Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday and plans

Lazy bug bites me and I'm dragging myself to write my last update before the long holiday. Yes, I'll be on leave for the whole next week! Yeaaaaayyyy!!

Anyway, MrComot's birthday will be on this Saturday and I don't really have a nice plan for him. Also I don't know what to buy as the birthday present. Truth is, I don't think he needs anything as for now. No no no, of course he wants a lot of thing, but wanting and needing is two different thing and I am not kind-hearted enough to entertain any silly wanted-list.

I plan to cook some nice dinner. I already sketched the rough idea in my mind how the dinner will go. And I want it to be a surprise. The thing is, we always cling to each other, so it's kinda hard for me to execute it. Possible, but hard.

Hmm..maybe I can shut him in the room and let him out after I finish cooking and setting the table?

I really don't know.

I will share the celebration (if it happens) with you guys. As for now, Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a good holiday!

Ps: Oh ya, talking about CNY, now I realized that we are married and to the custom, we have to give angpows to the single relatives. And we still don't change the money! *pull hair*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dinner is not all about food you know ;)

We had a fantabulous get-together-dinner last week where involving lots of experiments in cooking! :D

If you know me, you will also know that I am not a cook. In fact, I categorized myself in can't-cook-crowd. I don't deny that my upbringing didn't include cooking. I was away most of the time to boarding school, then matriculation, then university and didn't bother to learn cooking. When I come home for holiday, it was my mom who always whip out the dishes and I don't feel guilty of it, nor ashamed. I know I'm spoilt.

Btw, I break my own record after 26 years, I cook for people! (Husband tak kira lah ye). And it is indeed a BERANI-MATI-ACT. And the best part is, I cook something that I never cook before. Memang berani mati lah!

The story started when my dear friend, Polt is coming down to KL and his lovely junior which happen to be my friend also suggest that we eat together-together. Ok so fine, we eat together. Then she comes up with this brilliant idea about me cooking for the get-together thing.

At first I was like, haaaaaaaaaaa?

But somehow, I found the idea is intriguing. I know it's crazy. The paling-hebat thing I ever do pun is hot tea. And ya..sunquick. But drinks is not inclusive right?

But yes, in the end I finally show off my skill (the berani mati skill lah, not the cooking skill ;P) and luckily nobody admitted to hospital. And did I tell you it is purely from scratch? :D

It's a bit challenging as we were working during the day and started to roll up our sleeve at 6PM, finish everything around 9PM!

To me, it's excellent for a start! EXCELLENT ok!! Hehe. Btw, since I was soo busy bersilat the dapur with my hubby, I didn't manage to capture many pictures ;(

My chicken going into the oven

That's the last picture I managed to snap, then terus potong bawang la, fry some vege la, chop this and that..

The menu that night was ayam bakar, tomyam udang galah, fried french beans with garlic, fried oyster mushroom and telur dadar. I also manage to prepare ribena longan! YUM!

I can safely say the ayam bakar is a success and kid you not, it's my very 1st time doing it! I know I keep telling you this (the first time thingy) but I am too excited and not bothered that I am repeating :P

MrComot says it is YUMMY! So I consider it success ya! I wish I can share with you guys the recipe but unfortunately I don't have the specific measurements as all I do is campak2 but basically this is what you need for that ayam bakar;

Chilli paste (a lot! blended from the dried chilli), big onions (I use two), some ginger, lots of shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, some salt and sugar to taste. Marinate it and grill.

The tomyam is a success too as I didn't use any instant paste and according to them, it do taste like a tomyam! I feel like giggling..I am happy, that's all :P

MrComot did the french beans with garlic and then I fry some mushroom, it's a tad mealy though ;(

And I also bake some muffin!!!!

It's suka-suka hati punya recipe but I would like to call it coconut heaven with scattered choc chips hahahaha. I use this as the base and replace raspberry and white choc with coconut and normal choc chips.

Taste-wise, PASS! But it's not a success as it's a bit hard to me ;(

So I'm not going to paste the recipe here. Maybe you can try the original version at your own risk. We had this little discussion on why my muffin is hard, it could probably because the type of butter and its amount. So I'm going to bake this again, with different butter and add it a bit more. I will share with you guys if it turn out fine :)

So thanks to all the lovelies who came for the dinner that night and eat without any complaint :P Thanks to Shani for the del.ici.ous potato salad! Thanks to Khairiah for snapping pictures, thanks to Polt for reading my comic and thanks to Bee for bringing nothing. Hey!! Jumpa you pun dah best sgt okkk! :P

Ps: Since we are near, expect me to crash your house pulak ok. I wannt food!! Like those days! :D

And not to forget, thanks for the CHOCOLATES!!!

