. Ok fair enough. I don't know they can blocked a week for you to confirm. They never tell me.

Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. At least, give me a call lah, cakap dah ada org amik that date ot whatsoever.

At that time, seriously, I said I don't want to have my wedding there. But the place is soo nice and right with the budget. So we decided to give it a go, and wait for another week. Tutup sebelah mata for their inconsiderate manner.

So Mr F said, he put me under the waiting list for 1/11 and in a week, if no payment made, automatically it will be mine. He said IN FRONT OF ME and siap tulis my nama etc etc. So I pun ok lah..kita redha..harap2 that guy cancel..sbb he only doing BBQ, not wedding. Maybe dia tak jadi ke apa ke kan.

So we waited. Right after a week, nobody call me, so I GIVE THEM A CALL (what kind of business they are running?). Unfortunately, this is what I got:

Mr F: Sorry..we can't confirm yet. Sbb that guy tak confirm lagi
Me: But it's been a week right? Cakap you block date seminggu je.
Mr F: Ok..jap I call dia. Nnt I call u back.

OK fine. So I hang up and waiting for his call .. And you know what? ILEKKKKKKK.

Mcm babi okkk berjanji. Kalau tanak call, cakap la tanak call. Pastu kalau nak suruh I call balik, cakap je la kan. Ni dia cakap dia nak call tapi tak call. Ishhh aku tatau nak cakap apa dah. Cakap main sedapppp je.

So tak puas hati and I pun nak settle kan this issue as soon as possible, so I dialed Kak A punya number.

Oh ya..u know, project garden wedding ni revolving around 3 of them je, Kak A, Mr F, and Mr A. So anything dengan derang je la. I've been calling all of them and semua mcm hmmm..I tanak curse dah.

So I called up Kak A kan.

Me: Kak, I dah call Mr F and he said will return my call but he isn't so I nak confirm ngan you, can I get that date?
Kak A: Hmm tak confirm la..sbb ni booking Mr A yg buat. So I tak tahu lah deal dia ngan org tu mcm mana, kot2 dia ada hal ke, outstation ke. And Mr A is out today, so I can't confirm with you.

I was like, LU APA HALLL?

Ok, I tak kisah la kalau tak boleh confirm kan. Tapi dah janji seminggu akan confirm ngan I. He said straight into my eyes, he will call me after a week, jadi ke tak. AND HE WONT. Babi laaa.

Hmm seriously. I feel like shit. I feel they are like shit.


Kak A: Minggu depan la.. sbb hari bla bla bla kami busy bla bla got big event bla bla only next week free
Me: Ok, next week, please call me to confirm I can proceed with 1/11 or 9/11 sebab if I can't I need to find another place. And the wedding soon, bukannya lambat lagi.
Kak A: Ok, nnt kita call bitau.

And gues what?


No call ok - expected la *sigh*

So I called them yesterday. But nobody in.

Then just now I called them again. This time I talked ngan Mr A. This is what I got.

Mr A: Sorry tu dah bayar




Should I curse or not?

I don't care orang tu dah bayar ke belum. I don't care I get the date or not. But, TAK BOLEH KE KORANG CALL BAGITAU??


You know..seriously. I feel like shit. Because I have to deal with idiots.

I am so upset. With their attitude.

Being me, normally I will argue cakap why don't you tell me bla bla bla you janji nak call bla bla bla you cakap mcm ni bla bla bla

But tadi, I was tooooo sad.. and heartbroken that I just said 'OK' and quietly holding back my tears.

I don't know what to say la.

The customer service is so suck. Tak boleh ke spend a minute and give me a call, saying that that guy already paid for that date? Hmm baper kali nak ulang :(

Is it that hard?


I don't know lah.

Whatever lah...

I don't know lah they perasan bagus ke apa. But whatever it is, I am soo sooo sooo upset and frustrated.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sausage Platter at 1901

I was craving for sausage platter since my last puasa ganti. But I don't really 'find' where to get the sausage platter as I know I can do it by myself once the crave unbearable. I will go to Jusco, get as many sausages I want, got turkey, beef, mushroom, cheese, etc etc. Then I will steam or grill them and wipe out a PERFECT sauce which will include only mayonnaise hihihihihi.

