Friday, June 4, 2010

Hard Rock Baby!

TGIF!!! I'm super excited today because we are going somewhere this weekend!!! Ok not really the Sat and Sunday weekend, but we are going somewhere!

Haha somewhere la sangat. Btw, we are going to PENANG!!! With little TOTILLA!!! Remember this entry when we said we'll hike the Bukit Bendera with Elisha. Well, we meant the same fella but it is Elena! :P

Oooh oohh won't hike the hill by the way as it's closing due to some upgrading projects (you can go up there via Jeep btw). Forgive me for being super excited but this is our first time traveling long distance (going to grandma's is an exception) with Zahra Elena and it means this gonna be our first holiday this year as mommy-daddy-baby!

Not really a holiday because I am following MrComot actually. He got this kick-off thingy in Penang, but the best part is....we are going to hit Hard Rock Hotel!!! *fainted* Last time I went it is still under construction and now it's ready to have us gagagaga

By the way, we already planned to go to Penang end of this year to celebrate new year and stay at Northam (they got this suite with jacuzzi fit FOR TWO *ehem* with super sweeeeet price if you book earlier) but suddenly got this opportunity, so looks like I have to scrap the Penang idea and try to think somewhere else..hmm where to? Oh anyway, this vacation is still a bit early to me, Zahra Elena is only 5 months and I don't feel comfortable dragging her here and there but it should be ok I guess. We can do this mother-and-daughter-sleep-all-day-in-the-room thingy.

Gotta pack my swimsuit even though I don't think I can swim, I mean who's going to take care of Zahra? I want to swim with MrComot, swimming alone is no fun. But the pool is to-die-for. Hmmhmmhmmm nevermind, pack first!

Since I'm going to be away for few days, I leave this pics for you guys - Zahra in many faces ;)


Teasing smile

Can't help it laugh!

And also I love this picture:

Startled look with Mommy!!

(Forgive my scary face, this is the best shot I ever get by self-snap. After all this is all about Zahra people! So, focus at her! lol)

Ps: That's her current fav toy, Fwoggy! It's a free toy from which IT company (forgot the name) and I like the tagline written on the fwoggy's shirt "Don't let your server croaaakkk"

Pss: We'll be away from Sunday to Tuesday and I'll try to snap as many pictures as I can ;)

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. HRH?

    No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Salam,


  3. la kami nk ke KL..aan ke penang plk..kalau tak leh datingkan aqil dgn zahra..huhu....have fun dear

  4. Superman,
    Nyahh..sorry ya have to cemarkan duli before uols hehehehe

    Hehe jgn jeles..nnt ur summer party me pulak jeles k

    Tu la..takpe..nnt2 kita jumpa k! U have safe journey ya

  5. aan, katak tu macho!!

    patutla zahra suka.

  6. Rena,
    Kannn..u kalau pasal katak lajuuuu je hahaha