Our fridge is violated with choices you know ;)

Thanks darlings
!!!! That's the best gift, ever! I have to restraint myself from buying anymore chocs. I also have some Rocher, Cloud9, Cadbury and Pistachio Lindt in other compartment. Feels like living in chocolate factory already :D

Maybe I can organize another dinner again, once my chocolate stock finish hehehe

Ps: More pictures and stories on the dinner can be retireved here ;)
Pss: Thanks Lalink Khairiah, MrLampard, Bee, Shani, Hubby-to-be, Polt and also my hubby, MrComot for being a good guinea pig that night ;)
Psss: A good companion will make a good dinner ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Penang on Random

Hi all,

Actually I am soooo itchy to update about my 1st get-together-dinner hosted at the house but unfortunately my camera is out of battery, so I will try to update esok provided I remember to charge my battery. As if banyak gamba nak bagi pun :P

So I'm going to write the last entry for our Penang trip. This entry is about random thing in Penang that we did and captured. Lets pics do the talking ;)

Our first meal once we stepped in Penang. Char keow teow, Sotong Kangkung, Laksa Penang (SEDAPPP GILERR!!) and young coconut at Gurney Drive. My craving for Laksa totally paid off with this yummilicious laksa! I love love love laksa penang and laksa kedah.

Gurney drive when the tide is at its lowest. You can see the big rocks are embraced with thick green moss.

Komtar is very ghostly now. And it was on Saturday! But somehow, some shops spell the other side..

Like this Watsons. Look at the tiles!!! The detailing is very heartwarming.

People walking at beach with umbrella. It wasn't that hot though..

I wonder how it feels to fly with the big balloons. We'll try it later, at another beach. The morning breeze is just soooo right for u to lay on the sand and do nothing.

The covered links to chowrasta from Komtar. The road is quite tricky, they are all one way.

They start to sell CNY stuff already

"Tiau Lang Khay"
It's a local Chinese term for 'execution street' where the guilty person will be hanging, next to police station.

We were doing self-capture using our own hands when one of the tourist (Mat Salleh) stopped and said "Let me take for you". Very nice of him! I wanted to snap his picture as well but I was so shy that time hmmppphh.

Looking at these pictures somehow making me miss Penang very much. The food, the old building, the one way road, the big trees, they are breathtaking and incredibly touching my heart.

So long Penang, we'll meet again, sooner or later ;)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tagged by Superhero

You know what, it's already 12.42 am and here I am, updating blog in the office.

Actually we are having some maintenance and it takes the whole night!! All I want to do now is snuggling next to my hubby :(

Oklah..enough whining, I want to answer tag now. Talking about this, I still failed to figure out whose blog tagging me about the google thing ;(

Ok lets answer some question

1.Kalau kau tinggal seorang diri di dunia ini. Apa kau akan buat?

I think I'll be crazy. Mana boleh hidup sendiri. It will be very silent. Except your MP3, but still!!! So I'll be crazy before I can do anything

2. Apa kau akan lakukan jika kau hanya tinggal 24 jam sahaja untuk hidup dan kau boleh lakukan apa saja di seluruh dunia?

Hmm I'll pray for forgiveness and recite Al-Quran till the last breath. Dah takde mood nak enjoy when you know you are going to die, all you need is keredhaan-Nya.

3. Berikan 5 nama untuk kau bawa ke mana sahaja. Dimana dan kenapa? (keluarga dikira satu)

1. My parents - Mecca. All they need now (at this age ) is peaceful at mind and soul.

2. My sisters - Malls to shop! Because they are my younger sisters and yet, pity them as I rarely give them things. Baaaaad sister!

3. My hubby - To all over the world, because I love him :)

4. The colleague - Bagan Lalang, I promised seafood galore since 2006!! Haiyohhh..

5. My girlfriends - To Club Med so we can rest and have a good girls time.

4. 3 sebab anda berblog?

1. Pouring what's inside my heart / what do I think

2. To keep track of everything, my emotions happy or sad, good or bad times, events, etc etc

3. A reason for me to practice writing and thinking in English

5. 2 cara untuk mengubah dunia?

