Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Messy Andes :,(

I had lunch at Tupai-tupai today and was bending over at their food spread, in order to reach the fried four angle beans at the top shelf, when this happened:-

My tudung dipped in one of the curry at the lower shelf!

And it is thick with turmeric!!


The victim part is only at the tip of the tudung, but being the blonde andes, I quickly fold the tip onwards to cover the mess, without waiting for it to dry out.

And look at have I done, I'm spreading the messiness okk :((

Now it became yellow all over :((

And also stained my precious shirt :((

I have to fold it like this.

Of course this time I wait till it dried.


  1. eeee...kakak aan comot!
    wah..kreatifnye. gaya tudung baru ke kak?? ihiks..

  2. dem.. tomotnye dia..

    no more lilit2, no more sempang, tu gaya pemakaian tudung terbaru dari cik aan kita.. jadi trendsetter la cik aan.. ;p

  3. anda mmg seorang yg comot.sbb tu anda digelar mrs comot..kuikuikui :p

  4. sile tunjuk ajar simpulan tudung itu for i always find my tudung memancing memacam lauk juge -_-"

    mental note : lenkali mintak kat orang tlg passkan lauk, long T___T

  5. Khairiah, gaya tudung yg tak menarik ok. Terpaksa :((. Sedappp ehh perli :P

    Aleeyaa..mmg dem dem dem ok. U know lah kan, kaler kunyit tu susah nak kuar. Ughhhh.. Trendsetter ni tak laku ok, sbb tak menarik langsung hehe

    Siluman, ewahhhh tunggu la ur turn. Kita tgk siapa paling comot :D

    Along, kita berdua mmg ada ciri2 clumsy ya amat laaa hahaha. Ehh..I linked u up :*