But, plan will always be plan. I am like usual, too lazyyy to cook even for my own tummy. Seriously, no fun ok cook for one people only. But I'll definitely cook after kawen. I already have an impressive list of recipe ok, kid you not! :D

Btw, we went to KLCC last week to get his ring and stopped by 1901 when my eyes caught this:

I was like, Heyyy tak pernah tahu pun 1901 has sausages platter!!!

Seriously, tak pernah tahu okkk. Is it been there like, forever? Or new menu? But they did tell me that not all branches has the same menu.

So I quickly order gourmet platter which include 2 mushroom sausages, cabbage + carrot salad (I replaced it with baked beans), 2 pieces of long buns and mashed potato.

Let me do a checklist.

Mushroom sausages - OK. Can buy sendiri brand ayamas (a pack of 6 will cost u around RM5 mcm tu). Sebijik ookk rasa dia.
Bun - Normal. I am not a bread person.
Baked beans - So-so
Mashed potato - Instant one, from Maggi machine - hahaha

And it came with OJ (written in the menu) but it is actually pure sweetened orange cordial. Oh ya, another thing is, the sauce written is something like this 'light new york dressing', if I'm not mistaken la, so I asked the counter guy how will the sauce be. Then he said,

Counter guy:'s only mayonnaise ngan ketchup.

I was like, heloooooooooooooooo!! Perlu ke you letak nama bombastic and fantastic mcm ni buat I mcm excited giler but it is eventually, sos ngan mayonnaise je? Ughhhh. Hmm but, what should I expect from fast food kan? Hehehe


The meal somehow get to wash my craving away. But I definitely will choose their normal sausage sandwich than the platter, anytime.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Messy Andes :,(

I had lunch at Tupai-tupai today and was bending over at their food spread, in order to reach the fried four angle beans at the top shelf, when this happened:-

My tudung dipped in one of the curry at the lower shelf!

And it is thick with turmeric!!


The victim part is only at the tip of the tudung, but being the blonde andes, I quickly fold the tip onwards to cover the mess, without waiting for it to dry out.

And look at have I done, I'm spreading the messiness okk :((

Now it became yellow all over :((

And also stained my precious shirt :((

I have to fold it like this.

Of course this time I wait till it dried.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bro's Convo

We had to cancel our plan to paint the house. Hmm not exactly canceled, but postponed to this weekend because I forgot that my bro's convocation is on the Sunday! Haishhh talking about baaaddd sis. It will be tiring for us to paint and rushing to Tronoh early in the morning. So we decided to move it to another week.

Below is few random pictures.

Student cycling in the campus.

The graduates. All of them (mech eng, chemy, and IT) wearing the same color of robes, the blue lining. Since they are relatively new, multiple colors are not really practical. And it is chaired by CheDet okkk. Jangan main2. Watching him giving scrolls to each student made me gasping through the air "omg pakcik ni..laratnya dia berdiri lama2!" Hahaha he is freaking OLD okkkk. And yet, so steady. Must exercise after this. I wanna grow old gracefully too.

All the makciks and pakciks

And below is my fav shots. MrComot snapped it for me. The mosque is breathtaking but it is a bit gloomy in this pictures, about to rain that time.

White mosque #1

White mosque #2

To my bro, a BIG congratulations for you!!

Oh ya, can you see the flower he's holding? That wasn't from us. One of his sweethearts sangat baik hati bought him that. He's sooo lucky because none from the family members buy any flowers for him :))


It's freaking expensive from the tapak convo. 3 stalks of arranged roses is bloody RM28 okkkk. I can get a whole dozen roses with RM30 from PS. And the reason why I didn't get one because I was tooo lazy to drag myself from bed and rush to PS at 8 in the morning.