1. Change myself to a better person. One of my senior used to tell me, if your intention is really good and purely unselfish, somehow God will make others see what is the good thing.

2. Raising good kids that will lead to good generation, insyAllah

6. Siapakah sahabat pertama kamu


7. Apakah mimpi kau yang paling teruk?

Somebody wants to kill me and I have to run real hard and think fast how to get out from the place. When I found the way out suddenly the place is on fire and I have to run in the maze of corn field. In the end, I woke up because I can't find the way out and the killer almost get me.

8. Kau bagaimana orangnya?

Simple and easy going. Blur sometimes and klutz most of the time. Tend to be forgetful and ignorant. Can be very patient but at times is short-tempered. My emotion and how I deal with relationship is unpredictable because it keep on switching here and there. Snappish too.

9. Terangkan kau punya cara?

I do what I like to do and don't really care what people think.

10. Kau seorang pembuli?

I don't think so.

11. Sila tag 4 orang untuk membuat tag ini.

I'm going to tag:
Cik Kopi
Bee --> I need more updates okkk! :P

Friday, January 16, 2009


Kawan-kawan, smalam I mcm notice kena tag oleh somebody pasal yg I am, I like what color and google it.

BUUUUUTTTT, I seriously terlupa whose blog is that.

I know I know I know, like what the hell kan? Mestila my daily click jugak sbb tu tahu ada tag tu. But seriously, I think mcm I dah klik everythinnnnngggggg but coudn't find it :(

Nak buaaaaattt tag tu *sob sob*

So to that person (or sesiapa yg perasan pasal tag tu) please tell me eh. Thanks!!

And sorry!!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Penang Famous Teochew Cendol and The Big Crab

If you know me, I browse foodie blogs everyday. My favourite click will be eatfirstthinklater, preciouspea, babeintheKLcity, jacksonkah, kampungboycitygirl, masak-masak, wanderingchoptstick, foodylicious, etc etc. If I am free enough I will blog hopping and keep on reading and admiring the pictures until I am tired of it.

And I can remember vividly that, one of the bloggers wrote an entry about Teochew Cendol but I don't remember whose blog is that.

While we wandering chowrasta area, I saw this stall swarming with people and my mind snap "ehhhh? mcm pernah baca ni! It's the famous cendol"

I tried so hard squeezing my mind but still can't confirm it. So while buying books in Chowrasta, I casually asked the uncle

Me: Teochew cendul kat sini sedap tak?
Him: Haa? Sedap? It's the famous cendul in Penang!
Me: Err...I read somewhere cakap sedap but I don't know if it is the right shop
Him: Kat jalan Kimberly tu kan? You jalan nampak ramai orang
Me: Yup yup..tapi kenapa cendul mamak kat bawah ni pun ramai org?
Him: Itu orang tak tau punya. Mamak tu OUTCLASS! Itu Teochew is the best in Penang. I think the best in Malaysia too! Derang ada website lagi. Ada branch lagi sama dekat itu Sunway Lagoon. Ini yg mamak ni org luar je pegi, derang tatau --> motif dia cakap geng dia sendiri outclass haha funny ok uncle ni (yup, he is a mamak)
Me: Are you sure it is the same shop? Yang kat hujung Chowrasta ni kan? Yg kat lorong2 tu kan?
Him: Betul2. Ada 2 gerai kat situ. Lagi satu tu bukan Teochew punya. You kena try la
Me: Hmm ok ok we'll go nnt tapi ramai org beratur
Him: Situ mmg sentiasa beratur..kadang2 satu jam pun tak dapat
Me: Err..halal tak? (haha tiba2 concisous)
Him: Ehhh halal..dia sudah pandai, dia tau Melayu pun mau makan kan, dia upah orang gaji Indonesia Muslim dan buat bersih
Me: Ok ok nnt I pergi hehe

So here we are at 10AM!! By the time we arrived, dah ada org bungkus okkkk!! I think about 5 packets mcm tu. And right after we bought, dah ada org queue behind us. Pagi2 dah breakfast cendol ish ish ish

The taste is silky and not too sweet. Silky as in Xi Mut tea. Something like that. But honestly, I can't really say this cendol is good or that cendol is not good sebab... I think cendol taste all the same!! Hahaha. Like I believe nasik kandar taste all the same and babies all look the same. It's normal, it tastes like cendol should be, only it is silky.

