Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Impian Puteri's Contest

This is sticky post. New entry is after this entry *mcm la ada new entry kan..adaaa!! :P*

Just want to share with you guys about this contest, where you just have to blog about it and if you win, you get to choose any item in stock!


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Friday, August 26, 2011

The First and the Last

How's ur raya preparation? Semua orang dah mood raya giler2. Even in the office the production is like 20% only haha. But everything pun ok, and not so many emails to answer.

I'm going to spend my raya in KL again!!!!! Arghhhhh! Last year is because Zahra is too small to travel (edited: and because my brother gotten married, so instead of balik kg on Eid, we balik kg for his wedding :D) and this year is because I'm heavy (worried if I pop earlier) and Zahra is not so well too. Takpe, next year insyaAllah will be in Terengganu yeayy! A place that I can call jkampung. Where everybody will squeeze in the road to balik kampung, eating a lot of traditional food as gathering with the whole family, cousins, aunties, grandmas, makcik2 tua, where you'll ask their name over and over again, because you only talk to them once a year, so confirm tak ingat nama haha. Somehow balik kampung give a sense of thrill and happiness as it only happens like once a year hehe.

Talking about raya, I do NOTHING in preparation. Part of it because both of us were too busy and with Zahra condition lagi, takde mood nak raya. Then the spirit also not enough because we will be spending our time here. Not much of different than normal days, only will be visiting the families. Both of us didn't buy any baju raya, I have a couple of new dress, that's all. I bought Zahra one baju kurung though, itu pun kat Giant KD, kat bazaar tu la. Itu pun color ntah apa-apa.

The house also in a mess. We already arrange for cleaners to come tomorrow. But it's nothing much pun, they will clean the toilets, vacuum and mop the house. The mess will always be there hahaha.

Anyway, since Ramadhan is approaching it ends, I just want to spill something... I haven't cook a single meal for buka puasa this year except for last weekend! Hahaha. Ok, that will break the record. Masak la jugak kan sekali :P

We break the fast every day at PIL so ok la tak masak kan. There were a few days wheren my MIL didn't cook, but still.. we just bought from pasar ramadhan. But last weekend I was like, OK semangat nak masak ni. Plus my sister is in the house, senang sikit boleh tolong sana sini.

It's the first meal I cook and most probably will be the last for this Ramadhan. So, going to brag with pictures even though it's nothing much :P

Buka puasa with fruits - cherries, watermelon and persimmons. I've been trained to break fast like this, with fruits or light meal like kuih first, do the prayer then baru makan nasi.

Followed by the complete dinner. Daging masak hitam, grilled cencaru sumbat belah belakang and sayur bayam tumis air. Yum!!!

Even though it's normal simple food, it's so yummy!!!!! I tend to over buy if going to param and dah la the taste ala-ala je. Sometimes sedap sometimes errrr....don't even want to eat it. And I never bought cencaru in my whole life and was surprised how cheap it can be. For the big 3 fish, only RM2.70!!! Just imagine if I bought the ready made one..dah la tak confirm on the hygiene. That is the most important part.

I plan to cook more after this. After raya I mean, err..after babyG pop out lagi realistic kut? Hehehe. Because I'll have one more month before due date and the will be in confinement and all :P

And ahhh..Ramadhan going to leave us :(

I am so sad because I barely do anything more than normal days. I'm just too tired after breaking the fast. Siap2 kan Zahra tidur and dengan2 I sekali tidur. Tu pun sometimes I fell asleep faster than her, she will be latching on me and don't know when she stop. Tried to bangun malam doing the ibadah and only a few times managed. Other than that mmg tunggu MrComot kejutkan I sahur, where everything is already readied for me. kejap..readied Zahra and all, rush to work. Sigh. I really wish I can do more. It's a total loss for me. Hopefully dipanjangkan umur for next Ramadhan, in the mean time, even Ramadhan is over, I'll try to be a better person each day.

So selamat hari raya everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin and hope you have a blast holiday! Most of us will be on 1 week leave kan.. and that's a big wooohoooo!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome: Current Treatment

I'm very busy bee these few days, hence no update, b,ut somehow have to write something about this as we have another check up today.

As the last meet with Dr Indon, she decided to continue Zahra on high dose steroid 25mg like before, only this time will be on pills, as she thinks the liquid prednisolone we got before is not so effective. The liquid has to be refrigerate all the time and very sensitive to temperature, so it might lost some effectiveness during the handling, like when we transfer it to the babysitter's house (even with cold pack) or when babysitter brought it out of the fridge.

