Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blood Test

The result for my full blood test just came back and I am so relieved that everything is alright. The last time I did a full screening was before married, that was like 3 years ago. I'm not really a health concious person, but I think yearly check-up is necessary. Furthermore my lifestyle is not even close to the ideal lifestyle - I eat almost everything especially when it comes to seafood and sweet things a.k.a sinful sugar and not to forget that I don't exercise. The only exercise I do now is breastfeeding as it says can burn calories up to 500kcal per session but it doesn't include any muscle activities.

The screening is quite comprehensive but the highlights will always be the cholesterol and sugar level.

Glucose at 4.0 (reference range: 3.9-6.1). Seems like I still can stuff all the fancy donuts! :D

Cholesterol is at 4.4 falls under desirable range *ehem*. However my LDL is a bit on high side (ideally will be below 2.58). I always mixed up between good and bad cholesterol but MrComot gives me a good way to remember - L is for lousy. So LDL is bad :P

Apart from the test, the lab also give me a nice folder complete with human anatomy and 'common symptom that you might be at risk for disease' chart, also common dietary reference and it comes to my surprise that lamb has lower cholesterol content than beef and salmon! I always thought lamb has very high cholesterol due to the "kambing panas!".

Click for larger view

Oh ya, stay away from those tiny quail's egg. Kecil kecil cili padi, kolesterol paling tinggi!

Ps: Don't forget to check yours, prevention is better than cure ;)


  1. uiks...camne leh gitu ek? apa beza quail's egg dengan chicken's egg yg biasa? gilaa tinggi..but, me mmg tak nampak pun quail's egg. even chicken's egg, me just amik yang putih je. yg kuning me campak to mr. lampard. uhuks.

  2. egg yolk.. yg separuh masak tu.. haishh makan begitu saja atau dgn sambal, sgt tempting.. :)

  3. maria, sangat sokong! :)

    guess the myth only fat ppl gets cholestrol problem is just a myth afterall. me punya cholestrol level pun mcm u (slightly higher kot) and i was on Lipitor for quite some time bolehhh!

    whatever it is, moderation is the ultimate king :)

  4. me belum pernah buat blood test..teruk kan./.huhu..thn ni nk buat..insyaALLAH..

  5. Lalink,
    Kalau macam tu ur cholesterol is zeroooo hehehe

    Kannnn!! Me likey too!

    Yup myth afterall. Heyyy..OMG why u took that drug? Ur kolesterol tinggi sangat ke? Anyway I think u already know that it's harmful if u are planning to be pregnant. Yup moderation is the key word! Now I'm trying my best to be moderate in every type of food so that I still can enjoy all the sinful stuff when I am old hehehe

    Buat lah tau..untuk knowledge diri sendiri dan buat apa yg patut. All the best!

  6. it was months before my wedding. and tell u, Lipitor sux! gave me series of nausea. took it for few days je, then me sendiri stop :P

    now me try to eat as healthy as i can. jom sihat!