Friday, July 30, 2010

Bubba Gump The Curve

We had our first time dining-at-the-mall-with-little-one last weekend and I didn't quite enjoy it. The first time we ate outside with Zahra Elena was when we went out with my PIL and my sister at the Garden, so we can take turn to layan Zahra. But last weekend was only 3 of us and it's quite challenging. We ate like half an hour only and rush back after that because she refused to stay still and mind her own business.

By the way, this is my first time eating at Bubba Gump. I always wanted to try it back then when it's newly opened, about 2 years ago I think? Finally the day comes!

Clam chowder. The first clam chowder that I like. Lots of chunky cubed clam.

Run Forest Run (fresh orange+strawberry+banana+raspberry yogurt)

Bucket of Boat Thrash (shrimp+fish fillet+lobster tail+fries)

Dips for the Boat Thrash

Salmon and Veggie Skillet

They have this interesting way to serve the diners.

You put this sign, they won't bother you.

And if you flip this, they will stop and attend you immediately.

I like the thrash boat very much, it's fresh and well seasoned but unfortunately, the food give me this parch feeling for two days! It's an indicator to me that I'm MSG overdosed!

If you like shrimp, maybe you'll love the food. They have it in every style that they can think of. But no second visit for me. First because the thirsty feeling. Second, I don't fancy shrimp that much. Third, because the place is a bit cramped and not comfortable for me to BF Zahra! Chair to table distance is very short and I can't place Zahra's stroller nicely beside me :(

So have you decide where to eat this weekend? I don't feel like going out so I think I will cook something nice. Home is the best place on earth don't you think so? ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apple and Carrots

I made carrots and apple for Zahra Elena last week!

Suan Mokkh Carrot (organic label in Giant) and one big fuji apple. Organic carrot is quite expensive, at RM5.99 for 2 medium carrot. I read that carrot has slightly high nitrate that may be not suitable for babies. So you have to wash it properly and peel the skin. But I think not so dangerous, just like mercury in salmon. The benefits are stronger.

Steam them. Apple soften faster than carrot, so after about 20 mins, I took out apple and let carrots steamed longer. You can also boil it.

Mommy's fav gadget *ahem* :D
This thing seriously works wonders. Just in a blink!

5 x 1 oz for carrot and 3 x 1 oz for apple (can make it 4 cubes actually, but letak banyak sikit in each cube).

The apple surprisingly taste FREAKING SWEET! I mean, when we munch it on its own, not that sweet. But after steamed and pureed, it's really sweet that I'm afraid to give it to Zahra, in any case she's so used to the sweetness and will refuse other food. So I still keep it in the freezer, maybe will give her on the other week.

I pack 1 cube of carrot to babysitter everyday so that she can feed Zahra directly or with the rice cereal. Unfortunately, Zahra refused the rice cereal already! Heyy pandai memilih pulak! She just wants the carrot alone and babysitter being babysitter, afraid that she doesn't has enough, cook some porridge for her *sigh*. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just don't wanna give Zahra carbo yet. Carrot alone is enough ;) By the way, since Zahra likes porridge with carrot so much and don't want to burden my babysitter (because I know she will cook for her again!), so I give in and cooked plain porridge to go with the frozen carrot this morning. I used japanese short grain rice and hope she likes it! OMG..reading back the line, I am so mengada with her food. Hehe..takpelah..let me k! :D

Anyway, something unfavorable happen. The chopper stained with the deep orange carrot! It's so weird because carrot never stain things, right? Kalau kunyit I get it lah. I've tried to make carrot juice before with Philips juicer but ok jer. So it's either organic carrot is really THAT orange or this chopper is no good.

Already soak it in hot water + vinegar but the stain won't come out ;(

My lovely chopper looks so old and worn :(

Do you have any petua how to clean it back like new?

Sob Sob

OMG I'm so stressed! All my corporate emails in 2009 and 2010 gone! GONE! Because I keep my outlook over 2G!

Ughhhh this is like a disaster to me because all my work is via email - attending complaints, entertain users, mails mails mails. And it is a proof to everything. That I already replied this and that.

Hmmmm :(

Already cleaned up my outlook and is at 50K now :((

Just a reminder to myself:
1) Keep your inbox lower than 1G
2) Always compress your outlook


Need to find something to cheer me up. Maybe writing up another update with happy thing? Hehe this already put me into smile :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pumping Pwincess

My little one just discovered that she can lift up her body and hold the weight using her knees that she keep on doing that since last weekend. It looks more like pumping session to me.