She also prescribed us the powdered antibiotic in any case Zahra got infection and has to be taken for 5 days once started, so far Alhamdulillah... No other infection.

We decided not to go to HKL (again!) because want to try this pills first. Kalau tak jadi baru pegi..takut both doctors and Zahra pening, too many opinions at one go.

One thing about pills, since Zahra is only 1y7m, she doesn't know how to swallow medicine yet, and of course whe won't. Zahra jenis susah betul nak bagi ubat. MrComot selalu mcm nak nanges when have to hold her to force her taking the medicine, she struggles so hard. That will be in another entry.

Ok back to the medicine, it's in pills form, so we have to crush it and feed her. It's 5mg per pill so we have to give her 3 pills in the morning and 2 pill in the evening. No Zantac this time to coat the stomach as Dr Indon siad, she'll be fine if taken after meal. So we give it to her after 3oz of milk and so far so good, no stomach cramp or whatsoever.

As the crushed pills, we tried to give it nicely in spoon laden with jam, but she somehow knows it and refused. I even shoved it down into her mouth but jam is very jellyish, so she spit out the whole thing. In the end, we had to give it the usual brutal way. I crush the pills with some brown sugar, put in the syringe and shot it into her mouth, while struggling with her of course. We had to say sorry so many times...kesian betul tgk dia refused mcm tu :(

It's been two weeks after the last checkup, and that means 2 weeks she is on the pills, which total up about 2months and a half she is on high dose prednisolone. She shouldn't be on high dose for 3 months, that will be in a couple of weeks, Dr Indon will review her today to see the progress and decided on the next step/action. We have an appointment with her today in a couple of hours, where Zahra going to do another blood test to determine it.

This is her latest urine dip test done at home, the urine is at trace now, Alhamdulillah. It shows that the medicine working. But I still afraid to put high hope, as like last time when we were so excited, the reading went up back. Such a scare. Hopefully everything is ok today.

Friday, August 19, 2011

My 19-months Darling Pwincess

Zahra is 19months already! She's a grown up toddler and yet, I still look and feel her like a baby. Never stop being amazed with her wits and cheekiness.

At this phase, I noticed she becomes so MANJA! Manja as in will come and rub her face against mine, then she loves to pull my cheek and kiss my lips. So cute! When I am in the car with her, she will kiss me left and right and won't stop until I stop her - that's when my face is already covered with her saliva hehehe.

She also knows how to mengadu nowadays. Whenever after we finished feed her the medicine (we have to pin her down and MrComot will hold her tight because she will fight the feeding), she will come to me and wailing 'Daaaadddyyyyyy...dadddyyyyyy', telling me that daddy is bad for making her eat the medicine.

She also will mengadu whenever she fell or ada orang kacau dia, mcm last night, she slip in between on the safety gate and her knees terkepit di tengah2 but sikit je, but keep on telling me 'tatetttt...tatettttt' while pointing to her knees. Then one of the cat tried to cakar her but missed, and I didn't see any scratches, but she will wail and wail showing me her hands. Haha so manja..

I don't think she knows she getting a brother because she seems don't understand when I put her hands on my ballooning tummy, but it's okay, we'll see how when babyG pop-out.

I didn't measure her height because too busy hehehe..but her current weight is around 9.5 - 9.7 kgs. Hard to know the real weight because she might have water retention due to her Nephrotic condition.

Oh ya, iPad is her bestfriend now. Buka mata je nak tengok Barney! Pening ok... But occasionally I will play with her, to stop her from being in front of iPad jer. She loves coloring and stacking the wooden block, so that would be a good distraction.

Talking about iPad, she knows how to operate iPad like unlock the youtube (she recognizes the youtube button! I tried to move the button and she knows where to press), stop/play the video, adjust the speaker and understand that she has to close the iPad when we are going somewhere. So far she never throws the gadget and will hold it cautiously, so I always let her carry the iPad by herself. Good girl!

She also into ironing these days. She knows it will turn hot and sit still whenever I iron my cloths. Awal2 dulu memang nak berebut the iron with me, but I let her touch the place I ironed (it still a bit warm), so she knows it's hot and sometimes we play a game (while I do the ironing), 'Zahra zahra..cepat pegang, panassss' and she will put her hand on the spot and said aauuuuuwww" while bringing her hands quickly to her chest. Haha so funny.