Hahaha, sorry bro. I just couldn't bring myself to buy overpriced thing or doing nice thing for you. You have to live with it :D

A quick shot with the graduate hat (what we called it?). I am so bulat isn't it? Ughhhhhhhh

And to Cool yg berconvo the same day jugak, congratulations!!!!

Hmm tiba2 terasa nak sambung study. All my batches, jom buat master? I need catalyzer. Jommmmm laaa


Shani dah baca Hijab Sang Pencinta!!

Sangat unfair!!!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Morning Greeting

I am greeted by something unfamiliar this morning. Minus the messiness of course. My desk always like that, no kidding. It's not dirty ok, just messy. I can tidy it up but somehow, it's weird to have a neat working place. Hahaha. That's just me. I will try to change the habit (one of resolution).

Please excuse the sarang-tikus-wannabe.

Ok back to the unfamiliar thing. So I quickly walked to my place and see what I saw (haha betul ke ni?)


I was like, "perlu ke?"

Hahaha. I wonder how many colleagues have seen this, since my arrival is rather late.

It's a bit embarrasing, but I know he's trying to be cute. Whatever it is, I will always love him, no matter what.

*blueeghhhh* hahahaha

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Neopets anyone?

I was soooo bored just now clicking here and there that I decided to do something else (still using the PC) and then I remember I have an account in Neopets!!

My oh my...

I dunno if you guys ever heard this online game but it is definitely an old skool one. It keeps better and better each day and still FREE!!

I know there are lots unpaid online games but this one is something different. You have to explore yourself to know what's in there.

First thing first, meet my very first and only neopets, Earthfirefly!!

And it's yellow! Haha I never knew I like yellow this much. Btw, can you see that my Kyrii is DYING!! Of course because I didn't feed her *badddddd master*

The status will change to hungry, famished, etc according to how long it's unfeeded (got this word ke?) and dying will be the last one (hmm after a week rasanya). The thing is, I think I haven't feed it for years okkkk! Hahaha. A good thing about this pet, it won't die, literally. You just have to stuff it with lots food than the status will change to a better state :P

Just see how old my kyrii is. 2164 days is about 6 years. Oh myyyyy.. I am soo budak kecik when I started.

Another thing that I like sooo much about this thing is the food selection. They are sooo cute with weird choices and in bright colors! Most of the time I will drool over the food even though they are not real and for my pet! As if I can choose for myself kan? Hahaha. It's pure hallucination I tell ya. And I will end up choosing something that *I* like to have. And it will be anything with cheese and chocolates. These people are good with hooking people right?

I'm drooling with the Jalapeno Popper
(even I never know what exactly the thing is haha)

And things get more interesting as you can haggle for your food!!! And the shops pretty tight I'm telling ya, wont' accept cheap offer. Jangan main2.

Failed on my 1st haggle

2nd attempt. Only 11points less! Cess. At least I got it. Sometimes when I become cheapskate, I will haggle more and zuuuppppp, the stock finished okkkkkk. Haiyohhh thousands people are playing at the same time. And you have to wait like hours before they restock the food.

And how do I get money to buy the food? Ahahaha money. It's neopoint. But still u have to work for it. You can achieve it by playing games or open trading shops in bazaar or you can even send your neopets to work! I will just play the games as it's easy-peasy and have wide variations from Action to Puzzle, Educational to Adventure. They are nevertheless fun too!

My all time favourite will be Snowmuncher, Sutek's Tomb and Destruct-O-Match. All the 3 are 1st level game which require no skill and don't have to think at all. Ahaha. What a game.

And you can even keep your money in the bank!!

If only I have that amount of money right now. I will be the happiest kiddo in this whole word. Talk about another hallucination :D

They also have bookstore (for some intelligence for your pet), school, clothes, toys, bazaar, another weird world for you to venture, contest, matches, etc etc. You can even leave your pet in their hotels (you have to pay, with the neopoints of course) and they will clean, feed (I don't know how they define as cleaning haha) your pet, hence will be no 'dying' status, like I have now :P

But why bother right? Only a freak will send their virtual pet to virtual care centre. Excuse me, a neopet-freak. I am just the baaaadd master :D

Another BIG point is, the illustration is very good and CUTE. With vibrants color and thousands unique characters, this site is absolutely an eye catcher.