Not very high but it lasts for quite sometimes! Everytime she does that I will clap and say yeayyyyy and she will giggles excitedly like below:

That's not the only trick she learned. She also has new style of crying now. She will bend her neck upwards and wail! Like a wolf. And I will immediately attend her because I don't like that type of crying. Macam kena dera ok. Hishhhh notti girl.

Anyway we bought that 1-2-3 eva foam mat at Carrefour (RM15 for 10 squares) and guess what? She keeps herself busy rolling on the mat! Maybe because it is new to her, or she likes the color, whatever but she didn't bother to roll under the table and cries that often. Sometimes I find her busy trying the chew the end of the mat! I just keep an eye close and let her play with it for a while hehehe.

So no play yard or walker yet. This cheap foam will do for now! :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

City Guy

Zahra Elena had a sudden fever on Sunday (about 38 degrees), so I took emergency leave on Monday to make sure she's fully recovered. Thank God the fever went away on Monday morning.

We gave two shots of 2ml acetaminophen, once in the morning and once before sleep because she was so cranky. In between I just sponge her with water to reduce the heat. My mom told me that we can use jasmine's leaves mixed with water to combat the heat (just like the hibiscus leaves, but we don't have the plant), so I asked MrComot to pluck some for me.

Me: Sayang, my mom cakap daun bunga melur tu helps. Sayang tolong amik kat luar
MrComot: Ok..nak amik macam mana?
Me: Petik je..amik yg nampak-nampak ok

Then he went out for a while and came back with ONE leaf! ONE LEAF! Motippppp! I was stunned that I don't know want to get angry or to laugh, so I just asked

Me: Why you amik satu je?
MrComot: Hmmm me don't know. Kena amik banyak ke?
Me: How to use satu?!? U ingat kita sapu2 kat zahra ke (while doing the action). Kena ramas-ramas dlm air to get the juice la, baru lah jadi
MrComot: Hahaha ye ke? Me thought lap-lap pakai daun tu macam cerita hantu cina, dia amik satu daun je pastu lap kat mata, boleh nampak hantu

Hahaha macam cerita hantu cina, boleh?

The leaf

OMG. Sometimes I am so amazed with his 'bandar-ness' :P

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cheerry Friday

Still in cherry mode. Dropped by the SS2 pasar malam, yesterday after work and bagged myself a kilo! Hahhhh puas hati!

Actually I planned to buy half a kilo only but then being me, like to haggle, blurted out:

Me: 40 sekilo boleh?
Pasar Malam Guy: 45 lahhh..
Me: Ok lah sekilo!

Hahaha do you save more or save less on sale? (saw this advertisement by NST). How true kan? Kalau dia tak discount I'll buy half a kilo only which is RM25. But I get at RM45 for a kilo! Hmm confused confused.

My one kilo cherry nyum nyum

Anyway I like this pasar malam better because if every piece is plump and juicy! If I buy the packed one, always got two or three not so good, lebam lah, buruk lah.

Have a cheeeerry weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Vouchers!

Hi friends!!!

I have free vouchers to whoever wants it! I got this voucher in my hospital bag courtesy of Tropicana and totally forgot about it until I saw this thick red book in the DUSTBIN! Apparently MrComot threw it thinking it is just a pamphlet. Nasib baik I ternampak ok. But the thing is, I don't have time for this. I really really really can't allocate my time for this session. Lagipun kurang bersemangat because I am too thin already! Believe it or not, pre pregnancy 50kgs and now I am 43 kgs or so *nanges*.

And another thing is, I believe in no free meal in this world ok. So mesti ada catch with this promotion. Maybe they will promote their barang giler2? (which happened on my Brilliant Rose promotion) but if you are berhati kental berjiwa besi, ok je kan. As for me, I tgh pening now and don't want la to hear all the promotion. And maybe have to buy thing first? I don't know but it's not stated in the T&C. But you have to make appointment first via calling them up, so can ask them.