Her current favourite word is 'tatotttt' and she will say it whenever she have a fright over something and will pat her chest repeatedly. Haha..macam makcik2 ok. I don't know where she learned the word takut, because we never use it in front of her, maybe she picked it up in the babysitter's place.

I think she's ready for potty training because she will tell me when she poop - 'Yek!' and always request me to bring her to the toilet whenever her diaper is full. However I'm not ready to potty train her yet, due to my condition. Maybe later when I'm in my confinement.

Her current favourite food still broccolli! and baby corn. Ok la..ada jugak new thing hehehe.

Below is a couple of her recent pics :D

Busy ironing. The switch is off of course, but I can't let my eyes out of her as she will try to switch on the power at the wall.

Watching Barney while sleeping on her Barney :P

She still very can be very angry sometimes, and have a hard time to sleep lately, due to the prednisone's effect. I will narrate that one in separate entry later. Other than that, she's one happy and active toddler.

Happy 19months baby! Mommy will always love you and stay strong ok!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Grasshopper

image googled

I am 'busy' playing with Fruit Ninja on the iPad currently. Not really addicted, but just because want to beat hubby's score. We have this habit to beat each other score. After all nak beat score siapa lagi ye tak?

Anyway that's not about it. Last night, as usual we break our fast in his parent's house and we were cleaning up the letfover, washing dishes etc. Normally we do it together but last night he insisted he do everything alone and want me to rest. I was tempted because I was very tired but thinking how much work he has been doing for me, macam kesian la pulak. Lagipun apa la sangat basuh pinggan and all I better contribute la. He keep pestering me to stop washing the dishes while I keep on saying 'Ok, lepas basuh satu ni, me stop.' Tapi tak stop stop hehe..

Then he said:

Sayang...please la pegi main Fruit Ninja tu. Me tak tahan la me highest score now.
Alaa nanti me main la
Sayang pegi la main...nanti me gloat the whole night! Tak tahan!

At that point I dah nak tergelak. Haha. I mean, the trick he want me to stop washing plates. Macam I ni budak-budak :p

Since he keep on saying he will gloat la apa ok, I stop washing and play the fruit ninja in the hall, but I still can't beat him and sooo gerammm..

Sayang want an advice tak?
Little grasshopper, don't use your eyes. Be the blade!

I was like, what the..... ha ha ha ha!

His face was so funny that time, so serious and with a very sharp tone! And I knew it! It must came from a movie line or whatever.

Movie apa sayang cakap tu?
Kung Fu.
Ha ha ha ha!

I pun tatau la movie apa tu. When I googled up, it is an old series back in 1970s! So old skool lah my hubby ni.

On the other note, it's already half of the fasting month and he's been preparing all my sahur. Every single day *all teary*. There are the days when I woke up earlier than him but I didn't dare to go down and prepare the sahur sebab takut nanti dia marah I turun naik tangga. Seriously! 40% malas, but 60% I know he will be mad at me if I do that. So just let him do whatever he wants to do. I know macam kesian, but it's something he loves doing. I just want him to be happy, by making me happy ^_^

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yummy cherries is back!

The yummy cherries is back! This time bigger and juicier than last year. Look at the comparison against BR's spoon. But not as sweet. Maybe they plucked it a bit early.

Same price as last year, RM5 per 100g. Bought a kilo and got it for RM48. Last year boleh dapat Rm45! Anyway another day I read one promotion (forgot Giant or Tesco or C4), RM9.99 for 250g! Itu lagi murah...

This has become a staple for Zahra. Pagi-pagi je nak suruh minum susu (because she has to take something before her medicine) kena pujuk with cherries.

'Zahra, zahra jom makan cherry..'. Then laju je dia lari ke fridge and select the cherries by herself and pass to MrComot to wash it hehe.. After a few cherries baru nak minum susu. Macam-macam la budak mummy sayang ni..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome - Day #54, SDMC,Tung Shin, HKL

Update about Zahra's progress.

After the allergy drama, we met Dr Anushree as per appointment on Monday to follow up on her condition and Dr withdrew some blood for test. Oh ya, she also gave Zahra some eye drop to treat the conjunctivitis bacteria as her eyes still have the thick discharge.

Surprisingly her blood reading is good (compared to her urine reading). Her urine still 4+ and the protein in her blood showing improvement, almost to normal level. Normally, if the urine is high, the protein in the blood will be low.

