Thursday, August 14, 2008

When hungry tummy talking

Saya berpuasa today.

Dalam pukul 5 dah tak tahan. Bukan tak tahan nak pitam. Tapi tak tahan nak makan uwaaaaaaaa.


One thing I don't like about fasting in not-fasting month (ahaha complicated tak?), is the food temptation. And browsing the food bloggers is not helping ok.

Currently, my tummy soooooo waaaannnttt

1) Roti canai with teh tarik
2) Nasi lemak with spicy sambal
3) Fried calamari ---------> this one siap imagine lagi where to have (either MFM or Italiannies or Bagan Lalang). But of course all tak relevan because I just wannnntt the calamari, not the fish or pasta. And I want rice. Malay or Thai style. So, can't have ok.
4) Sausage platter --> where to find this?
5) Seafood soup with Tofu ---> from Tian Shan in Time Square. Kenot as well, jem la nak pegi skrg
6) Cakess and icecream!!!

I've using the last 2 hours brain-storming for what I'm going to have.

Since I'm already be a hungry ghost, it's practical for me to have something tasty from somewhere near.

So for now, I plan to have nasi+tom yam campur+ayam goreng kunyit+telur dadar+kangkung goreng belacan from my fav place at open stalls in bangsar. Then going to have BR icecream, as I don't know the closest place to get the cakes. Hmmm.. plan je kan. Nnt pas buka, ntah2 dah kenyang ngan air suam hihihi.

Btwplease God..gimme strength for another few minutes.


  1. giler manyak nak makan..baik takyah puasa..lagi dtg selera nya time kelaparan nye yer??..hahah

  2. Cool tu la pasal!! Kalau nak puasa sbb nak kurus tak boleh la..mmg kena pegi swim hehehe

    ps: teringat time kita melantak kat kedai tikus :p