Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hye peeps! How are you? I'm doing well here, it is just I am soo busy :,(. I've been wanting to write lots, hmmm..

Btw, I would like to review one of the latest movie I watched. Had this last night (during our normal RM7 rate hihihi) - Susuk, cast Diana Rafar, Ida Nerina, Sofia Jane, Aleeza Kassim, to name a few.

And all I have to say is, the movie is a good one.

I've been waiting for its appearance since 2006 and the prolong is worth all the minutes.

I can't really say it is the best, but seeing Malay film up to this standard, I am quite overwhelmed and happy.

*this may contain spoiler*

What I like most about this recent Malay movie?

I like the way the editor change the scenes. No abrupt/sharp scene cut. It is so smooth and don't leave u to 'eh apsal tukar scene tiba2?'. So nice.

I like the dialog and the emotion portrayed by all the actors. Simple and real.

I like the way they show how the victims being killed. No typical Malay/bad movies action which one will repeat the same step like millions of time. Eg: if the 1st victim is slashed at the head, 2nd time pun showing the same thing. Boring ok. Killing victims in Susuk is a real creativity.

I like the feeling of keen to know what's going on next? The director definitely know how to do the job as both of us can't really tell the ending!

Me: I know! Mesti dia nak suh Ida makan Diana kan
MrComot: No, I think Diana will makan Ida

And the ending, haha both of us were totally wrong.

And I like Diana Rafar sooo muchhh!! Ida Nerina is the bestt too, but somehow, ada certain scenes I rasa her reaction mcm delay (or too slow) like the time she is so excited meeting Mastura. It's like she is in another world. Scary nevertheless.

Btw, if you are about to watch this move/have watched it, please share your thought as ada something yg I'm not very sure with.

All the victims killed were related with the history like Sofia Jane being a mean diva, and Marcella being sombong kan. But what's with the Chinese lady & guy? Why she picks them as the victim? Is it random (this will definitely kill the story). I think got another scene about this Chinese couple censored or I just plain missed it haha. Please enlighten me ya!

And this movie made me thinking, that Adlin (Dukun Dewangga) is devil from the hell who wants to keep somebody's soul. And he is so mean! All this while, he lets Suraya picks her own victims, at the end, he chose himself, Suraya's bestfriend. The message that I got, Suraya will be worshiped but she will be all alone. All the family and close friends will be wiped off. That's a price you have to pay for something sinful I guess.

If you are looking for a-i'm-shitless-scared-movie, I don't think it is that scary. But it is definitely an interesting movie. And a good one.


  1. Thank you for commenting on our movie :-)

    To answer your question: The Chinese guy is the producer who was meant to her at the nightclub. It was several years later, so his hair colour has changed.

  2. Hi Amir!!!! You don't know how psyched am I reading ur comment hahaha.

    Btw, thanks for the highlight, cause I remember Mr Lee (the director), he went to see the shaman as well kan. But masa rambut dia dah hitam mcm tak cam pulak haha.

    Well, congrats on the good job and keep 'em coming!

  3. Maybe also that he spoke Malay before and in the killing scene he spoke Chinese. But his face is exactly the same one!

  4. aan tunggu sampai habis tak??? ada scene lagi lepas credits...

  5. Yup Amir. I think that might contribute to my 'memory loss' too. Btw, if you happen to read my comment again, I just wonder why Lee was in the hospital before, dia sakit apa eh ikut ur script?

    Hihihi nvm, I will ask in ur blog :p

    Abg Namiri, I waited sampai last skali yg Ida nak gigit Mastura in the car. Is there more? Rugi tau, ada ramai penonton yg keluar terus right after the credits start. Nasib baik we waited. Tu pun sbb mcm tak puas hati why ending tergantung. But after that, baru faham and puas hati hehe

  6. Thanks for your comments on the editing.

    "A good film is when you don't notice the editing process involved."

    Anyway, who cares to talk about the editing when its already a good story, right?

    Cheers. ;)

  7. Hi Zalee!!!

    Hehehe I am nobody in movie industry. So I don't know how it should be. My opinion is purely based on ordinary me.

    And yup, who cares about editing or whatever if it is a good one. But, it is every little thing that makes a good movie ;)

    You've done a greaatt job! Keep it up!