So we tentatively will see the Paed Nephrologist in HKL.

Since it will be on Monday 8th (it's about a week gap), we decided to set up another appointment with SDMC (Sime Darby Medical Centre) as they also have Paed Nephrologist, just to hear their opinion kan. What is the diagnosis and their judgement.

We met with Dr Indon Lajin but it was Saturday (6th August) and SDMC macam pasar malam. Ramai giler orang. I don't mind about that really, but Dr Indon was a bit in rush as she has so many patient queuing behind us. So it was a brief meeting only. Luckily we brought the urine sample (it was at 3+ that time) and all the test result, test at home, cretin reading, blood test, etc for her to analyze.

She took a quick glance and told me that there is basically 4 types of Nephrotic Syndrome in Childhood:

1) 30% - The NS is straight forward, gone after high dose of Prednisolone
2) 30% - The NS is gone after the treatment, but relapse once or twice in their life (about 1-2 years)
3) 30% - The NS is treated, but flare up after any infections (cough, flu, bug bites, any simple thing that triggering your antibody). So everytime relapse, kena makan ubat balik.. but it'll be better over the years and maybe will jump to the #2 condition
4) 10% - Not the normal minimal change NS, kena buat biopsy

After that, she decided that Zahra's NS relapse during treatment because of the infection (where when she got the allergy) and prescribed an antibiotic (Augmentin) for 6 days and kebetulan Zahra ada flu, so she gave her Hydroxine. She also prescribed new dose of steroid, a lower dose as she's taking antibiotic - 10mg (2 tablets). This time she gave us in tablet form, so we have to crush it and give it to Zahra because according to her, tablet form is more effective than the syrup type.

The medications

The syringe. Rumah kitaorg dah macam junkie.. We have to give Zahra 3 syringe now.

We will meet Dr Indon this Friday (12th August) for follow up and some blood withdraw (again *sigh*, sorry baby).

About the HKL pulak, got different story.

Sebab we already met Dr Indon and mcm ok la..lega, Zahra ada infection sebab tu relapse, and dah dapat ubat baru we decided to put on hold on HKL. Then since we mmg cuti on that Monday (8th), I decided to go to Tung Shin (at Jalan Pudu), it is a traditional Chinese Hospital and one of our friend yg ada Nephrotic ni pegi sana too. So just to hear what the doctor want to say kan.

It's a very very Chinese hospital and I don't think they speak BM/English, ok..maybe little English, but since we are seeing Prof Liu, we assumed he can speak English la. Prof ok..takkan la tak boleh kan hehehe (but he is Prof from China, so it's not the same like Prof in Malaysia) So off we go, mmg gamble habis and thank God he can speak English, even it's not as flowy but we can understand each other. So ok la.

The interesting part is when I ask, it is possible for Zahra's NS to relapse because of an allergy. He quite taken aback because steroid is used to treat allergy and yet she got allergy? Kann... and he said normally it won't relapse because of that.

Anyway Prof Liu didn't prescribed us anything because Zahra is too small and he said the western medicine will be fine for her. If it's a normal case of NS, she will be cured (insyaAllah...).

We finished seeing Tung Shin around 12, and Jalan Pudu dah dekat ngan HKL, so I decided to go to HKL jugak. Sampai2 sana unfortunately the counter is closed! Apparently the Paed Nephrologist (for first assigned case) is only on Monday morning. Another slot is on Thursday but that one for follow up I guess.

Nama Zahra ada dah dibook in the morning session but kitaorg terlambat. Well, part of it salah us jugak sbb awal2 mmg macam tanak pergi kan. But now I was a bit rasa rugi la..sbb it's not easy to get the slot kan. By the way, I already reschedule it to next Monday (15th August) and we'll see how la.

First thing first, we'll see how's the blood test result this Friday.

Up to date, the reading still 3+.

The purpose I write all the details is because I want to share the experience of dealing with NS and to keep track the record. Now looking back from the entries written, the high protein urine reading is not because of the allergy. Macam salah bagi info kat Dr Indon je..hmmm.. I'll jot down balik all the info later, after I collect all the result..semua ada dalam kereta.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am 32 weeks!!

Time sure running so fast and I hardly can catch up. Poor my babyG, I rarely update about him :(

Anyway we did the 4D scan (it's 3D and 4D - video as well!) when I was about 28 weeks. It's said the best time to the scan but since my amniotic fluid (air ketuban) is still a lot, it's a bit kosong through the scan.

