Thursday, October 29, 2009

Confinement and all

I have to start thinking about confinement, baby sitter, etc etc already. How I wish I am a SAHM now so I don't have to send my baby to orang lain *sob sob*.

Anyway talking about confinement, it's already decided I'll have mine in KL, in our own house! I knowww normally girls will confine at their mom's house, but after thoughtful discussion, it's better for us to be in KL. My PIL stay nearby so in any case I need help (to go to hospital, buy things, etc) they can help. It will be much easier too if my baby need any treatment as all the kemudahan is here. If I confine in Manjung, the only nearest hospital is Manjung hospital and leave us not much option. However, my mom will come down to our house and take care of me yippie!!!! Still tak sama ok kalau MIL jaga. I mean, I still want my mom, don't you? hehehehe

Since my mom is involved, the confinement thing has to go HER way haha. So we have to use the downstairs room because according to her I can't climb stairs for 100 days! And also the bed going to be smelly with all the herbs, so not advisable to use the master bedroom. The room also attached with a bathroom and next to the kitchen, so it will be easier for me to get things done. Hahhh..talking about being strict and all. But I loveeee it, all these pantang larang :P

Anyway, the room is very messy and we need to buy quite some thing to furnish the room for baby and me. MrComot also want to sleep downstairs (ya lahh tu, we'll see howwww haha)

The current condition of the room

So what major thing we need to prepare is:
1. Super single bed and mattress
2. Another small cupboard baby/mommy stuff
3. Fix an aircond or get a portable aircond (because mommy will be very sensitive to the wind at that time)

I also already booked confinement lady (CL) from Shadira to help me out during the confinement. Anyway I only take 3 days package and it will include urut, tungku, mandi herba, infrared therapy, binding, helping the baby, and cook herbal food for me. Even though my mom will be here and help but the last time she gave birth to us was like 20 years ago? So mesti dah lupa banyak especially on baby thing. We'll learn how to manage the baby with the CL.

Actually I planned to get normal midwife to help me urut and all but the one that was recommended is fully booked until April! So I was thinking, for the first baby I want to try the proper package so that I can learn. Next next baby tak perlu lah kut hehe.. I will share my experience with Shadira later, insyaAllah.

Other than that, I also bought post-natal herbal set from Nona Roguy since it is highly recommended from all the mommies. If you've done your survey, I know that you can get RM300 per set from most of the online store (it's member price btw, normal price will be RM365) and believe me or not, Nona Roguy itself is doing their crazy promotion which I get the whole set for freaking RM250! Hahhh tell me if you can beat that! (and I'll cry sebab dah order haha)

They are having 20% online discount and you can get it by being online member (registering fee is only RM1), after discount is RM240, add RM10 for postage. The promotion will end this 31 Oct so mommies who want to take NR, cepat go buyyyy from their official website -->

Hmm that will summarize my overall confinement thingy I think. I'll share more when everything is completed :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hospital Checklist

Hi allll!!!! How are youuuuu? I'm fine thank you. Hahaha..teringat dialog zaman sekolah rendah ni.

Anyway I know I still owe you guys Japan stories but since getting baby is around the corner, I have to put on hold on that, there are so many baby stories now!! So bear with me for a while ok :D

I already completed my hospital checklist (complete doing the list only, not buying them! :( ). It is a compilation from internet and friends and that I think need to be in the bag. To me, better more than less right? So in case anything happen, senang la sikit, no need to be back and forth to the hospital.

Basically the checklist is like below. There will be two bags, one for mommy, one for baby

Mommy Bag
1. Handbag (all the stuffs in there - IC, medical card, camera, handphone)
2. Phone Charger
3. Nursing shirts / gowns - 5
4. Nursing bras - 4
5. Breast pad - 4
6. Kain batik - 3
7. Baju utk balik hospital - 1
8. Tudung - 1
9. Socks - 2
10. Slipper - 1
11. Disposable panties - 10
12. Maternity pads - 1 pack
13. Toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, facial wash, comb)
14. Towel - 1
15. Face towel - 1
16. Sweater - 1
17. Plastic bags (to isolate used stuff)
18. Thermos (for hot water)
19. Specs
20. Breast pump set
21. Al-Mathurat / Books / Magazines
22. Buku checkup

Baby Bag
1. Baby shirt / sleepsuits - 4
2. Mittens & Booties - 4
3. Hat - 2
4. Bedung (Receiving blanket / swaddle) - 3
5. Barut (Binder) - 5
6. Baby diapers (mami poko new born small) - 10
7. Baby towel - 2
8. Minyak telon / Minyak yu yee
9. Kurma / Madu / Air Zam Zam
10. Azan & Iqamat sheet (in case daddy forgot)
11. Baby wipes - 1 pack
12. Plastic bags (to isolate used stuff)

We start to shop baby stuff since last weekend and oh myyy..... I never know that baby shopping can be this tiring. There are so many options that you can pick and too many choices will bring headache instead of easiness.