Hahhh..whatever, at least I get to try the famous Cendol right?

On the other note, I would like to share with you guys with one of my favourite dinner spot in Penang. It is Waterworld Restaurant in Feringghi. They were in Kg Nelayan before and just transfered to Feringghi. Since I lost their namecard, we drove to Kg Nelayan first as my hunch is saying "mesti they put notice and phone number to contact" and I was right!

The notice

Only that the notice is not that accurate. They just leave phone number correct but not the new location. I have to call them to get it correct and now I forgot where is the place. If you want to go maybe you can give them a call.

The signboard

What we had that night. Butter prawn, shark fin soup, sotong goreng tepung, garden stir fried with garlic and BIG CRAB!

Yes, I come to this place because of its chilli crab!

It's enormous and super sweet! The chilli crab is real good I tell ya.

The palm itself is almost as big as my hand

I know that we can get something like this anywhere in KL but when we are in Penang, it's something special :)

Ok, one more entry about Penang on the random pics then we are good to go for normal entries!

See you later peeps! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chowrasta Bazaar is where all the books sleep

I'm getting a bit tired with Penang entries but I gotta finish them first before moving on, else I may forget. There will be 2 or 3 more entries related, but maybe I will just sum-up everything in 1 entry hehehe.

Anyway, one place that is compulsory for me to drop by whenever I go to Penang is Chowrasta. Not only because of the fruits pickle (betul ke term tu for jeruk?), but also for the books. It is located right opposite of one big police station along Jalan Penang.

It's a bit hidden at the end of the 1st floor of the building (jeruk is at the ground floor). I discovered this place during my study time in early 2000 and it has been my favourite treasure box ever since. I also have blogged about this place in my old blog (twice I think) but I'm gonna write about it again today :)

When I reached the bookstore, it is a bit shaby but somehow warmth feeling running down through my spine once I see the owner. They never changed, the same uncles with the same smiles. Only the hair changed, additional of gray hair and maybe some wrinkles.

It's weird though, that we don't really have any relationship and yet, I kinda miss them.

Moving on, we spent 4 HOURS at the bookstore and had to go back when I see MrComot already restless hehe

Books heaven

Everything is stacked up to the ceiling

This place is well-known for their second-hand book but they also sell new book and that will be a bit expensive (but still cheaper than normal bookstore). They also bought over books/comics/magazines but I never sell anything yet, so I don't know how good the offer is.

That day I also found old Beano comics (earliest generation on paper) and it is at RM2 per piece. I didn't take it because it has thousands of pieces. If only I have lotsa money, I will buy the collection *sobs*

I have the whole title from Sidney Sheldon and the full set of Tintin, so I ran out of idea what to buy. I mean, I don't really read now. I tried John Grisham, can't finish it yet. Nich Sparks is a bit cheesy for me, McNaught wayyyy cheesier, Stephen King is too high for my vocab and so on. I tried to find Khaled Hosseini and Christopher Moore, but sold out so I decided to buy on something that I don't know if I'm going to like it or not, but I read that most blogger have it - The Shopaholic Series!

I managed to grab 6 of them which is, Confessions Of A Shopaholic, Can You Keep A Secret?, The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic, Shopaholic Abroad, The Undomestic Goddess, and Shopaholic And Sister. I also bought Kitchen God's Wife from Amy Beh and Water Wings by Lauren McCrossan. I read few pages and mcm best so I decided to give it a try.

It is priced at RM20/piece only (ada yg RM22), you have to haggle a lot. But it's worth the begging since it is not a secondhand piece. Oh ya, I have this fetish to buy new book even though I want to read it one time only. Konon2 nak buat collection la.

And last not least, I bought Asterix!!!!

This will be my ultimate collection!!! The thing with asterix is, it is very expensive (considering it has hundred over series and priced at RM44.90 each). Even if I buy from Chowrasta it is still expensive to me, for me to have the whole set at one go.

So guess how much I got for Asterix?

RM30 each okkk! It's dirt cheap! And totally new! So, bollocks to Kinokuniya, MPH, Borders or whoever want to squeeze RM40 over out of me! Gahhhhhh

Since I am no rich man, so I just buy 11 pieces to add into my current 6 pieces. Leaving me hundreds more to go *sob sob*

Help me! I want Asterix!!

I also bought some Comic Capers series. My fav will be Bananaman!

