Friday, August 29, 2008


This entry just to channel my frustration, over people, over their attitude.

I've been running here and there, making phone calls like almost everyday, to book the place for our reception. I've been nice, spoke softly and respectfully. But their attitude is just, out of the world!

One month ago, we went to this place to get quotation on how much it'll gonna cost us if we want to have wedding reception like this at home. Then he suggested to do at their garden which will cost us around the same, only slightly more.

Then I was given a namecard for me to do the booking. After thinking for about a week, we seems to like the idea and gave Kak A a call. So I booked for 9/11. And have to pay the deposit within a week.

Within that week, I had to change the plan as my sisters won't be coming for the reception as one will be having SPM and another one final year exam. So I quickly called Kak A to change the dat to 1/11.

She said OK, can change, takde org booking lagi, but you have to come and do payment asap. That was on Thursday.

Thursday was busy. So we went on the Friday, noon, to do do the payment. But Kak A is not in, so we talked with En F

To my surprised, somebody already book it (without any payment yet), just few hours before we arrived.

I was soooo upset with their system and their sikap.

1) Why don't she tell me about the booking? I did call her before we went to see them. Ingat senang ke nak redah jem bagai and just to hear them say, 'Sorry somebody literally book it'
2) I DID say I want to change to 1/11 and PLEASE BOOK FOR ME FIRST and it was a day before another guy took that date. Bukannya aku redahhhh je pegi. OMG. I am freaking pissed.
3) And I have to wait for another week before that guy confirm. Ok fair enough. I don't know they can blocked a week for you to confirm. They never tell me.

Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. At least, give me a call lah, cakap dah ada org amik that date ot whatsoever.

At that time, seriously, I said I don't want to have my wedding there. But the place is soo nice and right with the budget. So we decided to give it a go, and wait for another week. Tutup sebelah mata for their inconsiderate manner.

So Mr F said, he put me under the waiting list for 1/11 and in a week, if no payment made, automatically it will be mine. He said IN FRONT OF ME and siap tulis my nama etc etc. So I pun ok lah..kita redha..harap2 that guy cancel..sbb he only doing BBQ, not wedding. Maybe dia tak jadi ke apa ke kan.

So we waited. Right after a week, nobody call me, so I GIVE THEM A CALL (what kind of business they are running?). Unfortunately, this is what I got:

Mr F: Sorry..we can't confirm yet. Sbb that guy tak confirm lagi
Me: But it's been a week right? Cakap you block date seminggu je.
Mr F: Ok..jap I call dia. Nnt I call u back.

OK fine. So I hang up and waiting for his call .. And you know what? ILEKKKKKKK.

Mcm babi okkk berjanji. Kalau tanak call, cakap la tanak call. Pastu kalau nak suruh I call balik, cakap je la kan. Ni dia cakap dia nak call tapi tak call. Ishhh aku tatau nak cakap apa dah. Cakap main sedapppp je.

So tak puas hati and I pun nak settle kan this issue as soon as possible, so I dialed Kak A punya number.

Oh ya..u know, project garden wedding ni revolving around 3 of them je, Kak A, Mr F, and Mr A. So anything dengan derang je la. I've been calling all of them and semua mcm hmmm..I tanak curse dah.

So I called up Kak A kan.

Me: Kak, I dah call Mr F and he said will return my call but he isn't so I nak confirm ngan you, can I get that date?
Kak A: Hmm tak confirm la..sbb ni booking Mr A yg buat. So I tak tahu lah deal dia ngan org tu mcm mana, kot2 dia ada hal ke, outstation ke. And Mr A is out today, so I can't confirm with you.

I was like, LU APA HALLL?

Ok, I tak kisah la kalau tak boleh confirm kan. Tapi dah janji seminggu akan confirm ngan I. He said straight into my eyes, he will call me after a week, jadi ke tak. AND HE WONT. Babi laaa.

Hmm seriously. I feel like shit. I feel they are like shit.


Kak A: Minggu depan la.. sbb hari bla bla bla kami busy bla bla got big event bla bla only next week free
Me: Ok, next week, please call me to confirm I can proceed with 1/11 or 9/11 sebab if I can't I need to find another place. And the wedding soon, bukannya lambat lagi.
Kak A: Ok, nnt kita call bitau.

And gues what?


No call ok - expected la *sigh*

So I called them yesterday. But nobody in.

Then just now I called them again. This time I talked ngan Mr A. This is what I got.

Mr A: Sorry tu dah bayar




Should I curse or not?

I don't care orang tu dah bayar ke belum. I don't care I get the date or not. But, TAK BOLEH KE KORANG CALL BAGITAU??


You know..seriously. I feel like shit. Because I have to deal with idiots.

I am so upset. With their attitude.

Being me, normally I will argue cakap why don't you tell me bla bla bla you janji nak call bla bla bla you cakap mcm ni bla bla bla

But tadi, I was tooooo sad.. and heartbroken that I just said 'OK' and quietly holding back my tears.

I don't know what to say la.

The customer service is so suck. Tak boleh ke spend a minute and give me a call, saying that that guy already paid for that date? Hmm baper kali nak ulang :(

Is it that hard?


I don't know lah.

Whatever lah...

I don't know lah they perasan bagus ke apa. But whatever it is, I am soo sooo sooo upset and frustrated.



  1. uiks..bila curse je dalam Bahasa Melayu...agaknya mmg sbb Bahasa Melayu ni sedap je bunyi kalau maki hamun kot :p

    kalau dalam BI rasanya limited selection of perfect word utk curse semua org tu..kehkehkeh

    takper laa aan..sabarla ek..ada hikmahnya tu..maybe akan dapat tmpt yg lebih baik...siapa tahu kan???

  2. hurmm.. mmg sakit hati kalau jadi camtu.. u should "sound" them.. at least they know how you feel.

  3. teruknye.

    you want me to curse them for you meh?

    some ppl xkan faham the courtesy of informing other ppl.
    siap berjanji nak call balek bagai lah.
    its just a matter of a phone call je.
    bukannye kene tulis surat rasmi or pegi mengadap YB untuk dpt tandatangan.

    call balik, inform, selesai.

    bullshit la dis people.

    sabar je lah.
    maybe there are better places than theirs.
    biapun x segrand diorang, what matters most is the customer service..kan?

    take care!

  4. sabar..ea..bakal perantin takleh curse bebanyak sgt..nanti ilang seri ;p

    u bgtau je la weolls nama that place..biar kami semua sebar2kan kehampehan diorang tuu..biar tempat dia takde org datang dah..biar jadi padang jarak padang tekukur..yeah,sumpahan andes~

  5. Siluman, tu la..nak carut lebih2 tak sampai hati, tapi using mother tounge mmg besttt lahhh haha. I know it's not good :P

    Vida, yeahh..mmg kalau ikut nak sound je, tapi ntah la..maybe sbb I want that place soo bad kut :( So mcm sabar je la.. Ni pun tak confirm lagi I got 1st or 9th. Ntahla..if I can find tempat lain, mmg I cabut je la

    Along, MEMANGGG OKKK. Hahaha thanks sbb tolong emokan for me. And exactly, courtesy tu penting kan. Uwaaa so far couldnt find backup place lagi :((

    Cik Khairiah lalink, me tanak sebar2 lagi nama tempat tu. Nnt kalau confirm jadi tempat tu, korang tahu la hahaha. Btw, me and MrComot dah ada grace plan utk revenge okkkk :))