Since this is my first baby, I have ZERO knowledge about baby stuff and thank goodness for mommies' guidance which I collect bits to bits. I also benefited a lot from internet (forums, personal blogs, commercial blogs, comments, etc), tenkiu tenkiu so much strangers! There is so much energy and time we put in doing this, so I'm going to share with you guys what I know/get even it seems simple to some of you. After all, it will be my memory lane of going to another phase in my life :)

All mommies in my office recommend us to buy MamyPoko pampers as this is the only brand who has pocket hole at the centre of the belly so that the pampers wont's touch or press baby's belly cord.

The price is about RM40++ for 52 pieces and the cheapest we can get is RM34.90 from Babyland SS2! We've seen a real dirt cheap at World of Cartoons Ikano (RM29.90) but too bad it's already at their end of sale and all the pampers are sold out. So please tell me if you can find any cheaper than Babyland. Sharing is caring :D

MrComot is reading the instruction and all, with very serious mode haha

Babyland is a very shabby and unattractive shop where we found accidentally, and to my surprise they got so many stuff inside! I'm going to share more stuff I found later, we will go there again this weekend!

And tonite we'll go Jusco. Hope we can finish everything by 8 months. Dah tak larat :P

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 5-ringgit lavatory

We went to Midvalley few weeks ago to survey on baby stuff and as usual we parked at Garden's basement (it is our secret parking!) Haha secret la sangat but I knowww ramai don't know about this spot and everytime we come we get to park right at the door (or at least near it).

Anyway, on the way back from MV to Gardens, I feel like to pass urine so I remind MrComot, "sayang, kalau nampak any toilet tell me ok"

We walked and walked and tiba-tiba dah sampai end of the hall, almost at the exit of Gardens that I remembered we forgot to stop at the toilet before! However, there is a premier toilet there where you have to pay 5 ringgit for it!

(I forgot what's the shop nearby to locate this toilet as I'm not quite familiar with Gardens, but I think there is only 1 premier toilet there)

We parked somewhere there so if I want free toilet we have to walk back towards MV. I was very hesitated to use the paid toilet but you know lah, tak larat ok that time nak jalan jauh2 and I really need to shee-shee so I said "what the heck, bayar je la"

I expect the toilet to be ooh-la-la! for that amount of money but unfortunately it is very-ordinary-one! I went to premier toilet in KLCC once (it was RM2 that time, now I don't know) and way way nicer ok.

Since I'm already in expensive toilet, I decided to snap some pictures.

The toilet. Very BIASA ok! Only it's clean la. I thought it will be automatic toilet ke, you know, the one with electronic bidet and all.

The design also so-so only

They prepare individual hand towels for you to use instead of normal tissue paper. There is a basket for you to throw the towel after used. Ala-ala hotel sangat but still can't beat KLCC's!

L'occitane's liquid handwash and lotion. KLCC use Body Shop stuff.

Not forget to mention there is a uniformed cleaner standing inside the toilet ready to attend all of your needs. I was quite embarrassed to see her looking at me when I wanted to snap these pictures that I said:

"Dah masuk toilet mahal kenalah amik gambar"

Hahahaha kannnnnn

Anyway you can use this toilet for free if you have Isetan card.

Given choices, I won't use the toilet anymore. It feels like I'm paying RM5 for the hand towel as the normal toilet also clean enough for me to use. Ohh of course I will use it if I have Isetan card. So should I apply one? :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

28 weeks and stronger

OMG, how fast time flies, I am already at 28 weeks and the preparation still zero.