If I have all the time in the world, I'll definitely devote myself to neoworld.

Hahaha I know it's crazy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you keep your movies?

I have this habit to download all movies that I missed from cinema and keep it like, for ages. The thing is my HDD is not big enough and a day without something moving in my torrent client is such a waste. So, occasionally I will clean up my HDD and still! I couldn't take myself to delete the movies I have watched. I don't know why, mcm ada sentimental feeling gitu. So, I developed another habit to burn movies that I *think* worth to be in the permanent storage.

And keeping it is a challenge for me! As I want it to be nice and look good and presentable. I want ONE movie in ONE cd. So DVD is not an option for me but yet, it's hard to find a CD enough for a movie (once upon a time when I started lah).

Good movie with decent size will always come in dvdrip version and is about 700Mb. Normal CD is about 700Mb and it is not enough for a movie because when you burn it, it will have an overhead about 20Mb or so. Hmm..I'm not sure the exact overhead but my point is, a 700Mb cd can't fit a 700Mb movie.

Then when I found one with 870Mb, it has been my fav ever since!

700Mb vs 870Mb

And I've been a dog to master Melody since day 1 because this brand never give me any problem! (can't burn, scratched, corrupted, etc). I tried high-class CD before like Imation and out of 10 I will get one not working piece.

I also add a bit kegedikan which is using the poster (which can get online for free frm the promo) and print it onto CD sticker (it's a sticker paper in round shape) and voila! My collection look a bit professional, isn't it?

'Pasted' CD :P

The thing is, I don't have a printer. Color printer to be exact. So I have to wait till I get back to the hometown and using my dad's printer for this purpose. Talking about saving cost hahaha. The naked CD will be marked like below;

One of the CD without the cover

Now, my collection is increasing. But as I mentioned before, not all movies RIP in the CDs. Most of them I just delete straight from the HDD. I just burnt movies that I think I might watch it again, sooner or later. Some of the collection that I glad I keep it is like Children of Heaven (Arabs), Run Lola Run (French), Hotel Rwanda and all the cartooonnss. Hahaha. I am a big fan or cartoons. And who doesn't?

The inventory

I have about 10 boxes now which is equal to 60 CDs. Hmm maybe I should do piracy business here. But, nahhh everybody has streamyx/connection now kan.

So, give yourself a treat, download as much as you want.

The only tip here is, find:

1) dvdrip version
2) size will be around 700Mb (ada yg 1.4G but rarely found)
3) in avi/divx format
4) few uploader's name to recommend: aXXo, DiAMOND (just to name a few)

And enjoy your movie!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Colors and machine

Do you notice the blog color has changed?

Thruthfully, purple is not really MY color. My color has to be on the warm side like red, pink, yellow. Whilst purple is a bit in the middle right? Something in between of red and blue. And I'll never look good in cool color.

Btw, I ammmm in this color mood now as this is the color we gonna paint for our master bedroom!!!

Wahhh tantekkk takkk? Ahahahaha.

The feature wall gonna be Full Wine #192A and the side by side will be Pale Pansy #6182P. Will start painting this weekend. Yeayyy!!!

Btw, remember I said about washing machine ada gamba baju kuar2 air? Here I present you the machineeee!!

The overview

It's a 10.5kg from Hitachi. Yeah I know it's too biggggg for a starter like us. In fact, I was looking for something simple like 6kg or so only. BUUUUTTT, this is the only machine with CUTE button!! And somemore it has the newest technology, the Air Jet Dryer.

So let's take a close peek on which button I like the most.

The spin! Tshirt kuar2 air hehehe

And the clean!! Tgk tu, kesian the bacteria buat muka kena kill hahahaha.