Do you know how bananaman become bananaman?

Eat banana lah! What else. Duh~

Haha whatever, but I think it is cute and funny.

The place is really insane I told you. With lotsa books at incredible low price, even if you plan not to buy, you still will buy, at least one.

The only minus point for this place is, they *might*not have all the books that we wanted. Like I wanted Chris Moore and Khaled Hosseini. Even Asterix is not available completely. Only few titles are ready.

So my advice is, keep the uncle's phone number and give them a list of what title you would like to buy. They may arrange it for you. And I forgot to do that for my Asterix. Maybe if you go to Chowrasta one day, you can get the number from me? 1st shop from the row eh. Mucha gracias :-*

So this is my current reading ;)
New and cheap :D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Penang Toy Museum

We saw this Toy Museum on the way to Sandy Beach Paradise on our last day in Penang. And both of us screaming

"Eh toy museum!! Jom pegi!!!"

It is right in front of Copthorn so we drop by on the way back to KL after checked out from Sandy.

Parking if everywhere and free but it will be a bit hassle to find the spot as it's limited. We have to find dekat kawasan perumahan and walk for about 50m. With mykad the admission will be RM10. Without mykad it will be RM20.

When we stepped in, it feels like we are trapped in a BIG box full of toys and people! You have to squeeze in and it smells a bit, I think because of the small room. Small because of the abundance toys and figurines. But after a while, you will forget the mild stench and enjoy the browsing.

There are excessive characters from everything. Movies, cartoons, celebrities, stories, events, etc etc.

Kurt Cobain with his guitar


I have no idea who she is but it is super kawaiii!

ET - This movie is born in the same year with me!

My fav click, Monster Inc.


MrComot with DV

Ghost Rider (as corrected by MrT. Thanks budak! :P)

Satu keping je ok ;)

They have so many of this. I wonder laaa siapa yg fancy this type. It is psychotic ok.

Chucky and his knife

It is very detail

Barbie in tradisional costume

There are many many more such as Star Wars, WWF, War, Indiana Jones, Matrix, Harry Porter, Tomb Raider, Shrek, Garfield, Atoman, Captain Planet, etc etc.

You have to bring camera else, the tour won't be fun!

And there are sooo many figurines you will want to snap with different angles. My fully charged camera didn't last for all the toys and we managed to snap over 200 pictures only *sob sob*.

(note: have to buy extra battery for honeymoon trip later)

The room design also not bad and you don't have to go to Cairo to do this:-

Overall it is an interesting showroom and worth every penny of it. The only drawback is, because everybody is touching the plastic 'cage' so it's hard for you to take some close-up pictures as it will be blurred with fingerprints.

Maybe they can change the thick plastic to glass cage? But I guess it's too expensive and harder to maintain.

Anyway, don't forget to drop by if you are in Penang, and bring your extra batteries :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Andes Being Random

I'm taking a break from writing about the Penang trip because suddenly I feel like to ramble and rant. So I decided to answer tag by Rena.

Tag: Rules and Regulations :

1. Apabila telah terpilih dengan malangnya, silalah menulis 16 perkara paling rawak sama ada tentang fakta, perangai tak senonoh ataupun hala tuju hidup anda.
2. Silalah hasut 16 orang lain untuk melakukan perkara ini.
3. Sila tanda manusia yang telah menanda anda di peringkat awal
4. Ketahuilah, jika anda terpilih ia adalah kerana anda juga manusia biasa yang perlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang yang secukupnya ketika bayi.

Ok here it is.

1. My playlist currently playing Kau Yang Punya (Malique ft Najwa) over and over. Rena made me remember this song :P

Jangan kau bimbang sayang...
Di mana ku berada..
Dengan siapa ku bersama jangan bimbang, ku tetap kau yang punya

Suara Najwa sangat sedap dan menyentuh jiwa dan raga ok. It's melodic and so sexy ;P

2. I'm studying and planning for our honeymoon trip in this April! I feel excited and nervous at the same time.

3. I feel left out by the neighbours, due to age gap. Most of them are mid 30s and I'm like a little kid trying to fit in. Actually I don't really care for being left out, but it's a bit weird when they have majlis tahlil ke, birthday party anak ke, I have NOTHING to talk to. Just org mana, kerja kat mana, and then? Ughhhhhh I hate it when I can't mix around

4. I miss my mom and my girlfriends now

5. I have this tendency to drop most of the conversation and ask over and over again, like

"apa dia tadi?"
"sorry, again?"
"ehhhh...jap tak ingat la..tadi mcm mana menda tu?"