Anyway before I continue rambling about my baby' I want to tell you guys that I had mild food poisoning yesterday!!! Ughhhhhhh!!!! It was a bad bad bad experience as I didn't take any medicine, I vomit and went to the toilets so many time. Yang tu ok lagi, yang tak tahan tu is when the stomach rumbling like hot storm inside and you have a very small space to cater it since the baby already pushing here and there. I want to bergolek2 tekan perut and sapu minyak angin pun tak berani ok. So what did I do is just lie down and whining to MrComot. Later of the night I cried bolehh? Hmm.. I dunno but crying seems to ease the pain.

Anyway I had my first checkup with specialist today at TMC with Dr Noor Fidak. The appointment was at 9AM and we were there 15 mins earlier and only get to see doc at 10AM boleh? Not that I complaining but there is not so many patient and I am the first on the list! Apparently there was a miscommunication between the staff and the doc where Dr Fidak thought she has no patient that morning. Adoii...

Anyhow, Dr Noor Fidak seems ok and normal (haha I'm quite afraid of getting not-so-neat-doctor). She explains all the basic thing we need to know and even though she's not quite chatty like Dr Zana but will response to all our questions. So I guess TMC will be the place for me to deliver then. The consultation fee is quite high and I will list it down (even though we are covered, just as a reference for mommies out there)

First time consultation = RM120
Scan = RM50
Detail Scan = RM120
Total including tax = RM299

It's quite hefty compared to other specialist that I heard my friends going to. If I have to pay, I will stick to normal clinic instead of TMC.

Ok baby talk now.

My baby is at 28 weeks and already positioned itself down there! Thank you darling!!!! You are such an angel! Anyway there is a possibility for the baby back to breech position and I hope you stay there no moving2 terbalik okay?

The detail scan but can't really see the face as baby wasn't in 'profile position' (whatever it means). If you want to do this 3D scan the best time will be 28-32 weeks.

We tried to check on the gender again and most probably will be a girl! Oh myyyy! I dunno I should be excited or not because I'm ok with both only that a lot of people pointing out that my belly shape is like I'm carrying a boy and not only that, banyak lagi petanda it is a boy. And me myself don't even have a hunch it will be a boy or girl. So I can't be that excited. Whatever it is, baby you stay healthy and happy inside ok. Mommy will wait until you come out (but I still will buy some pinky thing hehe)

Other than that, baby seems healthy and maybe a bit too healthy as I am at my 28 weeks but in the scanning, baby already fit the 29 weeks profile. Doc said baby is quite big. She advices me to go slow on the Obimin, so I will take it on alternate days.

On the other note, I should prepare the hospital bag in case the baby pop-out earlier as there is possibility for pre-term baby now (I hope not!). I'll share the list once I'm done :D

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Mid-Autumn Festival

This is a very old entry, about almost two weeks ago.

As usual, hari-hari we have dinner at my in-laws :P, and that's when I saw a banner saying they neighbourhood is having Lantern Festival on that weekend at the park. Since we don't have anything good to do, we decided to join the event.

They switched-off the lights and the AJK also were there to patron the crowd. Since we are not practically part of the neighbourhood, we know nobody! Hahaha. But a few of them recognize MrComot and ask about my PIL. Oh my PIL didn't join us as they got something else in hand.

Hanging on the tree

At bicycle

Lighting candles on the coconut tusk

Kids having fun

Ultraman lantern

There are so many fancy types of lantern. One of the kids even bring out the battery operated lantern and it flashing out different colors! I remembered those days the most famous lantern will be paper or hamper wrapper with candles. I got one during my primary school, my Chinese teacher gave all of us one each for the festival. Mine is in yellow color with little red flowers. She's very nice but unfortunately I forgot her name. Sorry lau-shee!

Since it was held at the park, we played the see saw. At first just to weight who are heavier and guess what, it stucked at the middle, even height. Haaaa? Takkan la I sama berat ngan my hubby hahaha

After a while, the air is getting hotter as the crowd growing bigger and not really much wind. So we decided to go back and one of the AJK asking me to taste the mooncake.

"Comee comee eat the mooncake, it's halal" while rummaging the plastic bag looking for the logo. Haha so cute la the Indian uncle.

I'm not very much fan of mooncake. I only take the commercial one like cheese, coffee, fruity flavour. But I was feeling a bit adventurous that night and picked the original lotus paste with single egg yolk!

Me with the piece of mooncake, under the light. What a cute lamp post, remind me of Harry Porter.