And another point for this buddy is, it is not as big as you think! Seriously, it's so compact and in fact smaller than other 8kg (be Panasonic, Samsung, LG or anything) washing machine! Ahhh I forgot to snap the whole thing and to compare side by side.

Finally, after 4 years basuh baju with my own hands (I do cheat sometimes using dobi hehe), I'm going to have a helper! I thank God for a good start of marriage life. Kalau baju sekarang pun malas basuh, how to basuh baju hubby kan :P

Award from Tatty!!

Hi alll!! Morningggg...

Ahaha..dah kul 12 tgh hari pun. But it is damn cold that make me feel like 6 am in the morning.

Btw, I was given this award by Tatty! Thanks sis! Walaupun I know my blog is not that Brilliant, but the word brilliante really made my day sbb I feel like ala-ala your highness thinking of diamante. tak relevan ok. Oh ya..I need diamante for wedding veil hehehe. Will talk about this later ok.

So the rules go like this:

Brilliant Award is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart n brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere.

here are the rules to follow:

1) put the logo on ur blog
2) add a link to the person who awarded you
3) nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) add links to those blogs blogs on yours
5) leave a message for ur nominees on their blogs

Ok, 1 and 2 done.

But number 3 ni tricky sket.

I think all blogs that I linked (at Hopping section) are brilliant! Kalau tak buat apa I link kan. Ahaha diva pulak. So, this award goes toooo everybodyyy yg I linked and to anonymous yg rasa2 blog dia brilliant (but it is just me yg tak figure out it yet, maybe you can drop a msg here?).

Btw, most of the blogs I read tak kenal I (in other word, I am their silent reader hihihi), so sesiapa yg rajin buat, buat lah yer.

Aleeya :: Zubidah Arshad :: Belladonna :: Bitter Stick Girl :: Cerita Rena ::Cool the Swimmer :: Deeba's Head :: Diary of a Neurotic Twenty Something :: En Arip's Small Platter :: Fiebie :: Fiena's Blurt it Out :: Karen Cheng :: Kenny Sia :: Kereta Mayat Hamka :: Leed Selambe :: Mak Andeh & Brood :: Mobile Me :: Mr & Mrs Imran :: Namiri Shubli :: Nur The Only One :: Pak Adib :: Sweet Khairiah :: Tatty Teddy (ahaha tatty, goes back to u :P) ::Vanilla Latte :: Wahdi the Story Begins :: Yan's 'under construction

So guys, thanks for coloring this blog world and happy blogging! (hmm perlu kah statement ni?)

Hehe ok mwahhhhhhhhh

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fasting can't make you diet

Remember my last night craving?

I haaaad themm ALLL hahaha. Gila keji.

Seriously, I can't shed some weight by fasting because it makes me craving more than ordinary day *sigh*.

Btw, I didn't fast to kill the fats, but to ganti all the leave la kan. But still, secretly I was hoping it will help me losing some stones as well. Talking about killing 2 birds at a time kan.

What I had (of course shared with MrComot, but I finished my whole big portion rice. Tomyam campur, telur dadar, kangkung belacan, ayam goreng kunyit. And I be humble for taking only warm water :'>

But thennnnnn, my craving still unsatisfied and I quickly grab MrComot's hand while saying "Sayang pweaaaaaseeee me wannnt icecreammmmmm"

And when I stepped right into BR, I was giggled like schoolgirls because I am too excited. Gilaa okkkkk

Want to share? No wayyyyyy :P

Being the tamak in me, I choose 3 regular scoops of Pistachio Almond, Choc Chips and Baseball Nut. Remember my all time fav Old Fashioned Butter Pecan? Takde that nite :(

Btw, Baseball Nut is my all time fav too!!

So, who say fasting can be part of the diet process ;(

Just to share something interesting here. Do you know how to pronounce Pecan? Ahaha I am the blonde just discovered the correct way to say it few months ago (I think around 2 months kut). Before this I sebut as pay-ken. But it is actually pee-kawnnnn. Silly me! I learnt from a cooking show in youtube.