When with Zahra Elena, we just managed to do a quick 3D scan at TMC with NO CD, only one piece of printed pic :(

This time I am more prepared so I scout around to find the most affordable place to to the scanning as most private hospitals will charge you around RM250! I checked with Vission College, they are the cheapest so far, around 100++ but fully booked til next few months! Dahsyat ok! Thank God a friend of mine told me about this service in

For direct link you can go here: -

And it's only at RM100! Plus quite near with my place hehe. The only weird thing is they won't reveal the place until you made the payment. But trust my experience, it's all alright. The 'scanner' is a profesional sonographer and the procedure is done in a appropriate clinic. So nothing to be worried of.

I made the payment via online transfer, got the confirmation email and address, then just go to the clinic on the mentioned date/time and my session is ON!

But my baby was taking an afternoon nap that time and he refused to wake up after a few gentle shakes, and just give us this smile :D


Smiling! But still sleeping hehehe

We got a few printed pictures (2D) and a CD comprises about 50 pictures and 10 short movies!

We confirmed on the gender and check other condition, so far so good, he is developing well, despite of my underweight condition.

Talking about my pregnancy, I already see the gynea in TMC as I'm in 7 months now - Dr Fidak, same doctor with my first pregnancy and everything is good. I also feel good, only that I can't walk for long period and having shortness of breath. Time bercakap pun have to stop for a few times which is so not me hehehehe. The heartburn is no longer there, Alhamdulillah..

Last checkup 2 weeks ago showing babyG is about 1.6kg (that indicates he will be 3.2kg in full term!). Wow..sikit2 sudah yer..jangan over2. Zahra was 3.4kg but I was bigger that time. Hopefully can do normal delivery this time.

He also already pusing ke bawah, but can go back up anytime. I don't really mind as long as he is well positioned and engaged when the time comes.

Other than that both baby and mummy are doing well. Oh ya, only that this fasting month, my weight drastically fall to 51.5kg, compared to last checkup before fasting, it was 53kg :(

I think macam tak cukup makan. Masa buka puasa can't take much and planned to have late supper around 11PM mcm tu but by that time I just finished tuck Zahra to sleep, I will pengsan sekali ngan dia sampai sahur :(

Still fasting up to today..nak buka pun mcm no reason as I OK je puasa... If my weight keep on dropping off, maybe I won't puasa..will give another week and see how.

Stay strong babyG. Mummy so sorry mummy neglect you most of the time, but mummy knows you are doing OK inside. It's the safest place for you where you'll get everything you need. So hang in there and just come out when you are full term ok. Hopefully by then your sister will be recovered so that mummy can attend you 100%.

Seriously, another thing that worrying me is, if I ter-deliver not on full term, because of the stress and tiredness, with a lot of thing going on kan..pasal Zahra sakit, pegi sana sini and she still latching on me - releasing the Oxytocin hormone.

But babyG, mummy telling you..the Oxytocin is not a sign for you to be out yet ok? Just wait..until October. That's the real time :)

Stay strong darling!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Drama of My Shiny Black Push Present

Ok, time to rant about my push present :D

It's not really a push present, but since tak ada hadiah lagi, I declare la cannn? cannn? hahaha.

Anyway got it a couple weeks ago. It's an iPad2! Actually we wanted to get it online as the price sama je, free shipping and the big plus point is, you get free engraving behind!! So classy ok. But we had to cancel to buy it online because I feel like having it now and if you buy online, it will reach you about a month! It's too long to wait! From the website, it says will be delivered 3-4 days. Ye lahh tu...2 of my friends bought it online and it only reached them after a month. Hmmppphhh!!

But the main story here is not about my's about the drama behind.

Right after MrComot decided to buy the iPad, I call every MAC centres in KL to check the availability. We specifically want black and 16G, WIFI only. No white iPad for me pleaseee..comot ok! Anyway..susah ok nak call2 ni. I called about 5 branches..ada yg rude giler like heloooooo, I want to buy ok, what's wrong with you? Ada yg macam.."ha..takde" and senyap, I wanted to ask more question, terus terbantut. And finally the only place whom still having it, Digital Mall PJ!! So I quickly said book it for me satu, tomorrow morning we will go pick up!!

Seee..semangat kan.