The overall look

It's a nice event like a small gathering where you get out and meet each other and bring your kids having fun among themselves. My area is quite new so no such event celebrated (even Hari Raya!) but it will mature in few years time and I think they will organize it. By that time my baby will be a toddler and we gonna have so much fun if it happens! InsyaAllah :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/10/09 and choosing the hospitals

Hi all,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been wanting to write but MALAS sangat kuat melanda :(

Anyway remember when I ask you guys what to do on our very first anniversary? Since it falls on weekend, I planned to do some weekend gateway, stay in nearby hotel, go for gold class movie and have a romantic dinner. BUT, I am sooooo tired and don't feel excited about it. Not the anniversary, but the going out thingy! Rasa malas sangat. Haihhhh I don't know when this feeling will subside. Asyik nak duduk rumah saja.

So what we did on the special day was a normal weekend routine - cuddle on the bed, watch TV and have a late lunch.

Btw, I snapped our lunch for the sake of remembering what we had on that day hahaha. We went to PappaRich Sunway Damansara (this is my current fav kopitiam for their varieties and taste, esp their keow teow goreng, you haveee to try it!)

MrComot had mee kari (lalink, sebab me can't get ur mee kari, so kitaorg order ni haha)

I had nasi lemak with kari ayam (nyammmmm!)

I was tempted to go back after lunch and have a lazy afternoon on the bed again but we have important mission that day. We need to survey on the hospitals that I wish to give birth at because my doc need to write the referal letter on the next week. So we went around to see the delivery and maternity wards. There are a few options and I need to consider a lot of thing like doctors, location, rates, etc.

1) Tropicana Medical Centre (next to Segi College)
Location: Very near to our place. Like few minutes away
Rooms and facilites: Very new with latest gadgets. The room is spacious and very cute with animals printing like nursery. Even the four bedded room is equipped with individual flat screen TV. MrComot likes it very much (mcm dia yg nak deliver kann) and I on the other hand tak kisah sangat as long as it is clean and proper.
Rates: 2.5 - 3++ K (normal delivery), 7++ K (c-sect)
O&G: Dr Noor Fidak

2) Damasara Specialist Hospital
Location: Quite far as we need to do a big round to TTDI, but still within the radius
Rooms and facilities: The gadgets is not that new comparing to TMC but very systematic and comfortable. Room also spacious and have a very reputable status in their services.
Rates: 3 - 5K (normal delivery), 8++ (c-sect)
O&G: Dr Maziah

3) Klinik Bersalin Pusrawi
Location: Very near too, few minutes away
Rooms and facilities: It's at shop-lot area. Quite poor. The room is very old and not 'hospital' enough. Only cater for normal delivery. If anything happens during the labour, will refer us to Sg Buloh hospital
Rates: 1.5K (normal delivery), I forgot how much the c-sect
O&G: Dr Zulkhairi

4) Kelana Jaya Medical Centre
Location: Quite far but still accessible
Rooms and facilities: Also a shop-lot area. We didn't get to see as all the rooms are full
Rates: 3++ K (normal delivery), not sure how much on the c-sect
O&G: Dr Fatimah Najla

So far, I like the TMC and DSH rooms the best. But DSH is very expensive even for normal delivery. Dr Maziah is highly recommended compared to Dr Noor Fidak. After some deep thought, we decided to give Dr Noor Fidak a chance. I'll meet her on next Tues and we'll see how. If I don't like her that much, I'll change the hospital.

Ps: There is more O&G but they are the only Muslim O&G available for those hospitals.

We had family open house after maghrib. What a dayyyy...very tiring.

So if people ask me, what did you do on your first anniversary? I'll say "Cari hospital beranak!" Hahahaha

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dens Sapientiae

"The English wisdom tooth is derived from Latin dens sapientiae"

I'm not feeling so well these few days. I'm having light flu since Tuesday and macam nak demam tapi tak demam, very bad headache on Wednesday that every little thing made me cry. I didn't take any medicine though because it is not recommended for pregnant ladies to take the normal pills. My gynea told me that Panadol is safest pills to take during prenancy, but since my sickness is not that bad, I'm waiting for them to go away naturally.