Now I feel like a squirrel! Hehehe

Thursday, August 14, 2008

When hungry tummy talking

Saya berpuasa today.

Dalam pukul 5 dah tak tahan. Bukan tak tahan nak pitam. Tapi tak tahan nak makan uwaaaaaaaa.


One thing I don't like about fasting in not-fasting month (ahaha complicated tak?), is the food temptation. And browsing the food bloggers is not helping ok.

Currently, my tummy soooooo waaaannnttt

1) Roti canai with teh tarik
2) Nasi lemak with spicy sambal
3) Fried calamari ---------> this one siap imagine lagi where to have (either MFM or Italiannies or Bagan Lalang). But of course all tak relevan because I just wannnntt the calamari, not the fish or pasta. And I want rice. Malay or Thai style. So, can't have ok.
4) Sausage platter --> where to find this?
5) Seafood soup with Tofu ---> from Tian Shan in Time Square. Kenot as well, jem la nak pegi skrg
6) Cakess and icecream!!!

I've using the last 2 hours brain-storming for what I'm going to have.

Since I'm already be a hungry ghost, it's practical for me to have something tasty from somewhere near.

So for now, I plan to have nasi+tom yam campur+ayam goreng kunyit+telur dadar+kangkung goreng belacan from my fav place at open stalls in bangsar. Then going to have BR icecream, as I don't know the closest place to get the cakes. Hmmm.. plan je kan. Nnt pas buka, ntah2 dah kenyang ngan air suam hihihi.

Btwplease God..gimme strength for another few minutes.


Hye peeps! How are you? I'm doing well here, it is just I am soo busy :,(. I've been wanting to write lots, hmmm..

Btw, I would like to review one of the latest movie I watched. Had this last night (during our normal RM7 rate hihihi) - Susuk, cast Diana Rafar, Ida Nerina, Sofia Jane, Aleeza Kassim, to name a few.

And all I have to say is, the movie is a good one.

I've been waiting for its appearance since 2006 and the prolong is worth all the minutes.

I can't really say it is the best, but seeing Malay film up to this standard, I am quite overwhelmed and happy.

*this may contain spoiler*

What I like most about this recent Malay movie?

I like the way the editor change the scenes. No abrupt/sharp scene cut. It is so smooth and don't leave u to 'eh apsal tukar scene tiba2?'. So nice.

I like the dialog and the emotion portrayed by all the actors. Simple and real.

I like the way they show how the victims being killed. No typical Malay/bad movies action which one will repeat the same step like millions of time. Eg: if the 1st victim is slashed at the head, 2nd time pun showing the same thing. Boring ok. Killing victims in Susuk is a real creativity.

I like the feeling of keen to know what's going on next? The director definitely know how to do the job as both of us can't really tell the ending!

Me: I know! Mesti dia nak suh Ida makan Diana kan
MrComot: No, I think Diana will makan Ida

And the ending, haha both of us were totally wrong.

And I like Diana Rafar sooo muchhh!! Ida Nerina is the bestt too, but somehow, ada certain scenes I rasa her reaction mcm delay (or too slow) like the time she is so excited meeting Mastura. It's like she is in another world. Scary nevertheless.

Btw, if you are about to watch this move/have watched it, please share your thought as ada something yg I'm not very sure with.

All the victims killed were related with the history like Sofia Jane being a mean diva, and Marcella being sombong kan. But what's with the Chinese lady & guy? Why she picks them as the victim? Is it random (this will definitely kill the story). I think got another scene about this Chinese couple censored or I just plain missed it haha. Please enlighten me ya!

And this movie made me thinking, that Adlin (Dukun Dewangga) is devil from the hell who wants to keep somebody's soul. And he is so mean! All this while, he lets Suraya picks her own victims, at the end, he chose himself, Suraya's bestfriend. The message that I got, Suraya will be worshiped but she will be all alone. All the family and close friends will be wiped off. That's a price you have to pay for something sinful I guess.