Anyway, if you are interested, I'm giving it for FREE!! Just email me at, first come first server basis. If you dapat, nnt I mintak address and post it k. If want to pick up pun ok. Ohh kalau pos, I pos biasa je la setem 50sen tu ok :P

Here the details, got 3 types of coupons, click for larger view:

It says that limited to one voucher per customer, so 3 persons can get this. First come first serve, you can pick which one you want. I'll reply to your email immediately.

#1 - RM100 off treatment voucher


#2 - Spa Voucher


#3 - Post Natal Slimming RM560


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Painful Jab

Zahra Elena had her pneumococcal jab this morning before we went to work. This shot is said to be tougher than the normal shot where the chances to get fever is higher, about 1 out of 5 (normal jab will be 1 out of 10). So far she's ok..hopefully no fever after 24hrs.

She's weighted 7.1kg, not so heavy comparing to other bloggers' babies hehehe. According to the chart, it is 50% which means she's average, she's heavier than 5 people and lighter than 5 people in 10 people-room. Height is 70cm and is 90% on the chart - she's taller than 9 fella out of 10!

Below is a few pics that I like most:-

Zahra and mommy waiting for our turn in the clinic. Not so hard to carry her now because she isn't in the 'fragile' shape anymore.

All happy and jolly when daddy carry

And gave this loudest cry when thigh poked with needle. Hahaha. Just look at her face, over ok. Right after doctor pulls out, she's all ok back to her normal self. And no tears! So drama lah you!

She's 6 months 1 week now and I'm so relieved that we passed the 'critical stage', where she's below 3 months. But again, the real critical stage is below 1 year (when you don't really have to worry with high fever and stuff). I guess first time parent always like that, too cautious, too much worry.

Ohh tiba-tiba teringat, fasting month is about 1 month to go. You guys dah habis ganti ke? Me belummmmmmmmmmm ;((

Oklah, happy Wednesday everyone! ;D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Creamy Avocado!

Last weekend was a very hectic one because we spent the whole Saturday at friend's aqiqah and then Sunday is spring cleaning day. With the gloomy skies and drizzles, not helping with my laundry. The house is really messy with lotsa clothes hanging here and there :(

By the way, I managed to puree avocados for Zahra! Bought the Philips chopper specifically for Zahra's food (I think she has more gadgets than me!) but my mom said it looks like I want it more than Zahra need it. Hahaha I guess it's true. I was pretty excited like kids got candy.

Pic courtesy from here.
Zahra's new gadget! Mak dia yang lebih2 ok :D

Avocados are known for its creamy texture and full of good fats for baby's brain and physical development. In fact, studies recommend to start solid with avocados instead of rice cereal! Anyway my father said there is another local food that resemblance avocados very much but he forgot the name. It's round and have the same creamy texture, used to find in the wild, bear on big tree. If you know the name, tell me k?

Two big fat dark green avocados. It was in lighter green when I bought but turn into this dark emerald green when it's fully ripe, about a week after. It's perfect for baby food when it's firm but yield a bit when you push it gently.

Slice into two and you'll see a beautiful green on the outer side turning into buttery yellow towards the pit.

How to take out the seed. Hit it with sharp knife, then wiggle a bit and voila! I learned this trick from youtube :P

Scoop out everything.

And mash! It's so creamy that you can mash it with a fork! I did with the blender for less than a minute and get this soft consistency and texture.

I store it in babycubes and freeze it. Two big avocados give me about 8 x 1oz which can last Zahra for a week. The one that I bought is in 2oz size. Very convenient and can save a lot of space in your freezer. As for today, I just took out one cube and babysitter will thaw it in warm water before use.

Another point why avocados is best as your baby's first solid because you don't have to cook it! :D

I plan to let Zahra try all the food that she can eat and put this notice at the fridge so that I'll remember.

Thinking of giving her sweet potato or carrots for next week..hmmmm, we'll see how.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mistress of the Game

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon. I like the way he builds the characters and draw the suspense. It is simple, easy for me to digest and not too flowy. I have ALL his books and the last one is Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Yes, last because he died in 2007. I was quite disturbed when I know he's dead because I've run out his book to read.

Anyway just to recap my love affair with him, I was introduced to SS by my roommates in 1995, titled The Best Laid Plan. Since that, I am hooked with his books. My ultimate favorites will be Tell Me Your Dreams and Master of the Game. I re-read them like million of time and never get tired of it.