However, last night I felt that my upper right-side gum is throbbing that I thought I have a bad teeth

Me: Sayang, my gusi sakit laa
MrComot: Kenapa? You nak tumbuh gigi kut?
Me: Noooooo..dia rasa macam berlubang
MrComot: You ada gigi berlubang?
Me: That's why! Me don't think me ada gigi berlubang there. What a time laa to berlubang
MrComot: We go check dentist ok?
Me: Don't want la..preggy mommy tak elok pun buat any gigi wait until baby come out

But after the conversation, I just casually feel my gum and guess what? Yes!! My wisdom tooth is coming out!!!!

Haiyohh..mati-mati ingat berlubang.

Luckily there is enough space (or I thought so) for the last tooth to come out, so I will be okay I guess.

Anyway, wisdom tooth at 27? I thought all my teeth come out already. And during pregnancy? What a timeeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fluttering Baby

I had my latest checkup last week, and about 23 months now. Almost 6 months already, it's just incredible to think how fast time flies, and I barely do anything.

My Ramadhan days went smoothly as I managed to fast almost 30 days! I missed one day because I didn't take the sahur and worried about the baby, then that's it, after that puasa all the way. Rewind back, it was a miracle because I hardly have any heartburn or uneasiness feeling. Alhamdulillah, kuasa and rahmat Allah memudahkan perjalanan puasa. Compared to after fasting, right on the first raya I had heartburn, everyday, up till today! Maybe my stomach still adjusting the food intake.

Ok below is update on the pregnancy.

Baby is growing according to normal growth. By right we can see the gender already but unfortunately that day little one refused to show what he/she's having. Baby keeps on kicking and moving, fighting back the ultrasound movement, so the gender part is shadowed by the leg. We were excited to know but since baby tanak tunjuk, then oklah, we'll try to peep on the next checkup :) Currently baby standing at breech position (head's up, feet down below kicking my bladder! Asyik rasa nak kencing saja), it's still early, hopefully baby will go down when the time is right. Oh ya, I can already feel frequent movement. Sometimes hard kick, but most of the time is a subtle movement, like spinning inside. Whenever baby do that I always say out loud

"Heyyy baby buat apa niii, flutter flutterrr!!"

Not that I scold the baby already, only wondering..apahal la budak kecik ni..mcm ada toys pulak inside :P

Mommy's body

My belly is making drastic stretch where everybody can point out already the obvious bump. Last August, we barely see it there. I can't fit in most blouses already and more comfortable in maxi instead of pant. Even though I tried my best to prevent stretchmarks by pouring lotsa oil, I can see visible lines at the right and left waist :( Hopefully it will go away after sometimes. My skin also at its most sensitive as everytime I scratch it will leaves black mark like, immediately! Have to refrain myself from scratching *sigh*

No more nauseas or headache (yeay!), only heartburn after raya :(

Constipation also quite bad especially during fasting month when I had to go only after 4 days. But now it's slowly catching up when I drink a lot of fruit juice and milk. My stool is very black due to iron in my supplement.

Mommy's emotion
I rarely talk about my emotion as for the past few months nothing really change. I accept this pregnancy with open arms. But somehow this few days, I have this feeling of 'unreadiness'. It's like, can I be a mommy? Can I wake up early and take care of the baby? Do this and that. Hmm not can, but DO I WANT to do this? I mean, it's a big responsibility for me and I am so afraid. I think my selfishness starts to come out already. Sometimes when I see my big belly I feel violated bolehh? Like, heyyyy what happen to me? And then a lot of stuff to think like confinement, nanny, feeding baby, etc etc. I guess the feeling is normal since this is my first baby. But I hate to have such kind of feeling, it makes me feel bad!

Since I don't want to be carried over, I will immediately tell MrComot whenever such silly thought cross my mind. And he will sooth me,

"Don't worry sayang, you'll make a wonderful mommy. You ingat me tak scared? This is my first time too. We'll make it through together"

Not that I suka-suka thinking about it, I can't help it, sometimes terlintas kat hati, simple as that. Maybe it's just the hormone, so I hope it will go away when I reach my 7th months.

Oh ya, I haven't start my pregnancy scrap book yet. Angan-angan mat jenin sangat. But at least I blog about it here, so it's tracked. On a crap note, I enjoy my maternity wear so much bolehhh? Especially the dresses. So far I have 4 long dresses yippie!

Me in cotton floral maxi and white cardigan

MrComot helped me to snap the 'bump' :)

To all mommies, have you done the preparation? I'm still at gear 0 wawawawawawa