If you are looking for a-i'm-shitless-scared-movie, I don't think it is that scary. But it is definitely an interesting movie. And a good one.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Last two days, my tailor called me up telling me that the dress is ready. I was like, "What???! So fast?". It is less than a month. Then yesterday, Wolfie's tailor called him and told the same thing, his baju melayu is ready too. His response was similar to mine.

Now we wonder, will they turn out nice? Hmm tatottnya.

Btw, we're going to pick it up tomorrow. Mine in Ampang Park and his in Jalan TAR. So we will park at AP and take the LRT.

Can't wait to see it. I hope it won't disappoint me, even though it is a simple kurung moden.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Can you take cold shower?

First of all (cewahhh intro), I would like to change MrComot to Wolfie. Lately, he keeps calling himself Wolfie (and me pwincess, ewahhh) and I find the name is tooo cute. So no more MrComot till I get bored with the new name :D

Btw, that day he said,

Wolfie: We HAVEEE to buy heater too
Me: Ala..kena beli cepat2 ke? We can buy later, after we finish all other thing
Wolfie: Tak boleh. Me kenot mandi nanti
Me: Sooo?? Nnt mesti u tak suka balik rumah my parents sbb takde heater -->motif tiba2 emo?
Wolfie: Noooooo. Balik umah you 2-3 hari je. But our house everyday, me kena ada heater.

I was like...heloooooo??! Tak boleh blahhh okkk org yg tak boleh mandi cold shower.

Hmmm..sometimes I think he is too 'bandar', but that's him kan ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Being Organic

I was blog hopping when I found this and this.

And suddenly I feel like to be healthy so I tag along MrComot to try it out. It is located at lower ground Bangsar Village.

To be safe, we ordered meals that were well reviewed. At the same time, I want to try their soup, so I chose chicken soup instead of the tomyam.

Free-range chicken soup with seaweed and baby corn. It tasted like Miso soup but with thicker taste of soy bean paste. And got very little chicken pieces. Not appetizing enough for my taste bud. In fact, me as soup sucker couldn't finish it off and let MrComot had it all. Poor him, I know he didn't like it too but tanak membazir, dia abeskan jugak.

Beta-carotene-something rice. Brown rice fried with tomato paste with lots vege and free-range chicken. only for me. Seriously, I think I need something not-organic. Somehow, it lacks the special flavour that normal dish has.

Iron Lady salad - contains spinach, free-range chicken, organic onions, tomatoes, taugeh and eggs, with balsamic vinegar as the dressing. This is the only food that I like that night. Maybe the vinegar helped.

Dragon fruit-something. Soy based drink with a hint of dragon fruit and majestic something (terlupaaaaaa, but it is something mcm biji kaler hitam like grind peppercorn). Tak best jugak. Nama gempak (and maybe the benefit as well) but the taste is like normal soyabean.

While dining, you can check out all the organic stuff they have. From organic pasta to sea salt. Organic coconut oil, vinegar, beans, canned food etc etc.

If you are a health conscious person, it's good for you the check out this place. The meal is reasonable but the dry food is quite expensive. A small bag of gluten-free spaghetti can cost you around RM20.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Cuties

We've spent weekendssss surveying the house stuff - hood, hob, fridge, etc etc and yet, we still can't make up our mind! *crazy*

Btw, during our endless searching last weekend, I saw some cute stuff that I want to share with you all.

Cute panda/lion storage box! It is from leather and soooooooo kawaiiii. Hmmmmm. I planned to do this myself. Haha mcm pandai and ada masa kan. It's ok, ada cita2 tu penting.

Shower head in flowers!! Tantek takk? It's around RM500 mcm tu. This will be kept in luxury-list-to-buy. Haha bilaakah? Maybe sampai original shower broken kut, which is like, 10 yearsss more to go :P

Squirrel bedside/reading lamp.

Twist the head to the left, the tail shine. Twist to the right, the dim light come out from the head. Tomeiii!!

On the other note, we finally bought our very first bedsheet!!! And it's a plain 100% cotton with 390 thread counts from Cannon. Seriously, we can't afford to buy if it doesn't have BIG discounts (I'm talking 70% here). Before this, we were aiming for Avant Garde (Akemi) but it is bloody expensive and only 30% less.

