Friday, August 1, 2008


I feel like writing but I don't know what to write. Few times in the morning, I finished long sentence, and cancel it *sigh*

Btw, one of the bride-to-be asking me to do wedding checklist. The thing is, my wedding going to be very simple one (no kidding!) so there is no checklist bolehhh? Ahaha..

My wedding will be very simple one. Berapa kali kena ulang ni hehe. Hmm let me picture it for you. There will be no sanding (hence I don't have to think about the pelamin, bunga pahar, etc) and will be no hantaran (seriously!). The money hantaran tu mestilah adaaa haha gila ke tanak yg tu, but what I meant was the bunga-bunga dalam dulang-dulang macam jam ke, handbag ke, kasut ke.

Yup, will be none of it!

Well, we decided to cancel it and splurge in our ho0neymoon. Because we are no rich people. Me kira-kira, the hantaran bunga2 tu will cost us around 10k, so I rather spend it with our 3 weeks vacation. Wahhh mcm jadi *nanges*. Hopefully it is on. The ticket is not ready yet. Have to wait for Matta Fair.

Ahhh dah lari topic. Hmm pasal wedding kan. I don't know lah something wrong with my head ke, the wire dah lari ke apa ke, but I'm glad both parties (my family and his family) agreed with our way. And I'm glad we can do our wedding with our way. And can't waiiiittt to be together. Hahaha ada unsur kegedikan di situ.

Since it's going to be like that, I don't have to think/prepare a lot on the wedding. Cuma kena cari nice caterer and canopy etc. It'll be more like kenduri doa selamat on our lafaz. Jgn la korang tanak datang pulak sbb takde hebat2 uwaaaaaa

Btw, talking about kenduri, satu menda pun tak buat lagi. So my checklist will be mcm ni
1) Ring - done for me, not for him. Have to hunt later
2) Baju - done. already sent to tailor. custome made in off-white
3) Caterer + Canopy - tak decide lagi
4) Photographer - tak decide lagi (bee and yan going to take for free as the wedding gift though). But still going to take another photographer since it will be 3 events
5) Door gift for guest - tak decide lagi
6) kad jemputan - not yet. still in design

Hmmm what else?

On the other hand, we are more excited in preparing our house-to-be. The house is ready, but it is zero inside. We have been surveyed the fridge, oven, washing machine, etc etc. And it is not an easy task. Both of us soo fussy. Nak washing machine ada button cantik2 la, nak fridge kaler hitam la. Seriously, both so gedik and mengada.

Btw, we've found our washing machine!! The only one with cute button, kalau nak spin, ada gamba shirt and keluar air2. Wahhhh we sound scary kan? Tapi tak beli lagi.

And finally!! We bought katil + tilam alreadyyyy yeayyyy!!! It is a king sized dunlopillo with faux leather bedframe from Macy. A cheap one. Bought time sale.

Then, we have to find the bedsheet pulak. See, it is a never ending and tiring one.

Aircond and fan installed. Grill pun installed. Hmmm what else?

Yahh..we need to paint the wall. I told him once that we have to do it before puasa.

Then he said, puasa pun ok..mcm la susah's a normal thing kita buat hari biasa. Uwaaaaaaa nampak gayanya we going to do it bulan puasa. Letih laa maaakkk

The akad insyAllah will be done in the new house. Since it is early of October, I will somehow move in the house in September yeayyy!! Because I don't want to pay my rent for October. Hahaha cheapo kan. Btw, I'm gonna be aloneeee in the house. Takotttnyaaa. So maybe I just leave my stuff there and sleepover at Fiena's or Fiena, can you come over?

Hmm apa lagi yer? Will cont rambling later!


  1. heyy lalink, can me please have a none-mental entry, atleast for once boleh tak????? :P

    mental okkk baca entry2 gedik mcm ni *picit kepala :P*

  2. kakak yg tantek lagi tweet..
    ihiks..syuuuke la ur checklist
    ha'ah kan..simple tapi bermakna.
    better spend utk lepas tawen tan..
    gi honeymoon..beli mesin basuh..beli kipas..beli dapur..beli ketuhar gelombang mikro (wah..skema)..

    errr..nanti me tolong u cat umah ea ;)

  3. mcm ni aku upah ko je la jadi wedding planner...banyak bole jimat ni..

  4. Haha Bee, which part mental niiii. Me think mesin basuh tu je kut haha

    Khairiahhh yaa sila2 tlg cat. Me alu2 kan. Tapi me banje makan je ok. Ops..bulan puasa, no makan. So me banje buka puasa, free kat masjid. Wahh u know, masjid so near with the house, can jalan kaki je tau. Me excited jugak bab ni. Maklumlah..pengisian rohani kurang kan, kalau terdengar ceramah frm the speaker kira ok lah kan hehe

    Siluman, bolehhh jimaatt giler, tapi kena persetujuan the aweks skali la..and the family. Sometimes some people prefer all out kan. Depends la. Btw, kalau aku jadi wedding planner ttp nak charge okkk hahaha

  5. wait.. where is ur new hse? i had a feeling its somewhere near mine.. hehehe. Neway, u r welcome to my hse anytime, okies? and of course i can check out ur new hse too :D

  6. :) so u r gonna hv it ur way..?
    gi honeymoon mana eh?
    gi overc ehhh?

  7. ooooooohhhh aan dah nak kawin bestnyeeeeeee...

  8. Fiena, dekat hehehe. Definitely I will crush ur house :D

    Aleeya, yup, our way, which is very simple and no hantaran barang2. Honeymoon hmmm..hehe rahsia dulu. InsyaAllah la somewhere over the sea

    Haha yaa...waiting for ur turnnnn :D

  9. Aan, you're so lucky family dua-dua pihak agree to the same thing. Serious jimat belanja. All the best okay! :)