Ever since he dies, I rarely browse for books anymore, until I found Sophie Kinsella. But that one is on different genre. To date I still can't find another thriller writer that really suit to my liking.

I was waiting for MrComot at Menara Telekom when I saw MPH opened their space at ground floor and is giving 20% off. So I casually browse the books and almost JUMP when I saw this book!

Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe

I was confused at first because the cover is sooooo SS and so the title, obviously stating his name, but he's dead! How come?! I checked thoroughly then I understand, it is so famous that Tilly Bagshawe wrote a sequel for Master of the Game.

I never read Tilly and in fact never heard of her. I was contemplating to buy it because I'm afraid it will go to waste. But after hesitating like half an hour, I said, why not? After all it is related to SS! And I was really itchy to know what happen after Eve's face is ruined for good. Is she still up for the game?

I've read it for few pages, hardly can find time now with Zahra in hands, but so far so good. The way she writes more or less like SS (but still can note the difference) make me wonder if her other books also like this.

For Sidney Sheldon's fan, lets grab this book and immerse ourselves with a piece of him ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cage Me Yes, Not?

I seriously think we need a play yard. You know, something like cage for kids. Ha ha ha. Ok, I laugh at myself because before this I think it is ridiculous for parents to 'cage' their kids. NOW I KNOW! I seriously need to KURUNG BUDAK KECIK ITU.

She moves so fast nowadays even though she can't crawl yet. All she does is roll-turn-roll-turn-roll-turn and BAM! suddenly I see her no where and causing me this heart attack where is she, and I found her almost under the coffee table.

I was at the kitchen and put her in the hall like usual (tak berani letak atas katil dah) where I can see her and within seconds she's out of my sight - trying to 'eat' this table. Like really eat. She tried to hold the table with her both hands and nganga-nganga wanted to eat it.

And gives mommy this cheeky smile when I said "Hah! Ya Allah..apsal sampai bawah meja. Buat apa nak makan meja!"

MrComot and I were debating are we really in need of those fancy play yard, because that thing is freaking expensive! To me lah. It costs about 500 averagely. The good one with mesh and mat is about 1K!! Talk about being high-maintenance-kid nowadays. We won't really need it if we can take turn taking care of her but both of us are really busy especially in the morning. I can't even leave her for more than 3 seconds now or she will do macam-macam stunt. Oh ya, she can slide already! But at gear 6 = move backwards = gostan ;D

Do we really need it by the way? I don't like the idea of caging your child but MrComot said it can give us a peace of mind when we can't attend her, like doing our house chores. Ohhh don't give me the idea to wear Zahra because she's too heavy for me.

Anyway I did some research and found that Lindam is about 500, Haenim is 400, superyard is 500 and vee bee is 1k. All have their own pros and cons and of course la yang paling mahal paling best kan. But is too lavish to me. So still looking for other options.

How about you mommies? Any brands/types that you recommend? Or how do you tackle this situation? Is play yard really not necessary?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Solid Food

How fast time flies, Zahra Elena is already six months! Happy half a year old baby! And I managed to exclusively BF her for 6 months and going strong, alhamdulillah (campur sikit masa first week tak kira yer..haha nak jugak).

Anyway, I think she's ready for solid so dengan bersemangatnya I made her very first solid food last Saturday!

We still didn't buy the food processor but for porridge, normal blender will do.

The thick carbo liquid. Abaikan avocado as the backdrop. I plan to pureed it for next week's menu ;)

And look at her face!

"Look Ma! I'm big enough that I can eat real food now"

Sangat awkward and concious haha.

She took it well, knows how to swallow and sip from the spoon. Only that I can see that she finds it weird. Maybe the texture is a bit starchy and jelly-ish.

But after a while she regurgitates a bit so I stop after 3 spoons.

The next day, I wasn't very excited with my home-made porridge anymore because it's too hassle for me to handle (read: malas) so I just whipped out instant rice cereal from Heinz mixed with breastmilk, and Zahra likes it more than my porridge! Grrrrrrrrr!

Forgot to snap the box, already throw in dustbin. Pic courtesy from wisemint.

This cereal is the closest to most natural ingredient that I can find. It contains rice, vegetable oil (rosemary for antioxidant) and irons. I packed some for babysitter, so this week she's on this cereal.

I also feed her some mashed avocado for snack (at 9PM! Haha simply because I can't wait for her to eat the avocado. Sorry baby, tonite no more ok) .