The next day is Friday. Both of us took annual leave just to take the iPad in the morning and then jalan-jalan after that. We also planned to send Zahra to the babysitter like usual. You know, it's kind a date lah..after so long kan. We've been very busy before, and with Zahra's condition lagi. After all I'm going to deliver and confinement lagi, when to go out like this.

But the night before, ada work crisis pulak, so MrComot had to attend crisis meeting after Friday's prayer. So goes our so-called cuti. He's still taking the leave, he said the meeting will be a brief one only and he will join me to shop in MidValley after that.

So ok la.. then we send Zahra to the babysitter in the morning around 11AM mcm tu. Before that dah la Zahra cranky bagai. All she wants is to latch on and we are in the middle of weaning her for good. Until that day dah 2 hari she managed to be in the car without latching. So kira hari ke-3 la tu..and then she keep on crying and crying and pulling my shirt and scratching my face and it's hard for me to handle her tantrums sebab tanak dia langgar perut lagi kan. And I wanted to give in jer, but MrComot pulak keep on saying if I give up now give my boobs then when she going to learn bla bla bla..

Helooo..susah ok..I was struggling behind and kalau dia nangis mengada je ok la..I can pretend not to listen but this time crying hard sampai tersedak-sedak and keep on pulling my shirt. In the end I gave in jugak, itu pun dah nak sampai rumah babysitter. Memang tense la in the car.

Dah la he keeps on receiving calls..since from the house until we reached there. Dah la keluar lambat around 11AM because he had to reply mails la attend the calls la.. And we already plan to go out early, have a nice breakfast, etc.

Then at the parking, I was so clumsy and dropped Zahra's thermos, and the cover opened and half of the soup tumpah ok!

Ok lah..dah tumpah nak buat mcm mana. Then we sent Zahra to the babysitter and saw her hubby tengah smoke pulak dekat hall. You know, I don't have anything against smoker, it's your choice, but boleh tak jangan smoke kat tempat budak2? Please?

Then I went to the kitchen to wash my hands and the babysitter was there too and maybe dia perasan my face semacam je..and ask how am I doing..I gaduh ngan MrComot ke apa.. terus I burst out crying!! In her kitchen! Damn!

That's the first time la I cry in front of strangers like that.

It's too much for me to handle that time, the disappointment of our date won't be like as planned, the frustration of can't make Zahra happy in the car, the bengang-ness soup tumpah and nampak pulak her hubby smoking (padahal pernah nampak before but that time bengang sangat)..too much in my plate. And maybe the pregnancy hormone as well.

And I keep on crying in the car, that MrComot is apologizing if he made me unhappy. It's not about's about everything.

But the moment we reached Digital Mall, terus stop nanges haha. I don't think because of the iPad, but because of finally I get to let out everything. Lega sangat.

Anyway below is a few other thing that I want to share - a yummilicious soya bean and kuih nyonya stall!

It's a mobile van located right in front of Digital Mall. Since we reached there around 12PM already, a bit rushing and decided to call of lunch together and have a light snack. I had cold soy bean milk with agar-agar cendol.

The agar-agar cendol is super yummy ok!!! So thick and creamy and cendolicious! It's a bit pricey at RM1.10 per piece (that's normal price for kuih nyonya actually) compared to the one in pasar malam, RM1 for 3 pieces. But mehhh..that one rasa agar-agar ngan gula je la.

The drama didn't end there..I dropped MrComot to his office for Friday prayers and went to MidValley after that. He said the meeting will start after prayers and kejap je he will join me. Then ok la..I lunch sorang2 dengan penuh kesedihan, jalan sana sini..and guess what, his meeting done at 530PM!!!! Dating lah sangat.. ughhhhhhhhhh!!!

Then I picked him and we off to babysitter to picked Zahra pulak.


Di manakah kegunaan annual leave saya. And his of course la.. baik tak payah cuti. I was so pissed (I know that's not his fault but couldn't help it to feel that way) and said 'Baik tak payah cuti'. Then he said he can cancel his cuti, considered keja. That's not the point ok. The point is, we want to go out together.. and dah plan bagai, but end up I stranded there alone.. and with my condition lagi, sakit pinggang bagai. Bukannya masalah cuti :(

But ya la..what to do..not enybody's fault pun. Things happen kan.

Anyway there is another story.. I stumble upon one of the blogger and dia tak shy-shy cat tegur me! Thanks darling! At least I managed to talk to somebody jugak, takde la masam je the whole day hahaha.