Talking about sale kan, can someone please entertain me, boleh pakai ke sale derang ni? Sometimes mcm impossible okkkkk. Ribu tinggal ratus. Ratus tinggal puluh. Mcm penipu je. Hmmmm...

Akemi quilt and Cannon quilt cover set

Talking about this, teringat last night (right before we bought the bedsheet). I fasted and TERINGIN nak makan assam fish from Madam Kwan. When we arrived MidV, I asked him wether Mdm Kwan or food court then he said up to me as I am the one who fasting kan.

Then I said;

Me: Hmm..Mdm Kwan will gonna cost us RM80 mcm tu and food court dlm RM20 je. Dowann lahhh. I want to splurge on weekend je la.

Wahhhhh baiikkkkk takkk I???

Seriously, lately I am thinking about saving a lot especially on food because I want PRETTY stuff in our house. Mmg la dia bayar ke apa ke, but don't u think it is tanggungjawab wifey (ehem!) to arrange and decide the best? Ahaha *mental*

And I want moreee pretty bedsheettt!! Aiming for 500 thread counts!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The chaotic 31

Last week, we went to Baskin Robbins Bangsar for their 31st promotion. That was our first time to experience the crowd for the promotion.

The banner

And we have to take Q number okkkk! Giler ramai org.

Crowd at 9PM

Crowd at 10PM

We waited for 1 hour for our number to be called okkkk!! Seriously, the system is not practical at all. There were like 4 people at the icecream counter, so equivalent to 4 people(numbers) to be served kan? But once a number called, SEMUA tiba2 busy layan one person only okkkk. Apahal?

And then tak kira lagi, some people took lots numbers then suddenly vanished. Then the icecream guy keep on calling 'Number 334', paused a few mins, 'threeee threeee fourrr', no one come out, paused again, 'tiga tigaaaa empaaattt'. Perlu ke wasting time mcm tu? They should have called, and if nobody, then move to the next number ok.

I really think it will be faster if everybody just lined up and served one by one, manually. Numbering system is ok if the workers are fast. But most of them mcm curi tulang je.

Melted top

After one hour, we got this a bit melted icecream with WRONG flavour!!! I asked a pint of choc chip and baseball nut, instead I got choc chip with old fashioned butter pecan. Apakahhh??? How come they missed it sbb I siap TULIS okkk the flavour. Seriously it was a big turn off sbb I was craving for baseball nut that time. And combination of choc chis with butter pecan is baaaaaddddddd.


Seriously, it is not worth your 1 hour time for only RM7++ discount. Melted and wrong order summore!

But, we planned that once we got our fridge and move in together, we going to go earlier (like 6PM after work) and buy gallonnnnsss to stock up in our house. Hahaha. Baru la berbaloi with the discount :D

Friday, August 1, 2008

Where is my mama?!

Peepss!! Helpppp meee!! I am sooo exciteddd.

FOUR years ago, I drew something for my fren, Siluman (hensem and single lagi). It was my first time using Adobe CS. And it was my first cartoon strip. Somehow, I lost it from my harddisk and stop drawing after that.

And just now, Siluman send me a copy of the cartoon. He keeps it!!! Thanksss darling!! OMG, seriously I dah putus harapan mencari this strip ok.

So now, presenting my ntah-apa-apa drawing, but I lurrrveeee it soooo much!!!

The story is, baby panda sleeping with mama panda. Then mama panda woke up and gone. Baby panda saw the back of mama panda (she thinks it is). But actually it is a TAPIR!

Don't you think it is cute?!!?!

Oh my...aku perasan ianya sangat comel okkk. Ahhh tak kisah. Comel gakkkk.

Btw, the original size is bigger. Uwaaaaaa. Tak kisah lah, it's better than nothing right?

I am sooo happyyyy for this!! Siluman, thanks a lot dude!

Mwahhhhhhhh allllll