Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bro's Convo

We had to cancel our plan to paint the house. Hmm not exactly canceled, but postponed to this weekend because I forgot that my bro's convocation is on the Sunday! Haishhh talking about baaaddd sis. It will be tiring for us to paint and rushing to Tronoh early in the morning. So we decided to move it to another week.

Below is few random pictures.

Student cycling in the campus.

The graduates. All of them (mech eng, chemy, and IT) wearing the same color of robes, the blue lining. Since they are relatively new, multiple colors are not really practical. And it is chaired by CheDet okkk. Jangan main2. Watching him giving scrolls to each student made me gasping through the air "omg pakcik ni..laratnya dia berdiri lama2!" Hahaha he is freaking OLD okkkk. And yet, so steady. Must exercise after this. I wanna grow old gracefully too.

All the makciks and pakciks

And below is my fav shots. MrComot snapped it for me. The mosque is breathtaking but it is a bit gloomy in this pictures, about to rain that time.

White mosque #1

White mosque #2

To my bro, a BIG congratulations for you!!

Oh ya, can you see the flower he's holding? That wasn't from us. One of his sweethearts sangat baik hati bought him that. He's sooo lucky because none from the family members buy any flowers for him :))


It's freaking expensive from the tapak convo. 3 stalks of arranged roses is bloody RM28 okkkk. I can get a whole dozen roses with RM30 from PS. And the reason why I didn't get one because I was tooo lazy to drag myself from bed and rush to PS at 8 in the morning.

Hahaha, sorry bro. I just couldn't bring myself to buy overpriced thing or doing nice thing for you. You have to live with it :D

A quick shot with the graduate hat (what we called it?). I am so bulat isn't it? Ughhhhhhhh

And to Cool yg berconvo the same day jugak, congratulations!!!!

Hmm tiba2 terasa nak sambung study. All my batches, jom buat master? I need catalyzer. Jommmmm laaa


  1. oooh first time aan upload gambar dia kat sini ;)

  2. my bro pun amik chemical engineering kat sini...masjid UTP adalah sangat cantik k.... rasanya d only university ada petrol station dalam kampus...kuikuikui

  3. congrats to aan's bro :)
    owwh malas bgn pagi nak gi ps beli bunga ye..

  4. Kenapa Angah nampak lebih tembam dari dulu?

    Kakaknya pun terjadi bulat juga.

    Neway, congratulation to your bro!


  5. oooo...patut pun senyap, gi konvo rupenye..
    hey..how dare u sewenang2nye plan nak paint umah on ur bro's convo? nasib baik u tak jadi kakak i..kalau i jadi adik u tu, i dah curse u jadi patung cendana bersalut emas, then gi jual kat kedai emas ah kaw..harusss..*evil* :P
    ahaks!! (lariiik)

  6. Haha Yan, u noticed that. Suddenly I feel so vainnnn, hence the pic :P

    Eh Siluman, u were there ke that day? Mcm mana tak terserempak ni? Yup..the masjid so cantikkk, and bersih. Harusla ada petrol station, nama pun u petronas :P

    Aleeya, a'ah malas nak beli. Tapi kalau org bagi suka je hihihi

    Shani, PERLU KE comment tak membina mcm tu? Hahahaha. Ya la...all of us dah tembam. Not good not good. Have to exercise.

    Ps: Bila nak continue main badminton ni? My shuttlecock dah menetas jadi ayam tau :D

    Haha Khairiah, patung cendana scary okkkkk. Boleh tak jadi menda lain? :P Curse me burp kuar emas ke, kita share half2 hahaha (me mintak mcm real je u can curse like that :P)

  7. Aha...raket badminton tu kalau peram dua tiga bulan lagi akan jadi diamond, nak tunggu ka?

    Nanti lepas kawen bolehkan kita bermain lagi? @_@

    p/s: bukan komen la, sekadar bertanya :p

  8. Shani lalink..over okk jadi diamond hahahaha. But if it is so, me wannnnttt to waiiittt!! :D

    Pas kawen of cos cannn play. But the venue kita agak2 la. Will be far frm ampang already :( Kita swimming nak? :D

  9. weh i was there too tp on saturday aa sempat jumpe chedet n wife kat convofair huhu