Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eating in a Garden

Quite sometimes jugak me didn't post any entry about food eh. Basically because we don't eat out anymore! Not that I cook also ha ha ha. With a baby in hands, it is easier for us to tapau food home. When we want to go out, we will have lunch first at home, and stroll the mall after that. There are times when we tried to have lunch outside but time-time tu la Zahra cranky la apa la.

Anyway we broke the record last week. Had lunch at KLCC (my girlfriends outing) on Saturday and Father's Day lunch in The Curve on Sunday - both occasions with little one tagging along. And guess what, we were doing just fine!

On that Sunday, we had lunch at this new place called The Gardens. It's in between of The Curve and Cineleisure, facing the market street. The place have this nice ambiance with cool shades of flowers and leaves all over you. Like literally. And pots of greens are everywhere!

One of the corners

The outside seating place (not air-conditioned but still cool from the big fan), facing the marketplace.

MrComot studying the menu.
The menu is pretty extensive. From western to eastern. Rib eye steak to mee goreng mamak. Pastries and cakes. Not to mention the drinks! I was drooling over the choices, they got this Rose Soda (which I think could be soda + syrup rose essence? but the name is very pretty!) and lots of hot tea (they have this one named garden rose I think and will try next!) Oh well, I am sucker for teas especially flavored one.

The menu is very pretty with English theme. They even put some cute info like info about cherry trees (and with illustrations!), birth flowers, etc. I snapped one zooming for totilla's birth flowers - it is carnation!

Flower meaning - Pride, beauty and Distinction. The carnation plant usually smells delightful during blossoms. The name of this richly, colorful and fragrant flower is derived from Greek words which carry the meaning, "Flower of the gods".

Interesting eh? And I never know carnation got smells? At least the one I bought doesn't have any :(

MrComot had rice with lamb kebab

And I had 200g sirloin steak medium well on a bed of french beans and sauteed shitake mushroom with potato salad. The potato salad is OMG so delicious. Will order this ONLY on return visit (if it's in the menu, can't really remember, too many!). Btw, I am really into red meat this few weeks because I think Zahra need more iron in the milk (I had lamb steak in Chilis previously, it's 2 days of gluttony in a row!)

Other than this, also taste their Marinara (ordered by my sister) thumbs up for the big juicy mussels (again, I am a sucker for mussels huhuhu) and the winning dish that day will be my MIL's spaghetti in Pesto sauce with clams (not sure if that's the name). The dish is very simple with pesto sauce and clams only but very delish! Oh ya also tried the mushroom soup, thick with chunks of mushroom but I've tasted better.

Mommy with her moomoo and Zahra with teether

And she eats it like, really eats it ha ha ha. Every time I munch or bring something to my mouth she will look with anticipation and munching the teether. I think she's about to ready with her first solid. About 2 weeks more before she reach 6 months. I have few plans already in my head what her first solid going to be, oh my..this going to be fun!

The gorgeous shades. Really garden-like. Mind you it's around 3PM so can you imagine how scorching it is actually without the leaves. Thanks to the deco and fan!

The big entrance

Ohhhh I so lovin' this place! The food is quite good (winning point will be the massive choices) and the price is not that bad (kinda secret recipe range). The decor somehow give me tingling sensation of romance. I'm so gonna come again and try other menu with MrComot! *splash love confetti*


  1. hehehe...lupa pulak nak wish Mr. Comot Happy Father's day since he's a father this year.

    Kasihan Zahra ok, dia sangat terliur tengok mak dia makan. Sampai hati mummy :p

  2. Salam,

    Me dah mula masukkan nestum dlm susu Eiman masa dia 5 bulan setengah...

    Now 6 bulan 1 minggu, me dah 'kunyahkan' roti untuk dia... laju makan.

  3. How about the halal status?

    Thanks, I will check this out. Looks tempting.

  4. Shani,
    MrComot cakap thanks hehe. Tu la..kesian Zahra kan. Dah la saturday pun kena buli mcm tu :P

    U pakai bottle biasa ke ada bottle special? And err..how much nak letak eh?

    Mummy to be,
    Pardon my ignorance, now u mention it I'm not sure if there is logo halal there but the menu is pork and lard free. The food is like Italiannies and Chilis so it should be halal. And dun think got alcohol in the pasta, because each menu will be written with details. Maybe u can ask them specifically before order.

  5. Aan, there's a branch at One Utama, new wing. I've been eating there before they open the one at Curve and I loveessss their teas!! So many choices!!

  6. Fiena,
    Seriously? Nice kannnn. Yeah the tea is to die for!! OMG we are so gotta hang out here la Fiena. Dah la dekat je ni :D

  7. I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

  8. Ann,
    Thanks! Your flowers are really beautiful! Our national flowers is hibiscus by the way. Just to let you know! :D

  9. baby i pon sll terliur biler tgk we all mkn, smpi meleleh ke baju dier..huhu

    sian gak tgk dier, tp dier baru 5 bulan..

    jgn lupa share the recipe of ur baby food ! :)