And talking about her, she's so pretty!!! I terus semangat nak pakai night cream after met her :P

Ok talking about the iPad2. Takde la best sangat la..I mean because I am used to touch screen phone kan. I've been using XpressMusic almost 2 years the experience is the same. Only it's bigger and ada banyak apps la. So for browsing takde la mata kena focus sangat. Furthermore I don't really have the time to play around with the busy these days. Balik malam terus tido and it's somehow easier to browse using my phone because it's smaller hahaha.

In fact, it has become a toy to Zahra. Everytime nak pujuk dia je, "Ok Zahra don't cry, jom tengok youtube kat iPad" or "Zahra mamam first, then kita tengok ipad". Ikut cakap okk..terus jadi. Dulu I selalu bribe youtube to her but using laptop. Laptop is a bit hassle because I have to ON lah, and the it's not that portable and it contains my work inside, so a bit dangerous, sometimes don't know what she press and documents might be deleted.

But she pun ok je kalau takde iPad, as long as she can watch her Barney!

Zahra watching youtube via my XpressMusic

Using iPad2

So the point here, any device will do as long as you can browse. The power of internet. I feel crippled kalau takde internet ok haha.

Oh ya, talking about this, we only bought the WIFI one because we mostly use the iPad in house or office (both got WIFI) so I don't see the problem. Even if we buy the 3G one will be another problem as I have to subscribe to another data package kan, because my phone already ada data package, so macam membazir.

Another solution if we are moving around, like in the car.. I can connect the iPad to my 3G using my phone as a router. Don't you think Nokia XpressMusic is awesome? *I heart my phone so much!*. And it's a crackable android apps hehehe.

Connected to the world from iPad WIFI to Celcom 3G via JoikuSpot Premium using XpressMusci 5800.

I think I brag about my cheapo phone more than the fancy iPad haha. But poor Nokia, I heard they are sinking down :(

Last but not least, both my babies enjoying the new gadget.

Tak habis2 Barney, up to a point I dah nak muntah ok.

And thank you hubby :*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mommy is Wangi =D

It's second day of fasting month and Alhamdulillah I managed to fast, well..until now. Yesterday was a super tiring one as it's the first day and we had to go to the hospital twice, in the morning for Zahra's checkup and in the evening for my pregnancy. I'll update on Zahra later, need to confirm on a few other issues with the Paed this evening.

Anyway talking about Ramadhan, thank God my hubby is not a fussy eater. He eats roti with serunding/tuna/spread pun ok. I mean, kalau dia fussy eater pun ok jugak, dia nak makan dia cook lah..tapi of course rasa bersalah kan? hehehehe... so kalau roti ni kurang la sikit rasa bersalah kalau dia buat sendiri.

And yeah, even bread with spread, he does all the work! Bad wifey! Actually I planned to wake up early and ready everything but seriously tak sedar and it has been 2 days, he woke me up with everything ready in the room - bread, spreads, chocolate milk, Anmum milk for me, dates, apricot, cakes, and even my pregnancy supplements! Semua ready, tunggu I basuh muka makan je haha.


Anyway, thanks hubby! I'll remember this for life! :*

Buka puasa pulak as usual at PIL, oh oh oh thanks Mak! I'll be gratitude for life too =')

Actually want to talk about Zahra. This little cheeky cutie pie kan..soooooo cheeky these few days. She learnt new tricks by following what we said. Not the whole sentence but only follow the ending.

For example,

Zahra notti or not?
Nooooott! --> With the cutest tone ever! Haha

She thought it is a game and she has to follow it, hence the tone. So most of the time I selalu buat macam ni

Zahra Zahra...daddy wangi ke busuk?
Mommy busuk ke wangi?

Hahaha clever girl!!!!!

Below is a short video taken by my brother and his wife, around 3 weeks ago, where they are playing with her and she keep on calling me Mama!

Mama pun mama la. And do you know that she also calls Barney mama? Ok, this is weird, I don't know why but it's not something random. She seriously recognize Barney and calls it Mama! Whenever she sees Barney, she will say Mama! And I already test it to confirm, when she wants me to play the youtube:

Ok, Zahra nak Mickey Mouse?
Zahra nak boboi boy?
Zahra nak Barney?

And she will point to the purple dino and keep calling him Mama! *pengsan*. MrComot says maybe because she sees my tummy is like the Barney hahaha.