Will try to do some home-made food this weekend!

Stand By Me

Zahra Elena just discovered that she has legs and can stand about a month ago, that she keep on asking me to lift her up. Asking here is by being cranky when I put her down and whenever I lift her up on her feet, she will make a very happy face - giggles sampai terjelir-jelir! Oh my...I really love her expression, sampai nak nanges! Haha. I find it funny at the same time. Banyak akal lah you budak!

Anyway her expression will be bolder if we clap our hands, it's like she knows we are praising her. My sister managed to video-d her expression and just look at her face!

Taken last 3 weekends, when we are ready to go to my friend's wedding ceremony.

But one thing about her, whenever she sees a camera or videocam, she will turn stiff ok and pause like nothing happen. Eeeiii pretender!

Mommy loves you baby!

Monday, July 12, 2010

So Much Drama!

Zahra Elena fell off the bed twice!

Once yesterday evening when both of us were sleeping, but that one is soft landing (I assumed, at least not a trauma to me because I didn't witness it myself, MrComot lifts her immediately) and she fell on her chest.

The second one this morning! And I really feel bad about it. Because I left her on the bed unattended confidently she won't fell. I put her vertically on the long bed so I assumed if she golek pun won't fall because she will move to kiri and kanan right? But boy, how wrong was I. Within few seconds I heard a loud 'guk!' and I was like, "omg, Zahra jatuh ke? impossible!" I was in the kitchen and MrComot was outside, both of us quickly run and saw Zahra already landing down with her head on the floor. It's too big for her to digest that she startled for a while before letting out a big cry. My pooor baby!!

I quickly lift her and hug her, rubbing her head and weeping silently for a good 5mins. So sedih ok! ;(

Anyway it's not about being careless. It's because I underestimate her ability to move that fast. I don't know about you mommies, but don't ever think like me ok, that she is ok, won't harm her if out of sight for a few seconds. It takes a blink for accident to happen. Just be cautious k?

Anyway she seems ok, and I really hope she is ok, in term of inside injury. Baby's skull still soft, so mommies, pls pls pls be careful ;(



I was very upset with myself when I wrote this entry. Now I am much calmer so I googled up about babies falling from bed. So just to share with you guys.

Don't worry much, babies skull is still soft so this give them advantages of being flexible. So InsyaAllah won't hurt much inside out. You should be worry if toddlers falling off, it will be more dangerous because their skull is hard already, in case gegar.

My mom always said 'malaikat sambut baby jatuh' and which I hope very true, amin aminn aminnnn.

But still I feel bad about this. Also I read if this thing happen, it always worse for the parents than the baby, how true! Haha..

Below is things that you have to look after when your baby falls:
  1. check the limbs, head and body for bruises, redness, swelling, etc
  2. if he blackouts / unconscious
  3. vomit
  4. throwing tantrums or prolonged crying
  5. eye signs - crossed eyes or rolling eye, one pupil larger than the other

More info here:

And in any case you are interested in more similar stories/experience, can read from here:

Enjoy motherhood! :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

Simple thing that makes me happy! =)

TGIF! And guess what? Zahra Elena going to be 6 months tomorrow! Can't wait to spend my weekend with little one! :D

Anyway I'm super duper happy because my today's fruits supply is a bit extensive! We dropped by SS2 pasar malam yesterday and bought a bunch of cherries, avocado, longan and buah nona! No more apples-pear-apples-pear-apples-pear everyday to me. Bosan ok! But I still can't take mangoes and guava because it is cold.

Oh ya, I take fruits everyday.. because MrComot cut it for me! Hahaha. Kalau I buat sendiri malas ok hmmmm.. But it does wonder to me. My bowel is not so good and always have constipation. After religiously gobbling fruits everyday, it gets better and better.

By the way, this is what I'm having today!

Fuji apples + cherries + golden kiwi + Anlene yoghurt

The cherry is so plump and juicy that it weights like less than 10 pieces per 100gram! Since it's in season, the price dropped to Rm5/100g! Last time I saw at MBG and Village Grocer is at Rm9/100!! Almost double ok!! But the cheapest cherries I ever got is at Petaling Street at Rm4/100g but that was like, 3 years ago? Hehehe.

