Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogger new template

OMG! I already upload our Penang pics yesterday and about to post it today when I saw new template notice on the dashboard. Saja suka2 I click it and so surprised, it is freaking awesome!! Everything readied for u, nak kaler apa? nak design apa? nak template macam mana? 2 column? 3 column? And when u pick the color, everything is matched to ur posting, hyperlink, timestamps, etc. No manual change anymore!

Seems like Penang pics gotta wait. I want to play with the new setting first. Oh ya and it's free! Checkout your dashboard!


  1. terkejut jap.. masuk2 blog, blog bertukar wajah dengan drastik sekali.. nice colour!! ceria okehh

    tp ticker kat tepi tuh allignment lari la..

  2. Hehe kena tukar balik..tadi main2 halfway pegi keluar lunch la pulak *u know lah jumaat lunchtime panjang :P*