6. I like nuts :D I like macademia, almond, walnut, pecan, except peanut. But I dig Goober grape and peanut butter :D

7. After I gained weight, I am a linen person because I find it's more comfy than jeans. And I have one jeans only as for now because I don't want to have BIG sized jeans. Ada cita2 untuk dapat narrow waistline di situ :P

8. I like white very very very much. I think white is cute and earth color is cool. So I like earth color too

9. I like red and yellow as well, but not really on my apparel

10. I prefer Baskin&Robin over Haagen Daz. I think HD is over-rated

11. My favourite celebrity will be Catherine Zeta Jones, she is PRETTY!!

12. I'm not very good with kids

13. I think babies look all the same

14. I like anything soupy

15. Sometimes, I can be very anti-social where I just do my work, not mingling and not bothering what's happening and that can last for months!

16. I think I have a mild Multiple Personality Disorder hehe.. and it switches very fast

Just for the record, we've been married for 3 months!!! and we ARE having this small fight. So SCREW THREE MONTHS!!! Whatever it means!


Since I'm not in jovial mood, not going to tag anyone ok.

Feel free to do is you want to do it :D

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bukit Bendera and Gurney Drive

We tried to catch Bukit Bendera ride on our 2nd day. We arrived there around 530PM and unfortunately, the tickets were sold out even for the last train at 7PM!! We went to the counter in any case we can buy for tomorrow but nobody there. So I think they don't pre-sell tickets.

So we decided to come back for Bukit Bendera tomorrow morning, as early as we could and hopefully can catch the 10AM train.

Later at the end of the day, we went to Gurney drive and surprisingly it's very lively!

I used to go there during my study and it was alive but this is more! There are kids playing at the small playground, running around, jumping here and there and they are a lots! At 10PM! And the adult were sitting on the bench facing the sea. I spotted some crowds selling bubble gun and few junk food van-stalls and also foot massaging!

We bought rojak buah with asam boi drink and steamed peanuts. The rojak buah is not bad.

The state building

The court I think. I can't remember which is which

We just strolled along the gurney drive back and forth watching people while holding hands and talking craps. It was a very pleasant evening and I would love to do that over and over again :">

Around 11PM, my feet already sore and we sat down finishing our junk food and that's when I said,

Me: Jom kita try urut kaki ni nak?
MrComot: Me ok je..u want to do?
Me: I don't have to ask how much dulu, kalau mahal tanak la

And I asked around, it is RM20 per 45mins.

Me: Ok me nak buat! Jom la buat skali?
MrComot: Dowannn buat la sorg, me teman
Me: nak you buat sekali, ada pakcik ngan makcik tu can do for two next to each other (while pointing to the makcik)
MrComot: buat dulu, me sit next to you and we talk ok?
Me: Hmmmm oklah

So I did it and 15mins later, MrComot can't tahan anymore and he wants to do it too!

And who doesn't want to do it? Your feet being pampered while facing the sea is really something extraordinary (even though you can't see a thing, it's a pitch black!). The sea wind was strong that night and it made me feel soooo good. Seriously!! I was like, OMG..bestnya mcm ni... hahaha

Me being rubbed

MrComot's turn!

It was MrComot's first time doing the foot massage. Honestly, the massage is normal, not that good, not that bad either. But the facing-sea place with fresh air make it very special.

If you ever go to Gurney Drive during the night, don't forget to do it!

Ok, enough about GD, I want to add a bit about Bukit Bendera. So the next morning we rushed to BB and managed to arrived there around 11AM, and greeted by this!

A long never ending queue. What? At 11AM? Ughhhhh...I forgot that it's school holiday T_T

We canceled our plan to ride it as looking at the queue, we might get tickets for 2PM rides. We MIGHT and it's not good as we need to go somewhere else too.

So guys, this is the only picture that I can give you hehehe

Can you see the tiny rail?

I said to MrComot:

Me: We have to come again later to naik that thing..but not soon la.. Maybe time tu kita dah ada kids ke
MrComot: Yup..nanti kita datang bring Elisha

Motiffff ada nama bagai? And Elisha lagi! Elisha Cuthbert ke? Hahaha whatever

Anyway, I'm not pregnant :P