(Ilot, cherry dah murah ni, uols mengidam lagi tak? I can buy for u :D)

In any case you are interested, this pasar malam is near to Kayu Nasi Kandar SS2 (sorry forgot to get the GPS node). Anyway it is a very chinese pasar malam but I didn't get the chance to check out the other stuff as I only stopped by at fruit stalls, so really don't know what else it has to offer.

But the fruits are very fresh and not to say cheap, but acceptable. I also note rambutans and mangosteen are in season. Mangosteen is at RM10 per 3 kilos, kira ok lah kan?

Simple thing that can make me happy = FRUITS! and icecream and books and and and.. later lah I fikir :P

Happy fruity tutti day everyone!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blow Up Doll For Dinner?!

Just to share something that I like with you guys.

I discovered Shane Dawson during my confinement days, when my mom 'banned' me from sitting in front of laptop. So I used my handphone (Nokia XpressMusic - I really recommend this phone to you guys, it is awesome with the price tag!) to surf and watch youtube. I browsed under the most viewed or most recent (don't remember) and stumble upon this fella and I went - OH MY GOD HE'S FREAKING HILARIOUS AND DAMN CUTE!

Ok, maybe not that hilarious but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE his show and most importantly I lurveeeeeeeeee his character. I went gaga over him and giggles like little girl when watching all his videos and keep on telling MrComot "OMG he's so cute!!!". That would be my postpartum blues - crush on Shane! Ha ha ha.

Anyway MrComot was like, "Helooooooo!! Macam ni pun cute ke? He's fake!" --> kata-kata orang jeles yer kawan2. Hahahaha. Like I care he's fake or not. The most importantly I literally love him! =D

Yes! You are SEXY! I LOVE YOU!

Among my favourites - Blow Up Doll For Dinner. ROFL.

Watch here! =D

Ohh I also discover another fella that I like, Michelle Phan! I didn't belive myself I like her so much because I don't dig makeup but she's just brilliant! Ok, maybe that's too high because I have nobody else to compare to. But she's very pretty and her video is well structured and very poised! I like the way she does the video, very entertaining and make me wanna watch more and more. If you are into makeup, her tips are like, the most generous and genuine tip ever. She has many channels and the one that I like most is from RiceBunny.

Last but not least, youtube is awesome! =D

Friday, July 2, 2010

When Dads get excited

I've been meaning to write this post long time ago, since I was in confinement, but still couldn't make it. Most of the time is because I'm just plain lazy and don't know how to write about it hehehe.

Anyway it is about the two men in my life ;)

They are very excited when the little one is coming especially my father. Knowing my father who is slightly *ahem* lazy *ahem* with housework (haha not lazy la..only pampered by my mom :P) so I was quite taken aback when my mom told me that he made cotton mattress for me and Zahra!

It's made of 100% raw cotton filling. The process is quite tedious and fibery, so have to wear the face mask. My father even sew the cover by himself!

Not only mattress, he also made cotton pillows and sew pillow cover for Zahra. 2 sets of them - pink bear and white safari.

The sewing machine. There is 3 laptops there, we helped my father by surfing internet! :P

Oh my father is really a talented guy in sewing and crafting. He can weave mangosteen from 2 ribbons (like you do ketupat, but it is manggis) and used to weave tudung saji from rattan! He even sewed my school uniform those days.

MrComot on the other hand, not really a crafter but he wanted to do something for Zahra and get very excited when he stumbled upon this set of acrylic painting for kids. Bought it at Giant, couldn't remember how much but less than RM10 or RM20 per set, I think.

I did say something like this:

"Buat apa la nak paint2 bukannya boleh appreciate lagi"

"Biar la.. me nak buat for baby!"

Hahaha..lawak ok dia sentap. So here he was, around 6 months ago.

Busy panting while me watching The Nanny and ironing working shirts.

MooMoo and Baby

Ugly Elephant. Ha ha ha I always said this elephant looks weird, and he will be defensive "Zahra suka!"

Bright lion. Notice the unfinished line? He wanted to draw with another coat of black paint but turn out to be tak cantik, so it's there halfway :P

Proudly hanged next to Zahra's babycot.

This painting maybe something normal to some people, but knowing my husband who is super busy and rather do his scripting than this cheesy work, it was very sweet of him.

Well, fathers are always like that eh? Just like mothers. Their love also unconditional but they show it differently :)